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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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January 19, 1968
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Approved For Relea O01/08/28 : Ci#A7RDP7P-03091A00026idd4iS 1 (' l *OGC Has Reviewed* OGC 68-0106 19 January 1968 1. There is no question in my mind that if we apply the Agency retirement policy of early retirement under the Civil Service Retirement System to the-remaining employees 25X9 of the Printing Services Division who were taken over in 1957, we would raise a storm of protests. In all probability this would involve not only internal Agency problems but would probably stir up the Union and congressional elements, including the.Joint Congressional Committee on Printing and quite possibly the Government Printing Office. 2. I do not think it makes too much difference whether any specific commitments were made in connection with retire- ment since the assurances to them were broad and without limitations and could certainly be construed by them to include the normal Civil Service practices on retirement. On the other hand, this group is outside of the main stream of the Agency's career service, and as you note the individuals are Wage Board employees. I think this and possibly other groups should be considered in connection with formulation of a rationale for the Agency retirement policy so that an exception can be made for them which is at the same time consistent with that rationale. 3. I am not sufficiently familiar with the status of new employees of the Printing Services Division to know whether they present a different problem or should be lumped in with thM 25X9 survivors from the Government Printing Office. Cam. lf'f "?~ Lawrence R. Houston Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091AOOO2OOfr20p40-2 Apped For ReI 2001/08/28: C=l-3091AOOb,~p002004 25X9, DD/S 68-0232 16 s f,l 116 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT Printing Services Division/Office of Logistics-- Rights and Privileges of Certain Employees 1, Attached Is a memorandum dated 5 January 1968 which sets forth the ai .uzences given to approximatel employees of the Government Printing Office when they transferred to this Agency in 1901 It is noted that onlAMf these employees remain with the Agency. All of these employees are tier the Civil Service Retirement System and presumably all are members of the printers' union, 2. In reviewing the attached papers, while there is no specific reference tD ret ement age, it would normally be assumed that retirement privileges and attendant rules and regulations would be the same as existent under the Civil Service Retirement System. It would appear that there were discussions with officials of the GPO and some represt,ntatuns made to the joint Congressional Committee on Printing which may not be fully reflected in the attached memorandum. My question would be whether you recall any specific assurances or promises made at the time of these discussions which would govern or influence our position regarding retirement privileges for these employees. 8. Whether stated or implied it would appear that the PSD employees concerned will be quite conscious of their prerogatives under the Civil Service Retirement System. Under these circumstances and since these employees are Wage Board employees I would not consider their exception to our retirement policy would be of any serious concern by the rest of the Agency. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me on this matter. 25X1A merman Deputy Director for Support Assurances Regarding Rights and Privileges of, Civil Service w Certain Personnel in the s1A0oo20002oo4D- Art Menno dtd 5 Jan 68 for DDJS fr D/L, subj: D/L OCC cc: D/Pers Approved For Rise 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-03091A000020040-2 5 jpt 196B MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Support SUBJECT . Assurances Regarding Rights and Privileges of Civil Service to Certain Personnel in the Printing Services Division, Office of Logistics 1. This memorandum is for your information only, 2. In January 1957, the State Service - Government Printing Plant, located in the Administration Building (now South Building), was transferred to this Agency. In an effort to maintain continuity at the plant, this Agency persuaded- Govern- ment Printing Office employees to accept Agency employment. At that time, assur- ances were made to each employee by senior personnel of this Agency that the rights and privileges enjoyed with the Government Printing Office would. be retained. Enclosed at Attachment 1 is a Memorandum for the Record and a letter from the Public Printer outlining these assurances 3. The major difference today between the rights enjoyed under the Govern- ment Printing Office and the Agency concerns the Agency's policy regarding retire- ment age. Of the personnel originally transferred to the Agency,Wemain on duty. The three employees of this mormally expected to retire in 1968 have requested extensions. Similarly, the majority of personnel in this group expected to retire in 1969 have indicated a desire to remain on duty. Based on the under- standing they received when entering on duty, they expect to work past 60 years of age as long as they perform satisfactory service and remain in good health. Resent- ment has already resulted because these personnel must request extensions for the rights and privileges already assured them by the Agency. As you are aware, this group is unionized and, on appeal, would probably find. support with both the Civil Service Commission and the Public Printer. 4. Enclosed at Attachment 2 is a listing of thMindividual s remaining on duty and pertinent facts concerning date of birth, service date, and date of expected retirement under Agency policy. In the future, particularly in regard to requests for extensions of these personnel, this matter will be brought to your attention again. 2 Atts cc: D,Rrpsove For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDPJk-03~91~66~b b0020040-2 vOGC, w/atts Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 COPY Approved For Fase 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A200020040-2 9 Jan 57 Memorandum For: The Record Subject: Transfer of State Service -GPO Plant and Personnel To CIA. 25X1A - Chief, Printing Services Division, OL. Chief, Production, GPO. - Acting Director of Personnel, GPO. - Security Office Repr., CIA. - Personnel Office Repr., CIA. following were present in addition to the GPO personnel concerned,.' as w pp g cons of their entering on duty with CIA. At each such meeting the. 25X1A of approximately N personnel each from this plant to explain what ha enin to them dispell rumors, and present the pros and Division OL arranged for a series of discussions with groups be started to make up the difference, the Chief, Printing Services a coon who would agree to transfer to CIA so that our recruiting could ken In view of the necessity to determine the number of personnel 2 A T personnel possible be transferred to CIA. of Logistics considers it important that the maximum number team of highly skilled and hard to recruit craftsman. Director, of clearances including the AEC "Q" clearance, and represent a. sonnel who were employed in or who had been employed for duty, t a have no choice but to accept transfer to CIA, roughly 25X1A personnel all have a number 25X1A to this lant from the Central GPO Office. This group comprises roughlersonnel. Other GPO personnel which include per- I..L GI.LLDL1-.L 1 t.u - v...-. - ----____ _ -_ _. .. , transferring to CIA or returning to FPO if they had been assigned ice-GPO Plant located in the Administration nuildmg Is to be o ac g 1 by the Joint Congressional Committee on Printing, the State Serv- und? Rv Agreement between the DCI and The Public Printer, approved r n k 25X1A The terms of the transfer of the plant were presented to the GPO pliant, but i~ any employee "who had been transferred to the plant Approved For Release 20O1/0/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 that it was in the best national interest for them to stay with the GPO, followed by pointing out to the employees accrued to them under GPO administration. 25X1A CIA, and the assurance that they would maintain all rights and privileges, including retention of their Union Chapel, which had benefits the GPO personnel would receive from their transfer to employees b together with a sales talk outlining the from GPO wished to return to the central office of GPO, that was within his rights. outlined security requirements which GPO personnel would be faced with in the transfer, specifically, the need to be polygi:aphed. This caused some concern. The following question-answer period covered a number of questions in the personnel field which the undersigned attempted to supply the answers. Many questions were answered only tenta- tively pending final determination. The questions presented are listed in the order of recurrence among the nine groups of person- nel; and in the order of estimated importance to the GPO personnel concerned: Pay, Hours of Work, Leave. 1. CIA Pay Policy - How will pay rates be set? Answer: CIA will establish pay rates for printing jobs at the identical rates paid by GPO. This means that when the GPO employees negotiate a rate for a specialty with the Public Printer, this rate will be adminis- tratively adopted by CIA for the trade. For pay rates for the few (one or two) trades which are pe- culiar to the plant, the employee groups will be al- lowed to negotiate with CIA Personnel Office. This is in keeping with long established practice for this type of activity. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091 0( 200020040-2 2. Night Differential and Overtime? The higher differentials now approved by GPO for overtime, night differential, holiday. work, etc. will be continued by CIA. 3. yment in Cash be continued? An unusually strong feeling . for the continued payment of wages in cash, a GPO practice, was evidenced. xplained that this had been requested but had met with a cool reception by CIA payroll. However, he pledged that the employees would be given time-off to cash their checks in the CIA Credit Union. 4. Will CIA adopt the 37 1/2 hour week expected to be standard in GPO soon? Probably CIA will do so, but if it is necessary to continue a 40 hour week, the pay rate will be adjusted to Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : C?i4-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 COPY Approved For Remise 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091AOW00020040-2 be earned during a year can be advanced if approved by is to credit leave as earned; however, all leave which will y e eghming of the year be continued? CIA practice S. Will GPO practice of crediting all Annual Leave for a calendar ear at th b e / hour week was forwarded on 5 January) was not settled. (Letter to General Counsel on the legality of th 37 1 2 be counted as overtime, as requests by several employees providing extra pay. Whether the extra 2 1/2 hours would equal that applicable to the 37 1/2 hour week in GPO, thus 6. Will GPO practice of advancing 30 days sick leave be continued? Tentative answer was that CIA practice was to advance sick leave when necessary. 7. Will Apprenticeship program and rates be continued? In keeping with the progressive training program outlined b the apprenticeship program and rates would be continued on the same basis as GPO. The policy of advancement from within was stressed. Specifically the Kiess Act confines negotiating privileges to r Y e e no to this question on the basis of policy and the fact that Bureau of Engraving employees are 8. Why can't CIA Printing employees participate on wage negotiations with the Public Printer along with the GPO em to ee p Y groups?, d " 11 GPO quickl answ /S/ Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 i C1-0P Y Approved For Re1Wdse 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091AO 00020040-2 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE Washington 25, D. C. Office of The Public Printer December 5, 1956 Hon. Allen W. Dulles Director Central Intelligence Agency 2430 E Street NW. Washington 25, D. C. Dear Mr. Dulles: Intelligence Agency of the Government Printing Office printing plant located in Your letter of November 19, 1956, proposes the transfer to the Central plant of the plan to transfer control of the plant to the Central Intelligence Agency, at txrhinh timo .11 .-.,-,7 .tom...,. ..._.---1-- 1- - ---- - - thereafter, I suggest that representatives of the Central Intelligence Agency and Oho nrr. - - _ ? _ - - Subject to approval of the joint Committee on Printing, and immediately with $154.09 still remaining to be depreciated. A, B, and C. Please note that I have added approximately 357 items of machinery and equipment to Annexes A and C. All of these items have been fully depreciated except item K6480 in Annex C, which is for a rack that was manufactured in 1955 The language of the proposed transfer Is satisfactory to me and I hereby concur in and recommend approval by the joint Committee on Printing of the proposal contained in your letter of November 19, 1956, supported by Annexes an p g eve t eir interests fully protected by the Government Printing Office. emp oyees who were requested to accept assignment to the subject ,1 ru~tin t h h Office. This would be in keeping with the policy of the Government Printing Office to insure that 1 to the Central Intelligence Agency rolls or return to the Government Printing Printing Office management, should be advised of their prerogative to transfer mately =employees who accepted assignment from the Government Printing llff; r. L - , , ., . r - Intelligence Agency to provide uninterrupted service by that plant. The approxi- Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 COPY Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091 00 200020040-2 ik~ NW The lists of supplies, etc., which would be transferred to the Central Intelligence Agency will be prepared by the Government Printing Office at the time of txansfer of the plant. It is my opinion that the interests of the Government will be served best by transferring the operations of this plant to the Central Intelligence Agency in view of the impending relocation and your plan to consolidate this plant with other printing units now o crated by your Agency. Sincerely, RAYMOND BLATTENBERGER Public Printer Attachments : Annex A (20 sheets) Annex B ( 1 sheet) Annex C ( 8 sheets) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 TAB Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2 TRANSMITTAL SLIP I DATE 22 ~ aary 1968 TO: Director of Personnel ROOM NO. BUILDING 5E13 Hqs. REMARKS: This pertains to my memo to the Executive Director-Comptroller, subject: Printing ServicesDivision/O-Log -- Rights and Privileges of Certain Employees, dated 16 January 1968. I have not yet had an opportunity to discuss this memo with Col. White, but you may wish to consider the comments made by Larry Houston in your current retirement study. I 1`~ 7v R. L. Bannerman FROM: DD/S ROOM NO. 7D18 BUILDING Hqs. EXTENSION 5454 I FORM O 24 I REPLACES FORM 36-8 FEB WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03091A000200020040-2