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Approved For Release 1999 P78-03107A002000010 1, *CIA FOREIGN DOCUMENTS BRANCH PERIODICAL ABSTRACTS Prepared by Foreign Documents Branch CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2430 E Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. DI 01116 Mp ::: 21: _611!_. PAGeS JUST NEXT REV REV DATE IristwareL BY zraza_ TYPE _JAL UM _IC__ 111.2 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08q5 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 WARNING THIS DOCI T CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED ST WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT, 50 U.S.C.. 31 AND 32, AS AME ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO NAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- HIBITED BY LAW. REPRODUCTION OF THE INTELLI IN THIS PUBLICA- TION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT SPECIAL AUTHORITY FROM TH ECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Approved For Release I 999IO815. IA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Foreign Documents Branch 0 I A Periodical Abstracts 18 October 1948 _ _ solmIric Number 75 Material abstraoted in this publication has not been translated. The original-language periodio-als are available in various libraries as indicated. Due to personnel limitations within 0 I Al each recipient of this publicatiOn is strongly encouraged to prypare its own translations of such arti- cles. When an agenaT intends to make such a trinilation, Foreign Documents Branoh should-be nett- fied,ro9ptly (Telephone CODE 143, ltict 57) in Coder to avoid pcesible duplication. Foreign Docu- ments Branch also requests that it be tarnished with one copy of such translations. If agencies are unable to prepare translations desired by them p requests for translation of such artidles as are considered to be of outstanding intelligence value Should be addressed to the Office of Col- lection and Dissemination, 0 I Al 2430 E Street, NW, Washington 25, D.C.; reference should be made to the code numbers and letters in the lower right-hand corner of eaoh card. Bequests for the loan of -original.aangiusge periodicals whidh-are indicated herein aa being available in ?DB, 0 /A, should likewise be addressed to the Office of Collection and Disammination, 0 I A. NOTE: All periodicals listed below are available in Foreign Documents Branoh, CIA, except that indicated by one asterisk (*), which is available in the Library of Congress, and that indicated by two asterisks (**), which is available in the Department of the Army Library. Abstracted ;IOUS Its* Title ..11RiarLitatilifill . Issue WI , Arkhiv Patologil (Archive of Pathology) Vol X No 3 Mhy)jun 1948 Cards 1, 71-76 Xlinicheakaya Mediteiaa (Clinical Medio.) Vol XXVI No , M. 1948 Cards 47M _ Meditsinikaya Sutra (Medical Nurse) No 5 1417 1948 Cards 55.56 ? Framyshlennaya?Energetika (Industrial Energetics) NO 5 May 1903 gado 25.99, 57 lovetekaya Kediteina (Soviet Modicine) No 4 Apr 1948 Oarda 40.54, p8.7o BoVetekoy9 Zdravookhraneniye (Owlet Public Eealth) Jo 6 Mar/Apr 1948 Cards 7744 Steal i lhatrUment (inchine Tools and Instrumento) No 1* Jan 1948 Cards 56,45-46 Torryanaya Prcoyehlennost (Peat lnduetry) No 5 May 1948 Oarda 42, 91-92 Vipekhi Xhimii (Program of Chemistry) Vol XVI/ No 1 Jan/Feb 1948 Oard 2 Vesta& Eleitro-Promyehlennostl (Harald of the XsQtrioI. No 5 Nay 1948 Industry) Cards 33; Zarodekeya Laboratoriya (Factory Laboratory) Vol XIV No 5 MOT 1948 Cards 5-7, 50, 58-40, 8,40 Zburnal Analiticheskoy Ihimii (Journal of Analytical Vol III No 3 *7i:up 1948 Chemistry) Cards 8-16 Zhurnal Prikladnoy Ehimil (Journal of Applied Ohemistry) Vol XXI No 4 Apr 1948 Cards 17-24 - 1 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 Annumal-Tekhnicheskoy Fiziki (Journal of Technical Vol XVIII lohysics) Cards 31-32, 34, 41, 94-102 Chinese Periodical KVhstieh Shih-pao (Science Monthly Bulletin) Vol XIV Card 93 NOTE No 5 Ao r M4y 1945 idltk No 2** Aug 1947 In indexing these abstracts the following guides are used: MEDICINE - "Quarterly Cumulative Index MedicUs?" American Medical Association. CHEMISTRY - "Chemical Abstracts Subject Index," Ameridan Chemical Society; GENERAL - "Subject Beadings for Technical Libraries," US Department of Commerce, Office of Technical Services. ( Distribution State 9 Army 29 Navy 30 Air Force 6 NACA 3_ LC 5 AEC 4 BDB 7 CIA 10 FDB Total 120 - 2 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For'ReleaSe 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 USSR/Academy of Sc1enca May/jun 194 Biography "Aleksey Dmitriyevich Speranskiy (Sixtieth Year Since His Birth)," O. Ya. Ostriy? 11 pp "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, No 3 Given; account of life and work of the well-known Leningrad. surgeon. Among' poste he has held are those of senior surgeon of First Medical Inetitute and - senior post-mortem dissector at Army Medical Academy. Presents an excellent photograph. TA3 75T USSR/Acadeny,of Sciences Biography "Scientific Method of A. Ye, Arbuzov," A. I. Razumov, Kazan, 14 pp "Uspekhi Khimii" Vol XVII, No 1 Gives biographical sketch of Arbuzov in honor of his 45th year of scientific work. Lists 60 articles and books written by Arbuzov. --11119910=0, Jan/Feb 1948 FDB USSR/Chemistry - Carbon Monoxide, Determin- May 194 ation of, in. Air Chemistry - Analysis "Determination of the Percentage of Carbon Monoxide In Air by Combustion in a Mare Furnace " A. G. Bogdanchenko, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, 2 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Carbon monoxide in air is burnt in a Mars furnace at 8000..9000 and carbon dioxide formed is absorbed in -barium hydroxide, which is then titrated. Gives de- tails of experiment. Results are in close agreement with thoee obtained by Reberg's method, which takes 1 hours and involves use of expensive and unstable iflgic anhydride. USSR/Chekistry Polarography Chemistry - Dyes 75T3 USSR/Chemistry - Polarography Chemistry - Analysis 75T2 May 1948 "Polarographic Maximum of the Second Type and Its Uhe in Analvtical Chemistry, Part 1," T. A. Kryukova, Inst Thy Chem, toad Sol USSR, 7 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 A polarographic maxiMum of seoond type accurst as a result e 'Ingential movements of surface of a drop of mercuLT 'which take place as it leaves a capillary. Current of Maximum dependis On-outlet speed of mer- cury from capillary and surface charge whiciiin turn depend on potential and conductivity of solution. FDB May 1948 USSR/chemistry - Polarography (Contd.) "Polarographic Method of the Determination of AlphaNitronaphthaln in the Presence of Alpha-Naphthyl- amine," Yu. I. Vaynshteyn? Inst Or Intermediate Produots and Dyestuffs, 2 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Subject mixture is an important intermediate product in analin dye industry? Describes in detail polaro- graphic method of analysis. Tabulates relation be- tween wave height and alpha-naphthalin concentration. Results have been checked by chemical analysis? FDB 75T5 USSR/Chemistry - Polarography, Instruments May 1948 Chemistry - Analysis "Apparatus for Polarographic Analysis," D. A. Vyakhirev, 11 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Describes three types of polarographic apparatus: Visual, photoregistering,-and autographic. Odesaa Model 24-81, whose circuit diagram is reproduced, stands Oupreme in photoregistering class, but production of an autographic model is essential; as it is more con- venient for mass production analysis. There is also need for a visual polarograph in which tedious trans- 7DB 75T4 May 1948 Usual analytic methods) both curve calibration and additive, are fully applicable, as in case of ordi- nary diffusion current. Relation between concentra- tion of reducing substance and strength of current is a straight line. FDB USSR /Chemistry - Colorimetry Chemistry - Minerals 75T4 May 1948 "Color Reactions for Detecting Small Concentrations of Dissolved Mineral Salts," V. I. Knzneteov? All- Union lnst of Mineral Raw Materials, 4 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol MY, No 5 Small concentrations (1:1,000,000 for calcium) of mineral salts in solution can be detected by adding suitable reagent and noting resulting color change, whi h varies according to class of metal. EXamples of such reagents are 2-oxynaphthalin (1-azo-2)- naphtha1in-1-su1fo acid, and stilbene-4,4v-bis 75T61 FDB - 3 - 7517 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstrncts Scientific No 75 USSR/Chemistry - Polarography? Instruments (Contd.) May 1948 USSR/Chmnistry Colorimetry (Contd) cription of polarograme is avoided. Recommends con- tinued research into application of oscillograph to polarography. TDB USSR/Che4istry Boric Acid, Detection Chemistry Analysis, Qualitative "ley Qualitative Reaction for Boric Acid and Its Salts," A. P. Ereshkov and S.8.V11'borg2 Moscow Ora of Lenin Inst of Chem Tech imeni D. I. Mendeleyev 4 pp 75T6 May/jun 194 "Zhur Analit Ehimii" Vol III, No 3 Describes reaction based an interaction of boric acid with ethyl orthosilicate or its i amers suitable for detection of email quantities of boric acid and its salts and several organic compounds of silicon. Re- action requires no complicated apparatus and is simple in execution. Submitted Jul 1947. FDB USSR/Chemistry -,Alkalty, Determin- ation of Chemistry - Sulfonic Acids 75T8 Diz0-1) 2-oxynaphthal1n-20 0-disulfo syntheses of which are desoribed. FDB RESTRICTED MOy 1948 7517 USSR/Chemistry - Analyais, Micro Chemietry - Nitric Oxides,. Formation of May/Jun 1948 "Quick Methods of Micro-Elementary Analysis," ML O. Korshun and B. A. Elimora Lab of Org Microanalysis, In t Org Chem 2 Aced Sol USSR, 4 pp "Zhur Analit Ehinii2" Vol 1112 No 3 Deals Iroblem of formation of nitric oxides during dext3rmination of C-R in matter containing C,R202 and N. Submitted Apr 1947. FDB 75T9 May/Jun 1948 USSR/Chemistry - Cyanide May/Jun 1948 Chemistry - Colorhnetry "Alkalimetric Determination of Carbazo1e-3-SU1fo Acid, V. F. B9rodkin and T. V. Maltkova, Ivanovo Inst Chem Tech, It pp "Zhur Analit Ehimii" Vol III, No 3 Describes simple and quick method of alkalimetric de- termination of carbazo1e-5-su1fo acid in presence of other polysulfonic acids. Submitted Nay 1947. FDB "Colorimetric Determination of Cyanide With Picric Acid," D. N. Finkershteyn, Sverdlovsk Mining Inst imeni V. V. Vakhrushev, 8 pp "Zhur Analit Khimii" Vol III No 3 A reaction with picrate of sodium may be used for visual and objective colorimetric determination of a cyanide under certain conditions. Submitted Jul 1947. 75T10 I FDB 7,T11 USSR/Chimistry - Electrodes, Mercury (Dropping) CheMistry - Electrodes, Mercury Capillary May/Jun 1948 USSR/Chemistry - Analysis, Quantitative Mu/Jun 1948 Chemistry - Cadmium, Analysis, Determination "Mhlticapillary Mercury Dropping Electrode," Ye- P. Gokhshteyn, lust of Geochem and Analytical Chem, Acad. Sci ussR, 3 pp "Maur Analit Khimii" Vol III, No 3 Subject electrode was proposed for determining verY small caneentrations of reducible iOns on a mercury dropping-cathode.' Shown that withuse of electrode diffusion oUrrents of reducible ions 'conform to Irkovich equation. Submitted Jan 1948. FDB "The Use of Methyl Violet in Quantitative Analytis, Determination of Cadmium," M. A. Popov, Con Lab, Western Siberia Geol Adm, Novosibirsk, 4i, pp "Zhur Analit Shimii" Vol -III No 3 Describes new method for quantitative separation of cadmium with aid of methyl violet. Method is simple, gives completely satisfactory results, and is adaptable for mass operation. Submitted Jun 1947. 75T12 FDB - 4 - 75T13 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For4Releise 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Chemistry - Scandium, Analysis May/Jun 1948 Chemistry - Pyridine "The Separation of Scandium With the Aid of Pyridine," E. A. Ostroumov, All-Union Inst of Mineral Raw Materials, )cow, 8 pp "Zhur Anent Khimii" Vol 1119 No 3 Reaction studied involved extraction of candium hy- droxide with aid of buffer solution composed of pyri- dine and its nitrate. Method mny be used both in analytic chemistry for separation of scandium from rare earth metals and in inorganic chemistry for separation of scandium salts. Submitted Oct 1947. EDS 75T14 USSR/Chemistry - Magnesium, May/jun 1.948 Separation of Chemistry - Calcium Oxalate The Separation of Calcium From Magnesium. I. Veri- fication of the Oxalate Method With a Radioactive Indioator," V. P. Shvedov? Leningrad State Ord of Lenin, Chair of Analytical Chem, 5i- pp "Zhur Analit Khimii" Vol III, No 3 Data obtained show that magnesium precipitated with calcimm oxalate is directly proportional to concen- tration of magnesium found in solution. Results of experiments conducted with aid of radioactive isotope ,FDB USSR/Chemistry 7 Analysis, Quantitative May/Jun 1948 Chemistry n Alkali Metals "Method Ofi Quantitative Determination of Haloids in Organic Compounds by the Reaction of an Alkali Metal In an Inert Solvent," A. K. Ruzhentseva and V. S. Latina, All-Union Sci Res Chem Pharm In t imi S. Ordzhonikidze, Mbscow, 8 pp "Zhur Analit Khimii" Vol III, No 3 Method proved satisfactory for determining chlorine 6nd:bromine With-preeence of both in an organio ban- pound and for application to fluoro-organic compounda. Submitted Feb 1948. FMB , 75T16 USSR/Chemistry - Xylenes Apr 1948 Chemistry - Analysis, Spectrographic "Spectrographic Analysis of Mixtures of Isomeric Xylenes? Yu. V. Shostenko and A. Ye. Shtandel?, "Zhur Priklad Ehimii" 7o1 XXI, No 4 4i pp Presents method for analyzing mittaree of o-, m- and p-Xylenes. Method is effective only when three isomers represent not less than 5% of substance being analyzed. Method is sufficiently accurate for any purpose to which it might be applied. Sabmitted 25 Oct 1947. FDB USSR/Chemistry - Electrode: Iron Iron Chemistry - Powder Metallurgy 75T17 Apr 1948 "Iron Powder Electrodes. I. The Effect of Dispersion and Composition of the Powder on the Properties of Iron Electrodes," L. L. Khz?min and L. V. Borisovai Ivanovo Inst of Chem Tech, 9i' pp "Zhur Priklad Khimii" Vol XXI, No 4 Describes studies conducted to determine properties of iron powder and relationship of its character to nature of its formation by reduction of iron oxide with hydrogen. Submitted 5 Mar 1947, 7,T19 USSR/Chemistry - Magnesium, (Contd) Separation of of calcium show that quantity of magnesium going in- to CaC004 precipitate, and quantity of calcium pre- oipitable together with MgNH4PO4 are notable. Sub- mitted Jun 1947. 75T15 May/Jun 1948 FDB USSR/chamistry - Adsorption Chemiatry - Photometry 75T1, Apr 1948 "Methods of Studying the Adsorption Curves of Solu- tione in the Ultraviolet Field," A. Ye. Shtander, Kharkov State Inst of Weights and Measuring Instru- ments, 1O pp "ZhurPrikld Khimii" Vol XXI, No 4 Presents new formula which will permit evaluation of errors occurring in nonideal sector of a photometric plate. Author obtained formula from studies of photographio platea exposed to light for short con- secutive periods. Submitted 25 Oct 1947. FDB USSR/Chemistry - Electrolysis Chemistry - Nickel Salts 75T18 Apr 1948 The Meaning of the Second Potential in Nickel Salt Solutions," O. Khdra and Ye. Gitman, 6 pp "Zhur ?riklad Khimii" Vol XXI, No 4 Deaoription of a visual method of determining 1-V aarve for various cathode current densities acting on nickel salt solutions. Clarifies reasons for ohemical polarization in simple salt solutions, and explains role of anions in this process. Submitted 2 Jun 1947. YDB 75T20 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED FDB USSR/ChenistrY - Corrosion . Chemistry - Metals, Corrosion "Temperature and Mbistnre FadtoreDuringithe Corrosi of *tile in'an'Atmosphere of Sulfur Dioxide," 0. V. Zaint61na'(deeeaeed)?andIs0 L. TUrich? Can Sci-Res nab -of Hygiene and. Sanitation for Routes of-Trans- portation, Ministry of Pub Health USSR, 8i-pp 1114bur Priklad Khimii" Vol XXI, No 4 .Temperature is most important factor in determiningl amount of corrosion of a surface:. Greatest corrosion odours in temperature range of 20-25? with a hunddity Of 80% or-greater. Noticed that at temperatures of Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 RESTRICTED Apr 1948 Apr 1944 FDB USSR/Chemistry - Corrosion (Contd) 75T21 Apr 1948 30-35? there was no corrosion even with humidity of 80 to 90%. Submitted 7 May 1947. FMB 75T21 USSR/Chemistry - Storage Batteries Apr 1948 Chemistry - Lead Alloys, Antimony, Corrosion of "Moot of ]purities to a Lead-Antimony Alloy Work of the Grid of a Lead Storage Battery. Corrosion of the Alloys," V. P. Mashovets wad Loadres, Sol Mom Battery lest, 16 pp "Zhur Priklai Ihimii" Vol XXI, No 4 on the Anode A. Z. Pure lead is more oorrosion resistant than lead- antimony alloy. Addition of silver to alloy rarely inoreases its oorrosion resistanoe. Presents results of various other additions to alloy. Submitted 3 Mar 1947. PDB USSR/Blestrioity May 1948 Motors, Eleotrio "Combined Table of Asynchronous Motors of Three-Phase Current With Contaot Rings," R. Ye. Gel' man, 1 p "Prom &ergot" No 5 USSlit/Chemistry - Hydrogen Peroxide, Generation -of Chemistry - Electrodes, Carbon, Depolarization of "The Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Alkali Carbon Elements in Depolarization in Air," Z. A. Iota, N. B. Moiseyeva, S. Ya. Mdrlina, Ye. Ye. Krymakova? Chair of Eleotrochemistry, Moscow State Us, and Sci Res Elemental and Electrocarbon Inst., 12 pp "Zhur Priklad Khinii" Vol XXI, No 4 Shows that atmospherio oxygen is absorbed during prove s of depolarization of carbon electrodes and FDB 7,T22 USSR/Chemistry - Hydrogen Peroxide, (Contd) Apr 1948 Generation of produces peroxides of hydrogen. Catalyst found which will be incorporated into mass of electrode, or used for coating electrode to prevent formation of per- oxides in electrolyte, Results of experiments per- mitted oonclusi a to be drawn regarding reaction mechanism in depolarization in presenoo of a oatalyst. Su itted 16 Oct 1947. FDB An installment of a tabulated list of standard sliest: motors and their performanoes. T2 USSR/Chemistry - Eleotrolysis Chemistry - Cathodes "Cathodes With Reduoed Bydrogen Liberation Potential" N. P. Pedot'yer? N. V. &retina, Te. G. Nruglova, Bleotrcohmal Lobo Leaingrad Teoh Mato 12 pp "Thur Priklad Rhimii" Vol XXX, No I. Desoribes method vtioh permits easy reduotion cathode potential. Studies of 15 common hydrocarbons and steel alloys did not give positive results in wpite of wide variety of samples used. Attempts to determine proper method for preparing surfaoes. Praotioal value of this series of experiments found 75T22 irpr 1948 FOB USSR/Chemistry - Nleotrolysis (Contd) 75T24 Ayr 1948 in possibility of determintog length of operational use of ft oathode under various operating condition. Submitted 1 Oct 1947. TDB 5T24 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 USSB/Eleotricity FUrnaceer? EleCtrio Con , trols Electric- RESTRICTED May 1948 "Automatic Control of Electric Resistance Furnaces," V. V. Khdryavtsev? L. M. label L. P. Shvalev? X. I. Clushkov? P. I. Selivanov, B. S. Popov, Plant imeni Molotov, Ministry of Armament, 1 p "Prom Energet" No 5 Staff of plant did not allow shortage of elec- tric automatic controls to prevent increased output. Designed and installed a-thermacouple-potentiometer type system, a circuit diagram of which is reproduced. Suggestion was awarded a fifth prize in All-Union etitiaa. 75T26 Pr USSR/Electriaity Furnaces, Electric Arc Regulators, Current May 19h8 "Automatic Control of a System of Aro Ore Beating Furnaces;" YU. Ye, Yefroormovich? Cand Tech Sol, Lab of Automatics, MIMI 3 pp "Prom Eherget" No 5 After general- discussion of subject author describes installaIion-devised-by his laboratory. Gives a complete-circuit diagram. FDB USSR/Electr city LaMps,.Merctry Lamps, Quartz 75T28 May 1948 "The Stability of Radiation of Mercury Quartz Lamps PRX-2 and PRK-4?" D. A. Shklover? All-Union EleQ ng Inst, 3 PP "Zavod Dab" Vol XIV, No 5 Working life of these lamps is 1000 hours. Describes measurements of relative power and wave lengths for various kours of service. Shows results graphically. FDB USSR/Electricity Currents; Electric 75T30 May 1948 "Study of the-Process of the Variation Of Indepen- .dent 0th-tents:in Gee," Calkins andir L. -- Granovskly, All-Union Elea Eng Inst? Moscow, 16 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Mercury vapor arc experiments show that increase of current in a constant gas medium requires a temporary increase in voltage and v4ce versa. If current change is caudbd by a rapid (10-1 sec) resistance change, temporary voltage change is represented by a steep ris to a sharp peak, and then a gradual fall. Peak FDB ectrioity Furnaces, Electrid Smelting May 19e8 "A New Method of Continuous Smelting of Various Kinds of Alloys in One Melting FUrnace," V. M. Dudnik, Kirovsk Plant in the Urals, ip "Prom Energet" No 5 Previous practice required cleaning furnace before changing to different type of aluminum alloy. Shows this practice to be unnecessary, and gives figures showing resultant saving in electricity and increase In output. Suggestion was awarded a fifth prize in All-Union competition. FDB 75T27 USSR/Electricity - Power Supplies Electric Power Transmission May 1948 "Individual Problems of Electrical Supply of In- dustrial Enterprises," S. M. Livehits; Engr, Gen Elec Installation )PTI, 6 pp "Prom Energet" No 5 Discusee whole field of power supply including following problems: energy losses, power factor, choice of current and voltage, supply to lighting in tallations, increasing reliability. Editor in- vite electrical workers' views on article. FDB USSR/Electricity Dielectrics, Solid Dielectrics - Losses 75T29 May 1948 "Plate Method for the Determination of Dielectric Permittivity and the Tangent of the Angle of Loss," I. A. Eletsin, Soi Res Inst of Phys, Moscow State Dr, 8 pp "Maur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Paper gives strict theory of method for a thin plate situated in middle of a Lecher system. Formulas ob- tained are applied to calculation of dielectric permittivity and tangent of angle of loss (on a 'aye FDB USSR/Eleotricity (Contd) 75T31 May 1948 E 336 cm) of various solid dielectrics. Sub- mitted to Zh. 27 Nov 1947. Submitted 26 Dec 1947. 75T32 FDB - 7 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 75T31 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical.Abetracts Scientific No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Electricity (Contd.) Mkv 1948 voltage can be calculated simply; it depends on circuit parameters and their speed of alteration, as Is confirmed by experiment. Time of fall is of order or 10-5 .o and depends on density of gas. Results show that in gases voltage chaige across discharge gap is primary cauee of current change. Submitted 20 Jun 2q47. Submitted after rivision 10 Dec 1947. FDB 75T32 USSR/Electronics May 1948 Oecillatots, Transitron Oscillation! - Relaxation "Study of a Relaxation Oscillator of the Transitron Type, V. V. Migulin and T. N. Yastrebtsova? Sci Res Inst of Phys, Moscow State Up 12 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Val XVIII No 5 Reports -experimental study of transitron character- istics of 67217 tube, and various performances of RS - oscillator working on this tube. Qualitative exami- nation of processes in a similar system gives results In agreement with experiment. Submitted 24 Nov 1947. FEB 75T34 USSR/EleotrOmice Jan 1948 RegOlators, Electronic Circuits, Electric "Electronic Instrument for Automatic Control of Mach ory by Power Regulation," A. A. Bulgakov, Oand Tech SO., and G. N. Alyabeyeva? Engr? Opp "StankiiInstrument" No 1 Describes electron-thratron power supply for machinery and circuits used in automatic regulation. Method &a- scribed can be applied to all types of machines. Circuits are based on the feed-back principle, which greatly facilitates regulating operation. USSR/ElectticitY May 1948 Cranes, Eleotric Electric Power Ttanemission "Problems on the Type of Current and Voltage for Stationary Machines and Cranes in Metallurgy," S. M. Livshits? Lr, TsentroElektroMontazh, 6i-pp "Vest Elektro-Pron" No 5 Drib s economy factors, varioue power feeds to electric cranes and to stationary machinery, methods for selection of voltages, and methods for distri- but of electri al power. FDB 75T33 LC 75T36 USSR/Electronics Circuits, Electronic Voltage Regulators May 1948 "Highly Stable Diode Tubes in Automatic and Regu- lating Circuits," G. R. Gertsenberg Cand Tech Sci, All-Union ElektrdTekh last imeni V. I. Lenin, 7 pp "Ire t FlnIrtno-Pram" No 5 GI es atgeregtoke for AC and DC circuits, amplitude regulator, current and voltage relays, and graphical methods for calculations of circuits with aid of a 4TeIM diode. FDB USSR/Engineering FUrnacesp Gas Fuel Conservation 75T35 May 1948 "Gee Flemeless Heating in Factory Furnace V. S. Gavripenko, 2 pp "Prom Energet" No 5 Describe subjeottnnaceidth4doftwo-secticnal eleva- tions. Attempts to show by means of numerical ex- amples that operating costs are lower than those of an electric furnace. FDB 75T37 USSR/Engineering Governors Laboratory Equipment May 1948 "A New Laboratory Rheometer," V. A. Prokrovskiy, 1 p "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV No 5 Describes construction -of theameterttItY ketch. It is more pact thin Usual U-type and, in all parts are glees, can be used for any -gas except BF. 7,T38 USSR /ling in Ger tag May 1948 Thermo c pies Metallurgical Industry "New Constructionaf a Tungsten-Graphite Thermocouple P. A. Shchukin and L. V. Pegushina, Inst of Metal, Aced Sci USSR, 1 p "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Limited application of tungsten-graphite thermocouples is due to oxidation of tungsten at high temperatures. Author's design avoids this by enclosing a spiral of tungsten wire inside a graphite tube. This type of thermocouple is suitable for measuring temperatures fram 1200v to 17000. FDB 75T39 - 8 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED FES Periodical Abstracts 'Scientific No 75 RZSTRICTED USSR/Engineering May 1948 Turbines, Steam Turbines - Blades "The Use of a-Styloscope for the 'Analysis of Parts of Steam Turbines," V. I-. Volkov, Leningrad Metal Plant imeni I. V. Stalin, 1 p "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Describes use of a styloscope for analyzing rivets securing blades of a finished steam turbine rotor. Difficulty of wheels that were olose together and rivets far from perimeter of the wheel, consequently inaccessible toe. portable stploscopel was overcome 14 'using s d. tetionary styloscope with special attach- sant describe 75T40 USSR/Engineering May 1948 Peat Industry Mechanization "Summation of Work of the Peat Industry for 1947 and Problems for 1948," A. F. Bausin, Deputy Minister of Electrostations USSR, 4 pp "Torf Prom" No 5 Shove production figures for 1914.7, and results ob- tained from introduction of mechanization into this industry. Discusses tasks facing industry for 1948 and briefly suggests how these assignments will be met. . PDB 75T42 USSR/Eagineering Jan 1948 'Tools, Machine Machines, Grinding "Grinding the Gaps in Cylindrical Gears," N. P. Chapayev, Etter, Stank In Pram, 1. pp "Stanki i Instrument" No 1 Quality of gears depends upon their grinding after heat treatment. Briefly presents some of factors which permit obtaining of high-quality gears. LC 75T43 USSR/Engineering Toole, -Machine Profilameters Jan 1948 "The Profilometer, an Instrument for Determining the Quality of Surfaces," N. A. Kogan, 1 p "Stanki i Instrument" No 1 Describes profilometer designed by author to be used fardetennining quality of internal and external sur- faces and evaluating their quality in accordance with GOST 2789-45. Simple in design, it-ean be used in laboratory or in factory. Photographic representation of assembled instrument. Lc 75T45 USSR/Engineering Ma y 1948 Viscosity Earth - Analysis "Ekperimental Study of the Vibroviscosity of Earth," D. D. Borkan, 6 pp "Maur Te kh Fiziki" Vol XVIII No 5 Conservatism, which reigns in construction of foun- dations for building,ie dUe\to insufficient study of properties of earth. Describes results of experi- ments to determineeffect of (a) vibration (b) moisture an viscosity of earth. Viscosity vas de- termined by Stokes method for thick liquids, i.e., FDB 75T41 USSR/Engineering (Contd.) May 1948 measurement of force required to sink a metal ball in sample. Shows results graphically. Submitted 18 Nov 1947. PDB USSR/Engineering Toole, Manhine Machines, Milling "Pneumatio Semiautomatici Machine Tool for Cutting Grooves in Thin-Walled Parts," P. G. Belyayev and G. P. Miehurinskikh, 1 p 75T11.1 Jan 1948 "Stanki i Instrument" No 1 Describes semiautomatic pneumatic machine designed to replace obsolete method of using a horizontal miller for notching thin walled parts. New machine is eaeier to operate and cuts production time to 1/16 of time required for notching by milling method. LC 75T44 USSR /Engineering Tools, Machine Austenite Jan 1948 "Using Bigh-Speed Steel Tools for TUrning Type E169 Austenite Steel; N. N. Zorev, Cand Tech Sci, 4 pp "Stanki I Instrument" No 1 Discusses selection of -proper geometric parameters for Cutting tools, donditions for cutting, and type of cooling liquid that permits greater effidieney during turning of austenite steel. Great importance is attached to front and rear angles of operating Gives formula for dftnantag cutting perfor- mance of high-speed steel an austenite steel. 7,T46 - 9 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 41tESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Medioine Blood.Pressure, Huh Medicine - Blood-PressOre? Effect of Drugs on }.y 19I8 "Treatment of Hypertonic Diseases With Sulfocyanate," F. A- Lokshina, narapeutic Clinic of Med Faculty.; Second Nbscow Med Inst imeni I. V. Stalin, 5 pp "Klinicheskaya Meditsina" Vol XXVI, No 5 Data fran observations indicate that sulfocyanate com- pounds are definitely an effective therapeutic ag t Thr hypertonic diseases. FDB 75T47 SR/medicine - Parasiticides Apr 1948 Medicine - Vagina, Inflammation "Phytoncidic Therapy for Trichanonal Colpitis," Prof A. N. Foy and M. V. Alekseyeva, First Leningrad Mad Inst and Lab of Dynamics of Development of Organisms? Leningrad Inst of EXperimental Med; lipp I ?Sov Meditsina" No 4 Discussea briefly research conducted which led to selection of phytoncides for treatment of patients suffering from trichomonal colpitis. . 75T48 USSR/Medicine Parasiticides? Admini- stration and Dosage Medicine - Parasiticides, Properties "Phytonoides," Ye. Yu. Shag, Moscow, lipp "Sov Moditsina" No 4 Brief account of discovery, researoh and application of phytoncides--plant bactericides. Apr 1948 FDB 75T49 TSSR/Medioine - Malaria, Control Apr 1948 Medicine - Malaria, Therapy "Orgamization of Medical Aasistance for Malarial Patients in Cities," A. I. Yakusheva, Organized Epidemiological Sector, Inst of Malaria, Med Para- eitol, and Helmintholp Aced Med Sci USSR, 2ipp "Sov Meditsina" No 4 De cribe organization, which was built up during the war? to help control malaria in cities and offer medical aid to those afflicted with malaria. FDB USSR/Medicine - Malaria, Control Apr 1948 Medicine - Mosquitoes, Control "Results of the Ettensive Use of Preparatio of Pentachlorine in the Control of Malaria," V. A. Nabokov, Entomological Sector, Inst of Malaria, Ned Parasitol, Helminthol, Aced Med Sci USSR; 1 p "Soy Neditsina" No 4 Discusses results of work conducted at Orekhov malaria station to determine effectiveness of DrT as disin- fectant ;or large areas in malaria-infested regions. FDB USSR/Medicine - Dysentery, Diagnosis Medicine - Dysentery, Prevention "The Role of Diagnostic Stations in the Control of Dysentery," N. F. Blyumel', Chair of Epidemiology, First Moscow Ord of Lenin Med Inst? 2 pp "Sov Meditsina" No 4 Apr 1948 Describes value of diagnostic'stations in determining sources of dysenteric infection, thus permitting more effective countermeasures to control it. FDB USSR/Medicine - Malaria, Control Medic e Malaria, Transmission 75T50 Apr 1948 "Rea one for the Increase of Malarial Cases ruring the Hey Harvest," M. I. Karachunskaya, See Malaria Control, Antiepidemiologioal Adm, Ministry of Pub Health RSFSR, i4 pp "Sov Meditsina" No 4 Reason for increased malaria cases during hay har- vest season were traced to presence of itinerant workers who came from Voronezh Oblast, a region where malaria is prevalant. Describes measures adopted to control spread of malaria. FDB US /Medicine - Malaria, Therapy Medioine Lambliasis, Therapy 75T52 Apr 1948 "Review of ?Atabrin and Its Widespread Use in Malaria and Lambli is? by S. I. Amhbel?," Prof I. A. Xassir- skiy, 1 p "Sov Meditsina" No I. Mbnographic presentation of various problems connected with u e of atabrin for treatment of malaria and lambliosis. Critic states that secoid printing of book should contain more concrete examples of achievements and less bibliographical notes. 75153 FDB - 10 - 75T54 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Sdientific No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Dygentery, Prevention May 1948 Medicine? Dysentery; Therapy "Dysentery," "Med_Sestra" S. Ya. Bakbmutskaya, Cand Ned Soil 1i pp No 5 Discusses nature of disease, sources of infection and some of acceptednnethods-uSed in its treatment and ? control.-; FDB USSR/Medicine - Cancer, Diagnosis Medicine - Stomach, Secretion "Diagnostic Value of Total Acidity of Gastric Content In Cancer of the Stomach," Prof A. G. Oukasyan, Faculty Clinic, Sanitation and Hygienics Faculty, Moscow Ord of Lenin Med Inst? 6 pp "Xlinicheskaya Meditsina" Vol XXVI No 5 In cancer diagnosis discrepancy between total acidity and amount of free hydrochloric acid is of great importange. A. great ramp between the two ehould be suspected of indicating cancer of stomach. 75155 May 1948 FMB 75T57 USSR/Medicine - Wounds, Gunshot Apr 1948 Medicine - Penicillin USSR/Medicine -"Fungi, Transmission May 1948 - Medicine - Children, Diseases "Prophylaxis of FUngus Diseases in Children," I. S. Liberman, Cand Med Soil 2 pp "Med Sastre" No 5 Describes various fungus diseases common in children. Warns that due to easy transmission of takeotion patients must be isolated. Discusses sanitatian measures to control epread of finagua diseases. FDB USSR/Medicine - Penicillin Medicine - Moue= "Use of Penicillin in Pleural Eapyema-," Prof A. G.- Gukasyan? Faculty Therapeutical Clinic Sanitation Hygienic Faculty, First Moscow Ord of Lenin Med 'nets, 3 pp 75T56 Apr 1948 "Sov Medit ina" No 4 Penicillin is an effective therapeutio agent in sub- ject diseaee. Treatment is most effective when given in arly stage of empyema. Effective amount of penicillin for cure varies between three million and nine million units. There are no aftereffects in penicillin therapy. FDB "Novocaine-Penicillin Injectione as a Means of Primary Surgical Treatment of Wounds and Treatment of Sup- purative Wounds," M. F. Bogatyrev, Nth Cen Clinioal Mil Hoop, 1 p "Soy Meditsina" No I. Penicillin vas administered in various ways for treatment of gunshot wounds. Describes briefly suc- cesses obtained from use of combined novocaine-peni- cillin injections for wounds. Same method vas applied to suppurative wounds. FDB 75T59 USSR/Medicine - Penicillin, Therapy Medicine - Penicillin, Administration and Dosage Apr. 1948 "Methods in Using Penicillin," Prof V. V. Babuk? Chair of Gen Sum Minsk Med Inst., 1 p "Sov-Meditsina" No 4 Frequent administrations of penicillin cause patient unrest and are unsatisfactory far patients suffering from severe diseases. Briefly describes a recommended method for application of penicillin. FDB USSR/Medioine - Scarlet Fever Medicine Penioillin 75T58 Apr 1948 "Treatment of Scarlet Fever With Penicillin," E. A. Garperin? Moscow, 2 pp "Soy Meditsine No 4 Disou ses results obtained from studies on sane 800 scarlet fever cases treated by many methods. Peni- cillin therapy was fougd. to be most effective; although not considered a specific therapy, it can be considered a pathogenetic therapy. FDB 75T60 USSR/Medicine - Dysentery, Bacilli :Apr 1948 Medicine - Drugs "Effectiveness of Gramicidin When Administered in Conjunction With Sulfonamide Preparations in the Treatment of Bacillary Dysentery," A. I. Daldina and I. A. Kozlov? Clinical Sector, Inst of Malaria, Ned Parasitol and Belminthol, Aoad Med Sol USSR, and Sec on Infection, Bakinsk Garrison Hoop, No 370, 2151 "Sov Meditsina" No 4 Ute of combined treatment greatly speeds up recovery. Gramicidin C also speeds up regeneration and epithe- lization of dyenter1c ulcers in kidneys. There are o adv eree ereffects from administration of mic 75T62 75T61 it - 11 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED Approved For keleaSe 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107M02000010035-1 FDB Periodical Abstract, Sixientifie. No 75 RESMICTED USSR/Medicine - Dysentery Medicine - Convalescence "Questions of the -Practical Value of the Rectoro- menoscope in Dysentery:. Matt M. I. Bryakin, Med Sv, Pith Field Hosp, l pp Apr 1948 "Soy Meditsina" No 4 Subject method permits better estimation of degree recovery of patient during convalescence. PDB USSR/Medicine - Malaria, Therapy Medicine Malaria, notary "Eiraluation of-the-Effentiveness of Modern Treatment of-Malaria," Prof B. Ya. Padalka, Kiev, Clinic of Infeotioas Diseases,-Nlev Inst for Advancement of Doctors, 2 pp of 75T63 Apr 1948 "Soy Neditsina" No 4 Results in evaluating effectiveness of modern methods treating malaria collected during 1944-1946 by Kiev. Malaria Organization. Data applies to mass treatment of malarial cases in Kiev and surrounding areas. FDB USSR/Medicine - Malaria, Quartan Medicine - Liver, Function Tests 75T65 Apr 1948 USSR/Medicine - Malaria, Diagnosis Apr 1948 Medicine - Malaria, Therapy "Erroneous Diagnosis and Medical Treatment for Malaria," Prof Ye, M. Tareyev? Moscow, Hon Worker of Sol, 5 pp "Soy Neditsina" No 4 Eaphasizes necessity for proper interpretations of malarial indications mid some of more effective methods whilch have been employed in controlling this disease. FDB 75T64 "The Hepatic Function in Quartan Malaria," A. V. Vinogradov, Clinical Sec, Inst of Malaria, Medical Parasitol, and Helmintholl Aced Med Sol USSR, 2 pp "Soy Meditsina" No 4 Presents results of studies conducted on some 33 oases to determine hepatic function in malaria. Data can- not be accepted as conclusive and reliable. FDB USSR/Medicine - Malaria Medicine - Drugs, Effects 75T67 Apr 1948 "Atabrin Psychosis," N. Ye. Yarygin and N. I. Nagibin Etabent Regional &pep, Bakhar Oblast, Uzbek MR, lipp "Spy Meditsina" No 4 Therapeutic doses of atdbrin are exoellent medicinal means for controlling malaria. However atdbrin affe nervous system and builds up internal resistance to itself. Heavy doses of atdbrin bring about a con- dition of intoxication and often result in severe psychosis. USSR/Medicine - Malaria, History Apr 1948 Medicine - Medicine, Military "Varied Clinical Coarse of Malaria in World War II," Ye.-S, Gliksberg, Cand Med Sol, Therapeutical Clinic, Odessa Dist for Advancement of Doctors, 2 pp "Soy Meditsina" No 4 Presents results of observations carried out during 1943-1944 on various clinical courses in malarial patients of First Ukrainian Army Group and Voronezh Oblast. FMB 75T66 USSR/Medicine - Malaria Apr 1948 Medicine - Transfusion "Question of Malaria and Transfusion," N. M. Zhukov, Moscow Oblast Malaria Sts., Inst imeni Mechnikov,ip "Soy Meditsina" No 4 Reports cases observed of transfer of Malaria to children through blood transfusions from donors who at one time had been afflicted by malaria. , FDB USSR/Medicine - Syphilis Medicine - Penicillin 75T6g Apr 1948 "Some Results of the Treatment of Syphilis by Peni- oillin?" Prof N. S. Vedrov, Moscow, 2 pp "Soy Meditsina" No 4 Data for article was collected by group of physicians who operated a field base of Moscow City Public Health Department, conducting tests over period of 3 years. Actual results were obtained from treatment of new cases of syphilis. Concludes that penicillin is best antisyphilitio substance now known. 75T69 FMB 75T70 - 4flie Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-031074002000010035-1 tESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstract USSR/Medicine - Anatomy May/Jun 1948 Medicine - Respiratory Tract "Review of 'Pathological Anatomy. Part III. Respi- ratory Organs by A. I. Abrikosov," Prof G. Lo Derman "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, BO 3 Favorable review? of above work. Treats in detail pathological anatomy of diseases of? nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, It and pleura and gives valuable list of referenoes. Published by Medgiz, 1947; in- cludes 194 sketches FDB USSR/Medicine - Ldphtheria Medicine - Stomach, Ekamination "Histomorphological Diseases of the Mucous Membrane of the Stomach in Various Forms of Diphtheria," Bo NL Nikitin, Moscow, Leib of Path Anat of Infections Dis- eases) Inst of Normal and Path Mbrph, Aad. Med Sci and Path Anat Dept Blagushinsk Hospital, 8 pp "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, No 3 Reports stomach examinations of 30 diphtheria cases, 3-4 hours after death. In nearly every case degener- ation or inflammation of mucous membrane of stomach was observed, and in 11 cases, acute gastriti in 75T71 Nny/jun 1948 FDB USSR/Medicine - Diphtheria (Contd) 7573 May/jun 1948 pathological processes in =COua membrane occur in first 2 weeks of diphtheria and then gradually dis- appear. FDB USSR/Medicine - Refrigeration Medicine Cold, Therapy "Further Mbdification of a Simplified Method of Freezing Histological Tissues)" P. P. Popovitch? Chair of Path Anat, Yaroslavl Med Inst, 1 p "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, No 3 Soientific No 75 mielmRTOTED USSR/Medicine - Sarcoma Erperimental May/Jun 1948 Medioine Mice ?Comparative Results of Intracutaneous and Sub- cutaneous Injections of Antireticular Cytotoxic Serum aa the Growth of Transplanted Sarcoma in Mice," V. D. Vinogradova, Moscow Pathophysiol Dept, Cen Oncological Inst ineni P. A. Gertoena? 4 pp "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X) No 3 Reports series of experiments performed by author on mice: intraoutaneous, 83; subcutaneous, 79; control, 90. Positive results of sarcoma transplantation were 49.4ch 5.5%p 77.2=k 4.7% and 92.2=L 2.8%, respec- tively. Intracutaneous injeotion, therefore, con- FDB 75T72 lieWMadioine - Sarcoma, Etcperimentel (Contd) siderably lowers susceptibility of mice May/Jun 1948 to sarcoma. 'DB 2 7,T73 May/Jun 1948 In "Arkhiv Patologii" No 1 and 2) 1946) author de- /scribed simplified method of freezing tissue specimens using a freezing mixture of ice/Snow and cooking salt instead of carbon dioxide. Present article describes modification of this apparatus which enables entire object to be cooled evenly. Apparatus has been placed In mass production. FDB 75175 USSR/Medicine - Poisons and Poisoning, Nay/Jun 1948 Industrial Medicine - Autopsies ?Data an the Pathological Anatomy of Acute Chlorine Poi ing)" F. I. Ponhariskiy? Moscow, Chair of Path Anat, Ce last for Advancement of Doctors, 3 pp "Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, No 3 Autopsy reports on two workmen who died from acciden- tal chlorine poisoning. One was deflating balloons; other was cleaning a chlorine tank. It is claimed that results give a pathomorphological picture which differs oonsiderably from that generally accepted. FDB 75T74 USSR/Medicine - docarditis May/Jun 1948 Medinine - Rabbits ?Eiperimental Endocarditis?" V. P. ResareVal Moscow, Chair of Path Anat) Smolensk Ned: That, 6 pp ?Arkhiv Patologii" Vol X, No 3 Reports experiments carried out an 83 rabbits. Ani- mals were sensitized with four horse-serum injections at 5-day intervals. 10-15 days after last injection they wore compelled to run for 10=13 minutes, where- upon a mixture of streptococci and horse-serum was injected into ear. 58% developed typical endocarditin However) identical amounts of microbes frequently FDB 75T76 - 13 - Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RIOSTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 7E0 Periodical Abstracts lofting No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Public Health Progress Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Public Health History. "Public Health in the Bulgarian People's Republic," V. S. Grazhul'? Cand Med Sci, Inst Public Health and History of Med, 4 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhransniye" No 2 Discusses state of public health in Bulgaria in 1944, when People's Democracy was established, and compares it with present day. Describes public health service with chart showing organization and gives account of progress of Five-Year Plan. PDB 75T77 USSR/Medicine - Hygiene and Sanitation Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Water, Supply "Republioan Scientific Conference of Young Ryg1en1sts7 D. Ye. Rozenberg, 2 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Conference, first of its kind, was held in *meow 9-10 Dec 1947 and 25 papers were read on water supply, food, atmosphere, soils, etc., some of which are sunmarized. FDB 75T78 USSR/Medicine - Vital Statistics Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Rygiene and Sanitation "The Planning of Sanitation Statistical Studies*" L. A. Brushlinskaya, S1 Methode Bu of Sanitary Statistics, Ministry of Pub Health RSFSR, 5 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Discussed in terms of Prikaz No 691 of Minister of Public Health RSFSR. Lists various lines along which to work including such problems as infantile mortality tuberculosis, medical service for rural population, etc. PEG 75T80 USSR/Medicine .6 Hygiene and Sanitation Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Malaria "Data of the Fourth Conference on the Study of the Medical and Sanitation Consequences- of the War," S. Ye. Gal'perin? Dr Med Sol, Sci SGC, Commission to: Study of Med and Sanitation Consequences of the War, 'pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Summarizes speeches made at above conference. Progr reports were made by representatives of regions occu- pied by Germans during var. Discussed aspects of con- trol of malaria and tuberculosis, and rehabilitation of disabled veterans. FMB 75T82 USSR/Medicine - Endooarditis (Contd) May/Jun 1948 produced completely different forms of endo- and myooarditis. Author discusses the reason for this. Article is illustrated with microphotographs. FDB 75T76 USSR/Medicine - Public Health, Re-Cords Mar/Apr 1948 And Reports Medicine - Vital Statietics "Compiling Morbidity Rates for a Fluctuating Popu- lation," Ye. E. Ben, Chair of Pub Health, met for Advancement of Doctors, Leningrad, 5 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 B. S. Bessmertniy discussed above problem in "Sbvet- skoye Zdravookbraneniye" No 5, 1947. Hie article iscritkized by Prof Ben, who points out certain tn- istencies in Besamertniygs figures. These are admitted by Besamertnly in his reply, but he remains licaitgdtheoretical soundness and practicability 75T79 set 8 DB USSR/Medicine - Public Health, Officers Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Public Health, Cooperation "All-Russian Council of Active Workers of Public Realth 12-15 January 1948," Ya. O. Rodov, Docent, 6 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Conference, in which 50 delegates took part, vas opened by Cabinet Vice-President Dalmatov. Main basis for discussion was announcement of Minister of Publio Health concerning taeks of Active Workers in 1948. Summarizes speeches made. FDB USSR/Medicine - Medicine 75T81 Public Health, Centers Mar/Apr 1948 - Public Health, History "Prophylactic Guidance and Dispensary Method in the Practice of Soviet Public Healthy" D. G. Oppengeym, Inst of Pub Health and His of Mad, Aced Med Sol., 6 pp ."Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Presents historical survey of establishment of dis- pensaries in USSR. Stresses ideologioal aspect, e.g., 50 years experience is of no avail to British and French antituberculosis clin,tos, handicapped as they ars by capitalistic conditions. FDB 75T83 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A00200001003-5-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Medicine - Public Health Officers Mar/Apr 1948 Medicine - Palle Health, Progress "The tasks of Members of the Public HealthService of the RSFSR in-1948," G. N. Beletskiy, Minister of Pub Health RSFSR, 10 pp "Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye" No 2 Abridgement of speech delivered at All-Russia con- Vention_of active'health-workers, Main tasks in future are reduction-afltortalitY rate, control of typhus parasites-, -tuberculosis, malignant ,tumor And venereal diseases. Mork of past Year is reviewed, various persons and institutions being singled out ne USSR/Medicine - Publicllealth? Officers (Contd.) 75T84 Mar/Apr 1948 for commendation or censure. Reference is made to training of doctors in hospitals and polyclinics. Lists points which require attention if task et by RSFSR ars to be fulfilled. FDB USSR/Metals Testing Procedures Deformation 75T84 May 1948 "The Use of Conical Impressions for the Study of the Effect of Speed on the Resistance of Metals to re- formation," F. F. Vitman, N. N. revidenkov, N. A. Zlatin B. S. Ioffe? Leningrad Phys Tech Mast) Acad. Sci USLR, 16 pp "Cavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 ? DiedUsses plastic deformation of metals and deter- mination of hardness and yield point by means of conical impressions produced by ballistic pendulum Ifpgid.Tresents mathematical treatment of varimer USSR/Metals Aluminum Alloys Spectrum Analysis "Determination of Iron, Silicon, Copper and Zinc in Alumimim by the Spectrum Method," L. V. Drutskaya; Ural Aluminum Plant, 5 pp May 191i.8 "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Speotrun analysis has been used in Ural plant since 1943 for controlling commercial aluminum productiau. Describe method and compares results with those obtained by chemical analysis. FDB 75T89 USSR/Metal Aluminum Alloys Magnesium May 1948 "A Quick Volumetric Method for the Determination of Magnesium in Aluminum Alloys," R. B. Glushkina, Plant imeni 0014 "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Me od, described in detail, is based on property of citric acid which enables it to form stable com- plexes with ions of aluminum, iron and manganese. FDB 75T85 USSR/Metals May 1948 Polarographio Analysis Electrolytes "Direct Polarographic Determination of Copper and Lead in a NickelElectrolyte " I. A. Korshunov and L. N. Sazanova, Inst Chem, GOrkly State Dr, 1 p "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 Copp r waves are masked by diffUsion wave. This difficulty can be overcome by treating nickel elec- trolyte with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and oda, which splits up organic compounds and pre- cipitates iron. FDB USSR/Metals Metallurgy? Powder Mechanics 751786 May 1948 "A Method of Measuring Lateral Pressure During the Pre sing of Metalloceramic Specimens, ' V. N. Goncharova, Con Sol Res lnst of Eng and Machine Building; 4 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV, No 5 After discussing existing methods, author describes her own, which consists of measuring deformation of press walls, and calculating corresponding lateral pre sure by Lame's formula for thick-walled cylinders. Results are useful in powder metallurgy. 17a 75T88 USSR/Metals Metallurgy, Ferrous Steel - Carbides May 191e8 "Isolation of the Carbide Phase Under Fixed Con- ditions," N. M. Popova and M. F. Rybina, All-Union Inst of Avn Materials, 3 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol XIV; No 5 After de cribing difficulties inherent in electro- lytic method of estimating carbide phase in steel, authors describe an apparatus for overcoming them-. Principle used is continuous removal of carbide de= posit from surface of specimen by a stream of cooled electrolyte. FDB 75T90 Approved For For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 FDB Periodical -Abstracts Scientifio No 75 RESTRICTED USSR/Mining Peat Resourcea Mining Methods May 948 "News in the Staff of the Ministry of Electric Power Plants" 1 pp "Tort Prom" No 5 Describes briefly plans for e?biiihmetT of social- istic competition at peat fields and-for development 0 new pqat fields as a method of fulfilling Stalin Five-Year Plan for Ministry of Electrostations. 75T91 USSR/Mining Peat Resources Mining Methods May 1948 "Peat in the Fergana Valley, N N. P. Gerashohenko, pp "Teri' Prom" No 5 Brief acoount of peat resources and methods for Ob- taining peat in Fergana valley region, located in Keynara peat fields, one of three largest in Uzbek SSR. FDB 75T92 CRINA/Nuclear Physics - Radioactive( Or !tag 19117 Nuclear Physics - Uranium "Uranium Ore in Ewangsi Province" "Vo-hstieh Shih-pao" Vol XIV, No 2 liational Geologinal SUrvey and National Resources Com- mission have ascertained existence of uianiva ore in Chung-shan Eaten; Avangei Provinoe. Monazite, con- ' taining free thoricus end uranium ore a1found in gavel'of Pu-Sha Tfi Mine -lare-contataing thorium and,uraninzs locally is-called yellow-smoke, and is found in 14nSo 'quantities in concentrated tailings of tin or -3kr?iis-arabmirzilly fain& n ring-kupi Tin Riime bel.c:iag to nationallResources UomaiiiTaat* d other minea in this region. (Complete translation) ID 75T93 USSR/Physics x-attys --Goniometers Photograph, X-Ray May 1948 "The LITHO I-Ray Goniameter (Type Sauter I)," D. B. Gogoberidze and I. V. Yavorskiy, Leningrad last of Precision Mechanics and Optics, 6 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Instrument described is an experimental model con- Structed in authors? institute. There are tw X-ray photographs of a rock salt crystal. Submitted 12 Nov 1947. FDB T5T95 USSR/Physics Spectrographs Light Sources YeLY 1948 "Illumination of the Slit of a Spectrograph by a Non- absorbent Three-Dimensional Source of Light," G. G. Slyusarev and V. M. Chulanovskiy, Soi Res Plays last, Leningrad State tr, 8 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 J. R. Nielsen considered case of a rectangular slit Illuminated by a source also of rectangular section (JOSA 20, 701, 1950). Difficulties of this problem are considerable, and Nielsen's foraulas are com- plicated and difficult to apply to practical case FDB 7,T97 - 1 USER/Nuoleat Physics - Counters, Electronic May 1948 Ntclear Physios - Ions "Righnlorequency Counter as an Indidator Of Light: Ions," A. M. Prokof'yev, Main Geophys ObserVatory, Leningrad, 2 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Author de cribed counter in previous article. Preemit paper shows that high-freqUency sparks are caused by light air ions with A mobility of 0.47 cm?/V per oec and above. Submitted to Zh.E.T.F. 29 Oct 1947. Submitted 24 Nov 1947, FDB USSR /Physics Heat-Transmission Heat - Convection 75T94 May 1948 "On V. L. Sheverkov's Article, 'Calculation of the Temperature Field in an Isotropic Medium in Front of a Mbving Source of Heat'," Bb Ya. Lyubov? That of Metallophysic Cen Sci Res Inst of Ferrous Metal, 3 PP ."Zhur Tekh Fiziki"._ Vol XVIII, No 5 t?r '9 CE The correct solution of the equation _20 , when .> 0; > ? (0) iS (e). z 14. not 161) ,../-2,--cob as stated ? by Shevel kor. FDB . _75/96 USSR /Physics Impact, Electronic Glass, - Metallization )ay 19148 The Uae of Discharges in Gas for the Preparation of Glass Surfaces for Aluminizing," V. N. Rozhdestven- skiy? State Ord of Lenin Optical School, 6 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Description and results of series of experiments on preparation of glass discs for aluminizing. Surface waa divided into three annuli, outer covered, inner uncovered, and middle provided with a removable screen. Disc was placed in vacuum apparatus and eublected to ionic bombardment for several periods FDB 75198 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-63107r002000010035-1 ____ZraaefBD FDB Periodical Abstracts Scientific No 75 AMMEJIMPD USSR/Physics (Contd.) May 1948 USSR/Physics (Contd) May 1948 Author obtains stiailer formulae by considering case of a circular slit illuminated by a cylindrical gourd Submitted 11 Deo 1947. FDB ? USSR/Phieics Photoelectric Cells, Selenium "Photometric Comparison of Selenium Photoelectric Cells With Compensation Filters," M. S. Kapnik and S. G. YUrov, All-Union Elea Eng Inst imeni V. I. Lenin, Moscow, 6 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Description and results of comparative experiments carried out on 9 cells of different makes. Method used was to measure strength of a colored light first by using cell, and then by anima acourate method. Quality of compensation of photo element was de- termined by divergence 'between measured and true values. Submitted 4 Nov 1947, FEB 75T99 75T97 May 1948 USSR/Radio *Iv, Guides Mathematics, Applied Pr 1948 "Exoitation of a Semi-Infinite Radio Wave Guide Through a Slit in the Base,* NL L. Levin, Phys Tech That, Gor'kly State U 4 pp "Zhur Tekh Fizikd" Vol XVIII) No 5 A purely mathematical treatment of subject by method of vector analysis. Submitted 10 Nov 1947. FDB 75T101 and at various intensities. Such aspects of subject as influence of presence of fatty acids on bubble formation are being investigated further. Submitted 27 Oct 1947. FDB 75T98 USSR/Physics May 1948 Ionization Cathodes "The Problem of Ionization of Atoms and Neutrali- zation of Ions on the Surface of a Semiconductor Cathode," N. D. Nbrgulis, Inst of Piano, Aced Sci Ukrainian SSR, Kiev, 6 pp "Mar Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Phenomena are described and distinguiehed from those associated with metallic surfaces. Approximate probability expressiOns,ere deduced by means of which It is possible to explain results obtained in pre- 75T100 USSR/Physics (Contd.) May 1948 vious investigations of calcium and magnesium oxides. Submitted 16 Dec 1947, FDB 75T100 USSR/Radio A4sy 1948 Wave Guides Antennas "Theory of an Annular Resonance Slit in a Wave Guide," M. L. Levin, PhysTech Inst, Gor'kiy State U, 14 pp "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol XVIII, No 5 Gives theory of a resonance slit antenna?_shaped like a narrow ;11.- ring, out at "bottom" of a Infinite wave wave guide of circular section. Shows that it- ring slit can be made in resonance with existing wave. Submitted 10 Nov 1947. 75T102 ID AMC ST BM BS SI LC FDB COM AF List of Abbreviations used in FDB Periodical Abstracts Intelligence Division library Air Documents Division, Air Materiel Command Reference Division, State Department Bureau of Nines, Department of Interior National Bureau of Standards Smithsonian Institution Library of Congress Foreign Documents Branch) CIA Department of Commerce A-2 Library,. USAF 17 Approved For Release 1999/08/25 : CIA-RDP78-03107A002000010035-1