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Approved For Release 199 P78-03107AO020000 `0Q -4 FOREIGN DOCUMENTS BRANCH PERIODICAL ABSTRACTS Prepared by Foreign Documents Branch CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2430 E Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 WARNING THIS DOCUM ONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STAT THIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT. 50 U.S.C.. 31 AND 32. AS AMENDE . S TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO AN THORIZED PERSON IS PRO- HIBITED BY LAW. REPRODUCTION OF THE INTELLIGE N THIS PUBLICA- TION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT SPECIAL AUTHORITY FROM THE TOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Foreign Documents Branch C I A Periodical Abstracts 7 October 1948 SCI I TIFIC Number 72 Material abstracted in this publication has not been translated. The original-language periodicals are available in various libraries as indicated. Due to personnel limitations within C I A, each recipient of this publication: is strongly encouraged to prepare its own translations of such arttt- cles. When an agency -intends to make such a translation, Foreign. Documents Branch should be noti- meats Branch also requests that it be furnished with one copy of such translations. If agencies are unable to prepare translations desired by them, requests for translation of such articles as are considered to be of outstanding intelligence value- should be addressed to the Office of Col- leetion and Dissemination, C I A, 2430E Street, NW, Washington 25, D.C.,- reference should be made to the code numbers and letters in the lower right-hand corner of each card. Bequests for the loan oforiginal-language periodicals?which-are indicated herein as being available in FDB, C I A, should likewise be addressed to the Office of Collection and Dissemination, C I A. NOTE* All periodicals listed below are available in Foreign Documents Branch, C I A. Abstracted in this issue? Date Polish Periodicals "Skrzydlata Polska" (Polish Wings) Cards 1-6, 92 Vol II No 1 (8) Jan 1946 Cards 7-12, 95 $o 2 (9) Feb 1946 Cards 13-16 00 3 (10) Mar 1946 Cards 17-21, 91 No 4 (11) Apr 1946 Cards 22-26 No 5 (12) May 1946 Cards 27,28, 84 No 6 (13) Jun 1946 Cards 29-31, 89 No 7 (14) Jul 1946 Cards 32,33 No 8 (15) Aug 1946 Cards 34,35 No 9 (16) Sep 1946 Cards 36-38, 87,88 No 10(17) Oct 1946 Cards 39-44, 86, 96 Vol III No 11(30) Nov 1947 Cards 45-52, 90 No 12(31) Dec 1947 Cards 53-61, 93,94 Vol IV No 3 (34) Mar 1948 Cards 62-72, 85 No 4 (35) Apr 1948 Cards 73-83 No 6 (37) Jun 1948 Distribution State 9 Army 29 Navy 30 Air Force 6 NACA 1 I,C 5 ABC RDB 7 CIA 10 FDB 19 120 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08%25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes, Trainer Airplanes - Specifications Jan 1946 "S-i Polish Training Plane" 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska." Vol II, No 1 (8) " Plane constructed by E.geniusz Stankiewicz. Tested i Mielce. Gives some of specifications. POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes - Design Airplanes 72T1 Jan 1946 "PO-2," Capt Antoni Mankowski, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 1 (8) Plane formerly called the U-2. Detailed description with diagram and figures. FDB 72T3 POLAND/Aeronautics Jan 1946 Parachutes "Theory of Parachuting," Lt Col Powalajev, it pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol. II, No 1 (8) Gives mathematical and mechanical description of para- chuting and opening of chute, increasing speeding of descent and landing. FDB . 72T5 'GLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation "Polish Gliders," R. Flach, Inspector, 2 "Sly' zydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) Feb 1946 Describes the glider schools at Grunow, Silesia; Zar; and Kamienna Gore (Rocky Mountain); the headquarters of glider schools at Sosnowiec and Goleezow. Gives directions to these places and discusses their finer points. 72T7 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Jan 1946 "Gliders, Preliminary Training for Flying," Rudolf Weigl, Lig?, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 1 (8) Discusses advantages. and economy -of first training all fliers an gliders. Gives instruction ea an flying with gliders. Points out similarity yith planes, and time that can be saved in later training. POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Landing Fields 72T2 Jan. 1946 "Polish Glider' Fields," Romuald Flach, Glider In- spector, 2 pp "Slcrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 1 (8) Gives map of Poland with most Important glider fields and schools marked.. Also lists theist according to regions. FDB 72Tl? USSR/Aeronautics Model Construction Parachutes Jan 1946 "News from Abroad" 1/3 p "Skrzydleta Polska" Vol II, No 1 (8) Central Aeroclub in USSR reorganized safer the war. Lists two new records,. W. Rcniuk, parachutist, jumped from height of 13,108 meters; N. Trunchenkov, model plane, longest duration of flight - 2 hours, 17 minutes, 48 seconds. POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation 7246 Feb 1946 "Gliders, Preliminary Schooling in Motorized Planes," Rudolf Wiegl, 1 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) Claims difficulty in regulating schedules in glider training due to weather conditions could be solved by use of motorized -glidere such as the prewar "Bak" and ITS-8. plains where such training could be undertaken and the smooth transition to regular planes . " FDB 72T8 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 RESTRICTED POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Feb 1946 "Theoretical Training In Gliders," A. Trzoinski, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) States that standard of theoreticaal knowledge of gliders is very low even among instructors:; Courses in theory should be prerequisites to practical training. Gives general scope of such courses and subjects upon which they should touch, meteorology, mechanics, parachutes, etc. 72T9 POLAND/Aeronautics Feb 1946 Parachutes, Operation "Forced Parachute Jumps," Col Powalajew, 1 1/3 PP "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) Discusses proper jumping procedure; care of equipment. Describes Lobanova parachute and proper way to aban- don plane. FDB 72T11 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Landing Fields Mar 1946 "Polish Glider Fields," Romuald Flack, Inspector, 3/4j "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 3 (10) Gives description and locations of glider fields at I Gostc ie, Przywidz, Strzebieliuo, Lebork, Kempino, and Pinczow. FDB 72T13 POLAND/Aeronautics Model Construction Training, Aviation "From the Life of the Aeroclubs" 3/4 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 3 (10) Mar 1946 Opening of two new aeroclubs, one in Stettin, the other in Deer Mountain, (Jelena Gora). Opening of a workers' model-glider shop in Lwow. Theoretical motor school will open in Warsaw. FDB 72T15 POLAND/Aeronautics, Military Feb 1946 Mechanics, Aeronautical, "Officer - Mechanics" 1 p "Skrztdlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) Describes promotion ceremony at Technical Air School f 3r s oncommisseioned officers. Graduates promoted by Gen Korczyc. General mentions full cooperation with Soviet air arm.. FDB 72T10 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Flight Training Feb 1946 "Glider Flights From Towers," Adam Zientek, 3/4 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) -Presents methods of making such flights and de- scribes a glider that could be used. POLAND/Aeronautice Airplanes, Commercial Airlines 72T12 Mar 1946 "Polish Air Lines 'Lot'," Jan Wilczynski, Chief In- spector, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 3 (10) Explains that "Lot" had to start anew after the war. Due to shortages, services were limited to govern- ment. "Lot" obtained number of planes from USSR. "However, lines are in a very poor condition despite creation of routes between larger cities. FDB 72T14 POLAND/Aeronautics ML- 1946 Gliders Training, Aviation "Training Glider of the Future," Adam Zietik, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 3 (10) Complains about gliders in Poland, and explains need of a new and more useful type., Makes recom- mendations for new-type glider. FDB 72T16 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Apr 194 "From the Life of the Aeroclubs" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 4 (il) Creation of a Glider Institute in Bieisk. Unified course for instructors by Civilian Air Ministry. First All-Polish Glider Conference in Grunow. FDB 72T17 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation "Beginning Gliders" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 4 (11) Apr 1946 Describes country's interest in gliders and their constant appeal. Lists places and dates where training for gliders will be given in 1916. FDB 72T19 POLAND/Aeronautics Airlines Gliders "News at Home" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, no 4 (11) Apr 1946 Reports Polish-Russian air conferences by which Poles hope to obtain aviation equipment from Russia. Ex- pansion of Polish Air Lines "Lot" to other cities. Theoretical glider course in Krakow. FDB 72T21 POLAND/Aeronautics May 191+6 Gliders, Powered Motors "Motorized Gliders;" Capt Antcni Ma owski, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 5 (12) Mentions Poland's prewar excellence in field of motorized gliders. Defines a motorized glider. Quotes from Civilian Air Ministry proper specifi- cations for a motorized glider. Mentions motor which could be used called "Gad,." FDB 72T23 POLAND/Aeronautics Q11ders Training, Aviation Apr 1946 "Polish Glider&' Rcmuald Flack, Inspector, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 4 (11) Gives names and description of glider-schools and centers at Malbork, Polichno, Gora Osona, Tegoborz, Bodzov, Fordon, Liaie Katy, and Torun. FDB 72118 GERMANY/Aeronautics Jet Planes Airplanes, Military Apr 1916 "Propellers and Pistons-in Battle With Tomorrow's Planes," Maj Janusz Przymianowski, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polskat? Vol II, No 1 (11) Disaaeaea German het planes used in the World War II and methods of fighting them. FDB 72T20 POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes - Construction may 1916 "From the Life of the Aeroclubs" 2/3 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 5 (12) Club for plane construction formed at the Engineer- ing School, Poznan.. Mentions Prof Zalinski. FDB 72T22 POLAND/Aeronautics, Military May 1916 211ots, Air Flight Training "Training of Combat Fliers," F. Polynin, Gen of De- fense, Commander Polish Air Forces, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 5 (12) Explains, that people cannot rest on their laurels but must train and maintain combat crews in constant preparedness. Training must make use of all past experiences and skills. Tactical as well as tech- nical training for all personnel. Special care for selection and training of officers. FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 RESTRICTED 72T24 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 USSR /Aeronautic s Model Construction Engines Aitcraft "News from Abroad" 1/8 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II,, No 5 (12) Reports Russian contest for midget motors for flying models., FDB 72T25 USSR/Aeronautics Gliders Communications "Gliders in Air Communication" i p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 6 (13) Experiments in use of gliders in air communications by Civilian Air Institute in USSR. Mentions con- structors Gribovskiy, Sybin. and Kolesnikov. May 1946 Jun 1946 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Landing Fields "Polish Gliders Field," Romuald Flack, Inspector, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 5 (12) Gives name, location and descriptions of Polish glider fields and centers at Borawa Gora, Dabrowka, Rzadkono, Mosina, I oby1nica, Inowroclaw, Ostrow, Bezmiechowa, Kroeno, and Zadzbork. FDB 72T26 POLAND/Aeronautics Model Construction Glider, Power POLAND/Aeronautics Pilots, Air Mechanics, Aeronautical "Pegaz" 1 p "Skrzydlata:Polska" Vol II, No 6 (13) Description of winner of competition for design of model motorized glider, "Pegaz." FDB 72T27 .POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Jul 1946 "Report From the Unified Course for Glider Instruc- tors" 2 pp "SkrzydlataPolska" Vol II, No 7 (14) States purpose of course. Explains theory as well. as practice. Names some of instructors; number of flights with damage resulting to equipment; number of students in various categories and grades. FDB 72T29 POLAND/Aeronautics, Military Jul 1946 Jet Propulsion Flight Training "Book Reviews" 2/3 p "Skrzydlata Polska"' Vol II, No 7 (14) Reviews two articles in"Bellona" Army Monthly Journal. Kazimierz Stawinski discusses Polish Air. Force and Poland's new geographical position; in- cludes maps. Roscislaw Ksionde discusses jet planes; terminology poor. Reviews "General Flight In- structions," War Institute, 1946; information elementary in nature. 72T31 May 1946 Jun 1946 72T28 Jul 191+6 "Civilian School for Pilots and Mechanics at Lower Ligotce" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska Vol II, No 7 (11.) Opening of school at Lower Ligotce. Purpose of school expansion of trained men in aviation, ex- tension of air sports, and reserve for the army. Director of civilian aeronautics, Zablocki. In charge of the school was Lt Col Zenon Romanowski. Names various instructors., As yet mart difficulties to be overcome. FDB 72T30 POLAND/Aeronautics, Military Aug 1946 Pilots, Air "Eagles from Deblinski? s Nest" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 8 (15) Over 200 fliers commissioned by Marshal Michal Zymierski 21 Jul 191+6. Quotes part of speech given to new officers by the Marshal. FDB 72T32 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Aeronautics FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 RIOTED Gliders, Powered Engines, Aircraft "Misunderstanding of the Czechs" i p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol Ii, No 8 (15) Aug 1946 Comments on a Czech editor who misread an article on Polish "Gad" engine for motorized gliders. States that Czechs are producing two motors for sporting planes, Walter-Mikron 4-111 and Walter-Minor 4-111 with a new engine, Walter-Minor 6-111 on its way. USSR/Aeronautics, Military Airplanes, Jet Propelled Airplanes, Construction 72T33 Sep 1946 "Holiday of Friends in Arms (Russian)" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II,No 9 (16) Holiday of the Red Air Forces, 18 August. Display of Russian aviation including jet planes. Few comments on Russian plane industry and politics. POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes.' Jet Propelled Bombs, Flying 72T35 Oct 1946 "Flying Bombs, Jet Planes, Air Turbines and Us" Col Wiadwslaw Zaczkiewicz, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 10 (17) Discusses possibilities for Polish aviation. Gives examples of work in other coutries, US, Germany, England, Discusses radical changes in bombs, engines, and turbines. 72T37 USSR/Aeronautics, Military Nov 1947 Airplanes, Military "Nineteen War Planes," Rudolf Urich, 3 pp "Skrzydlataa Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) Brief description and profiles of 19 Russian War planes-. KOR-l, MM-2, ARK-3, 1-15, 1-153, 1-16, YAK-1 YAK-7, m G-3, LAG-6 and 7, LA-5, SB-2, TB-3, TB-6 B, TB-7 (ANT-14), DB-3 F, IL-2, PE-2, and YAK-4. 72T39 SR/Aeronautics Sep 1946 Engines, Aircraft "Russian Plane Motors," Lt Alfred Windholz,.2 pp "Skr?zydlaata Polska" Vol II, No 9 (16) Based on an article by in "USSR Motors After the War". States that Russian plane engine con- struction did not begin until 15 years ago. De- scribes Russian motors during war; lists names and features. 72T34 POLAND/Aeronautics Pilots, Air Oct 1946 Training, Aviation "Motor School," Alekeaanxder Wasowicz, Instructor, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 10 (17) Mentions central school for pilots and mechanics of the Communications Ministry at Lower Ligotce. Need for patience by both instructors and students. Greatest shortage is of good instructors. Discusses P0-2 training plane. FDB 72T36 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Oct 1946 "Bulletin No 1 of the Air League," W. Leja, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 10 (17) Explains bow Air League was formed and by whom. Gives temporary heads, program of ca ntr?aa.l office in training of fliers. Discusses maintenance of gliders, planes, and interest in model building. Mentions future publications. League is preparing a school for instructors and maintains an air library. FDB 72T38 POLAND/Aeronautics Airports - Construction Airports - Sites Nov 1947 "News" 1/8 p "S ?zydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) New airfield in Bydgoszcz on western side of city. FDB 72T40 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED ' FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 USSR/Aeronautics Gliders - Design Glider "Russian. Gliders," Rudolf Urich, 3 pp Nov 1947 "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) Description and profile views of ten Russian gliders, including names of designers: "Stakhanov .oh," Off- 13, G-12, GmNr-7, MAK-8, MIB-2, SZ-10, "Oktyabrionok", RF-3 (OA?19) ,fend US-5 (OKA-32). POLAND/Aeronautics, Military Airplanes - Construction Airplanes, Military 72T41 Nov 1947 "The Family of YAKS," Vigand, Designer, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) Discusses work of Yakovlev, since beginning of war. Claims construction of YAKS makes mass production easy. Tells of continual improvement of YAKS speed, maneuverability, and armament.. Discusses work in transport and communication planes by Yakovlev. FDB 72T43 USSR/Aeronautics Helicopters - Design Dec 1947 "Russian Helicopter Constructions Feliks Pawlowicz, Pilot, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 12 (31) Brief history of prewar Russian helicopters. Men- tions modern designers Kamov, Bratukhin, and. Cheremukhina. Describes some of their planes. FDB 72T45 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Pilots, Air Dec 1947 "Mistakes Made by Glider Pilots," W1odzimierz Huaen, 31 PP "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 12 (31) Invites instructors to send in their observations on errors co aonly made by glider pilots. Discusses state of glider training in Poland. Analyses same common faults: in glider flying. Advice for Instruc- tors rather than beginners. FDB 72T47 POLAND/Aeronautics Nov 1947 Aerodynamics "Zukowski, Mikolaj," Capt Alfred Windholz, 2 "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) Subject was founder of modern aerodynamics; studied theory of flight and related subjects. Gives his- tory of his work in aviation. 72T42 USSR/Development Nov 1947 "Anniversary of Our Friends," Lt Col Stanislaw Bober, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) On 30th Anniversary of Russian Revolution, and its effect on aviation. Gives history of Russian aviation from beginning; names most important men. New Five-Year Plan foresees further expansion of aviation. FDB 72T44 CZECHQSL)VAT A/Aeronautics Airplanes - Construction Dec 1947 "Czech Plane Industry," Andrzej Plukcinski, "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 12 (31) 3 pp Discusses quick recovery of Czech plane industry. One hardship was decrease in skilled workers. De- scribes products of leading Czech plane industries-. Cakovice Plant, AVIA 36@ Chosen Plant, "SOK()L" MIA; Otrolcovice Plant, ZLIN 22, ZLIN 122, ZLIN 23, ZLIN 24, ZLIN 281; Karlin. Plant, FRAGA K 114, FRAGA E 117, PRAGA E 210; Letaany Plant, l ?V 101, LETOV 290; 72T46 CZ H V /Aeronautics (Coned) Dec 1947 Vysocany Plant, AERO 45; and Hzftek Plant, HK 101. 72T46 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 USSii /1,,,ero;aau t io .A.S.,i. ,pJ ,t .os, .Sr h lA.~ Airplanes - cons, " Cons true t:3. "Skrzydlata Polska " Gives short description of l ius i.J Ruaaiaxt transport: plane. l igineera,, _AerO t t Wind Tunnels "Aeror utical Institute," Capt AMtoni Mi kwosks, F?Skx' :ycUa'' , Polska Vol 111, No 12 (31) Activity of school includes tra ,niing of technicians, .' plane for construction of a wind tunnel, research in stress, and testing of ec.gines. SWED /Aeronautics,. Gliders - Performance "Fight thousand, eight hundred :Meter, s :. a Glider Ai A.,. ...g,~"! ?x Vii. . - . ~'. " xtx:i zydl.ata Polska" Vol 111, New glider height r (Swedish) . Quotes flight. USSR/Aerona atlas A-:S r,planes, .t rl.ors Approved for Release..-4999108125 ,IA.-RD.P78-03,107A002000010032-4 r L uetj Ceti " Rudolf rich, l p-.0- poet;: FDB 72T50 ec l9W7 6,12 (31) ord made by Axex Pereson a a report Porason made of hie . "Ducks," Ryszard Witkowski, 3 pp ,.CrzydIa ;a Polo.. Vol Isar Gives history of this type of plane or giic3er with a email forward wing. Experiments with plane in USSR, its advantages and disadvantages, and research on : this type e pecially in USS . Mentions work of 1ikoyan and Gurie -ich in TJ SSF on Ni..6 p e . ar ey, Russian Air .Records" I p "Skx'zydlata erolska Vol .III, No 12 (ai) L . s g ne xecorsts made by USSR, repcy2ted at FAI Caaerer e in s eti F Balloon re< x d s ,r c y. or?s' Nevin' ?so,3 tilt ituci x . , ~,l)9l.~,, sex r~et~rs, ?gei . ::1novev, '0110 st duration, 1 a r,?? , 1.4 r nuto y Ala dSlsey ..~,noF", `? ihin, ~`k~,~.1i.~9. ,1?sdo, `jy 1i3 . o5 srnot~a''t'e UGO LAVIA/Aeronau Gliders` fight: ' :gal Pir'st postwar gilder field In Yugoslavia; at . rzezicy near Zagrob. Tells of first course given in gliders and type of equip cent used PODAWi,t '/Aevonant1ce Gliders Training, Aviation e Years of -the D/Aeron8utics Airplanes, - Construction "News at Rare" 1 p " ai'rzydlerta Po1?3k. ". Vol; IV,..,No Wo?'k start4d in 7,00 ,21 on 3:5 c 1uo L X71 of 14113-1 p but held up because Junak priorities Gi Y- some featirss of MIS-1. Work on, Junak being com plated; built by Tadeusz Soityk. Gives some of its Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 `~'2T 1 Mar 1948 72T53 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 R'IRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Training, Aviation Mar 1948 USSR/Aeronautics Flight, High Altitude Flight, Formulas "A Training Glider, 18-3 ABC," Rudolf Matz, and Rcien Zatwarnicki, Engr, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) Reed ftr new.gliders after German occupation, especial:&y ,of elementary -type . IS-3 ABC first of a new type-of-,trainer. Gives chief features of this glider v#ioh appears to have met with the approval of testers and instructors. FDB 72T56 USSR/Aeronautics Airplanes, Attack mar 1948 Engines, Aircraft "Technical News," 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3. (34) New Russian plane engine, AM-42, to be used in new attack planes. It is a modification of the AN-38. Produced by A. A. Mikulina. 72T58 POLAND/Aeronautic s Gliders Max' 1948 Training, Aviation "Glider Training in 1948 (Informational Notes)" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) . Glider training will be. centralized in 14 schools named. Also gives requirements necessary to qualify for three glider-pilot licenses. These schools will be open from 1 May to 15 Oct and are open to those aho are accepted by Sluzba Polsce (Service for Poland) FDB 72T60 POLAND/Aeronautics Pilots, Air Gliders Mar 1948 "Communiques of the High Command of 'Service for Poland'" 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) (1) Training of glider pilots, let and 2d degrees; requirements for entrance into schools. (2.) Training of glider pilots, 3d degree; requirements for entrance into schools. (3) Training in motored planes; re- quirements for entrance into schools FDB 72T61 .Mar 1948 "Interplanetary Flights" 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) States that Ary J. Sternfield, French scientist, is still working on his theories of interplanetary flights in USSR.- Quotes two lengthy paragraphs from Sternfield.'a book, "Entrance Into the Cosmic Science." From these he thinks we are close to realizing the goal of space flights. FDB 72T57 POLAND/Aeronautics Pilots, Air Gliders "Organization for Universal Trains (Youth) Mar 1948 "Service for Poland," Maj Przymanowski Janush, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) "Service for Poland" is an or - - ation for de- velopment of youth physically an4., 3. litarily . Author explains this as part of Three-Year Plan for rebuilding country and rehabilitating people. This organization will train glider pilots, and para- chutists. Discusses administrative problems. FDB 72T59 POLAND/Aeronautics (Contd.) Mar 1948 Training will be done in conjunction with Air League and Aeroclubs. FDB 72T59 POLAND/Aeronautics Navigation Aerial Instruments, Aeronautical Apr 1948 "Flight Through Clouds," Krysztof Miller, Engr 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Account of glider flight through clouds at altitude of 3,000 meters. Makes observations on failure of instruments and suggests indispensable equipment for such flying. FDB 72T62 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abetratcte Scientific No 72 POLAND/Aeronaut is s Pilots, Air Gliders Apr 1948 "Pointers for Glider Pilots," Adam Zientek, Pilot, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polka" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Practical advise to glider pilots desiring high alti tude flights. Pointers on orientation and selection of a landing field. FDB 72T63 TR/Aeronautice Apr 1948 Parachutes - Design "PT-1 A Parachute," Witold Soozynaki, Instructor, 1 p "Skrzydtata Polska" Vol TV, no 4 (35) Description of PT-1 A Soviet parachute. Used only for instruction purposes. Gives its specifications and construction figures. FDB 72T65 UM/Aeronautics Airplanes - Icing Ice Formation Apr 1948 POLAND/Aeraraautics Gliders Landing Fields Apr 1948 "High Performance Glider Field," Capt Antoni Man- kowski, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Describes glider field and training'school at Zar, location and advantages over other fields, and de- tails of its construction. POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes - Stability Testing Proceedures 72T64 Apr 1948 "Tests of Efficiency In Flight," Franciszek Janik, Engr, 3 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Tests of efficiency for powered planes are given under following headingsb (1) ground tests location of center of mass; safety devices; plane servicing; visibility and safety; and other specific tests. (2) efficiency in flight--including condition of equilibrium and tests to maintain equilibrium. FDB 72T66 POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes Chemical Warfare Apr 1948 "Ice Formation-at High Spee ds," Lt Rudolf Urich,1 "News at Home, " 1 A p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV , No 4 (35) "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Translation of Russian arti cle, "The Falcons of Air League is to be successor of League for air and Stalin" by It Col J. Massen . Discusses formation of oas Defense, and all property of latter is to be ice at high speeds, deterio ration of plane's aero- taken over by Air League. Wiktor Leja has been dynamic qualities, and incr ease in temperature of appointed liquidator. LI-2 plane will be used in a air around a plane moving a t high speeds. war on insects in forests of coal basin, Kielce, Boronow, Kosmidry, and Chrzelice. FDB 72T67 FDB 72T68 POLAND/Aeronautics 1948 USSR/Aeronautiea Apr 1948 Gliders Planes , Transport Training, Aviation . Planes, Military "Technical News Items" 1/8 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Brief delcription of new ABC training glider, which features folding wings to take up less hangar space. FDB 72T69 "Planes in Battle," A. Volkov, 1/8 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV No 4 (35) Popular discussion of war and transport planes and of aviation tactics. 72T70 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical POLAND/Aeronautics Wind Tunnels Jet lhgines Abstracts Scientific No 72 RFBTRIGTFD Apr 1948 "Balletic of the Technical Institute of Aviation," 1/8 "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Lists latest books on aviation.* "Elastic, Yet Plastic or Durable Transformation," Prof Mti'T. Huber, ffingr; "Weight .brren ements in Wind Tunnels," H. Jaaaeeki, ire ."Efficiency of a Jet Engine With Supplementary Combustion of Fuel In the Exhaust,"- K. Szalwinski, ftgra _ " aic Compression of an Ideal Gas," L. Niemand, Ex? p and "Present Attainments in the Sphere FDB 72T71 POLAND/Aeronautics (Contd) Apr 1948 of Plates and Stiffened Covering," Maj A. Kornecki. FDB 72T71 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Towing devices Gliders - Towing Jun 1948 "Weighting a Glider at the Start by Means of Towline," Wladyslaw Na zakowski, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Mathematical discussion of mechanics and effects of towline on flight of a gliders FDB 72T74 POLAND/Aeronautics, Military Pilots, Air Training, Aviation Jun 1948 "Officers ? Air School," Jerzy Konieczny, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Describes founding of school and its constant work in training new cadres for At Air Force. Mentions rigorous training received at school. FDB 72T76 POLAND/Aeronautics - Apr 1948 Airplanes s Construction "L. W. D. (E cpe?imental Work Shops for Aviatianr 2 pp "Skrzydlata P91ska" Vol IV, No 4 (35) Resume o f w o r k done by L.- W. D. for t h e . . 3 yeexw . Leader of L. W. D. is Wladziu Zielniaviaz. )I ticns work done on Junak. FFDB 72T72 POLAND/Aeronautics Just 1948 Gliders - Design "Duck IS-5," Irene Kaniewaka, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) (Mod description, with data and drawings, of an ex- perimental duck glider which is being tried by Glider Institute in Bielsk. Constructed by San- iewska and Kostia. FDB 72T73 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Aeronautics Airlines Airways Jun 1948 "Twenty-five Years of Czech Air Coammarnioatlon Lt Rudolf Urich, 1i p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Czech air-1iues began in 1923. Describes ezpanaip- and quick recovery after devastating war years. FDB 72T75 POLAND/Aeronautics Airplanes, Trainer "Junak (Polish Piano)" 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Jun 1948 Tests of subject army trainer proved its adapta- bility for training purposes. Describes plane in some detail. FDB 72T77 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 POLAND/Aeronautics Airlines Airways "Polish Air Linea ?Lot?," Jerzy Zarebaki, 2 pp Jun 1948 "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Stresses importance of air comrrnunication . Compares work of "Lot" today with the Polish air lines in 1938. Describes domestic and international routes of "Lot" and future plans for expansion. Mentions a new trans- port plane, "MIS," used on short routes. POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders - Performance Gliders 72T78 Jun 1948 "The Flying of the 'Mucha?," Adam Mar?kiewicz, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Comparison of work of "IS" (Glider Institute in Bielsk) with prewar organizations. Mentions four new Polish gliders, "ABC," "Salamander," "SEP," and "Mucha." Describes "Mucha" glider and its test flights. Constructed by Franciezek Kotowski, Irene Kaniewska, and Marian Wasilewski. FDB 72T80 POLAND/Aeronautics Jun 1948 Glider Performance ".News at Home's 1/8 p "S1 rzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) Now glider record by Er r?d Adamaki, in a two-passenger glider; duration of flight, 11 hours and 54 minutes. FDB 72T82 POLAND/Ragineering Jet Propulsion Jet Engine, Turbojet Jun 1946 "Theoretical Basis for Jet Propulsion," Kazimierz Xamienobrodzki, Engr, 3 PP tSkrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 6 (13) Elementary description of jet, turbojet, and rocket operation and the thrust generated. FDB 72T84 POLAND/Aeronautics Gliders Landing Field "Zar Makes the First Announcement" p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) RESTRICTED Jun 1948 In spite of incomplete facilities of glider field at Zar,.glider flights were being made in March. Describes glider flights of Puzej,, Adeuneki, and Zientek. 72T79 USSR/Aeronautics Jun 1948 Airplanes, Military "Russian Planes at the Poznan Fair," Stefan Pra-. wowski, 2 pp "S ?r.zvdlatef V(>l.ska" vol ly,. No 6 (37) The USSR had four planes exhibited at fair: PO-2, YAK--18, YAK-16, and IL-12. Describes these planes stressing their finer points. USSR/Aeronautics Model Construction Airplanes "News from Abroad" sia p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 6 (37) 72T81 . Jury 1948 Museum of YAK model planes started in offices of Russian designer Yakovlev. Mentions new Czech civilian plane, Hodak HK-1O1. Gives no details about plane. Discusses change in political situ- ation and benefits to aviation. FDB 72T83 USSR/Geophysics Arctic Studies Apr 1948 "The Spiteful Gremlin and the Magnetic Pole" 2/3 p "Skrzydlata Polska". Vol IV, No 4 (35) Discusses MacKinley's polar expedition and compares Its work-with that of the Arctic Institute of Lepingrad published in "Scientific Results of the Expeditic . to the Inaccessible Pole." Mentions work of Soviet Scientist, Cyril Veynberg, and K. Fedchenko. FDB 72T85 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010032-4. Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 USSR/Medicine - Flight Medicine - Fatigue FDB-Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 Nov 1947 "Indications of the Psychophyaicai State in Flight Personnel," Lt Gen L. Rathays, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) Translated from Russian. Discusses emotional and nervous-strains which results from fatigue, antici- pation of flight and other causes, and results in a deorease-in efficien y e Gives recognition of these signs. 72T86 POLAND/Medicine - Radioactivity, Injurious Oct 1946 Effects Nuclear Physics - Atom Bomb "Air Medicine" Col Dr Stanislaw Bober, p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 10 (17) Action of atom bomb on human organism. Quotes report of American Dr, Keller, on his treatment of atom- bomb victims. FDB 72T88 POLAND/Meteorology Meteorological Stations Meteorology, Military Dec 1947 "Meteorological Service," Maj Wiadyslaw Parczewski, 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 12 (31) Mentions three meteorological services in Poland and their duties? (1) Military, (2) Civilian, organized by Czeslav Szczeczinski, serves Polish airlines and trains new personnel; (3) National Meteorological Institute. Discusses activities of these groups. FDB 72T90 USSR/Nuclear Physics - Atoms Bomb Jan 1946 Nuclear Physics - Uranium "Air News" 1/8 p "3krzydlata.Polska" Vol II, No 1 (8) New atom bomb supposed to have been made by Russian Scientists Ioffe, Kapits, Semenov,. Vavilov, and Zel'- dovich. Bomb is supposed to use a smaller quantity of uranium than other atomic bombs. FDB 72T92 POLAND/Medicine - Fatigue Oct 1946 Medicine - Amphetamine "Battle With Fatigue" * p "8krzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 10 (17). Discusses use of benzedrine and pervotin, and caution to be observed in their use. FDB 72T87 POLAND/Meteorology Winds Jul 1946 "Halniak (Type of Wind)," W. Tylezak, 2 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 7 (14) Describes conditions for halniak, a type of wind encountered in glider flights in Carpathian region, its occurrence, and duration. Refers to "f M_ winds in Caucasus, studied by Russian; N. Kolivin. FDB 72T89 POLA"ND/Nclear Physics Nuclear.Physics - Atomic Energy - Atom Bomb Apr 1946 "Atomic Energy," Kazimierz Kam.ienobrodzki, L1ngr, 4 pp "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 4 (11) Points out interest of aviation in atomic energy. Gives basic explanation of atom and isotopes, Einstein's theories, uranium and U-235, plutonium, chain reactions, and its difficulties Discusses general theory of atom bomb and cost of producing atomic energy. In bibliography, refers to "Zarys Rozwoju Fizki Atomowej," A VVolicki, Polish Air Bulletin, Jan 1946. FDB 72T91 USSR /Physics Optics, Geometrical Instruments, Optical Mar 1948 "Reviews of 'Optics in War' by S. I. Vavilov and M. W. Sevastyanova" i/8 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) Vol I, physical and geometric optics, methods, aides, usages. Vol II, vital use of optical instruments in war. Simply and clearly stated. Published by Acad of Science USSR,., Moscow, 1945. FDB 72T93 Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 V Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4 ED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 72 USSR/Physics &plosions Propagation Hydrodynamics 1948 USSR/Radio Meteorological Stations Aret ic- Studies "Review of 'Theory of Rxploxive Waves and Funda- mentals of Gas Dynamics? by Ya, B. Zel?dovish" 1/8 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol IV, No 3 (34) Discusses 4ydrodyiii1cs and gas dynamics. FDB _ 72T94 POLAND/Radio Nov 1947 Height Finders "Radio 'Height Finder," Rudolf Urich 1 p "Skrzydlata Polska" Vol III, No 11 (30) ljcplaine, onetrt otion and operation of a radio height fader. FDB 72T96 "News From Abroad" p "Sl~rzydlata Polska" Vol II, No 2 (9) First USSR automatic radio station at the North Pole established 1945. Station can operate for 2 years without any attention. It can send meteor- ological data by special code signal. Return to peacetime s4hedulee of air ccsm lcatgion in USSR, includes Moscow-Yak-dtsk -- US line. Introduction of a Moscow=,Vladivostock line and connection with other areas. FDB 795 List of Abbreviations . used in FDB Periodical Abstracts ID Intelligence Division Library. Ate Air Documents Division, Air Material Command ST Reference Division, State Department BM Bureau of Mines, Department 'of Interior BS National Bureau of Standards SI Smithsonian Institution LC Library of Congress FDB Foreign Documents Branch, CIA COM Department of Conmerce AF Amt Library, USAF - 14 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25: CIA-RDP78-03107AO02000010032-4