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Approved For Release: Approved For Release 1 9 .8/25 s'ClA=1 DP $ ~ !,1 Qil g 3t 1~=8 pproved For Release 19 78-03107AO02000010001-8 203842 FOREIGN DOCUMENTS BRANCH PERIODICAL ABSTRACTS Prepared by Fo.rei gn Documents Branch CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2430 E Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. J@3t N@XT REV ~- AutN: HA 10.2 OAIG GLASS ..A- PAUS A-V iLAS Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010001-8' WARNING THIS DOCUM ONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STAT ITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT. 50 U.S.C.. 31 AND 32. AS AMEND ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO A AUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- HIBITED BY LAW. REPRODUCTION OF THE INTELLI IN THIS PUBLICA- TION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT SPECIAL AUTHORITY FROM TH RECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Foreign Documents Branch C I A Periodical Abstracts 28 May 19#8 SCIENTIFIC Number 1.1 Material abstracted in this publication has not been translated. The original-language periodicals are available in various libraries as indicated. Due to personnel limitations within C I A, each recipient of this publication is strongly encouraged to prepare its own translations of such arti- cles. When an agency intends to make such a translation Foreign Documents Branch should be noti- Documents Branch also requests that it be furnished with one copy of such translations. If agen- cies are unable to prepare translations desired by them, requests for translation of such articles as are considered to be of outstanding intelligence value should be addressed to the office of.Coi- lection and Dissemination, C I A, 21.34 F Street, NW, Washington 25, D.C.; reference should be made to the code numbers and letters in the lower right-hand corner of each card. Requests for the loan-of original-language periodicals which are indicated herein as being available in FDB, C I A, should likewise be addressed to the office of Coilection and Dissemination, C 1 A. NOTE: AU periodicals listed below are available in Foreign Documents Branch, CIA, except those indicated by an asterisk (*) which are availabl in the Library of Congress. Abstracted in this issue: Title "Arkhiv Patologii" (Archive of Pathology) Cards 68-73, 89 Issue Date Vol X No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 "Astronomicheskiy Zhurnaal" (Astronomical Journal) Vol W No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 Cards 1.-6, 103 "Felldsher I Akusherka" (Medical Assistant and Midwife) No 1 Jan 1948 Cards 65-67, 88 "Fiziologicheekiy Zhurnal SSSR imeni I. M. Sechenova" Vol XXXIV No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 (physiology Journal of the USSR imeni I. M. Sechenov) - Cards 55, 569 61., 83-87, 91 "Izvestiya Akaderaii Nauk SSSR, Serlya Geograficheskaya Vol XII No 2 Mar/Apr 1948 i Geofizicheskaya" (News of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Geography and Geophysics Series) Cards 32, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5-53 "Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Geologioheekaya" No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 (News of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Geology Series) Cards 1, 33-41, 1.4, 54 "Izvestiya Al demii Nauk SSSR, Beriya Matematicheakaya" Vol XII No 1 Jen/Feb 1948 (News of the Academy of 8c ienc es of the USE, Mathematics Series) Card 2 "Promyshlennaya lergetika" (Industrial Energetics) No 1 Jan 1948 Cards 11., 20 "Stall" (Steel) No 1 Jan 1948 Cards 3, 17-19, 21-31, 92-98 No 2 Feb 1948 "TJspekhi Sovremennoy Biologii" (Progress of Contemporary Vol XXV No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 Biology) * Cards 57-63, 79, 90 "Vestnik Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz"" (Herald of Communications,, No 1 (94) Jan 1948 Blektro-Ccrosmuriications )* Cards 7-13.,,15,, 16, 107 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010001-8 R TRICTM) FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 REM ICTI "Vestnik Venerologii i Dermatologii" (Herald of No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 Venereology and Dermatology) Cards 74-78, 80-82 "Zhurnal Eksperimental'noy i Teoreticheskoy Fiziki" Vol XVIII No 1 Jan 1948 (Journal of Ftperimental and Theoretical Physics) Cards 99-102, 104-106 In indexing these abstracts the following guides are used: - MICINE - _"Qtzarterly Cumulative Index Medicos," American Medical Association; C ISTRY "Chemical Abstracts Subject Index," American Chemical Society; G AL --"Subject Readings for Technical Libraries;" US Department of Commerce, Office of Technical Services. Distribution State 6 Army' 24 Navy 30 Air Force 6 Library of Congress 5 AEC 3 RDB 2 CIA 16 FDB 20 Total 112 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 131 Telephones - Apparatus USSR/Academy of Sciences Jan/Feb 19138 USSR/Academy of Sciences Jan/Feb 1948 Geology Mathematics "Jubilee Session of the Academy of Sciences USSR," S. Levchenko, 1 p " Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Academy of Sciences had Jubilee Session 23 Oct - 2 Nov 191+7, in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Department of Geologo- Geographical Sciences held session, 28-29 Oct. Theses submitted by V. A. Obruchev, A. N. Zavaritskiy, D. S. Korzhinskiy, A. A. Saukov, V. I. Vernadskiy, A. Ye. Fereman, A. A. Grigor'yev, and I. P. Gerasimov. All articles published in Jubilee Edition by Academy of Sciences. FDB 11.1T1 USSR/Academy of Sciences Feb 191+8 Metallurgy "The Eighty-fifth Year of Academician M. A. Pavlov" 2 pp "Stall" No 2 On 22 Jan 1911.8 Pavlov, the great metallurgist, cele- brated his 85th birthday. Presents brief history of his scientific activity. Urges all metallurgists to look at Pavlov's accomplishments when choosing a goal. 131T3 USSR/Astronomy Jan/Feb 1911.8 Refraction, Astronomic "Determination of Latitude by the Talcott Method from Several Pairs Connected with the Same Position on the Talcott Levels," N. Abakymov, Zagreb Astr Inst, 18 pp "Astr Zhur" Vol XXV, No 1 Describes errors commonly made when determining lati- tude, discusses effect of the refraction anomaly, and suggests that prolonged periods of observation are best means of obtaining accuracy. FDB USSR/Communications Telegraphy - High Speed Telegraphy - Equipment "Increasing the Rectifying Characteristics of the 11.1T5 "Requirements for Competition for Prize imeni P. L. Chebyshev for Best Work in the Field of Mathemat- ics," L. A. Orbeli, Vice-pres, Acad Sci USSR; N. G. Bruyevich, Academician Secy, Acad Sci USSR, 1 p "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Mat" Vol XII, No 1 Establishes eligibility requirements for competi- tion. Prize worth 20,000 rubles; final day for filing is 1 Sep. 11.1T2 USSR/Astronomy Jan/Feb 1911.8 "The Principal Advantages and Structural Properties of a Horizontal Meridian Instrument," L. A. Suk- harrv, 6i pp "Astr Zhur" Vol XXV, No 1 General description of the instrument and describes errors which may occur with its use. Considers in- strument as only an interim measure, and further re- search necessary. USSR/Astronomy Latitude Navigation 41T4 Jan/Feb 191+8 "Plan for an Independent Soviet Latitude System," V. K. Abol?d, Irkutsk, 4 pp "Astr Zhur" Vol XXV, No 1 Suggests setting up two stations in the USSR in order to insure that the country is not dependent on international cooperation. One station would determine the latitude and amplitude of the first polar coordinate, and the other for the second polar coordinate. FDB 131T6 Jan 1911.8 USSR /Communications Jan 191+8 Bodo Apparatus," P. A. Kotov, Dr Tech Sci, 21 pp "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz?" No 1 (911.) In "Vestnik Svyazi, Elektro-Svyazpf9 No 8, 19137, ap- peared an article discussing several formulas for cal- culating rectification during normal operation of the Bodo apparatus. Kotov discusses several other aspects of this rectification. Explains effect of correction contact on the rectifying characteristic of the ap- paratus,?;Picar'.s system of correction when used with 11.1T7 "Improvement of Equipment at Stepper ATS," I. I. Elentukh, Engr, 2 pp "Vest Svyazi, Electro-Svyaz l" No 1 (94) Offers two main sections: First deals with varia- tions adopted in the system of the universal TLS to enable use of it in the capacity of a TLSM. Second discusses apparatus which can be used to check out- put from various fields (poles) of ATS apparatus. Both innovations were developed at the Minsk ATS for intercity telephone communications. Well illus- trated with circuit diagrams. 131T8 Approved- For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010001-8 USS Communicatione (Contd) Jan 1948 shortened contacts of the Bodo apparatus, practical method of determining the degree of displacement of the correction contact, and interrelationship of shortened contacts of rings I and II on forering. LC 41T7 USSR/Communications Jan 1948 Telephones - Apparatus "Type IPd47, Locator of Breakdowns," P. A. Frolov, N. V. Luskinovich, Engineers, 2 pp "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz'" No 1 (94) Briefly describes new type of damage locator de- veloped by factories of the Ministry of Communica- tions. Apparatus is unique, as with its assistance it is possible to accomplish effective telephone communications, particularly when wire crews are in- stalling new lines, or overhauling old ones. Con- sists of four basic parts: 1) chassis, equipped with 12-volt commutator tube; 2) locator coils; 3) speaker or microphone attachment; and 4) source of power. LC 41T9 USSR/Communications Jan 1948 USSR/Communications Jan 1948 Telephones - Apparatus Telephones Circuits "Manually Operated Telephone Apparatus of the TsB Sys- "Technical Overhauling of Metropolitan Telephone tem, Produced by VEF' Works," M. N. Stoyanov, Candidate Circuits," Ya. V. Basayev, Engr, 1,g pp Tech Sci, 3 pp "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz"" No 1 (94) "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz"" No 1 (94) Generally describes some of the overhauling opera- Aims to acquaint reader with the construction and cir- tions which have been done and are scheduled to be cult of a manually operated telephone apparatus, of done to various metropolitan telephone circuits. the TsB system, produced by the VE? works of Ministry For the most part this overhauling has gone hand in for Production of Means of Communications. Discusses hand with installation of automatic, and semiauto- the basic characteristics. This new development has matic telephone stations in place of manually oper- many favorable features. Can accommodate up to 140 ated telephone stations. States that all this numbers, and has 18 pairs of patch cords. modernization has resulted in lack of trained per- LC 41T10 sonnel to meet requirements of these new systems. 41T11 USSR/Communications Jan 1948 - USSR/Communications Jan 1948 Radio Equipment Telephones Radio Broadcasting Radio Stations "Let Us Increase the Effectiveness of the Exploitation "Tasks for Soviet Communicators for the Decisive of Means of Radio Communication and Radio Broadcast- Year of the Postwar Five-Year Plan," K. Ya. Sergey- ing," V. Ya. Kogan, Engr, 2 pp chuk, Minister of Communications, USSR, 3 pp ""Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz9t" No 1 (94) "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz'". No 1 (94). New radio stations established in Leningrad, Lvov, Recapitulates work accomplished in the Soviet Union, Tbilisi, Riga and other cities. Great strides made in in the field of communications, during the first the distribution of such apparatus as Bodo, the TRT-1 year of the postwar Five-Year Plan. Mentions sever- and other types of commercial telegraph apparatus. al decrees affecting development of various branches Author exhorts all hands to increase the efficiency of in this field. Some 67 metropolitan telephone sys-. their operation and seek to achieve attainments similar tems overhauled, of which 33 changed to automatic LC 41T12 LC 41T13 USSR/Communications (Contd) Jan 1948 USSR/Communications (Contd) Jan 1948 to the Tashkent Direction of Radio Communications, telephone networks. Overhauled and established - which has received the Red Banner of VTsSPS annually 725 radio centers and installed some 700,000 new for the past four years. Lists some of the other radio points. Of this number 150,000 radio points communications centers which have been awarded prizes were setup in agricultural communities. Most of during the past year. the production figures are given in percentages. Lists various cities and towns benefiting most from the advances in communications. LC 41T12 LC 41T13 FDB.Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 40 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Electricity Motors, Electric Motors - Tests Jan 1948 USSR /Electricity Electrical Equipment Permafrost "Methods of Carrying Out Tests on Asynchronous Loaded Electric Motors," L. Ya. Chernyak, Ehgr, Tsentro- EnergoCherMet, 4~ pp "Prom Ehergetika" No 1 Discusses some methods of testing the basic parameters of asynchronous electric motors (I,U,cos c , n, and)2). Notes that certain steps must be taken before tests can be conducted. Method suggested is incomplete but can be used as an emergency method at industrial plants, etc. FDB 41T14 USSR/Electricity Radio Equipment Jan 1948 Voltage Regulators - "Utilization of a Carbon Regulator RNU-5 for Stabiliz- ing the Filament Voltage Supplied by Generators," V. A. Plotnikov, Engr, 1 p "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz'" No 1 (94) DC generators very frequently possesses de-stabilizing factors which cause fluctuations in the generated volt- age. Especially important to overcame this unstable characteristic, when these machines are used to supply power to filaments (of tubes, etc.). Discusses carbon regulator developed at one of the broadcasting sta- tions which greatly stabilizes this current and makes LC 41T16 USSR/Electricity (Contd) Jan 1948 it possible to use DC generators very effectively for supplying power to filaments. LC 41116 USSR/Engineering Metallurgical Plants Fuel - Conservation Feb 1948 "Transfer of Foundry Driers to Solid Fuel," Docent A. I. Vashchenko, Moscow Steel Inst, 4 pp "Stall" No 2 For economy all foundry driers using liquid fuel are being changed over to cheaper solid fuel. With this change the heaters can be equipped with simple fire- boxes, with means for ejection of smoke gases. Such units have been used successfully at Moscow Steel In- stitute. FDB 41118 Jan 1948 "Several Methods of Grounding," E. L. Kretovich, Eaigr, 1-f pp "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz'" No 1 (94) Electric apparatus having an initial high voltage but having apparatus using low voltages attached to them must be grounded. Grounding is simple matter in most climatic conditions but presents all manner of difficulty in those regions of frozen soil. Briefly describes frozen soils and discusses their electroconducting property. Suggests several methods 1LC 41115 USSR/Electricity (Contd) Jan 1948 of carrying out effective grounding measures for high voltage equipment which is being operated in regions of frozen soil. LC 41T15 USSR/Engineering Feb 1948 Foundry Practice Casting "Development and Present Day Status of Continuous Casting of Metals," I. Ya. Granat, Candidate Tech Sci, V. M. Tageyev, Eagr, 7 pp "Stal I " No 2 In spite of the great engineering, technologic, and economic advantages of continuous casting of steel parts, the basic method of conducting continuous casting--with a moving and stationary crystallizer-- cannot be said to be sufficiently developed for ef- ficient industrial use. It is important and neces- sary to intensify experimental work in this field. FDB 41T17 USSR/Engineering Jan 1948 Tools, Machine Efficiency, Industrial "Technical Normalization of Machine Tool.Work," G. I. Shandrenko, Engr, OpgCherMet, 31 pp "Stall" No 1 .To increase productivity of mechanized plants in metallurgical works, it is important to improve or- ganization for preparation of production and labor, as well as improve organization for technical nor- malization and adopt methods of progressive proc- essing norms. FDB 41T19 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 USSR/Engineering Cutting Torches Gas Burners FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 RESTRICTED Jan 19+8 "Micro-jet Combustion," Docents V. L. Khzmalyan, MEI, 4 pp "Prom Elnerget ika" No 1 Korneyev, D. M. Report results of experiments they conducted at the Moscow Order of Lenin Energetics Institute imeni V. M. Molotov, for intensification of combustion of.gas- air mixtures, to obtain high thermal capacities for ordinary gas burners. USSR/Engineering Factories - Production Pipe Industry 41T20 Jan 19+8 "The First Pipe Factory of the Urals," Ya. P. osadchiy,. Director, PervoUral Pipe Factory, 22 pp "StaJQ1 First factory went up in 1930. By 193+ it was turning out pipes for several uses. Briefly discusses devel- opment of factory, and mentions its part in accomp- lishing the present Five-Year Plan. Expected factory will be turning out greater part of alloy pipes pro- duced in Soviet Union by end of this Five-Year Plan. FDB USSR/Engineering Metallurgy Furnaces, Metallurgical 41T22 Jan 1948 "Characteristics of Basic Fettling in Martin Furnaces," A. S. Berezhnoy, Dr Tech Sci, All-Union That of Fire Resistant Materials, 9 pp "Stall" No 1 Characteristics of basic fettling. of Martin furnaces vary widely because of variations in the composition of the mixtures, and conditions under which fettling takes place. Where there is a high magnesium oxide content, magnesium welds have high degree of stability in comparison with magnesium-dolomites, but have a FDB 41T23 USSR/Engineering (Contd) Jan 19+8 slightly lower clinkering factor. During operation of the furnaces, it must be noted that it is possible to oxidize the basic fettling. 1.1T23 USSR/Engineering Metallurgy Steel Foundries Jan 1948 "Metallurgical Works imeni Dzerzhinskiy," N. M. Fomenko, Director, Metal Works imeni Dzerzhinskiy, 5 pp "Stal?" No 1 A new city, Dneprodzerzhinsk, has sprung up along the banks of the Dnepr River. Built around the in- dustrial giant, known as the Metallurgical Works imeni Dzerzhinskiy. Briefly describes plant, and discusses production in terms of comparative per- centages with production of pig, steel, and rolled FDB I41T21 USSR/Engineering (Contd) Jan 19+8 steel in 1913. On the average 194l production in- creased by threefold over 1913 figure. Shows a part of the plant from the river, and one open- hearth furnace. It is hoped that a second agglo- meration plant can be put into operation during 1948. FDB 41T21 USSR/Egineering Water - Softening Water - Purification Feb 1948 "New Method for Purifying Industrial Water," Ye. N. Teterkin, Candidate Tech Sci, Inst VODGEO, 6 "Stal?" No 2 Settling towers for purifying industrial water can be replaced easily by comparatively compact suspen- sion separators in which the process of settling of the solid particles in the water is greatly speeded up by inside sludge. Use of this new method permits an increase in production of purifiers now in use. Vortex reactors can be attached and thus speed up the process of softening the water. FDB l1T24 USSR/Engineering Feb 19+8 Metallurgy, Ferrous Metals - Bibliography "New Domestic Literature on Ferrous Metallurgy (Nov 1947)" 1 pp "StalI" No 2 Lists books released in the following fields- coke by-products industries; ore'industries; metallurgy, under which are books on rolling, smelting, casting, etc.; metal studies taking in structure of metal and metal alloys, thermal and chemical thermal process- ing; the power economy. Latter part lists books published in foreign countries. FDB 41T25 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 USSR/Engineering Metallurgy - By-products Road Materials FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 Jan 1948 "Production of Cinder Block at the Chusovsk Works," G. K. Postylyakov, I. A. Glyzin, Engineers, 1 p "Stall" No 1 In Jun 1946 tests were conducted at the Chusovak Metal lurgical Works to determine the possibility of using titanium dome furnace cinders as a base for road cinder block. Discusses the results of the tests. States that the blocks fulfilled all the requirements set up by GOST, and observes that storage of these blocks outside even under winter conditions will not l ower the qual i ty. FDB 41T26 USSR/Engineering Metallurgy Jan 1948 Furnaces, Metallurgical "Some Questions with Regard to Improving the Construc- tion of Martin Furnaces," D. A. Smolyarenko, N. I. Yefanov, Engineers, MChM, 9-g pp B. I. Kitayev, and V. V. Lempitskiy made some theoret- ical conclusions to the effect that a two-story cap is much more efficient than the cap construction suggest- ed by Ventur.. However, this still requires practical' proof. Ventur heads (caps) operate satisfactorily on large Martin furnaces. Rose's portable head is also finding satisfactory industrial use. It is necessary 41T28 US aR/Eh.gineering (Contd) Jan 1948 to improve the efficiency of the operation of the nozzles, however, when the portable head is used. For this, it is necessary to improve the fire resist- ance of the material. In this line, experiments con.. ducted at the KMIC (Kuznets Metallurgical Combine) are of great interest. Tests are being conducted to de- termine practicability of using highly aluminum nozzles. FDB _.. g28 USSSR/Engineering Metallurgy Rollers Jan 1948 The Durability of Heat Treated Chilled Thin Plate Rollers," N. F. Dubrov, Candidate. Tech Sci, Alapayev- skiy Works, 1 p "stal B "" No 1 States that the durability of chilled rollers depends not only on the chemical composition and structure of the rollers but also on the internal casting tensions. Various tests conducted at the Alapayevskiy Works to determine the durability of rollers. Lists results of tests on some ten rollers in table form. FDB 41T30 USSR/Engineering Heating, Exhaust Gas Furnaces - Performance Jan 1948 "Performance of Boiler Recoverera at the Magnito- gorsk Metallurgical Combine," S. I. Gorskov, Engr, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, 1 p "Stale" No 1 In 1940 boiler recoverers were installed at Martin furnaces No 1 and 2 of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgi- cal Combine. Operation of these assemblies is most satisfactory as it permits utilization of heat as it goes up the chimney. Thus, instead of wasting, it is used to heat the company offices. At the FDB 41T27 USSR/Engineering same time the performance of the furnaces is im- proved and in 1946 one of the crews at furnace No 1 was able to exceed its norm by some 5,000 tons. FDB 41T2 USSR/Engineering Jan 191+8 Metallurgy Steel Ingots "Rational Shapes for Slabs," I. D. Kuzema Works imeni Ii"ich, 5 pp "Stall" No 1 Engr, Offers methods for making slabs in new sizes. Claims that this must be done to decrease loss of metal dur- ing the cutting of plates. Claims that, for the most part, this can be accomplished by use of Convexo- concave wide and straight (or lightly convex.-con- cave) thin facets. Waste can also be out down by the use of slabs of the proper width. FDB 41T29 USSR/Engineering Sheet Metal - Properties Heat Treatment Feb 1948 "Physical Properties of a Pile of Metal Sheets dur- ing Heating," P. V. Kobyakov, Engr, Eastern Sci Res Inst of Fuel Utilization, 4-15 pp Thermal conductivity of thin sheets in a direction perpendicular to their plane does not exceed 2% of the thermal conductivity of the sheet as a whole. Therefore, the height of the pile has no effect on the speed of its being heated. The basic heating current should be direoted'against the long side of 1ho pile. FDB 41T31 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO0200001 0001 -8 USSR/Geography Photography, Aerial Photogrammetry Mar/Apr 1948 "The Use of Azimuth Projections to Solve and Study Photogrammetric Problems," N. G. Kell', 18 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 This method of research is possible with aerial pho- tographs of small angles or angles close to 90 0, and can be applied to plane photographs, or for any angle where the observations need not be exact and small errors are permissible. Gives new method for orient- ing plane aerial photographs and also for estimating FDB 41T32 USSR/Geography (Contd) Mar/Apr 1948 the altitude of ground objects on these photographs, by means of forward projections. Shows the construc- tion of a dispersion ellipse. Submitted at the 23 Apr 1947 session of the Department of Geologo.Geo- graphical Sciences. USSR/Geology Jan/Feb 1948 Tectonics "Tectonics of the Western Tuva on the Junction with the Altay Mountains," V. A. Ruznetsov, 16 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Discusses the tectonics of the orographic and tec- tonic nodules at the junction with the western Aayan, the Altay Mountains, and the Tannu-Ola Range. Directs particular attention to the struc- ture of the tectonic blocks. Conforms the immature nature of the differential movement of the blocks, which are the reason for the contemporary relief of this region. FDB 41T33 USSR/Geology Jan/Feb 1948 Stratification '"Stratigraphy of the Devonian Deposits of the West- ern Slopes of the Urals Within the Limits of the Ufimsk Amphitheater and Kara-Tau," S. M. Domrachev, V. S. Meleshchenko, N. G. Choohia, 311 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 FDB 41T32 USSR/Geology Tectonics Jan/Feb 1948 "Basic Facial Zones of the Sakmarsko-Artinsk Complex of the Southern Urals," V. Ye. Ruzhentsev, 192 pp "izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Author gives short summary of the basic structural oblasts connecting the Ural geosyncline and the Rus- sian platform. As a result of his studies, he was able to show a similarity between the types of faces from the east to the west, and was able to divide the faces into those belonging to the Artinsk period and those belonging to the Sakmarsk period. Draws some conclusions on the structural-facial relationships that appeared on the western slopes of the Urals after Discusses basins of the Ufa, Aa, Yurezan, and Sim Rivers. Author presents some new data obtained dur- ing his studies on the Devonian deposits of the Uf imsk amphitheater and Kara-Tau, and attempts to set up a single standard on which the stratigraphy of this region can be based. His data referring to FDB 41T34 USSR/Geology (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 determination of growth has a great significance in deep drilled bores. the Hercynian orogenous epoch. FDB 41T35 FDB 41T34 USSR/Geology Calcium Carbonate Jan/Feb 1948 USSR/Geology Clays Soil Science Jan/Feb 1948 "Some Types of Limestones of a Mechanical Origin and the Conditions of Their Formation," A. I. Osipova, 72 pp 9?Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Describes the limestone found in the Upper Paleozoic terrigenous layers in the basin of the Yurezan River. Limestone was formed as the result of the washing of carbonated rocks, and skeleton remains in bentonite. Growth of the lime layers is one reason for the in- crease of the tectonic movement and the formation of the structure of the Sara-Tau complex. FDB 41T36 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 RESTRICTED "Mechanical Differentiation of Clay Sediments," N. Ya. Denisov, 6 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Gives account of laboratory experiments conducted to show that the development of the texture may or may not be the result of seasonal changes in the size of the particles brought into the water basin. It was observed that sand particles penetrate the newest deposited layer until they reach the surface of the FDB 41T37 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FIB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Geology Gold Ore Deposits Sulfides Jan Feb 1948 "Dimensions of Gold Particles in Sulfide Deposits as an Indication of Post-ore Metamorphosis," V. M. Krey- ter, 31 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Lists various scientists who have been interested in the phenomenon of the dimensions of gold particles contained in sulfide deposits as an indication of metamorphosis which has gone on after the period of ore formation. States that this question is one still needing solution, and that article merely establishes requirements for solving the problem. eq 1T38 USSR/Geology Jan/Feb 1948 Ore Deposits "The Distribution of Elements and Admixtures in Meta- somatic Deposits," L. N. Ovchinnikov, 6 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 On the basis of data obtained in studies of some Ural deposits, author is Interested in determining a simi- larity in the distribution of elements and admixtures in metasomatic deposits. Their solution content is at a maximum, in the-main body, rather than at the edges of the ore bodies. This appearance is explains by the fact that the motion of the elements and ad- mixtures due to diffusion, is much slower due to the low concentration of the solution, than that going an in the main ore body. FDB 41T39 USSR/Geology Jan/Feb 1948 "The History of the Tarim Settled Massive," V. M. Sinitsyn, 13i pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 The Tarim settled massive is the western fragment of the Chinese platform, which settled during the period of the Yenisian movement. Discusses history of the development of the Tarim massive and also shows how its development parallelled the development of some settled regions in China. FDB 41T41 USSR/Geological Prospecting Petroleum - Prospecting Coal Mar/Apr 191+8 "Use of the Theory of Neutron Core Sampling by Elec- trical Means in Prospecting for Oil and Coal Deposits, Yu. P. Bulashevich, Mining-Geol lust, Sverdlovsk, l4 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf I Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Discusses method for calculating the retarding effect of fast neutrons. Delivered characteristic of the rock during neutron core sampling depends on the size of the neutron zone, and can change until it assumes a reverse characteristic. Presents a more effective FDB 41T43 USSR Geology (Contd) Jan eb 1948 clay layer. There a chemical colloidal process takes place. Thus it Is possible to explain the appearance of alternating strata of clay and sand. Basically this occurs after the deposit of various grained sediments as a result of mechanical differ- entiation. FDB 41T37 USSR/Geology Jan/Feb 1948 "The Interrelationship of Pay-Xhoy and the Urals," N. S. Shatskiy, 4 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Bar Geol" No 1 Discusses data colleoted by various scientists, such as Lynor, Suznetsov, Volkov',. Xhabacov, and others, showing the interrelationship of the Pay-Xhoy range and the Urals. FDB 41T40 USSR/Geology Mar/Apr 191.8 Soil Science Arctic Studies "The Role of Convective Circulation in the Formation of the Cellular Forms of MioaToreliet," N. S. Shish- kin, Central Geophys Observatory, 5 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Bar Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Argues against Loy's and Gripp'a theory of oonvec - tion, based on acme cellular forms of miororelief discovered in the arctic and the subarctic. Sug- gests that with the aid of the theory of convective circulation it is possible to explain the regular FDB 41T42 USSR/Geology (Contd) Mar/Apr 1948 construction of all cellular forms of miororallef, which appears in very moist soils. Among these forms are polygons, squares and hexagons. Submitted by Academician A. A. Grigor'yev, 29 Mar 1947. FDB 41T42 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 1+1 RESTRICTED USSR/Geological Prospecting (Contd) Mar/Apr 191+8 USSR/Geological Prospecting Jan/Feb 1918 Ore Deposits method of using neutron core sampling in surveying Tectonics for petroleum and coal deposits. Submitted by Acade- mician L. S. Leybenzon, 28 May 191+7. "Some Results of the Study of the Structure of Ore De osita of the USSR," F. I. Vol'fson, L. I. Lukin, 23 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Gives some aspects of studies conducted on the struc- ture of endogenous ore deposits in the USSR. Authors present some concrete examples of ore deposit struc- tures. In addition, discuss the localization of ore formation in connection with the development of structures, as well as the methods used in their FDB 1+1T1+3 study of the various structures. 1+1T1+1+ USSR/Geophysics Mar/Apr 191+8 USSR/Geophysics Mar/Apr 191+8 Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic Waves Earth - Electrical Properties Earth - Electrical Properties "Concerning V. G. Gogoladze's Article, 'The Distribu- "The Distribution of Electromagnetic Waves in Dif- tion of Electromagnetic Waves in Different Media That ferent Media That Are Adjacent along a Plane," V. Are Adjacent along a Plane'," L. Brekhovskikh, 1i pp Gogoladze, 32 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 -No 2 Shows that in Gogoladze's article on the theory of the Discusses the formula propagation of electromagnetic waves based o n the / 4 ' equation N = k2bV+ kab, where b = i X- - &- k o , K e and b ther is t f t ti the light of two requirements: ] where and s e no roo or n- o sa are substantives, and 2) where X0- and k2 are the FDB 1+1T45 complex products of numbers. 1+1T1+6 USSR/Geophysics (Contd) Mar/Apr 191+8 USSR/Geophysics Mar/Apr 1948 Electromagnetic Waves fy the needs of the functions: Earth - Electrical Properties IZe, b e > O a.vtoQ_ lee b ? Q. "The Existence of Surface Electromagnetic Waves in Two Different Media That Are Adjacent along a Plane," V. K. Ivanov, 1+ pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Describes conditions necessary for the function used to determine Hertz's vector (calculated on the basis of the varying electromagnetic field of a vertical electrical dipole in two media). FDB 41T45 FDB 1+1T1+7 USSR/Geophysics Mar/Apr 1948 USSR/Geophysics Mar/Apr 191+8 Meteorology Magnetic Fields - Earth Earth - Electrical Properties Magnetism, Terrestrial The Charge of the Earth's Surface," Ye. A. Chernyav- "Statistical Distribution of the Daily Characteris- skiy, Tashkent Geophys Observatory, 71 pp tics of Geomagnetic Activity," S. M. Kozik, Tash- kent Geophya Observatory, 8 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Presents some new facts on-the anticurrent in thunder regions with negative gradients of electric potential. Analyzes statistical distribution of daily chara,c- Among these facts is the effect resulting from snow- teristics in the activity of the geomagnetic field falls in glacial regions with winds of 10- to 12-meter and describes the changes in the distribution of per-second velocity. Submitted by Academician L. S. these characteristics for 191+1 - 1915. Submitted by Leybenzon, 17 Jul 191+7. Academician L. S. Leybenzon, 6 Feb 191+7. FDB 1+1T48 FDB 1+1T1+9 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Geophysics Magnetic Fields - Earth Magnetism, Terrestrial Mar/Apr 1948 "A New Method for Studying Weak Changes in the Earth's Magnetic Field," A. G. Kalashnikov, Geophys Inst, Acad Sci USSR, 9 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf I Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Describes setup at a magnetic self-recording station, which records variations in the magnetic field of the earth on a 0.01-gamma per millimeter stale. This type of apparatus is twice as sensitive as a magnetostatic installation. Shows examples of how the self-record- FDB 41T50 USSR/Geophysics (Contd) Mar/Apr 1948 ing station can be used to measure changes in terres- trial magnetism due to solar eclipses, magnetic effect of lightning, the current generated by meteorites, and small explosions on the surface of the earth. Sub- mitted by Academician 0. Yu. Shmidt, 24 Nov 1947. Such a station is situated at Krasnyy Pakhr. FDB 41T5o USSR/Hydrology Flow, Turbulent Photography, High Speed Mar/Apr 1948 The Use of High-speed Motion Pictures to Study the Speed of a Turbulent Current," B. A. Fidman, Geog Inst, Acad Sci, USSR, 8 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Geof iz" Vol XII, No 2 Discusses a static method of processing individual picture frames of a motion picture film to study the pulsation speed in a turbulent water current. Author obtained some qualitative characteristics of turbulen- cy for the case of a current flowing between two par- allell walls. Submitted by Academician A. N. Kol- mogorov, 5 Nov 1947. FDB 41T52 USSR/Hydrology Jan/Feb 1948 Oceanology Clays "Lithogenesis of Plastic Clay Sea Sediments," M. M. Yermolayev, 17 r, pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No 1 Describes primary stages of the lithogenesis of plas- tic clay sediments. Particular attention is paid to the Atlantic type of bottom of the Arctic Seas of Eurasia. Discusses chemical composition. Explains reasons for uneven lithogenesis. Describes micro- RESTRICTED USSR/Hydrology - - Mar/Apr 1948 Oceanology "The Change in the Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P) Content in Terrigenous Suspended Particles in a Water Medium," B. A. Skopintsev, State Oceanographic Inst, Lab of Geochem Problems, Acad Sci USSR, 11 pp "Izv AlmdNauk SSSR, Ser Geograf i Goof i z" Vol XII, No 2 Describes results of laboratory studies in the changes of N and P content in terrigenous suspended particles for the period of their presence in fresh and salt water. Establishes variations in the speed and character of content changes in terrigenous FDB 41T51 USSR/Hydrology (Contd) Mar/Apr 1948 particles (in fresh or salt water), which are the result of biochemical processes. Basically charac- teristic for salt water were: a) slow accumulation of nitrates in the water, and b) much greater ac- cumulation of mineral phosphors. Submitted by Academician P. P. Shirshov, 19 Feb 1947. FDB 41T51 USSR/Hydrology Oceanology :Earth - Electrical Properties Mar/Apr 1948 "Survey of the Condition of the Electrical Current in the Black Sea (South Shore of Crimea) from May '1946 to March 1947," A. T. Mironov, Black Sea $ydro- phys Sta, Acad Soil USSR, 9 pp "Izv Akad Nauk SSSR, Ser Geograf I Geofiz" Vol XII, No 2 Compares values obtained by observations on the dis- tance of potential between two points in the Black Sea and values as estimated by the Institute of Ter- restrial Magnetism. Shows the relation between the FDB 41T53 USSR/Hydrology (Contd) Mar/Apr 1948 electrical current in the Sea and the strength of the charge of terrestrial magnetism. Shows that amplitude of the current varies with the appearance of sunspots, or polar lights. Submitted by Acade- mician V. V. Shuleykin, 16 May 1947. organisms found in these sediments and also the hydro- geological regime of the water systems. Gives some FDB 41T54 FDB 41T53 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 F]B Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 RESTRICTED USSR/Hydrology (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 reasons for the great changes in the conditions of the Kara Sea. Author studied distribution of margansite and radium to determine the absolute speed of settlin and the stability of those changes occurring in the material of the sea bottom during the first stages of lithogenesis. FDB 41T54 USSR/Medicine - Leukocytes Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Phagocytes and Phagocytosis "The Effects of Mediators on the Phagocytic Action of Leukocytes: II," G. G. Golodets, N. V. Puchkov, Chair of Animal Physiol, Moscow Inst of Fish Industries and Econ imeni A. I. Mikoyan, 8 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Authors describe experiments they conducted to deter- mine the effect of acetylcholine and adrenalin on the phagocytosis of substances isolated from the erratic nerve, and also to explain the effect on the phago- cytosis of vegetable toxins introduced into the or- USSR/Medicine - Leukocytes Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Phagocytes and Phagocytosis "The Effects of Mediators on the Phagocytic Action of Leukocytes: I," G. G. Golodets, and N. V. Puch- kov, Chair of Animal Physiol, Moscow Inst of Fish Industries and Moon.imeni A. I. Mikoyan, 8 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Authors obtained the following results from their experiments: 1) When the sympathetic nerve in the frog's leg is irritated a substance is perfusated from the foot of the frog, which stimulates the phagocytic action of leukocytes. 2) These actions are brought about by the selectivity of the sympa- FDB 41T5 USSR/Medicine - Leukocytes (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 thetic system. 3) Sensitivity of the leukocytes to the stimulating effect of the perfusate is higher than the sensitivity of the blood vessels and iso- lated heart of the frog. Submitted, 20 Mar 1946. g?ssooflaa body which had not been excised. Submitted, FDB 41T56 FDB 41T55 USSR/Medicine Medicine - Nervous Systems Jan/Feb 1948 - Heredity USSR/Medicine - Insects Medicine - Parasites Jan/Feb 1948 "Experimental Genetics of the Higher Nervous Activity in Man," I. I. Kanayev, Leningrad, 7 PP "Uspekh Sovremen Bio1'.' Vol XXV, No 1 I. P. Pavlov studied the genetics of higher nervous reactions in connection with his studies of the types of nervous systems, using a genealogical method. This method cannot be used to study the higher nerve re- actions in man, however, so author discusses the re- sults of experiments he conducted on the genetics of the higher nerve reactions in. man by means of a com- parative study of the actions of twins. LC 41T57 USSR/Medicine Medicine - Heredity - Chromosomes Jan/Feb 1948 "Chemical Nature of Genes," S. I. Alikhanyan, Moscow, 18 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Discusses some aspects of the chemical nature of gene and their role in biochemistry. States that the chemistry of genes is of direct assistance in under- standing genetic and biological evolution, particular- ly since the chemical approach to the problem opens a new method. 41T59 "Particulars of the Thibryological Development of the Ichneumonidae, in Relation to Parasitism," Ivanova-Kazas, Leningrad, l91 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 0. M. Among the insects of the order hymenoptera there is one that lays its eggs in the eggs, grubs, cocoons and imagix~es of other insects. This insect is des- ignated as an Ichneumonidae. It is a rather singu- lar insect,. as its parasitic life starts during its embryological development. Author describes the embryological development. 41T58 USSR/Medicine - Heredity . Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Androgenes "The Significance of Merogony and Androgenesis in the Theory of Development and Heredity," B. L. Astaurov, Moscow, 40 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Authors discuss the plasma nucleus; various possi- bilities for solving the problem of determining the exact size and form of the nucleus particle and cytoplasm; a short summary of experiments conducted on animals; androgenesis in plants; principal de- fects in the methods for producing experimental androgenesis; methods for correctly carrying out LC 41T6o Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Medicine - Plants, Parasites Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Microorganisms "Biochemical Resistance of Plants to Microorganisms," B. A. Rubin, Ye. V. Artsikhovskaya, Moscow, 2141 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Brief collection of data describes the resistance of plants from the standpoint of Internal and biochemical dependence on various substances, and is based on an analysis of the relation of the plant host to the parasite. Discusses various factors showing the bio- chemical resistance of plants to microorganisms. LC 41T61 USSR/Medicine Medicine - Pyridoxine - Enzyme Reactions Jan/Feb 1948 "Group B6 Vitamins (Pyridoxine and Its Derivatives) and Their Significance in Enzymatic Reactions," A. V. Trufanov, Moscow, 8 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Vitamin B6 was found to be an important factor in the nutritional regimen of many animals.. Symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency in man are: severe nervousness, insomnia, and various abdominal disorders. Fifty grains of vitamin B6 cure these symptoms in 24 hours. Describes pyridoxine and the substances from which it can be derived. Discusses the significance of vitamin B6 :in enzymatic reactions. LC 41T62 USSR/Medicine - Evolution Jan/Feb 1948 .Medicine - Cerebellum "Several Methods of Studying the Evolution of Func- tions in Ontogenesis," A. M. Aleksanyan, Inst of Evo- lutionary Physiol and Pathol of the Higher Nervous Activity imeni Academician I. P. Pavlov, Acad Med Sci USSR, 6 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Author gives some of the data obtained during his studies of the physiology of the cerebellum. Experi- ments were conducted on animals poisoned with strych- nine. Results obtained showed that the phenomenon of decoinpensation and secondary compensation can be FDB 41T64 USSR/Medicine - Evolution (Contd)? Jan Feb 1948 studied as a method for determining the evolution of the functions in ontogenesis as well as in filogene- sis. Submitted, 2 Aug 1946. 41T64 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Heredity (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 experiments; and difficulties which will be met when conducting the experiments outlined in this .article. LC 41T60 USSR/Medicine - Biology Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Acid, Eyaluronic "Hyaluronic Acid and Its Physiological Characteris- tics," S.-M. Bychkov, Moscow, 18 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Hexosamine and uronic acid are very widely produced in living matter. Author discusses only one muco- polysaccharide - hyaluronic acid. This acid, accord- ing to Meyer's classification (1938), belongs to a series of acid mucopolysaccharideewhich contain uronic acid. Hyaluronic acid appears to be the most widely distributed of this class of acids, and author briefly describes its physiological significance. LC 41T6 USSR/Medicine - Skin Diseases Jan 1948 Medicine - Penicillin "Penicillin Ointment for Treating Skin Diseases," Prof A. B. Selisskiy, 3 pp "FelIdsher I Akusherka" No 1 Penicillin ointment is very effective in coping with pyococcus infection of the skin. In some instances (furuncles, carbuncles, etc.) treatment required a combined form, i.e., penicillin ointments on the skin surface and penicillin injections. USSR Medicine - Narcosis Medicine - Surgery Jan 1948 "Temporary Narcosis," S. "Fel'dsher I Akusherka" Ya. Rovinskiy, No 1 61 pp Surgical narcosis is one of the greatest benefits to the patient, particularly to a preoperative patient. Author presents some methods of coping with simple complications arising as a result of narcosis. In- clude the control of self-asphyxiation due to swal- lowing of the tongue and the application of arti- ficial respiration to supplement the muscular actions of the patient during surgery'. Emphasizes that the medical personnel must supply the patient's every need until he regains full consciousness. FDB 41T66 41T65 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/04/,25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Medicine - Medical Centers Jan 1948 Medicine - Social Medicine "Medical Services for the Rural Population in the Fourth Stalin Five-Year Plan," G. F. Konstantinov, Candidate Med. Soil 4 pp "Fel?dsher i Akusherka" No 1 Medical Five-Year Plan calls for establishing medical facilities up to prewar level, and improving the ser- vices to rural communities. Author discusses some of the methods which will be of direct benefit to rural populations. FDB 41T67 USSR/Medicine Medicine - Anaphylaxis and Allergy Blood Vessels Jan 1948 "The Allergic Dilation of the Vessels in a Dog's Tongue," Prof A. D. Ado, Deputy, Chair of Pathol Physiol, Corr Mem, Acad Med Soil USSR; D. B. Pen'kov- skaya-Shnxul yan, Chair of Pathol Physiol, Kazan Med Inst, 4 pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X, No 1 Dilation of vessels due to allergy is a phenomenon which has been little studied. Authors discuss ex- periments on normal dogs, on sensitized dogs, with absence of parasympathetic inervation of the tongue vessels, for isolation of acetyl-choline, and hista FDB 41T69 USSR/Medicine - Anaphylaxis and Allergy Jan 1948 (Contd) mine, and determining the sensitivity of the dog's tongue vessels to acetylcholine. Submitted, 11 Feb 1947. USSR/Medicine - Tularemia Medicine - Vaccines 41T69 Jan/Feb 1948 "Morphological Tissue Degeneration Due to Living Tularemia Vaccine Developed at NIIDG-KA," I. A. Chali- sov, Pathomorphol Lab, Sci Res Inst of Epidemiol and Hygiene for Armed Forces, USSR, 9 pp "Arkhiv Patol" 'Vol X, No 1 Experiments produced the following results. 1) Cuta- neous vaccination with dry living tularemia vaccine of NIIB -Ka penetrated the skin easily and produced exu- date caused by a severe skin inflammation, character- istic of tularemia infection. 2) Clinically observed that the lymph glands undergo a change to cope with DB 41T71 I ., "' !L RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Anaphylaxis and Allergy Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Rats "Anaphylaxis of Albino Rats," F A. Levtova, Chair of Pathol Physiol, Second Leningrad Med That, 31 pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X, No 1 Studies produced the following results.- 1) It was not possible to obtain a general serous anaphylactic reaction in white rats, 2) No local reactions were observed by Venevtsev's method. 3) Preliminary ad- ministration of heterogenous material to produce antigenic serum in rats, did not result in a sensi- tization of the tissues to subsequent antigen. Sub- mitted, 31 Jan 1947. Deputy of Chair of Pathologi- cal Physiology is Prof L. P. Perelman. FDB 41T68 USSR/Medicine - Shock Medicine - Blood Jan/Feb 1948 "Variations in Potassium, Calcium, and Chlorine Con- tents in the Blood Serum after Electric Shocks," M. T. Zinov?yeva, Chair of Pathol Physiol, First Lenin- grad Med Inst imeni Academician Pavlov, 5 pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X. No 1 Experiments produced the following results due to electric shocks; 1) Increase in potassium content in the blood serum; content was higher in veins than in arteries and higher in rabbits than in dogs. 2) increase in potassium content depended on the amount of potassium supplied by muscular tissues. FDB 41T7o USSR /Medicine .- Shock (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 3) Chlorine content in the serum of the arterial blood altered irregularly; in the major part of the experiments, however, chlorine content in the serum of the venal blood increased. Submitted, 14 Jan 1947. Deputy of Chair of Pathological Physiology is Prof I. R. Petrov. FDB 41T7o USSR/Medicine - Tissues, Connective Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Pressure "Changes in the Active Connective Tissues (of Kupf- fer's Cells) Due to a Reduction of Barometric Pres- sure," N. V. Balanina, Moscow, Chair of Pathol Anat, Pediatrics Faculty, Second Med Inst imeni Stalin, 2 pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X, No 1 Several scientists have worked on the subject of adiposity of Kupffer's cells during hypoxemia caused by a lowering of barometric pressure. However, they have done little to clarify the significance of Kupf- fer's cells in the phenomenon of gas interchange. Author gives results of experiments he conducted to' FDB 41T72 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Medicine - Tularemia (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 the allergy to the vaccine. Most noticeable change was in the walls of the blood vessels of the lymph glands. Submitted, 10 Jan 1947. Chief of Pathomorph- ological Laboratory is Lt Col I. A. Chalisov, Med Corps. Chief of Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene for Armed Forces of USSR is .Col N. Kh. Kopylov, Med Carps. FDB 41T71 USSR/Medicine - Vomiting Medicine - Nervous Disease Jan/Feb 1948 "Persistent and Uninterrupted Vomiting Due to Erratic Nerve," S. S. Vayl?, Leningrad, 1V pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X, No 1 Gives case histories of two patients suffering from erratic nerve which produced persiatant and uninter- rupted vomiting. Submitted, 4 Oct 1946. 41T73 USSR/Medicine - Syphilis Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds "Problems of Far-reaching Results in Treatment of High ly Contagious Forms of Syphilis with Arsenic Oxide and Novarse.ol," V. P. Memorski , Clinic of Skin and Venereal Diseases MONIKI, 2 pp "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 The following facts were noted as a result of studies conducted by the author; 1) In most venereological in- stitutions Furn'ye's method of treatment is still practiced. 2) Dosages of arsenic oxide given in 194,9 and first part of 1946 were usually too small and usually mixed with lead preparations. 3) Data showed FDB 41T75 USSR/Medicine Tissues, Connective Jan/Feb 1948 (Contd) study the role played by Kupffer's cells in the phenomenon of gas interchange. Submitted, 1 Nov 1946. Deputy of Chair of Pathological Anatomy is B. N. Mogil?nitskiy, Honorary Scientific Collabora- tor. FDB 41T72 USSR/Medicine - Syphilis Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds "The Tolerance for Arsenic Oxide in Connection with an Accelerated Course of Syphilis Treatment," Prof M. S. Kaplun, Director, Clinic of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Irkutsk Med Inst., pp "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 Treatment lasts for five weeks _ and consists of two injections of maapharsen per week. Treatment had to be discontinued in only four out of 137 cases. In 35 days, 88 of the patients completed the course. Due to the severity of their conditions, 42 cases had to have the treatment prolonged for an average FDB 41T74 USSR/Medicine - Syphilis (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 of one week. Treatment of ambulatory cases depends on the degree to which the physician is able to con- trol the actions of the patients during the course of the treatment, as well as the interval between each of the applications of mapharsen. 41T74 USSR/Medicine - Syphilis (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 USSR/Medicine Medicine - Syphilis - Chemotherapy Jan/Feb 1948 that relapses occurred most frequently after the first course of treatment of primary syphilis. 4) High per- centage of syphilitic meningitis (8 in 24) was due. to faulty proportions of arsenic oxide and lead contain- ing substances in doses. 5) Most relapses are due to improper treatment of patients. Director of Clinic of Skin and Venereal Diseases MONIKI is Prof V. Ya. Arytyunov. "An Facperiment with a Concentrated Method of Treat- ing Syphilis," Prof Kh. Dzhafarov, Director, First Dermatol Clinic; G. Yagubov, First Dermatol Clinic, Azerbaydzhan Med Inst, 1i pp "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 Experiments with a highly concentrated treatment of syphilis gave following results.- 1) Increase of the daily mapharsen dose to 0.03 does not produce any ill effects in the patients; 2) thisincreased dose (0,03) does not have any adverse effect on the func- tions of the kidneys or the liver; and 3) this con- FDB 41T75 6 FDB 41T76 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific no 41 USSR/Medicine - Gonorrhea Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Penicillin "Experiments with Peroral Administration of Penicillin during Treatment of Gonorrheal Infections," Prof I. M. Poridominakiy, Director, Sec of Male Gonorrhea, Docent G. L. Zalutskiy, Sec of Male Gonorrhea, Central Skin Venereological Inst, Ministry of Public Health, USSR, 21 pp "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 Little has been said about peroral administration of penicillin for treatment of gonorrheal infections. Peroral administration is simple and does not cause secondary phenomena such as increased temperature,. FDB 41T77 USSR/Medicine - Gonorrhea (Contd) Jan/F'eb 1948 sores, or local infections. Author describes some details of peroral administration of penicillin. Director of Central Skin Venereological Institute is Docent Z. M. Gol'dzil'ber. USSR/Medicine - Syphilis (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 oentrated method cuts the course of the ordinary treatment by 14 days. FDB 41T76 USSR/Medicine - Arsenic and Arsenic Jan/Feb 1948 Compounds Medicine - Venereal Disease "New Techniques in the Treatment of Arsenic Compli- cations," D. I. Lass, 3 pp "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 Summary compiled by Lass in regard to new techniques used for treatment of arsenic complicated infections, in particular those infections resulting from sal- vareen treatments of venereal diseases. Greater part is given to description of composition, properties, and healing characteristics of BAL (British anti- lewsite). Mostly work by foreign scientists.. FLB 41T77 FDB 41T78 USSR Medioine - Invertebrates Jan/Feb 1948 USSR/Medicine"- Leishmaniasie Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Oxygen - Deficiency Medicine - Chemotherapy "Passive Anaerobiosis and Mioroaerophilio Changes in Invertebrates," G. G. Vinbert, Minsk, 16 pp "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Discusses some aspects of anoxybiosis, the explana- tion of which will lead. to understanding of the whole process. Only discusses the biological aspect of the problem, however, thus emphasizing those physioecolog- ioal properties evidenced by those forms that have adapted themselves to extreme anaerobic conditions. LC 41T79 USSR/Medioine - Skin Diseases Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Penicillin "Treatment of Purulent Skin Infections with Penicillin Ointment," L t Col A. L. Kashinekiy, Mad Corps, Poly- clinic, Order of Lenin Acad Armored Tanks a n d Mecha- nized Troops Imeni T. V. Stalin, 1 pp "Clinical Picture and Course of Leishmaniasis Re- lapses After Injection with Atebrin," N. V. Dobrot- vorskaya, Candidate bled Soi, Chair of Skin and Vene- real Diseases, Ashkhabad Med Inst, 4 pp "Vest Vener I Dermat" No 1 Studies gave the following results: 1) Relapses were observed in 31.9% of the patients who were treated with 5% solutions of atebrin. 2) ::Cored 62.5% of the cases as they showed no evidence of any particu- lar ill effects from treatment. 3) Appearance of and duration of relapses was dependent on the method FDB 41T8o USSR/Medioine - Leishmaniasis (Contd) Jan Feb 1948 of inoculation, duration of the process, localiza- tion, period during which relapses appeared, the age of the patients, and on care given the patients. Prof P. V. Kozhevnikov is Deputy of Chair of Skin and Venereal Diseases. "Vest Vener i Dermat" No 1 Following results were obtained by treatment: 1) Has a good therapeutic effect, and heals Hach faster than other types of ointments. 2) Found very effective to cover furuncles and pustules with ointment. 3) Oint- ment found effective in curbing the spread and healin such microbial diseases as impetigo type eczema. FDB 41T81 41T80 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Lymphogranuloma Venereum Jan Feb 1948 Medicine - Penicillin "Penicillin Therapy of Quaternary Venereal Disease," Maj P. I. G _emba, Med Corps; Sr Lt Ye. K. Rembolo- vich, Med Corps, N-th Mil Hosp, 2 pp Studies gave following results: 1) Penicillin is very effective therapeutic for treatment of lymphogranulo- matosis of the groin. 2) In most cases penicillin alone is sufficient for healing. 3) Penicillin greatly re- duces number of days necessary for treatment as bed patients. 4) Dose can be reduced considerably if a sulfide-penicillin compound is used. 5) Intraglandular FDB 41T82 USSR/Medicine- Lymphogranuloma Jan/Feb 1948 Venereum (Contd) injections are a most effective method of therapy. Chief of N-th Military Hospital is Col I. I..Okhloby- stin, Med Corps. USSR/Medicine w Physiology Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Nervous System, Sympathetic "An Re-evaluation of Several Physiological Factors," V. N. Borsuk, N. A. Verzhbinskaya, Ye. M. Kreps, N. I. Mikhel?son, V. V. Strel'tsov (Deceased), Physiol Inst imeni Academician I. P. Pavlov, Acad Sci, USSR, 2 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Authors discuss the question of the sympathetic nerve on the chemical processes in the skeletal muscles. Two series of experiments were conducted. In the first, an electrical current was used to irritate the motor nerves of the hind leg of a frog. In the sec- ond, an electrical current was applied to the FDB 41T84 USSR/Medicine - Physiology (Contd) Jan/Feb 1948 sympathetic nerves which had been deadened with nicotine. Submitted, 12 May 1947. 41T84 USSR Medicine - Cardiovascular System, Jan Feb 1948 Effect of Drugs on Medicine - Respiration . . "Special Features of the Reaction of the Cardio- vascular and Respiratory Systems during Acute Chloral Hydrate Intoxication at Various Growth Stages," V.D. Rozanova, Physiol of Growth Lab, Pediatrics Inst, Acad Ivied Sci, USSR, 12 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Author discusses studies conducted in his laboratory to determine the specific effects of physiological intoxication of some organic systems during various growth periods, by means of physiological methods FDB 41T83 USSR/Medicine - Cardiovascular System, Jan/Feb 1948 Effect of Drugs on (Contd) usually used in such studies, but also by exposing the organs to various types of intoxications. De- scribes experiments conducted and presents several oscillograph recordings of respiration and blood pressure of intoxicated animals. Submitted, 27 Feb 1946. 41T83 USSR/Medicine - Nervous System, Neuro- Jan/Feb 1948 muscular Medicine - Growth "Tetanization of a Single Contraction as an Indica- tion of the Functional Condition of the Neuromuscu- lar System in Ontogenesis," A. A. Oganisyan, Physiol of Growth Lab, Pediatrics That, Acad Med Sci, USSR, 8 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Experiments showed that the neuromuscular system of newborn rate,. 14 - 17 days old, had good indications of the phenomenon of tetanization of a single con- traction. After this period the phenomenon could DDB 41T85 USSR /Medicine - I4urvous System, Jan/Feb 1948 .neuromuscular (Contd) not be noticed on unaltered nerves. Showed that nerves had low lability during the first 15 days. Increase of lability is necessary for development .of the tetanization of a single contraction. Sub- mitted, 25 Jun 1946. FDB 41T85 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Medicine Cyanide Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Carotid Body "Analysis of the Action of Cyanides on the Respiration of Frogs," M. L. Belen'kiy, Chair of Pharmacology, Second Leningrad Med Inst, 6 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Narcotics Jan/Feb 1948 Chemistry - Xenon "The Narcotic Effect of Xenon," N. V. Lazarev, Ye. I. Lyublina, R. Ya. Madorskaya, Toxicol Lab, Lenin- grad Sal Res Inst for Worker's Health and Industrial Diseases, 4 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Discusses the role of the carotid body in frogs. Au- thor conducted experiments based on data previously Conducted experiments to determine the effect of obtained by Prof S. V. Anichkov. Observed that the Xenon on adult white mice. Experiments were made carotid body in frogs do not play any part in maintain difficult in that very little gas was available. ing respiration after potassium cyanide had been in- troduced, and the body does not carry out the same functions as the carotid glands in mammals. Submitted, 18 Jun ~ 1946 . FDB 41T86 USSR/Medicine - Midwives Jan 1948 Medicine - Training "The 75th Anniversary of the Yaroslav Medical'Assist- ant and Midwife School" lg pp "Fel'dsher I Akusherka" No 1 On 31 Dee 1947 the Yaroslav School celebrated its 75th anniversary. In honor of this occasion, a small his- torical record was written on the activities of the school for the past 75 years. This historical sketch is published in this article. FDB 41T88 USSR/Medicine - Blood - Oxygen Jan/Feb 1948 "A. M. Charnyy's Book, 'Pathophysiology of Anoxia'," L. N. Karlik, 2 p "Uspekh Sovremen Biol" Vol XXV, No 1 Reviews Charnyy's book published in 1947 by the Cen- tral Institute for the Improvement of Physicians. Con- tains 286 pages, three parts and 16 chapters. Dis- cusses anoxia, one of the most interesting of actual problems of contemporary pathology, and is very vital In understanding the disruption of the gas exchange between the blood and the tissues of the body. It has many typographical errors, which are no fault of the author but, in general, it must be said that this book represents anew step in Soviet pathophysiolpgy.0 USSR/Metals Feb 1948 Ore Dressing Coal "Technological Systems for Reconstructed and New Coal Dressing Plants," P. I. Preobrazhenekiy, Ezgr, Gipro Koks, 10 pp "Stall" No 2 Also handicapped by lack of equipment. Able to de- termine that this inert as has a great narcotic effect even during normal barometric pressure, thus showing that this gas is narcotic independent of pressure. Submitted, 5 Jan 1947. FDB 41T87 USSR/Medicine - Jan/Feb 1948 Medicine - Pathology "A Case of?Metastatic Ascaridosis," A. A. Grushina, Chair of Pathol Anat, Second Moscow Med Inst imeni Stalin, l4 pp "Arkhiv Patol" Vol X, No 1 This phenomenon is very rare. Only other is men- tioned by Boettiger, describing two cases of ascar- idosis. Grushina describes the clinical symptoms of one case of a 60-year-old woman, who died of a general septic infection, the direct result of as- caridosis. Submitted, 5 Nov 1946. Director of Chair of Pathological Anatomy is Prof I. V. Davydovskiy, Active Member, Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR. FDB 41T89 USSR/Medicine - Stimulation and Stimuli Medicine - Nerves, Optic Jan/Feb 1948 "Temporary Threshold Differentiation during Elec- trical Irritation of the Optical Analyzer," G. I. Mil'shteyn, Chair of Physiol, Mil Med Acad imeni S. M. Kirov, 8 pp "Fiziol Zhur SSSR" Vol XXXIV, No 1 Many scientists have studied the phenomenon of sense perception, especially where the skin was subjected to two irritations applied close to one another at brief intervals. In 1946 Bronshteyn observed that if irritations were applied.on surfaces, bearing FDB 41T91 USSR/Medicine - Stimulation and Jan/Feb 1948 Stimuli (Contd) some functional relation to one another, then a re- action will be obtained similar to one which would be obtained if there were no spacing between the two points of irritation. Author applies this phe- nomenon to the optical analyzer, to see whether it also holds true. Submitted, l0 Jun 1946. Principle fundamentals and technological systems of reconstructed and newly erected coal dressing instal- lations are characteristic of the high degree of engi- neering of the dressing process during the new Five- Year Plan. These remodeling operations will tend to increase the quality of coke and lower its cost price FDB coefficient of coal expenditure. 41T92 FDB -1~- 41T91 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 RESTRICTED USSR/Metals Jan 19+8 USSR/Metals Jan 19+8 Ore Dressing Steel - Production Alloys Efficiency, Industrial "Agglomeration of Naturally Alloyed Ore," F. I. Titov, "The Third Year of the Five-Year Plan" 3 pp Engr, Magnitogorsk Combine, 4 pp "Stall" No 1 "Stal "' No 1 Production of ferrous metallurgical plants rose to As a result of the process of industrial agglomeration 1% above the norm. Steel exceeded 1946 by 9%, min- of naturally alloyed ores an agglomerate of very de- ing of iron ore was 20.4% over the norm. In all, sirable quality was obtained. Studies of production 1947 was a very favorable year, with all industries of agglomeration equipment showed certain deficien- patriotically trying to fulfill and overfulf ill cies. Corrections were made, greatly altering the their norms. All figures are given in approximate equipment of agglomeration plants. Results of experi- percentages. ments have shown that it is'practical to build plants for the agglomeration of naturally alloyed ores. FDB re FDB 41T94 USSR/Metals Jan 1948 USSR/Metals Jan 1948 Steel, High Temperature Steel Alloys Steel, Chromium Steel - Tensile Strength "Fire Resistant Chrome-copper Silicate and Chrome- "The Effect of Alloying Elements on the Resistance aluminum Silicate Steels," M. P. Braun, Candidate Tech to Friability of Highly Tensile Steels," Ya. M. Sci, UralMashZavod, 4? pp Potak, Candidate Tech Sci, Ye. L. Bushmanova, Eagr, VIAM, 41 pp "Stall" No 1 "Stall" No 1 The heat and fire resistance of highly and moderately chrome steel was raised considerably as a result of Author states that the friability of parts from supplementary alloying with silicon and aluminum (to highly tensile steels, due to loading, is usually which either copper or molybdenum had been added). due to the friability of alloying materials added Results were so favorable that it is quite possible to the molten steel to increase the tensile strength. that these alloys will replace chrome-nickel steel for Discusses results of his experiments, showing that FDB 41195 FDB 41T96 USSR/Metals (Contd) Jan 1948 USSR/Metals (Contd) Jan 1948 the manufacture of parts which must be operated under additions of nickel, chrcme, copper, and tungsten very high temperature conditions. had the greatest effect, while small additions of vanadium, titanium, and molybdenum had somewhat lesser effect. FDB l+1T95 FDB 41T96 USSR/Metals Feb 1948 USSR/Metals Feb 1948 Steel Metallurgy, Ferrous Stamping, Metal Industrial Equipment - Production "Steel for Stamping Tools," G. L. Livshits, Candidate "Development of the'Production of Metal Parts of In- Tech Sci, TsNIIChM, 4 pp dustrial Significance" 5 pp "Stall" No 2 "Seal'" No 2 Studies on a series of new stamping steels with low Basic metal parts are produced from thin sheets of tungsten (molybdenum) content and their use in opera- ferrous metal which cannot be produced by hot roll- tional,circumstances revealed a good possibility that ing. Describes briefly some advances made in the these steels could be used in the manufacture of stamp- production of such basic parts as reinforcements, ing tools, and, for molds for die casting. If this etc., since the beginningof the Soviet regime. possibility is realized the new steels will replace Production of metal parts grew 22 times from 1917 steels type 3XB8, and3 V1 160. to 1947. FDB 41T97 FDB 1+IT98 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78.-03107A002000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USE. /Nuclear Physics - Isotopes Jan 1948 USSR/Physics Jan 199 i/ Nuclear. Physics - Bromine - Isotopes Superconductivity Bismuth Compounds "Nuclear Quadruple Moment of Bromine," T. Samidt, ' p "Superconductivity of Bismuth Compounds," N. Alek- "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" -Vol XVIII, No 1 seyevskiy, - p Discusses recent research by. Townes, Holden, Bardeen "Zhur,Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII,.No 1 and Merritt on the spectrum of absorption of molecules BrCN and C1CN having a wave length of about 1 cm, Describes experiments on the superconductivity of which showed that both nuclei of a Bromine isotope bismuth compounds Bi4Rh, Bi2Rh, Bi3Ca, Bi2Pt, Bi2Cr. have a positive quadruple moment. Experiments are continuation of previous research described by author in "Journal of Physics, USSR" No 9, 1945. FDB 41T99 FDB 41T100 USSR/Physics Jan 1948 USSR/Physics Jan 1948 Superconductivity l i Viscosity Wave Mechanics ys s \ Magnetic Fields - Ana "Research on the Depth of Penetration of a Magnetic "Wave Flow of Thin Layers of a Viscous Liquid; I. Field Into a Solid Superconductor," A. I. Shal'nikov, Free Flow," P. L. Kapitsa, 15 pp Yu. V. Sharvin, 1i pp "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes the theoretical study of wave flow of thin Describes experiment carried out to determine the var- layers of a viscous liquid under the. influence of a cable EMI' in-a coil inside which is placed a supercon- constant force, taking surface tension into account. ducting tin model in the form of an ellipsoid 4 on An approximate equation of flow is given. long with a diameter of 1 cm. Tabulates experimental results. Thanks P. L. Kapitsa, L. D. Landau and N. V. Zavaritekiy for assistance. FDB 41T101 FDB 41T102 USSR/Physice Jan/Feb 1948 USSR/Physics Jan 1948 Sunspots Spectrum Analysis Solar Phenomena Spectra, Electronic "The 22-year Cycle of Solar Activity," M. N. Gnevyshev, ,. "plectron Spectra and Intensity of Combination Dis- A. I. 011, Pulkova Observatory, Aced Sci, USSR, 3 pp persion in Spectra," M. V. Vol?kenshteyu, 12 pp "Astr Zhur" Vol XXV, No 1 "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Discusses the change in polarity of sunspots, and the Analyzes formulas based on the association of the law of formation of the 22-year cycle from the 11- intensities and polarizations of lines of combina- year cycle. tion dispersion with aspects of the basic and ex- cited electron conditions of a molecule. FEB 41T10 FDB 41T104 USSR/Physics Jan 1948 I-TSSR/Physios Jan 1948 Crystallography Viscosity Phosphorescence Wave Mechanics "Adduced Law for the Extinguishment of Phosphorescence "Wave Flow of Thin Layers of a Viscous Liquid: II, in Crystals," L. I. Adirovich, Phys Inst imeni P. N. Heat Transfer, and Flows in Contact with a Stream Lebedev, Acad Sci., USSR, 16 pp of Gas," P. L. Kapitsa, 10 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 .Shows that the elementary law of extinguishment only Describes the reciprocal action of a stream of gas depends on one parameter, the parameter of phosphores- and a wave flow, and explains and determines the cence. Other parameters only affect the size of the pressure drop in a stream of gas flowing in pipes characteristic units of time, intensity and quantity with damp inner surfaces. of light . FDB 41T105 I FDB 41T1o6 -20- Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 41 USSR/Radio Jan 1948 Radio Interference - Elimination Radio Broadcasting List of Abbreviations used in FDB Periodical Abstracts "The Struggle against Interference on Low Frequency Channels for Radio Broadcasting," P. A. Palladin, ID Intelligence Division Library Engr, 1i pp AMC Air Documents Division, Air Materiel Command ST Reference Division, State Department "Vest Svyazi, Elektro-Svyaz'" No 1 (94) BM Bureau of Mines, Dept of Interior BS National Bureau of Standards Has been discovered that during broadcast of many SI Smithsonian Institution programs in low frequency channels there is frequent LC Library of Congress interference, such as the superimposition of one pro- FDB Foreign Documents Branch, CIA gram onto another, or some outside interference. COM Department of Commerce Studies into the cause of this interference have shown AF A-2 Library, USAF that much of this difficulty can be overcome by proper FDB 1+1T107 USSR/Radio (Contd) Jan 19+8 grounding of the broadcasting apparatus, as well as List of Abbreviations the apparatus at booster stations. For that reason used in FDB Periodical Abstracts it is wise to have two forms of grounding: 1) oper- ating, and 2) auxiliary.. Author presents some means ID Intelligence Division Library of installing these two methods of grounding at broad- AMC Air Documents Division, Air Materiel Command casting stations. ST Reference Division, State Department BM Bureau of Mines, Dept of Interior BS National Bureau of Standards SI. Smithsonian Institution LC Library of Congress FDB Foreign Documents Branch, CIA COM Department of Commerce AF A-2 Library, USAF FDB 41Tlo7 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010001-8