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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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March 25, 1965
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A 4roved For Release 20QJ?8/16 : 03QQ1-4 25 XRrch 1965 MWORJiM FOR: Members of the CIA Retirement Board SUBJECT Role of the CIA Retirement Board 25X1A 1. As you know, S when authenticated by the Director of Central Intelligence, will establish the CIA Retirement Board to advise and assist the Director of Personnel in the administration of the CIA Retirement and Disability System. At the first meeting of the Board on 25X1A 11 March 1965, requested clarification regarding the kinds of quest one t t the Director of Personnel intended to refer to the Board for their consideration and advice. This memorandum is in response to that request. 2. It is obvious that the Director of Central Intelligence in pro- viding for and personally appointing the members of the Board is- expressing the need for the advice and counsel of mature and experienced Agency officers in the administration of the CIA Retirement and Disability System. There are important areas in which there is an essential require- ment for the exercise of intelligence and knowledgeable judgment -- an obvious example being the precise determination of "quaLufying service." Thus, in addition to the specific items mentioned in paragraph d(2)(b) of the Regulation, quoted below, the scope of matters which may be appropriately referred to the Board has been stated in the broadest pos- sible terms. "The Director of Personnel shall normally obtain the advice of the Board before making determinations as to the eligibility of employees to participate in the System or acting upon applications for disabil- ity or voluntary retirement or reccaemendetions for involuntary He may also refer to the Board any other matter retire_ pertaining g to the administration of the System." 3. Certainly, the Board's advice will be desired on those matters specified in the regulation. Other matter which I believe it would be appropriate to refer to you would include the following general areas; a. Deveiopmemt of policies regarding the inclm9ion of certain categories of personnel in the System., such as (1) employees who have served in a qualifying career field for the required periods of time but who have already cc pleted, or substantiauy complet.d a "fall career (30 years of service at age 60)" to qualify for ional retirement under the Civil Service Retirement System, or l2) Career Agents. b. Refinement of the general description of "qualifying service" contained in the regulation to provide more specific criteria, S ;ppro,ed`For- elea 'Ap+proved For Release 2008/16: CIA-RDP78-03092A(F0a1OOd3Q17_4 including definitive descriptions of general categories of "qualifying service" and an appropriate procedure for subjective determination, when required, as to whether a specific individual's service is "qualifying" in'relation to these criteria. c. Adequacy of the content ?f those forms and statements required in the administration of the System, particularly those which are related to the specific actions which shall normally be referred to the Board, which could in themselves prove controversial if released for use without the prior review of the various Directorates as represented by the members of the Board. d. Important policy questions which have, and will, arise regarding matters in which the Director of Central Intelligence has been given, or is believed to have been given, discretion by the statute. An example among the questions already raised is that of whether or not the designation of an eligible employee as a participant shall be optional with the employee. 4. I hope that the Board will also serve as a coordinating body when we have a policy or important procedural matter to determine which should be considered by the various Directprates of the Agency. 5. Finally, I look to the Board to assist in achieving more famil- iarity and understanding of the CIA Retirement and Disability System among employees and supervisors of the Agency. Your counsel and parti- cipation in these efforts may, and hopefully shall, take several format review and criticism of suggested informational issuances, suggestions regarding matters to be clarified through various means of communication, and, perhaps most important, your personal efforts as senior officers in your respective Career Service to advise command officials and even individuals concerning their questions about the system. I am sure that you will be able to suggest many other ways in which you can fill this need which is of such immediate and critical importance. 6. In addition to the Board's advisory functions described above, I would like to call your attention to paragraph 0(3) of the regulation. This paragraph provides for a hearing by the Board of the case of any employee who desires such a hearing before the Board recommend.a an adverse determination or any other finding which adversely affects the entitlements of that employee under the System. I It 25X1A Echols Director of Personnel Approved For Release 2000 7 *TtAt-03092AO001 0 0030001-4