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December 21, 2016
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December 10, 2008
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December 26, 1948
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Approved For Release 2008/12/10: CIA-RDP78-03097A000200040022-7 F FJ TIAL Assistant 7irrector for operations ( ief, r t i R Comments on T `. memoran d n:a dated 15 Dec 1948 23 rec 1948 1. r' !r3 ooncure in the assumption wade that FBI B operations would increase as a result of the ?i.:. entry into var. 2. It is suggested that there would be many Government a. encies wl:.o would have an equal interest in NBIB operations, in addition to the "Trice of I>eonomic cYarfare and the Office of Censorship. 3. Ito is felt that ire are specific factors in planning for wartime operations which have not been given full consideration in the preparation of this paper, i.e., no assumption has been made as to the reographic area in which war may take place. 'ch an assumption Lust be nave from an F r&IB standpoint in considering their field operations. 4. :chile it is implied that 'i:-.f,B will ezpLld their operations, an ass,.u4)tion should be made as to whether or not Y BIB will continue under their present charter or devote their efforts to new as well as old objectives. 5. :onsideration should be ,liven to the vital problem of con,- munioations in formulating wartime nlana. An assumption should be made as to whether or not FBIl3 will continues to utilise the repart,. meet of the Army communication facilities in the event of war, and wInether or not Fri18 traffic will be ;:riven sufficient priority to naintain their present standard of operations. it should be assumed that .iA communications will be provided for Fz TB between their field bureaus and their Washington office in the event that the r!epartment of the Army cannot provide adequate coma inications. 6. :-ersonnel possessing lint-i:istic qualifications will be in ,,rk:ai, ucr sand in the event of war, and it should be assumed assumed that FBIB will have a proportionate interest in the recruitment of such pet. unnnol along with other Government agencies. LBS/j g AdmOff CZ"FkDENTIAL Approved For Release 2008/12/10: CIA-RDP78-03097A000200040022-7