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November 17, 2016
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March 29, 1999
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'Approved For Relea 3130A01 00020%b493 PDD PROM M MR SOUTH ASIA AND AFRIG& The following reports will be issued in the PDD Summary series consisting in general of summaries of information in newspapers, periodicals, and mono- graphs. This program is outlined in broad terms and subject to specific refinement through operational liaison. 1, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Monthly Report on India Pakistan and ani ta,n This report will be broken down by co mtries. Subjects: a. Data on Soviet economic penetration in Afghanistan b. Comment on external affairs (from the provincial press only) c. Developments in and India's relation with Kashmir, Nepal, Sikkim., Bhutan, Assam* and Tibet (from the local--lang e press only) d. Political activities and develop.rrents in Pakistan (i.e. Azad Keebmir; the North West Frontier province, tribal areas,, and states; Baluchistan province and states; and East Bengal) e. Characteristic of the people in major regions of Pakistan (i.e. Bengali, Baluchi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Puahtna Pahari region of Azad Kashmir, and Pakistan-occupied Gilgit and Western Ladakh as support for NIS Section No 42) f.. Religion, Education, and Public Information in Afghanistan (to support MIS Section No 43) g, Comments on Hindu-Moslem relations h. Organized labor activities i. Military information (only peebaining to army and air force data on Afghanistan and from al-Hilgll on Pakistan) J. Transportation and telecommunications (including graphic information on airfields) k. Industry and agriculture 1. Geographic information (surveys, accounts of travels in little known areas) nao Information on governmental structure, both central and local, for Afghanistan Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0313OA000100020064-3 `Approved For Releas%;P6b/6/2$ i dikk P~* 63130A 0104 @64-3 2. Africa Monthly Report.on Africa This report will contain information on Tunisia, French and Spanish Morocco., Tangier, Lybia, French West and bquatorial Africa (including French Togoland and Caineroons), Belgian Congo, Portuguese Africa, Somalia, Eritrea,, Ethiopia, French Somalialand, Madagascar, and Union of South Africa, by countries. Subjects: a,, Activities of political parties and organizations (especially native, settler pressure, and turopean groups in Ta Mier, wench and Spanish North Africa, Belgian Congo, and Portuguese Africa; local organi- zations of French political parties in French North Arica) b, Political agitation and tribal unrest (including detailed data on units, rsonalities, and buildings involved in Aorth Africa) c. Comments on internal and external affairs (including political and social reforms; spread of Islam and Christianity in Belgian Congo, French West and Equatorial Africa; federation of Eritrea with Ethiopia; Somalia's preparation for independence, by 1960) d, Sociolo4ca]. developments affecting growth of nationalism, e, Organized labor activities (including affiliation, strength, personalities,, and elections) f. Military for Africa south of Sahara (local military and security forces including personalities; bibliographic references to military and economic publications) g. Transportation and telecommunications (including logistic problems) h. Industry and Agriculture (including mining) i, Geographic (surveys, accounts of travels in little known areas) J, Biographic (information on leading economic personalities and third-strata officials) 3o Items on Communist and Comnunista.frout activities,, East-West travel and contacts, East-West trade, and international arms traffic will be reported in the Weekly Selected Briefs from the International Press. Approved For Release 2000/@82? ~qq-gCAPJT L-OA3130A000100020064-3