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November 17, 2016
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March 29, 1999
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November 29, 1954
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1111110." Approved For Relouse 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03130A000100020002-1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X6A 25X6A 25X1A Mg,E6Wan,9FTILIORTIEril'L= OF SgEttlInqe.. ON 4PLOITATION OF Fdff LAN UME-NBLICATIONS 29 November 1954 Present Members: John Laceys State Richard Bauer, Army Lt. Cdr.'G.B. McKinney, Navy Consultants: NSA ABA (for John Anderson AEC (for Dr. Charles Reichardt) 11111CIA 4 Chairman NSA StewartLee',Mate 111111= CIA CIA CIA CIA CIA 10 The 40th meeting convened at 1h00 hours and the minutes of the 39th meeting were approved% 20 Program MIreo Lacey requested that the following rewording of FDDIs proposed preogram mould better suit State's needs: b0 Item e "Social Problems": add to the prevision "Social trends running along with or counter to traditionalism or occupational referms." c% Item, f "Articles of Intellectuals": Change the priority of this category to "Bo" State would like to have More than the mere- titles of articles by intellectuals? The report should also carry some annotation coverivg the scope and scholarship level of the articles? The Chairman stated that these changes would be made 4K1 1 Approved For Release 200 See REY SATE ST sofa coMP.113 SP, TYPE ?RIO SUSS 'MIES REV CUSS 25X1A 1843124A09131044010004 NB SIC F reiCuF Approved For Releab 25X6 4 ? CIA-RDP78Q130A000100020002-1 The biographic coverage mentioned in the program is considered by State as of a very low priority and would like to see this give vim to North Korean exploitation if =dither). sufficient material is avail- able to reqpire the manpawer. Army.concurred in the prop= but desired that North Korean. information found in satellite publications and normally reported in "Selected Briefs from the International Press" be also reported in the North Korean section of the report. 25X6A Navy email/Ted with Army and would like to add "Information on naval units and seaborne trade North Korea." The Chairman stated this mould be covered. CIA concurred. NSA concurred with Arrqe The Chairman stated that since a majority desired it, FDD mill report North Korean information in the report whether or not it is also reported in "Selected Briefs from the International Press" pending a full review of this latter publication in January. 3. Latin America Program Hr. Lester stated that State would find the proposed report mere useful if the following amendments were incorporated in the program: The report be published biweekly instead of monthly. b* Paragraph 2; Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Panama, and El Salvador are omitted, When it is possible to cover more countries State mould like these five added in the order stated. os Paragraph Strike "from only" and report from all sources* d. Paragraph 2c(4): Change to "any new party coalition inform. .mation and/or operation." es Paragraph 2c: Add a new item 7 "Church-State relations in. Argentina." f. Paragraph 2d: Add Venezuela and Uruguay to the countries mentioned under "Organized Labor Development." g. Paragraph 3.1 Add "Electric power in Chile."' The Chairman stated that FDD mill incorporate all these suggested amendmenteiv, . Approved For Release 2000/4:424ALRDP78-03130A000100020002-1 25X6A 25X9A1 25X1A 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03130A000100020002-1 CONF1TNNTIAX, Army, Navy, USA, and CIA concurred in the program., LI compiled review of all the FPD scheduled reports including the amended Latin American report will be drawn Bo and circulated to the Subcommittee representatives when complete& 14, Scientific Abstracting The Chairsan reviewed the Air Force proposal and requested comment on the two provisions; (1) that four journals now covered by commercial sources be discontinued from the abstracting program; and (2) that consideration be given to selective coverage rather than covere. to.00ver abstracting* State: Mr. Lacey stated that State has a llwrited interest in the subject and had no comment at this time. , Army: Mr. Bauer stated that consensus of opinion in the Technical Services showed a preference for sOlective abstracting* Signal Corps- and Corps of Angineers had not replied as yet* Army agrees that journals handled in tote by Coneultants Bureau should be dropped. Army will what detailed statement by journals* Navy: Lt* Cdr.. McKinney stated that Navy has no objection to selective abstracting* Nary would like to -see the abatract cards spaced so they could be cut to 3x5 in conformity with their filing - system. At this point a discussion was anteredinto on the subject of selective distribution* The Chairman stated that he believed it would be well for this Subcommittee to provide "dissemination" with a selected recommendation by recipient and see if only abstracte of the desired-jobrnals cannot bp sent to each, NSA: presented a lengthy list of joureals for which NSA does not desire to receive abstracts. CIA: stated that he felt discussion of the abstract., ing program was a bit premature at this time. The Chairman stated that prior to the next meeting, FDD will endeavor to draw up a consolidated list of desires by each agency for abstract cards by journal* -5* The Chairman then noted that with the completion of Latin America, examination of needs in ail areas and hence the basic initial program of the Subcoanittee was finished* Aceordingly the Subcommittee would now be entering its second phase of aork the review phase, - Therefore, the next meeting would be set for January and the agenda would include the following two items whicheppear at this date to call for., an early review: ? 3 ? CONFIDER= Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03130A000100020002-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03130A000100020002-1 tied CONFIDEEZIAL (a) Review of the VW publication "Selected Briefs from the -International Press" (b) Review of the Exploitation Program for Scientific and Technical Pdblications, The Chairman requested that each, member be prepared to comment, (a) Whether his Agency considers the emanating reports satisfactory or unsatisfactory. CO If unsatisfactory, what should be eliminated, (e) What information ie needed that is not. being reported Or covered adequately. (d) Other improvements in the program or reports, 6. The meeting adjourned at 1530 hours, The next meeting will be held an Friday, 14 January 1955, in Room 2125M Building at 1400 hours. 25X1A9a It - Approved For Release 2000M2IRDIA-RDP78-03130A000100020002-1