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December 9, 2016
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April 10, 2001
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January 6, 1956
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Fi- ST AR?FORM ft roved For Rele 2001/04/24 . Q,1 -R 0A000e~p0040009- 25X1A Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO 25X1A CIA Representative, DATE: 6 January 1956 Subcommittee on Exploitation of Foreign Language Publications Chief, Requirements Branch, OCI SUBJECT: Current FDD Program on the Free World 1. With reference to subject program, OCI requires the following: A. World Wide - Selected briefs from the International Press- Useful (1) (2) (3) Semimonthly Information Report on Arab States and Israel - Useful (b) Geographic information on Turkey and Iran (survey] Monthly Information Report on Afghanistan - Useful The following subject categories should be reported on an ad-hoc basis directly to GTI/SCI. (a) Popular reaction toward internal and external affairs in Greece, Turkey and Iran (e.g. ME Defense, US economic and military assistance; attitude toward Soviet bloc, Western bloc, and neutralism; oil agreements). (d) accounts of travels in little known areas). Provincial, political, and labor developments in Greece, Turkey and Iran. Activities of Minority and Religious groups in Greece, Turkey and Iran. Sociological information on Iran (education and social reforms). C. Africa (1) Monthly Information Report on Africa - Useful, but Paragraph C should read as follows: Approved For Release 2001/04/2, ."jqp RI '-'4v Is I ilea Rfv o#tE C.tlt t~1fM'~./ 4vl _ ty*E CR?G CI.a$t r fortis REV CASs JUST 11ERT REV ` Q AUTh fill 7-4 '0' Qf-000100040009-2 Approved For Relea 2001/04/24: CIA-RDP78-03130A000140040009-2 "Monthly Information Report on Africa, with special emphasis on North Africa, Madagascar, Reunion, French Cameroons, French Equatorial Africa, and Somalia, covering activities of political parties and organization, including terrorism; organized labor activities; social exchanges between Europeans and natives; biographic data on high and low-level political and economic personalities; military information including French OB; economic information including German and Japanese penetration. 1. Activities of North African Nationalist`in foreign centers - i.e. Casio, Madrid, New York, etc." D. Western Europe (1) Index of "La Stampa" and "La Stampa-Sera" - Useful (2) Index of "Le Monde" - Useful (3) "Trade Union Activities in Finland" should be continued. OCI/SC interested primarily in trade union (SAK) and (HTK) activities at the National level. Less emphasis on reporting activities of the various locals. (4) Cooperation between Communist, Socialist, and Catholic Labor Unions in France and Italy - Useful (5) Development of Political attitudes in West Germany and' Austria - Useful. Semimonthly Information Report on Latin America - CCI/LA. would like to get from the semimonthly report press information on local (State or departmental) political, labor personalities and activities and statements and activities of influential communists. Therefore, the following general classes of information could be eliminated entirely: (1) Items on banquets, receptions, weddings and the like (see issue of Dec. 2, Trujillo sponsors wedding of army dentist) (2) Dedications of buildings and public works (see issue of 2 Dec., inauguration of airfield and police buildings in the Dominican Republic) Q M. Approved For Release 2001/04P24 ?4 IAARE Y FOA000100040009-2 Approved For Relea 2001/04/24 :. GWr-RI)R7= f 1 i0A0004&040009-2 (3) Cultural exchanges (see issue of 2 Dec., Bolivia and Chile to exchange newsreels) (4+) Projected public works (see issue of 2 Dec., Chile plans new power plants; Mexico to expand telephone system) (5) Military promotions, transfers, anniversary celebrations (see issue of 2 Dec,, Paraguayan regiment celebrates Chaco battle anniversary; Paraguayan police officers receive citations). In addition, the following specific cuts could be made: (1) Mexico - eliminate all coverage except Communism (2) Central America - eliminate all coverage. F. South Korea - Useful G. Japan - Useful 11. Indonesia - Useful I. Philippines - Useful J. Indochina (Non-Communist) Thailand, Burma - Useful 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/04/ J- DP78-d3+f3A00010004000'9-2