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December 22, 2016
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August 31, 2009
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January 21, 1948
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Approved For Release 2009/09/01: CIA-RDP78-03097A000200010106-7 XKX= AG=C! January 21, 1948 tL idRxAIL ? gn Broadcast Information Branch Central Intelligeaee Agenq 1T80 M. . 421d $$roet, Portland 13, Oregon Lear Aadyr Colonel White thinks that it would be well if we had your plan for moving the staff to Reseda with ainimma interruption to operations pretty well orystsllisod before he talks with you in Reseda so that he can ,irirly suggest changes and give his approval. I suggest therefore that, to the extent possible, you work out a detailed plan any! send it to so so that we can come to an agreement before presenting it to Colonel White. It will be possible,if necessary, to transfer some pf your Bar last coverage temporarily to lauai and some of your Latin America coverage here as well as to reduce Russian tenting by getting as much commentary as possible from London. AP, UP and Morse could be eliminated for a few days. As far as possible, I should like to maiatiia full monitoring coverage of Soviet broadcasts and full coverage of Chile and Peru without interruption. Sincerely,, Acting Chief, STAT STAT This document part of classified Cr;:'CK required integrated f'.1 A prior to individual classification action. STAT Approved For Release 2009/09/01: CIA-RDP78-03097A000200010106-7