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December 9, 2016
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November 28, 2000
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~~~1'.`?~~Jtl l E Approved For Rele se.2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03130A00r100020009-4 %of s W ATE DI ARTITM T V S EXPLOITATION OF k I WCU1,JEJJTS INN LATIN 1EI 4' A State's most urgent requirements with reference to the exploitation of foreign documents in the Latin American area can generally be met with the Department's existing facilities, including embassy resources, the language competence of itg research staff, and occasional recourse to Departmental translating services. However, the proportion of manpower to resources that could profitably be exploited is such that supplemental efforts in this field, if carefully geared to current needs, might be of considerable value. It is suggested that an experimental program be developed on the fol- .LoVLng selective basis. As Topics requiring coverage in all countries* 1, Meeting of ministers of finance or economy in Rio de Janeiro, November 1954 (a continuing study) Current major issues in the UN, such as control of atomic energy and admission of communist China. 3, The recent change of government in Guatemala and current pol,i.tical developments in that country (comment, especially any expression of opinion referring to the United States, is desired), 40 The establi.sluaent of Soviet or pro-Soviet cultural institutes (any information or opinion). 3, Topics requiring coverage in specified countries o: r lm Communism and labor, as separate but related subjects, with emphasis a) in the case of commiunism, on evidences of strength, activity of front organizations, infiltration in government and noncommunist organizations, and relations with communists and communist organizations abroad, and b) in the case of labor, on legislation, organization, participation by labor in politics and policy-making,, and government action affecting the labor movement, Countries to be covered for these two sub jectss Guatemala,, Brazil Chile, trg n$inap Bo I, Costa ion, and Cuba* 'are listed in order of priority TlaF * Under each topic countries are listed in order of priority. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0313OA000100020009-4 State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file a) Local industry, including electric power and b) trade .d finance, both domestic and foreign. Specific topics of interest include under a) plans or projects for izportant industrial developme7s armation on financial status and profitability of existing plants,, including balance sheets of major enterprises,, and policy statements by major officials; under b) information on domestic trading practices (cooperatives, s allanent buying, regulation on retail and wholesale operations, etc, ), indication of significant changes in foreign trade policies, structure of trade organizations and their relation to both the government and private sectors of the economy. Countries: Guatemala, eats, and Chiles Organization of government,, operations and relationships of government agencies, political party organization and activity, local and regional government and the relation- ship of these levels to the national government, Guatemala, Costa Rica. Argentina and Uru ~ ! , Names and positions of middle ranking government and party officials, (Information would be most useful if presented in the form of lists divided into ministries,, branches of government administration, and political parties, Informa- tion should be present at frequent but not necessarily regular intervals.) Countries: Brazil., Bolivia, and Chile, le Bolivia Data on organizational structure, membership strength, leadership and principal aims of the following front groups and targets of Co.amunist infiltration in Bolivia are especially needed in the immediate future: Juventud Coma .stn de Bolivia Or anizacion Nilitar Ro - a possibly no longer a+ct: ve , es-ta Mara, o, ederaco n Universitaria Bolivian, and component ua~ivers ty a cra ions, and a ona7. edei ation of Teachers (Bolivian tame unknown) 2. Brazil a, Reports and comments on leaders, strength, and organic zation of political parties in all states and in the Federal District, b0 Name and political 'party of victorious candidates for state and national office in October 1954 .ections? c4 Representation and leadership of the various political parties in the national congress. Approved For ele se 2001/OBrZ8-"=A=RDP78-03130AOOQ1000200C9- 3, Ce Special country requirements Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA.MR-78-03130A000100020009-4 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For 4 1 , % e 2 01/08/28: IA-RDP78-03130A000j100020009-4 Y party eaders in the a ,seal congress on. Administration economic policies anti-inflation measures changes in petroleum legislation US financial assistance to Brasil government assistance to agriculture need for labor legislation anti.Comnjst legislation and enforcement US-Brazil military accord role of the military in government reform of the electoral law 3? The finances and fund raising activities of all political parties, new party coalitiions, and the attitude of the new coalitions toward the administration. . Uruguay Activities of Argentine exiled, evidences of monist penetration in labor., economic, political and mllita circles, a anti.4 and "Third Position,' activities. It is believed that this program would be most useful if information, except as otherwise noted, is prepared in the form of brief abstracts with occasional significant extracts and presented on a biweekly basis. The :sources that have been listed as now being exploited in FM are obviously inadequate to met the requirements set forth here. It has been assumed that additional newspapers,, periodicals, etc. can be obtained. State Is prepared to make specific suggestions in this regEtrd. 3 ,. C( IAL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0313OA000100020009-4