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Approved For Release 1999/08/25: .CIA-RDP78-03107A0d0000i 0004-5 *CIA* FOREIGN DOCUMENTS BRANCH PERIODICAL ABSTRACTS Prepared by Foreign Documents Branch CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2430 E Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. DO ORM COMP ORM CLASS ?4? MES JUST ? NEXT REV REV DATE B Y 7/57.7 TYPE SS 208066 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RD 03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78703107A002000010004-5 WARNING THIS DOCUM ONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STAT ITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT. 50 U.S.C.. 31 AND 32. AS AMEND TS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION 9 OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO A AUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- HIBITED BY LAW. REPRODUCTION OF THE,INTELLIG IN THIS PUBLICA- TION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT SPECIAL AUTHORITY FROM TH ECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. A'Pproxred For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approvgd For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002'0000110004-5 Foreign Documents Branch C I A Periodical Abstracts 9 Jun 1948 SCIENTIFIC Number 44 Material abstraoted in this publication has not been translated. The original-language periodicals are available in various libraries as indicated. Due to personnel limitations within C I A, each recipient of this publication is strongly encouraged to prepare its own translations of euch arti- cles. When an a ency intends to make such a translation, Foreign Documents Branch should be noti- fled_premptly(Telephone -EXecutive 6115; Ext 575) in order to avoid possible duplication. Foreign Documents Branch also requests that it be furnished with one copy of such translations: If agen- cies are unable to prepare translations desired by them, requests for translation of such articles as are considered to be of outstanding intelligence value should be addressed to the Office of Col- lection and Dissemination, C I A, 2430 E Street, NW, Washington 25, D.C.; reference should be made to the code numbers and letters in the lower right-hand corner of each card. Requests for the loan of original-language periodicals which are indicated herein as being available in FM, C I A, should likewise be addressed to the Office of Collection and Dissemination, C I A. NOTE: All periodicals listed below are available in Foreign Documents Branch, CIA. Abstracted in this issue: Title Issue Russian Periodicals "Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Novaya Seriyh" (Reports of the Vol LIX No 5 Academy of Sciences of the USSR, New Series) Cards 5-100 2342, 55, 72, 94-99 "Giglyena i Sanitariyan (Hygiene and Sanitation) Cards 3, 43-50 "Khirurgiya" (Surgery) Cards 51-53 "Klinicheskaya Meditsina" (Clinical Medicine) Card 54 "Ogneupory" (Fireproofing) Cards 1, 21, 22 "Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk" (Progress of Physical Science) Cards 11 73, 74, 100-102 "Vestnik S14 zi - Elektro-Svyaz" (Herald of Communications - Electrocommunications) Cards 12-18 "Zhurnal Eksperimental'noy 1 Teoreticheskoy Fiziki" (Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics) Cards 75-89 nZhurnal Tekhnicheskoy Fizikin Cards 4, 19, 68-71, 90-93 "Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoy Cards 2, 20, 56-67 No 2 No 3 Vo1 XXVI No 3 No 2 Vol XXXIV No 2 No 2 (95) Vol XVIII No 2 (Journal of Technical Physics) Vol XVIII No 1 (Journal of Technical Physics) Vol XVIII No 2 Date Feb 1948 Feb 1948 Mar 1948 Mar 1948 Feb 1948 Feb 1948 Feb 1948 Feb 1948 Jan 1948 Feb 1948 NOTE In indexing these abstracts the following guides are used: MEDICINE - "Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus," American Medical Association; CHEMISTRY - "Chemical Abstracts Subject Index," American Chemical Society; GENERAL - "Subject Headings for Technical Libraries," US Department of Commerce, Office of Technical Services. Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 I a;LacPu 20T01441T0 Mo 011 BEMBIGIED Approved For Reireace"11"69cu/OA5 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RZSTRICTED BEMBICIED PDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED Distribution State 6 Army Navy 30 Air Force 6 Library of Congress 5 AEC 3 RDB -2 CIA 16 PLS 20 Total 112 A Approved For Release4889/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 , Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Amsamila FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Academy of Sciences Feb 1948 Refractory Materials 11111111111411159D "Scientific Session of Silicatists and Chemists" ip "Ogneupory" No 2 Session held in Leningrad toward era of 1947. Some 500 people attended; representing workers in chemis- try, technology of silicates, as well as workers in factories. Some 50 papers submitted and evaluated. Among papers submittedg Those by P. F. Budnikov, D. S. Belyankin, I. V. Grebenshohikov, and P. A. Rebinder, FDB USSR/Academy of Sciences Feb 1948 "Stientifie-Technical Conference of the All-Union Sci- entific Research Institute of Heating and Ventilation, N, A. Tsiper, pp "Gig i San" No 2 Conference held 24 - 28 Oct 1947, at Moscow. Aim to assemble wnrks of the Sanitary-Technleal Organization for the past ten years. Gives brief. account of die- - cussion and some of major suggestions adopted for future work by the organization, FDB 44T3 USSR/Academy of Sciences Feb 1948 Metals "Fifteen Years of Work of Institute OfPhysics of Metals, Ural Affiliate of the Academy of Sciences, USSR (1932 - 1947);" M. N. Mikheyev, Dist Phys Metals, Ural Affiliate, Acad. Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 5i PP "Maur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 From inception, institute directed efforts to solve basic problems in theory of metals and alleys and develop new methods and materials desired by tech- nology with improved physical properties. Very valuable results obtained in developing general FDB 44T2 USSR/Academy of Sciences (Contd) Feb 1948 bases of quantum theory of hard body With calcula- tion-of interaction between electrons. Important scientific achievements in study of diamagnetism of gases and vapors, magnetic properties of rare ele- ments, theory of technical curve of magnetization, methods of magnetic defectoscope analysis, and magnetic structural analysis. Briefly discusses several other phases of their work. FDB .44T2 USOR/Acedemy of Seiences Jan 1948 Bibliogranhy "Bibliography of Materials Available at the Scientific Library of the Leninarad Phyeicoteehnical Institute, Academy of Scienoes; USSR" 8 pp ? "Zhar Tekh Fiz" lid XVIII, No 1 Lists all books available and authors, including num- ber of foreign authors, under following headingsg acolietics, mechanical qualities of materials, amor- phoue bodies and polymers, dielectrics, semiconductors electronics, X-ray, gas discharge, laboratory tech- nique, wad spectroscopy. FDB 44114 USSR/Chemistry - Synthesis, Organic Feb 1948 Chemistry - Aluminum "Use of Metallic Aluminum in Organic Synthesis (Friedel-Craft's Reaction)," V. D. Azatyan, App "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LII, No 5 Describes yetis) of metallic aluminum without any additions and without activation in Friedel-Craft's synthesis. Ekplains experiments Conducted to show that metallic aluminum can be usefully employed in such reactions. Submitted by Academician V. M. Rodionov? 16 Dec 1947. FDB 44T5 USSR/Chemietry Percmides Feb 1948 Chemistry - Butyl Benzene "Peroxide of Secondary Butyl Benzene," K. I. Ivanov, V. K. Savinove, V. F. Zhakhovskaya, All-Union Thermo- tech Met imeni F. E. Dzerzhinskiy, A pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LII, No 5 Secondary butyl benzene reacts very slowly with the oxygen molecule in liquid state, however, reacts rela- tively easily with oxidizers under effect of ultra- violet light at 85? and under conditions described earlier. Describes first product obtained from per- 0E14025. purified and analyzed. Submitted en' 8. S. Nametkin, 23 Oct 1947. oxidizing C by Academic FDB USSR/Chemistry - Amides Feb 1948 Chemistry - Dispersion "Degree of Polydispersion of Polyamides," V. V. Kor- shak, V. A. Zamyatina, Inst Org Chem, Azad Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LII, No 5 Describes fractionating experiments on series of polyamides to determine degree of polydiepersion.. Results obtained differ from those obtained by Flory, who on the basis of statistics arrived at conclusion that product of the reaction of polycOne densation must be polydispersed mixture, composed of chain of varying size. Submitted by Academician A. N. Nesmeyanov, 1 Dec 1947. 44T6 FDB 3 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 44T7 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 "11191181aalL USSR/ChemiStry Electrolysis Feb 1948 Chemistry - Iron, Activation of "Activation of Iron by Chlorine Ions in Anode Polari- zation," L. Vanyukova, B. Kabanov, Sec Electrochem, Inst Phys Chem, Aced Sol USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Action of suoh sybstances as chlorine on iron, for most part? due to ease with which chlorine ions pierce passive oxidized film on the surface of iron. De- scribes experiments conducted to explain mechanism of activating action of chlorine ions on iron during anode polarization in alkali solutions. Submitted by Academician A. N. Frumkin, 8 Dec 1947. FDB 44T8 USSR/Chemistry - Chromatography Feb 1948 Chemistry - Chemical Constitution "M. S. Tsvet's Theory of Chromatographic Analysis," Ye, N. Gapon, T. B. Gapon, Moscow Tech last Fish In- dustry and. Econ imeni A. I. Ndkoyan, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol DIX, No 5 Discusses Langmuir's equation2 for conditions where . and initial concentrations of substances I and II in the solution are the same, Submitted by Academician M. M. Lubinin, 28 Nov 1947. FDB 44T10 USSR/Chemistry - Dyes Feb 1948 Chemistry - Photochemistry "A. N. Tarenin's 'Photochemistry of Dyestuffs and Re- lated Compounds'," E. Shpol'skiy? 2 pp "Uspekh Fiz Nauk" Vol XXXIV, No 2 Reviews 353-page book published by Academy of Sci- ences, USSR, 1947. Terenin discusses two main cate- gories: photochemical processes in dyestuffs, and photochemical reactions in dyestuffs. Book is un- doubtedly great contribution to world literature. FDB 44T11 USSR/Communications - Equipment Feb 1948 Rectification USSR/Chethistry - Beat ofWetting Feb 1948 Chemistry - Barium Sulfate "Absolute Magnitudes of Thermal. Adsorption of Liq- uids. Adsorption from Solutions and Beat of Wetting Barium Sulfate," A. V. Kiselev, T. S. Elseleva, Inst Phys, Moscow State U imeni 14. V. Lomonosov? 4pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIZ, No 5 Describes results obtained from previous studies on heat of wetting barium sulfate powder, similar to results obtained by B. V. I].' in. Specific surface of this powder determined by adsorption isotherm of solution, while heat of wetting determined by means of adiabatic calorimeter, described by B. V. Il'in FDB 44T9 USSR/Chemistry - Heat of Wetting (Contd.) Feb 1948 in another previous article. Submitted by Academi- cian M. M. Dubinin, 28 Nov 1947. FDB USSR/Communications Telegraphy Cables, Electric 44T9 Feb 1948 "Results of All-Union CongresS on Improving Condi- tions in the Field of Communications," M. U. PoIyak, Chief, Tech Sec, Ministry Communications, 2 pp "Vest Svyazi-Elektro-Svyaz" No2 (95) Congress closed recently. More than 300 articles submitted for judgment. Total of 72 prizes awarded. Members attended from all parts of Soviet Union. Much work done in field of inventions for telegraph- ic communications. Of great-interest: suggestion to put 4 - 8, ST-35 apparatus on one operating . FDB 44T12 "Means of Increasing the Reliability of the ST-35 Apparatus," V. I. Shlyapoberskiy, Candidate Tech Sob, 3 PP "Vest Svyazi - El ktro-Svyaz" No 2 (95) Gives general description and study of rectifying ability of the ST-35. Discusses connection between rectifying ability of the ST-35 and voltage range of the phase regulator. Ability noticed from moment that electromagnet is inactivated, and therefore also de- pendent on steepness of the current build-up in elec- tromagnetic coils,.terbSion spring of rotor, and FDB 44T13 USSR/Communications (Conti) Feb 1948 cable. If this proves successful in tests, possible - that will replace all existing multichannel systems, including the 9-channel Bodo radio. Many other sug- gestions submitted. FDB 4.4T12 - 4 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Communications - Equipment (Contd) Feb 1948 dimensions of air gap between rotor and the core. Regulation of rotor spring tension and gap between rotor and electromagnet should be timed to maximum range (phase). FDB USSR/Communications Telegraph Equipment Telegraphy . 44T13 Feb 1948 "Comments on A. R. Kofman's Article, 'Accounting and Planning of Production in Telegraph Units'," I. A. Podgorodetskiy, Deputy Chief; Planning and Finance Adm, Ministry Communications; A. K. Rakhman'ko, Chief, Planning Sec, Cent Teleg USSR; A. S. Dolotkazina, Chief, Planning Sec, Tashkent Cent Teleg, 2 pp "Vest Svyazi Elektro-Svgaz"" No 2 (95) Briefly comment and praise article highly. Urge adop- tion of Kofman's suggestions. FDB USSR 44T15 Communications - Equipment Feb 1948 Cables, Electric "Experiment on the Operation of Interurban Cables," F. A. Perts, Mgr., 1 p "Vest Svyazi Elektro-Svyaz" No 2 (95) Chile put into operation one year ago. Long cable, and sections run for 15 - 20 km without interruption. Discusses operation of cable.. Notes that inefficient to put untrained personnel an new cable and permit them to gain experience by operating it. Author sug- gests that untrained personnel undertake period of ap- prenticeship, to be fully qualified specialists by time new cables put into operation. FDB 44T17 USSR/Electricity Dielectrics Polarization Jan 1948 "Problem of High Voltage Polarization in Solid Dielec- trics," Ya. M. Kbendzov, 8 pp "Zhur Teich Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes solution of problem of diffusion of poten- tials in state of equilibrium during movement of charges of one sign, in turn facilitating solution of reason for high voltage polarization in calcite. FDB 44T19 USSR/Communications Regulators, Current Distortion, Frequency RESTRICTED Feb 1948 "New Subscriber Service Volume Regulator," V. M. Drugov? Engr, l pp ."Vest Svyazi - Elektro-Svyaz" No 2 (95) Describes new-type volume regulator, produced to overcome frequency distortion, occurring in old regulators. Describes the circuit and operating characteristics. Suggests that with very slight alterations can be used with "Rekord" loudspeaker. FDB 44T14 USSR/Communications - Equipment Feb 1948 Transformers - Design "A New Step-Down Transformer for Subscriber Service" B. I. Rokhlin, Mgr, 2 Pp "Vest Svyazi Elektro-Svyaz'" No 2 (95) Describes performance and construction details of new transformer. Contains table giving winding specifications for 10- and 25-volt transformers. Gives data for the core, primary and secondary windings and average performance characteristics of samples tested. FDB USSR/Communications Cables, Electric Cables - Insulation 44T16 Feb 1948 "Determination of Points of Low Insulation in Coil Loaded Communication Cables," A. A. Khshutin, Mgr, 3 PP "Vest Svyazi - Elektro-Svyaz" No 2 (95) Recent equipment to determine points of low insula- tion so constructed that unnecessary to make several measurements before being able to Iodate the point. Contemporary apparatus makes use of simple formula: 1x ik, Where lx is distance from weak spot to point from which measurement being made, 1, length FDB 44T18 USSR/Communications (Contd) Feb 1948 of section being measured, and k, reading an scale of the instrument when there is equilibrium on the bridge. Author recommends that the enameled wire, on which measurements made best, be placed so that it is on the upper side of cable. Mainly explains mathematical formulas. FDB 41418 - 5 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Electricity Currents, Electric Heating - Electric Unite Feb 1948 "Induction Heating of Hollow Artioles with a Current- Carrying Rod," N. IC Rodigin, 14 pp "Zhur Tekh Fie Vol XVIII, No 2 Solves problem of intensity of magnetic field and density of currents in hollow cylinder; having cur- rent-carrying rod through its axis. Calculates act iv and reactive power. &amines case of single-layer an multi-layer hollow cylinder. Describes conditions In which maximum capacity of eddy currents exists for th single-layer cylinder. FDB USSR/Engineering Steel Casting Refractory Materials 44T20 Feb 1948 "Wear of Refractory Material in Steel Casting," M. S. Kameniohnyy, Engr, 5i pp "Ogeleupory" No 2 Greateet eves for wear of refractory material: as- aoelation lath molten steel, alloys, and slake. Nhch depend on method and care exercised while casting and on type of steel being amelted. Shows how wear increases with increase of temperature of the molten mta1. Disoueees some step's for decreasing wear. Beet suggestion: improvement of quality Of refractory material. FDB 44T22 USSR/Geophysies Feb 1948 Oceanography "Influence of the Relief of the Bottom on the Direc- tion of the Average Transmission Caused by the Wind o the -Field of a Ma ee in a Heterogeneous Ocean," V. B. Shtokman? Inst OceanOlogy? Aced Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX? No 5 Formula taking Into account factors er.17'rae mass field; the bottom current field and wind fields permits determination of effect of the sea bottom on direction of bottom currents. Discusses currents as affected by various types of ground and mass forma- tions. Submitted by Academician P. P. Shirshov, 2 Deo 1947. FDB 44T23 USSR/Medicine - Shellfish Feb 1948 Medicine - Parasites "Somatic Substitution in Parasites," V. L. Vagin, Leningrad State U, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX; No 5 Details of evolution in parasites give series of data on progressive and regressive changes. However, var- ious parasites evidenoe various reactions. Experi- ments on somatic substitution conducted on crab-like parasite of Ascothpracida family and mollusk parasites of Styliferidae and Entoconchidae families, Submitte by Academician I. I. Shmalggauzen, 11 Dec 1947. FDB USSR/Engineering Refractory Materials Silicates Feb 1948 "Disintegration of Siliceous Rock, and Technological Methods of Using Them in PrOdUction of Close-Grained Dines Brick," Prof I. S. Xaynarskiy, Mr Tech Soil 7p "Ogneupory" No 2 Recommends method to manufacture close-grained dines brick from loose siliceous rock. As result of meth- od, possible to take substance out of class of semi- valuable raw materials for produation of dines brick. Also permits improved quality of dines FDB -44T21 USSR/Engineering (Contd) Feb 1948 brick, usually prepared from ordinary high-quality raw material, FDB 44T21 USSR/Mathematics - Geometry, Analytic Feb 1948 Mathematics - Methods, Graphic "Crystallographic (Symmetrical) Methods of Solving Geometric Problems," N. V. Belov, Corr Mem, Aced Sci USSR, 2 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova See Vol LIE, No 5 In previous artlicle, author discussed use of terti- ary, as well as quadruple and sextuple axial sym- metries for the solution of geometric problems, ac- cording to method deecribed by Ye. S. Fedorov ("Bas- ic Formulas for-Analytic Geometry from an Improved Standpoint;" SPb 1888, Zap.Min.ob.4a,25,1.1889). Applies same formula to crystallographic method for FDB 44T24 USSR/Mathematics - Geometry, Analytic Feb 1948 (Contd.) solution of geometry problems. Submitted, 18 Nov 1947. 44T25 FDB -6 - 44T24 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodlcal Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Medicine - Regeneration Feb 1948 Medicine - Colchicine "Influence of Colchicine on Regeneration of Organs in Anuran Amphibians," L. V. Polezhayev, A. Ye. Gervioh, 'net Cytology, Histology, and Ebbryol, Mad Sci USSR, 3i PP "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX No 5 Gives experiments to further data obtained in previou studies to determine effect of colchicine on phenom- enon of regeneration, as well as to attempt to solve some controversial points on regeneration. Submitted by Academician I. I, Shmalugauzen, 26 Nov 1947. FDB 44T26 RIOTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Skin, Regeneration Feb 1948 Medicine - Skin, Transplantation "Influeseec of Foreign Skin an Development and Re- generation of EXtremities in Anuran Amphibians," G. I. Gintaburg, Bast Cytology, Histology, and Embryol, Aced Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Series of four experiments set up to: I) &plain effect of replacing by foreign skin, the skin formed during first and last stages of regeneration. 2) Attempt to iselate effect of korium and explain 'effect of epitela of the skin of the head on re- generation of transplanted extremity. 3) Xplain FDB 44T27 USSR/Medicine - Flies Feb 1948 Medicine -.Taxonomy "New Type of Drosophila - Drosophila Ineretensis," N. N. Sokolov, Inet Cytology, Histology, and Embryol, Acad. Si USSR, 2 pp "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Gives eharaeteristice of Drosophila tmeretensis, firs observed in 1940. Tests and further studies an nativ Drosophila populations of Khtais showed more evidence of this fly. Named "imeretensis" due to fact that first observed in vicinity of city of Imeretiya, Georgian SSR Submitted by Academician L. A. Orbeli, 10 Dee 1947. FDB 44T28 USSR/Medicine - Plants Feb 1948 Medicine - Photosynthesis "Photoperiodism and Capacity of Plants to Bloom," M. Kh. Chaylakhyan, Inst Plant Physiol imeni K. A. Timir- yasev, Aoad SI USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nava Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 EXperiments set up to solve problem of whether typical short-day plants have capacity for light in continual darknese or whether deprived of this capacity due to prolonged dark period. Submitted by Academician N. A. Maksimov, 19 Dec 1947. FEB 44T29 USSR/Medicine - Cells, Growth Feb 1948 Medicine - Stains and. Staining USSR/Medicine - Skin, Regeneration (Contd.) Feb 1948 whether or not there is change of characteristics In ontogenesis of skin used in regeneration of ex- tremities. 4) Determine if foreign transplanted skin takes an characteristics of the skin in region to which transplanted. Submitted by Academician I. I. Shmal'gauzen, 26 Nov 1947. FDB 44T27 USSR/Medicine - Plants Feb 1948 Medicine - Photosynthesis "Growth of Plant Cells and Relationship of Cell Cover- ing to Acid and Basic Stains," V. G. Konarev, 4 pp "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol MK, No 5 Gives basic results of studies on adsorption of acid and basic fuchsin by parenchymal cell coverings, mechanical elements, and various vessels with various values for pH. Submitted by Academician N. A. Mak- simov, 20 Nov 1947. FDB 44T31 "Attenuation of Photoperiodic Impulses," A. Pota- penko, 2i- pp "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Ekperiments conducted to obtain attenuation of photoperiodic impulses in pure state, during absence of leaf concurrences, such as found in various phototropic conditions. Studies conducted on short- day Chenopodium album, giving quantitative reac- tions. Submitted by Academician N. A. Naksimov? 17 Dec 1947. FDB USSR/medicine - Bacteria Medicine - Antibiotics 44T30 Feb 1948 "Primary Decomposition of Bacteria under Influence of Antibiotics," V. A. Dorfman, D. P. Shcherbacheva, Cent Sci Res Control Inst Vaccines and Serums, Ministry Public Health USSR, 3i7 pp "Dolt Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Describes quantitative relation Of effeet of lysozyme antibiotic to its concentration-. In these experiments, zone of concentration of lysozyme greatly increased, and very important to conduct measurements of effect at proper time. Submitted by Academician B. L. Isachenko, 9 Dec 1947. FDB 44132 - 7 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED FMB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Medicine Ehbryology Medicine - Pituitary Bodies "Activity of RYpophyseal-Thyroid Complex in the Embry- ogenesis of Newels," M. S. MitskeVich? Dist Evolu- tionary Morphol imeni A. N. Severtsov, Aced Sci USSR, 14 pp Feb 1948 "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 3 Describes studies conducted to explain activity of the hypophyseal-thyroid complex during the period of embryologic development of mammals This is in keep- ing with study of embryologic endocrinal correlation in higher vertebrates. Submitted by Academician I. I. Shmel'gauzen? 16 Dec 1947. FDB 44T33 RMETR/CTED USSR/Medicine - Planta Feb 1948 Medicine - Growth "Acylphosphate Type Labile Substances in Green Leaves of Plants," A. N. Khzmin, M. Ya. Shkol'nik, Lab Growth Substances, Inst Biochem imeni A. N. Bakh, Aced Sci USSR, 3ipp "Dok Akad Nauk MR, Nova Ser" Vol iax, No 5 Discusses experiments with asparagine, as well as ethyl ethers of vinegars, and apple, citric and tartaric acid to determine conditions necessary to bring about reaction with acylphosphate or anhy- drate acids, to prevent any reaction with asparagine or citric or vinegar acid ethers, and produce only FDB 44T34 USSR/Medicine - Infusoria Feb 1948 Medicine - Reproduction "Some Data on Metamorphosis of the Nuclear Apparatus of Infusoria in Conjugation," L. S. Peshkovskiy, Inst Cytology, Histology, and Etabryoll Acad. Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR Nova Ser" Vol MX, No 5 Describes only Certain points in conjugation process Of EUplotes patella and Climacostomum Stein Pays particular attention to reconstruction of the nuclear apparatus. Submitted by Academician L. A. Orbeli? 10 Dec 1947. FMB 44T35 USSR/Medicine Infusoria Feb 1948 Medicine - Temperature, Effects "Adaptive Changes and Lane Modifications in Infusoria Paramecium Caudatum Caused by Action of High' and Lav Temperatures," YU, I. Polyenekly A. P. Orlova, Lenin- grad State Pedagogical Inst imeni A. I. Gertsan, 3i pp "rook Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Discusses experiments to show effect of prolonged periods of hot, and cold temperatures an stability of infusoria to action of lethal high temperatures an Paramaecium caudatum. Submitted by Academician I. I. Shmalggauzen, 16 Dec 1947. FMB 44T36 USSR/Medicine - Stains and Staining Feb 1948 Medicine - Poisons and Poisoning "Comparative Toxicity for Cells of Diffused and Granu- lar Dyes," N. L. Fel'dmen, last EXperimental Med, Aced Med Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Basic stains divided into two groups: granular and diffused types. Lists various stains used in experi- ments and classes them in the two categories. Admits existence of intermediate stages of stains. Conducted studies to determine toxicity and staining character- istics of each of Mentioned (16) stains. Submitted by Academician L. A. Orbeli? 15 Dec 1947. FDB 44T38 USSR/Medicine Plants (Contd.) Feb 1948 traces of hydroxyl acids. Submitted by Academician A. I. Oparin, 19 Nov 1947. FDB USSR/Medicine - Skin - Medicine - Respiration 44 Feb 1948 "Seasonal Change in Respiratory Function of the Skin of Tritons, A. G. Bannikov, Met EVolutimary Morphol imeni A. N. Severtsov, Abed Sol. USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR? Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Describes the two stages of respiratory function of the triton: Period during which upper fin dilates with accumulation of blood vessels, and earth-bound period when dilation all but disappears. Submitted by Academician I. I. Shmaligauzen, 4 Dec 1947. FDB 44i-57 USSR/Medicine - Chlorophyll Feb 1948 Medicine - Photosensitization "Photosensitizing Action of Chlorophyll on Oxidiz- ing-Reduction Reactions," A. A. Gurevich, lab Plant Physiol and Miorobiol, Moscow Agr Aced imeni K. A. Timiryazev, 5i. pp "Dok Akad Nook SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, BO 5 Describes experiments conducted to show photosensi- tizing action of chlorophyll on oxidizing-reduction action -which in itself, without sensitizing, is com- pletely nonsensitive to light. Submitted by Acade- mician N. A. Maksimov, 22 Dec 1947. 41039, - 8 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical AbstraCts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Butterflies Feb 1948 Medicine - Cells, Nuclei "Study of Structure of Nucleolus of Cells of the Sali- vary Glands of Butterfly Larvae," P. I. Zhivago, Mat. Cytology, Histology, and EMbryol, Acad Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR Nova Ser" Vol LLC, No 5 greatest work on study of thin structure of chromo- somes is in oonneetion. with study of "giant" Chromo- somes cf the ealivary glands of bialates. Several methods used. in study, among which was use of photo- graphs. Submitted by Academician L. A'. Orbeli, 15 De 1947, FMB USSR/Medicine - Acid, Adenylic Nedicine - Spectrum Analysis "Ultraviolet Spectra of Absorption of Mixtures of ligcleotides and Amino Acids," A. A. Ferkhmin, Inst EVolutionary Physiol and Pathol of Higher Nervous Activity Imeni I. Po Pavlov, Acad. Med Sol USSR, Selo Pavlov (Koltushi), 3 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova See Vol LIX, No 5 Describes absorption spectra of muscular adenyl acid aM 1-tyrosine. Data obtained conforms favorably to data obtained in tests on other nuoleotides and amino acida. Submitted by Asademician L. A. Orbeli, 15 Dec 1947. Fro 4442 ussRimedIJAne - Streptococcus Lactis Feb 1948 Medicine - Cheese 44T140 Feb 1948 The Interrelation. of Streptococcus Lactis and Stapbylococous Aureus in Eve's Milk Cheese," N. D. Trofimoya, 4k pp "Cig i San" No 2 Shows Streptococcus lactis in ewe's milk are antago- nistic to Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus rapidly die off, and transform to nonpathogenic form; and endotoxin disintegrates. Staphylococcus aureus has negative effect on Streptococcus lactis, produces early metamorphism, affects toxicity of ewe's milk, and lowers its acidity. FEB 44T44 USSR/Medicine - Vitamin C Feb 1948 Chemistry - Hydrogen Sulfide, Absorption Capacity of "Hydrogen Sulfide Apparatus for Vitamin tract Ion," Maj I. L. Koretkov, Med Corps, SE? (San-Epidem Sec- tion), Nth Okrug, 2 pp "Gig i San" No 2 Shows that, despite lack of proper equipment, possibl to extract vitamin C by means of hermetically sealed test tubes and absorbent material. Describes appara- tus and absorbent material, in this case, hydrogen sulfide. Effective apparatus to determine Vitamin 0 content in food. FEB 44T46 USSR/Medicine - Parthenogenesis Feb 1948 Medicine - Silkworms "Artificial Temperature Parthenogenesis in Chinese Oak Silkworms(Antherdea Pernyi Guer.-Men.)," B. L. AbYaurov, hist Cytology, Histology, and EMbryoll Acad. Sci USSR, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ste Vol Lit, No 5 In 1947 experiments conducted to confirm new data obtained on increased parthenogenesis under condi- tions of higher temperatures (artificial). Submit- ted by Academician L. A. Orbeli, 15 Dec 1947. FDB 44T41 USSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Feb 1948 Medicine - Water Supply "A Century of the Gor'kiy 5inicipag Water Supply," I. I. Belyayev? 2 pp "Gig i San" No 2 In 1947 this water conduit celebrated 100 years of service. Inaugurated in 1847 at which time had capacity of 40,000 buckets per 24-hour period. Presents brief history of. development of water sys- tem to present size and magnitude. FDB USSR/Medicine - Poisons and Poisoning, , Metallic Medicine - Arsenic and Arsenio Compounds "Case of Chronic Arsenic Poisoning," G. I. Nfironov- Yavel'berg, Cent Sanitary-Hygiene Lab, Rostov Don Munioipal Health Sec, 1 p 44T43 Feb 1948 "Gig i San" No 2 Describes case of man working in storehouse for agricultural insecticides. Describes symptoms and diagnosis. Found that patient was susceptible to arsenic paint on walls orhis office. FDB 44T45 USSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Feb 1948 Medicine - Water Supply "Problem of Water Supply in Demolished Towns," Maj B. P. TuMbotin? Med Corps) Nhj I. M. Tsvang, Med Corps, 1 p "Gig i San" No 2 Discusses some of problems met in restoring water supply to part of city of L., which had prewar pop- ulation of 100,000. One of most important opera- tions is constant check on bacterial content of the water, and particularly on that part of water sup- ply going to outskirts of the town. In addition to ascertaining purity of the water, conduits should FDB 44T47 -9 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Medicine - Pediculi Feb 1948 Medicine - Delousing "Hot Vapor Mixtures as a Means of Disinfection," M. I. Badanov, A. S. Borshchanskaya, M. L. Kliz'minova, Sec Disinfection, Uzbek last Epidemiol and Mdcrobiol, 3 p "Gig i San" No 2 Eiperimente show that 15-m1nute exposure at 700 re- sults in 100% mortality to lice and nits. Vapor mix- tvres reoommended to disinfect epidemic typhus, as well as disinfecteespiratory infection cases under conditions established by means of experiments and studies. FMB 441'48 USSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Feb 1948 Medicine - Air, Impurities "Hygienic Control of Composition of Air in Railroad Tunnels during the Paesage of a Locomotive," I. N. Popov, 5 pp RESTRICTED "Gig i San" No 2 EBB been noticed that acoumulation of gases by loco- motive smoke in tunnel can be poisonous to locomotive and train personnel. Study conducted on composition and amount of poisonous gasee released by average loe comotive. Ekperiments conducted to determine neces- sary ventilation to clear tunnel of such gases to in- sure safety for train pereonnel. Presents some 14 points; which will aid greatly in decreasing danger. FDB 44T49 USSR/Medicine - Epilepsy, Jacksonian Mar 1948 Medicine - Tissue "Experience with Tissue Therapy of Epilepsy Patients by Academician Filatov ee Method," of S. A. Bakkal, L. L. Papadato Odessa Med lust, 5 pp "khirurgiya" No 3 Mdscusses clinical reports on five cases. Concludes that Filatov's method at present suitable method for treating traumatic jackson's epilepsy, effective and perfectly safe. In genuine epilepsy, use of tissue therapy also gives very good results for a time, after which attacke may'recur. However, matter requires further study. FMB USSR/Medicine - Hemorrhage Medicine - Blood, Coagulation "Stanching Encephalic Hemorrhages by Electrical Coag- ulation," A. G. Sosnovskiy, Hosp Surgical Clinic, Odessa Med last; Odessa Br, Ukrainian lust Urgent Sur- gery and Blood Transfusion, 5 pp "Khirurgiya" No 3 Discueses results of experiments on dogs and rabbits. Concludes that: Electrical coagulation has good hemo- static effect in cerebral hemorrhages. Hemostasis cannot always be counted on in hemorrhages from medium-caliber meMbrane and cerebral vessels, since coagulation scab may come off and start another FDB 44T53 41051 Mr 1948 UBSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Feb 1948 (Contd.) be cleansed periodically, and water should be suf- ficiently chlorinated. FDB 44%7 USSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Feb 1948 Medicine - Air, Impurities "Microclimate of a City as Object of Hygienic Re- search," B. V. Rikhter, 3 pp "Gig i San" No 2 Recently in connection with general study of climate has arisen the new field, study of microclimate. Discusses same questions on methods of studying it. Microclimate greatly affected by local conditions, and study particularly important in large cities. Sets forth facts which must be noted in plotting microclimate of a city. Concludes that most impor- tant future task to determine effect of mioroclimate on diseases of population. FDB 44T50 USSR/Medicine - Typhus )'lar 1948 Medicine - Stomach, Perforation "Acute Stomach in Infectious Diseases," I. I. Zal'- tsberg, Faculty, Surgical Clinic, Second Moscow Med last, 6 pp "Khirurgiya" No 3 Discusses number of clinical cases, concluding that In typhus, any symptom of acute stomach requires constant attention, that unnecessary to give seda- tive unless all standard symptoms of perforation evident, and preferable to resort to operation which may be useless than to ignore perforation. FDB 44T52 USSR/Medicine - Blood Pressure, Venous Mar 1948 Medicine - Blood Pressure, Determination "A New Model of a Phlebotonameter," N. M. Davydov, V. B. Blank, Leningrad, Second Chair Internal Dis- eases, State Order Lenin Inst for Advancement of Doctors imeni S. M. Kirov, 2 pp "Xlinich Medits" Vol XXVI No 3 Describes new model for apparatus to measure blood pressure in veins. New method overcomes earlier objection to use of phlebotameter: Fact that values Obtained to be used as scale had to vary according to pathologic condition of patient. Gives diagram of apparatus, and brief account of operation. FDB 10 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 11.1a54 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED _FMB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Hemorrhage (Contd) Mar 1948 hemorrhage-. Electric coagulation quite unreliable in large Cerebral blood vessels. Electric coagulation may increase and prolong brain inflammation resulting from operational trauma. FDB USSR/Metals Metallurgy, Ferrous Oxygen 44T53 Feb 1948 "Combustion of Carbon," Z. V. ChUkanov,Corr Mem, Ace Sci USSR, Bur Oxygen Use, Ministry Ferrous Metal USSR, 4 pp '"Dok Akad Nauk SSSR Nova Ser" Vol MX, No 5 Discusses oxygen zone in carbon channel. Presents differential equation for determination of diatribu- t ion of oxygen concentration. 'observes that dimen- sions of oxygen zone vary little with changes in tem- perature of the reaction. Submitted, 15 Dec 1947. USSR/Metals Alloys, Ferroud Resistance, Electric - Changes "Special Features of Change in Electrical Resistance of Various Ferromagnetic Alloys in a Magnetic Field," S. V. Vensovskiy, Inst Phys Metals, Ural Affiliate, Aced Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 4 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Indicates possible explanation for some recently dis- covered peculiarities in relationships of signs of longitudinal and transverse Thomson effects in number of ferromagnetic substances. 44T55 Feb 1948 FDB 44T57 USSR/Metals Feb 1948 Alloys, Ferrous Resistance, Electric - Changes "Change in Electrical Resistance of High Coercive Al- loys in a Magnetic Field (Thomson Effect)," V. I. -Drozhzhina, Ya. S. Shur, Inst Plus Metals, Ural Af- filiate, Acad. Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 4 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Attempts to explain connection between magnitude of coercive force and relationship of signs of longitu- dinal and transverse Thomson effects on specimens of high coercive algn1 gig alloy (58% Fel 27% NI., 15% Al) in which, by varying conditions of thermal treat- FDB 44T58 USSR/Medicine - Blood Pressure, Venous Mar 1948 (Contd.) Deputy of Second Chair of Internal Diseases: Prof I. M. Flekeli. FDB 44T54 USSR/MetalS Feb 1948 Ferromagnetism Alloys, Ferrous "Theory of Ferromagnetism in Binary Alloys," S. V. Vensovskiy, lhat Phys Metals, Ural Affiliate, Azad Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 14 pp. "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Gives simple generalization of quantum theory of ferromagnetism for case of binary ferromagnetic alloys. Finds that dependence exists between ferro- magnetic Curie point Of -these alleys and concentra- tion of components and degree of close arrangement in distribution of atoms about nodes ofcrystallic FIB 44T56 USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 lattice of alloy. Shows that in low temperatures, also place of similar dependence of spontaneous magnetization upon the temperature in pure ferro- magnetic metals. Gives critique of quasi-classic treatise on ferromagnetism of alloys by Bitter. FDB 44T56 USSR/Metals Ferromagnetimn Anstanite Feb 1948 "Effect of Anstenite on Magnetization Curve of Steel," V. V. Parfenov, R. I. Yanus, last Phys Metals, Ural Affiliate, Aced Sal USSR, Sverdlovsk, 6 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Gives experimental magnetization ourves for tempered forms of MG steel containing 74% austenite in field intensities of 20 - 12,000 oersteds. Shows that proportionality between magnetization and con- centration of ferromagnetic phase, natural in the FDB 411259 -11- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08)25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RESTRICTED;:,' FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 pods ibis to measure magnitude of cdercive force over wide range. Provides answer to quest'ilan of whether or not "anomalous" behavior of Thomaon effect caused:by same structural transformations ceasing ap- pearance of high coercive force, or whether "anomaly" independent of structural transformation and main- tained even in considerably decreased coercive forces of same form and same chemical composition. ,FDB 41a58 USSR/Metals (Contd) RESTRICTED Feb 1948 range of high flux, maintained to considerable de- gree also in range of lower flux, in spite of cal- culations published earlier by Sadikov. FDB 44159 USSR/Metals Steel, Transformer ' Magnetism Feb 1948 "Effect of Procegges of Relaxation and Recrystallize- tion on MagnetiO'Properties of Weakly Magnetic Mate- rials," V. I. Di-ozhzhina? M. G. Luzhinskaya, Ya. S. Shur, Inst Ph(s Metals, Ural Affiliate, Acad. Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 7. pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Reports on study of magnetic properties of previously deformed specimens of most frequently used soft mag- netic materials: Transformer steel and molybdenum perMalloy, after tempering at different temperatures FDB 1+1a6o USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 and periods, because of fact that these different specimens are distinguished by degree of regularity of crystallic lattice. On basis of results, rational technology of preparation of. magnetic conductors fram soft magnetic materials tested. FDB 44T60 USSR/Metals , Feb 1948 Ferromagnetism Steel Alloys "Magnetic Properties of Chrame-Nickel-Molytdenum Steels after Various Thermal Treatments," P. N. Zhu- kova, M. N. Mikheyev, Inst Phys Metals, Ural Affili- ate, Aced Sol USSR, Sverdlovsk, 10 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Studies magnetic and electrical properties of two chrome-nickelmolybdenum steels in comparison with mechanical properties after different thermal treat- ment. Establishes possibility of magnetic control of quality of thermal treatment of product of,18KINMA FDB 44%2 USSR/Metals Iron Stresses - Plates, Circular Feb 1948 "Stress Situation in Circular Iron Plate with Sharp- ly Defined Texture during Deep Drawing: I," K. V. Grigorov, Ural Affiliate, Aced Soi USSR, Sverdlovsk, 11i pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Calculates azimuth distribution of sheering stress in circular iron plate with sharply defined texture in drawing cylindrical socket. Also calculates all system of slipping in different types of textures. Azimuth distribution of sheering stress sharply FDB 441161 USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 anisotropic and depends upon character of texture. Explains unequal drawing, formation Of creases and folds in places of least drawing, of transverse and longitudinal cracks, and unevenness of thickness and hardness in edge of product. FDB USSR/Metals Crystals - Elastic Properties Deformation 44T61 Feb 1948 "Distribution of Deformation According to Volume in Metallic Crystals during Their Deformation by Sliding," D. G. Khrnosov, N. M. Tronina, M. V. Yekumovich, 10 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Plastic deformation of monocrystallic specimens localized only to indignificant degree, but more distributed throughout entire volume of crystal (in slight deformations). Fact, established experi- mentally, that entire volume of crystal affected in FDB 12 - 41063 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodidal Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Metals (Contd) , Feb 1948 steel. Eatablishes different magnetic properties with same mechanical properties for tempered products from 18KhNMR steel after high temperature annealing, prep- erties depending on rammer of cooling product in hard- ening. FDB USSR/Metals Steel Plates - Stresees Steel - Thermal Measurements 44T62 Feb 1948 "Residual Stress in Cemented Steel Plates Chilled to Temperature of Below Ac ," E. S. Yakovleva, M. V. Yakutovich, 4 pp 3 "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, NO 2 Describes experimente made to explain magnitude of streas arising in incomplete Cooling of cemented specimens. Obtained ourses for magnitude and distri- bution of stress arising in cemented-plastic low- carbon steel cooled to temperature of below An . , Fa3 -44T64 . USSR/metale Feb 1948 Alloye Electromagnetism- "Effect of Remote Arrangement and Composition 5f Atompi an the Hall Effect in Regulated Alloys," A. A. Smirnov, last Phys Metals) Ural Affiliate, Aced Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 8 pp "Zhur Tekh Piz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Calculates Hall's constant for regulated alloys, and shows it possible to obtain change in sign of Hall's constant in process of regulation. Not a quantitative description of Hall effect in regulated alloys, as ex- perlments conduoted in simplified models of the metal and in some caees artificial alloy structure used. FDB 44T66 USSR/Metals Feb 1948 Electrolysis Chromium "Nature of Hexagonal Chrome and Structure of Electro- lytic Chrome Deposit)" S. A. Nemnonov, last Phys Netals? Ural Affiliate, Aced Sci USSR, Sverdlovsk, 7 "Zhur Tekh Fie Vol XVIII, No 2 Hexagonal chrome and hexagonal nickel obtained by electrolytic precipitation must be looked on not as allotropic modifications inherent to dense metallic chrome and nickel, but as metastable phase of intro- duction of hydrogen in chrome and nickel. Furnishes basis to explain observed variety of structural 1111 FDB 4467 USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 process of deformation, beginning with very slight- est degrees of deformation, permits us to understand consolidation of all crystals in deformation without admission of presence of exceptionally sharply de- fined heterogeneity of structure. FMB USSR/Metals Iron Slag 44T63 Feb 1948 "Texture of Iron Slag: IV, Research at 'Intermedi- ate' Zone of Temperature," V. I. Arkharov, F. P. Butral Inst Phys Metals, Ura]. Affiliate, Aced Sci USSR) Sverdlovsk, Molotov State Tx, 4i, pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 No texture observed in slag formed by oxidizing iron in air at temperature of 5000 C. At 5000 C texture arises in external layer of slag charaoterized by a grouping of c?-Fe20x phases parallel to surface. Describes changes irf texture for gradual increases FDB 44165 USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 In temperature. Structure of slag, characterized by newly discovered texture, reflects condition intermediate between low-temperature stability against oxidation and high-temperature strong oxi- dation of iron. FDB USSR/Metals Steel Alloys Heat Treatment 44T65 Jan 1948 "Thermoelectric Study of Certain Processes Taking Place in Alloys: I."Yu M. Margolin, 11 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes experiments designed to study use of electromotive foroe in process of tempering and cooling various types of carbon steel, and process of transformation in tetragonal martensite during annealing. FDB 44T68 -13- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 RESTRICTED. Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Metals (Contd) Feb 1948 peculiarities of various precipitates of electrolytic chrome, as well as to explain variation of physico- mechanical properties of these precipitates. FMB 441'67 USSR/Metals Jan 1948 Steel Alloys Currents, Electric - High Frequency "Transformation during Heating by High Frequency Cur- rents," I. N. Kidin? Moscow Steel Inst tmeni I. V. Stalin., 10 pp "Zhur Tekh Piz" Vol XVIII, No I Established theory on transformation and carried out extensive study of U7 steel showing that when heating by high frequency current possible to obtain struc- ture of cryptocrystalline martensite. FIB 44T70 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Electrone, Positive Feb 1948 Nuclear Physics - Gamma Radiation "Angular Distribution of the -Quanta Which Are Formed in the Annihilation of Positrons," N. A. Vlasov, E. A. Tsirel'son, Phys lust, Leningrad State 37-ar PP "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX? No 5 EXperiments set up to solve two problems: 1) to deter mine form of distribution, and 2) conclusively deter- mine sensitivity of calculators based on insufficient data on relation of positrons to electrons. Submitte by Academician P. I. Lukirskiy, 8 Dec 1947. *I FDB 44T72 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Neutrons - Measure- Feb 1948 ments Nuclear Physics - Neutrons - Cross Sections "Interaction of Neutrons and Nuclei," V. N. Kondrat'- yev? 92 pp "Uspekh Fiz Naue Vol XXXIV, No 2 Discusses theory of nuclear reaction, methods of measuring cross section, and experimental data. De- scribes theory as it applies to cross-section measure ments. Contains some 57 pages of tables showing ele- ment tested, the En per Mev, source of neutrons,as, a- ofdispersion, ad of absorption, and various re- marks. Long bibliography contains many works of foreign scientists. FMB 44T74 - 14 USSR/Metals Steel, High Speed Boron Jan 1948 "Effect of Boron an Structure of High Speed Steel," A. K. Shevelov, Gor'kiy Physicotech Res last, 6 pp' "Zhur Tekh Fiz" -Vol XVIII No 1 Describes X-ray research on carbon steels., includ- ing details of experiments on alloys, and tabulates results. Concludes that addition of boron permits preservation in calcinated RF1 steel of residual austenite. FEB USSR/Minerals Combustion Coal 44T69 Jan 1948 "Some Problems of Combustion," V. Ss Pushkin, 11 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Discusses combustion of coal particles, burning out of coal seam from the surface, and combustion of coal wall in a passage. Includes formulae and ex- perimental data. FDB 44T71 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Nuclear Research Feb 1948 Nuclear Physics - Isotopes "Direct Methods of Isotopic Identification in Nu- clear Research," A. P. Grinberg, 4 pp "Uspekh Fiz Rauk" Vol XXXIV, No 2 Describes two methods used to determine mass number .of isotopes resulting from absorption of neutrons. In first methods substance tested subjected to pro- longed and powerful neutron bombardment. Tested material must have its natural isotopic content. Possible to determine the isotope that absorbed neutrons. In the second test, materials prepared so that they had particularly high content of one FDB 441173 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Nuclear Research Feb 1948 (Contd) particular isotope. Isotopes differed with samples. Studies conducted to determine amount Of absorption by each of various samples. Most of material in article is from foreign sources. FDB Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 114117 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/NUclear.Physics - Electron Theory Feb 1948 Nuclear Physics - Nuclear Theory "Derivation of the Schwarzshield-Nordstrem Type for Ordinary Point Charges (Classical Theory of the Elec- tron)," M. F. Shirokov, Moscow State ur, 7 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII No 2 Shows that for the point charge etc) general solution of the equation for Einstein's tension and the electro- magnetic field, including product functionA (r), after proper selection, can be applied to gravitation- al as well as electromagnetic field and yet have no particular characteristic for all ranges of measure- ment for r within the limits of zero to infinity. FDB 44T75 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Electron Theory Feb 1948 (Contd) Shows that electron has right relative 4-vector energy Impulse and that the tensor of the energy impulse satisfies Lau's theorem. Submitted for publication, 5 Jul 1947, FDB 44T75 USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Electrolytes Conductivity RFSTHICTED USSR/Nuclear Physics - Mass Spectrometers Feb 1940 Nuclear Physics - Haloids "Mass Spectrometric Study of Formation of Negative Ions of Haloids during Interaction ofHaloid Salts With the Surface of Incandescent Tungsten," N. I. Ionov, Phys Chem last, Aced Sci USSR, Leningrad, 13 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Mass spectrometric study made on (NaC1, K011 RbC11 CsCl, etc.) on sten. In all cases, possible to of negative haloid ions entering of the salt studied. Shows that FDB negative ions incandescent tung- determine the atom into composition temperature re- 44T76 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Mass Spectrometers Feb 1948 (Contd) lationship for formation of negative atom ions can be calculated on thermodynamic formula, analogous to Sacks-Langmuir's formula. Submitted for publi- cation, 6 Jun 1947. FDB 41076 "Theory of Electroconductivity of Strong Electroly- tes," I. Khalatnokov, Inst Phys Problems, Azad Sci USSR, 14 pp "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Describes nonstationary problem: The binary electro- lyte with equal movement of both types of ions at the instant when time t =0, is acted on by constant ex- ternal electric field X. Determines electroconductiv- ity of this electrolyte, as function of time and in- tensity of constant electric field. Submitted for publication, 18 Jun 1947. FDB 44T77 USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Electromagnetic Waves Fields, Electromagnetic "Remarks on Spherical Electromagnetic Waves," V. Soro- kin Ivanovo State Pedagogical Inst, 8 pp "Zhur Eksper iTeoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 With aid of vector functions, author shows how it is possible to obtain, by elementary methods, functions and representations for electromagnetic spherical waves in empty space and electromagnetic fields of multipoles. Submitted for publication, 25 Jun 1947. FDB 44T79 USSR/Physics Hydraulics Quantum Mechanics Feb 1948 "Quantum gydromechanics," K. P. Gurov, 16 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Discusses construction of general macroscopic hydro- dynamic equations for "normal" fluids, based on quantummechanical equations for the molecular sys- tem. Pays particular attention to fundamentals of such construction and to analysis of physical pre- requisites, and fundamentals of method hereby de- veloped, Which appears to be quantum analogy of Bogolyubov. Evaluation of final results shows that FDB 44T78 USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 initial quantum-mechanical picture reflected in formulas for the coefficient of hydrodynamic equa- tions. Submitted for publication, 17 Nov 1947. FDB 44T78 -15- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00/000010004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 RESTRICTED USSR/Physics Luminescence Zinc Oxide Feb 1948 "Spectra of Luminescence of Zinc Oxide," F. I. VergUn- as, F. F. Gavrilov, Siberian Physicotech Inst, Tomsk I-T, 3i PP "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Studies spectra of luminescence of zinc oxide, gen- erated as a result of thermal processing at various temperatures. Submitted for publication, 23 jun 1947. FDB 44T80 USSR/Physics Low Temperature Research Conductivity Feb 1948 "Electroconduotivity of Ferromagnets at Low Temper- atures," S. V. VOnsovskiy? Inst Phys Metals, Ural Br, Acad. Soi USSR, 5 pp "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII No 2 Electrical resistande at low temperatures deter- mined by means of experiments on apProximate models of ferramagnets, acted an by various "outer" s- electrons of conductance, and "internal" d-electrons which cause spontaneous magnetization. Shows that process of collision of sselectrons and "ferramag- FDB 44T81 USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Spectra, Band Spectra, Adsorption "Theory of Adsorption Spectrum of Molecular Crystals," A. S. Davydov, Inst Plays, Acad. Sci? Ukrainian SSR, 9p "Zhur Eksper I Teoret XVIII, No 2 States general theory of energy state of electrons in molecular crystals. Shows that in this type of crys- tals occurs displacement and division of energy levels Into two components, having different polarization. Submitted for publication, 19 jun 1947. FDB 44T82 USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 none" ("spin wave" of d-electrons) during magnetiz- ing, generates electric resistance specifie for ferromagnets which vary with temperature V. Sub- mitted for publication, 16 Oct 1947. FDB 44T81 USSR/Physics Spectra, Adsorption Spectroscopy Feb 1948 "Theory of Adsorption Spectrum of the Diphenyl Mole- cule," A. S. Dayydov, last Phys, Aced Sci, Ukrainian SSR, 9 PP "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fie Vol XVIII, No 2 Calculates spectrum for the. diphenyl molecule on busts of observations of division of energy stages of the phenyl group. Submitted for publication, 19 Jun 1947. FDB USSR/Physics Polarization Dispersion 44T83. Feb 1948 USSR/Physics Crystals Conductivity Feb 1948 "New Opinion on Electronic Conductivity in Ionic . Crystals," S. I. Poker, Inst Phys, Aced Sci,,Ukrain- ian SSR, Kiev State is, 5 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 States that basic Current flew in semiconductors not that formed by electrons in conductance zone but by "polaron" current (formed by electrons, localized in ideal ion crystal). Gives methods to calculate movement of "polarons" in external electric field. Submitted for publication, 14 Jun 1947. FDB k4T84 "Polarization of the Line of Combination Dispersion," M. V. Volgkenshteyn? State Opt Inst, 11 pp "Zhur Eksper 1 Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Rules for general approximation based on valency- optical system. Rules applicable to polarization of the line of combined dispersion, and considered sup- plementary to Plachek's rules. Gives experimental confirmation of rules. Submitted for publication, 24 May 1947. FDB 44T85 USSR/Physics Polymers Polarographio Analysis Feb 1948 "Depolarization of Light Dispersed by Polymer Solu- tions," E. Frisman, V. Tsvetkov, Leningrad State U, 12 pp "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Studies depolarized light, dispersed by some rubber- like polymers in solution, for various conditions of polarization of the falling light. Determines con- centration relationship of depolarization in poly- styrole solutions and high molecular isobutyl (op- panol). aperiments show that the whole macramole- FDB 44T86 -16- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A0020000i0004-5 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/Physics Luminescence Crystals - Color RESTRICTED Feb 1948 "Nature of the Centers of Luminescence in Photochemi- cally Colored AlkalisHaoloid Crystals," M. L. Kate, Saratov State U, 10 pp "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Studies relation between luminescence of photechemi- cally colored crystals of liaC1 and EC1 and concentra- tion of color centers, and determines that lumines- oence of theee crystals not accidental result of ad- mixtures of foreign atoms, but result of optical and thermal dissociation of the Fscenters. EValuates FIB 44T87 USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 mechanism of illumination of colored alkali-haloid crystals. Submitted for publication, 4 Jun 1947. 447,87 USSR/Physice Feb 1948 Illumination Nhthematics, Applied "Principle of Illumination," A. N. Tikhonov, A. A. Samarskiy, Nbseow State Dr? 6 pp. "Zhur Ek per i Teoret Piz" Vol XVIII, No 2 Formulates general principle of illumination for wave equation to find limited solutions that satisfy this equation (where t-40infinite) in accordance with Kosh's works. Shows that for unlimited spaces, method pro- duces solutions conforming to solutions obtained by -Zomerfelgd. Submitted for publication, 8 Jul 1947. FDB USSR/Physics Amplifiers, Photoelectric Cathodes, Photoelectric "Photoelectronic Amplifier with an Antimony-Cesium Cathode," S. M. Faynshteyn, Inst Automatics and Tele- mech, Acad Sci USSR, 10 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes experiments on special photoelectric ampli- fier, and gives details of method of research, method of activation, photosensitivity of the cathode, sec- ondary electronic emission of Cu-S-Cs-layer,'and spec- tral sensitivity. 44T89 Jan 1948 USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 cub e is dispersion center in the Solution. Mole- cular chains have appearance Of .irregular knots. Submitted for publication, 7 Jun 1947. FDB USSR/Physics Luminescence Electrons 44T86 'Feb 19118 "Influence of Distribution of Eleotrons:Actording to Level of Localization on Course of Luminescent Processes in 0a3-SrS-Ce, am, La-Phosphori? and Num- ber of Multiple Localized Electrons," V. L. Lev- shin, Plays Inst imeni P. N. Lebedev, Aced Sol USSR, 15 pp "Zhur Eksper i Teoret Piz" Vol XVIII, no 2 Shows that the progress of various illuminating processes of subject substances dependent not only on number of ionized centers and corresponding lo- FDB 44T88 USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 calized electrons, but also on distribution of elec- trons along levels of localization :Discusses phe- nomenon of recurrent discharges and phosphorescence. Gives schematic calculation of build-up of light discharges and phosphorescence during intense dis- charges, as well as illamination of phosphors with Infrared rays. Submitted for publication, 50 May 1947. FRB 10488 FDB 44T90 USSR/Physics Luminescent Materials Photometry Jan 1948 "Photoelectric Photometry of Temporarily Luminous Bodies," S. A. Fridman, N. 0. Chechik, Inst Auto- matics and Telemech, Aced Sci USSR, 4 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Discusses fading effect of temporarily luminous bodies, points out necessity of detailed study of this effect from theoretical and practical View- point, and makes suggestions for photoelectric ex- periments. FDB 44T91 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A0020000/0004-5 RESTRICTED FMB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 USSR/PhYsics Sound Waves Sound - Measurements RESTRICTED Jan 1948 "Sound KeY and Homogenous Sound Lens," L. D. Rozen- burg, Phys That imeni P. N. Lebedev, Acad. Sci USSR, , 24 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes in detail experiments designed to produce accurate solution to problem of the passage of sound waves through prdsm or lens, and tabulates results. FDB 44T92 USS/Physics Feb 1948 Spectrographie Analysis Spectra, Vibration "Frequency of Vibration of the Hydroxide Group of All phatic Aid s in the Gas Phase in Spectra of Combina- tional. DispeSeics Light" M. I. Batuyev, Inst Org Chem, Aoad Set USSR, 3* pp "Dok Akad Nauk sasR, Nova Sar" Vol LIX, No 5 Many studies eonvineed seientists of absence of the frequency 0 -H in combinational speetrums of aliphati acids. Series of theories developed to support this fast. Author describee series of experiments he eon- ducted, Reeulte disprove all previous work done on subjeeto Submitted by. Leademician B. A. Kazanskiy, 6 Deo 1947. Ees8 ? 44T94 US5R/Physics Feb 1948 Magnetism Alloye, Magnetle "Phenomenon of Retardation of Abrupt Changes in Mag- netization," R, V, Teleeia, Sci Res Inst Phys, Mose() State U imeni M. V. Lomenosov, 2 pp "Dok: Akad Naek SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 During coarse of ?avestigating magnetic viscosity of ferrous-nickel alloys, new phenomenon determined: intenee retardation of abrupt changes in magnetization (Barkhausen effect). Describes experiments set up to clarify phenomenons anfirevaluation of results.. Sub- mitted by Academician Vo F. Mitkevieh, 4 Dec 1947. FEB 44T96 Feb 1948 USSR/Physics Vibration, Supersonic Frequency Vibration - Absorption "Absorption of Supersonic Vibrations by Hard Bodies?" S. Ya, Sokolov, Leningrad Electrotech Inst imeni V. I. Uluysnov, 3i pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIX, No 5 Gives results of studies on absorption of supersonic vibrations by hard bodies. Experiments conducted on various metal-containing materials, as well as mono- crystallic quartz, and rock salt. Concludes that de- gree of absorption greatly dependent on amount of elastic irregularities present in material being FDB 44T98 USSR/Physics ' Centrifuges Kinetics Jan 1948 "Theory of Centrifuging," V.1, Sokolov; AU-Union Sci Res Inst Chem Mach Construction, 6 pp "Zhur Teich Fiz" Vol XVIII, No 1 Describes experimentsleading to conclusion -that use of laws of ground mechanics permits subjection of centrifuging process to theoretical analysis and discovery of relations characterizing its kinetics. FDB USSR/Physics Crystal Structures Indium 44T93 Feb 1948 "Crystallic Structure of Lai," Ye, Se Makarov, 1 p "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol L, No 5 _ Briefly describes crYstallic structure of the min- eral compound InBi and In2Bi. 'Submitted, 9 Dec 1947, FDB USSR/Physics Gas Flow Thermodynamics 44T95 Feb 1948 "Some Movements of Gas with Variable Entropy And Full Ehergy," Yu. V. Rudnevs 2 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR? Nova Ser" Vol LDC, No 5 Describes case of plane-parallel wholly ideal gas with established adiabatic movement. Submitted by Academician M. V. Kel'dysh, 3 Dec 1947. FDB 44197 USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Elasticity Mathematics, Applied "Horizontal Waves and Relay Waves in Anisotropic Medium," V. A. Sveklo, Karelo-Finnish U, Petro- zavodsk, 4 pp "Dok Akad Nauk SSSR, Nova Ser" Vol LIXs No 5 Describes method for calculations on, and also die- cusses horizontal waves as well as Rayleigh waves for, elastic anisotropic semiplane. In Particular, describes operation of source of fluctuation in elastic semispace. Submitted by Academician V. I. Smirnov, 8 Dec 1947. FDB 44T99 -18- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5 -211116111=10-- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00200001.0004-5 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 44 R)MBI1M USSR/Physics (Contd) Feb 1948 Feb 1948 tested. Submitted by Academician M. A. Leontovich, 20 Dec k1947. FDB 44T98 USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Ionosphere Heaviside Layer "Contemporary Status of Question of Research an the Ionosphere," Ya. L. Arpert, 4 pp "Uspekh Fiz Nauk" Vol XXXIV, No 2 Discusses general outline on propagation of radio waves in the ionosphere, structure of, diurnal and seasonal motions of, data on various layers of, and Irregular phenomena of the ionosphere. Author States that not his intention to discus's entire subject, . However, he presents data on the. ionosphere assembled basically by radio-physical methods. Long bibliog., raphy contains works by Soviet as well as foreign authors.. FDB 44T101 ID AMC ST BM BS SI Lc FDB COM AF List of Abbreviations used in FMB Periodical Abstracts USSR/Physics ACoustics Optics "A. G. Staletov's 'Collection :of Papers: Vol III, Introduction to Acoustics and Optics'," N. Andreyev, 1 p "Uspekh Fiz Nauk" Vol XXXIV, No 2 ReviewS 624-page book released by State Publishing House for Technical and:Theoretical Literature in 1947. Consists of collection of artibles bY var- ious scientists in field of acoustics and optics. FMB 44Tioo USSR/Physics Feb 1948 Bibliography "Annotated List No 3I of Nonperiodiaal Literature on Physical Sciences Published in the USSR during the Third Quarter of 1947," S. A. Shorygin, 10 pp "Uspekh Fiz Nauk" Vol XXXIVI No 2 Lists books published by various authors in the Soviet Union indexed according to author. Briefly describes contents of various books and articles. FDB 44T102 Intelligence Division Library Air Documents Division Air Materiel Command Reference Division, State Department Bureau of Mines, Dept of Interior National Bureau of Standards Smithsonian Institution Library of Congress Foreign Documents Branch, CIA Department of -Commerce A-2 Library, USAF ID ANP ST BM BS SI Lc FDB COM AF List of Abbreviations used in FDB Periodical Abstracts Intelligence Division Library Air Documents Division, Air Materiel Command Reference Division, State Department' Bureau of Mines, Dept Of Interior National Bureau of Standards Smithsonian Institution Library of Congress Foreign DocUments Branch, CIA Department of. Commerce A-2 Library, USAF -19- Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010004-5