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December 9, 2016
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May 17, 2001
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January 21, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362AO0160000090007-6 New Times STENCIL NO. 54 Zionist Agents of the American Secret Service. By V. Minayev The monstrous crimes committed by a group of terrorists and sabo- teurs belonging to the medical profession, now disclosed by the Soviet.. security authorities, have stirred the anger and indignation of the Soviet people. There was no limit to the foul villainy of these fiends who used the noble calling of physician as a screen and desecrated the sac ed. name of science. The preliminary investigation has established, at this group of doctors-assassins had set themselves the purpose, means of. injurious treatment, to shorten the lives of active leading fi ores in the Soviet Union. Abusing their medical calling, the criminals de- liberately made incorrect diagnoses and then wilfully killed their patients by prescribing injurious courses of "treatment." In this way the vile assassins put to death A. A. Zhdanov.and... A. S. Shcherbakov, lcaa.ing Soviet statesmen. The criminals confessed that they took advantage of. A. A. Zhdanov''.s illness to give- a false diagnosis; concealing the fact that he'was suf- fering from infaretus myocard.ii, they prescribed a course of treatment counter-indicated by this severe disease, and thereby caused his death. The preliminary investigation has also established that the criminals cut short the life of A. S. Shcherbakov by treating him incorrectly with powerful drugs and prescribing a fatal regimen which led to his untimely, end. These tiends in.-the guise of physicians pursued obviously subversive ends.. They endeavored, fatly, to undermine the health of leading military man in order.to weaken the defence of the Soviet Union. They tried to disable Marshals A. M. Vasilevsky, L. A. Govorov and. I. S. Konev, Army General S. M. Shtemenko, Admiral G. I. Levchenko and others: The sabotage activities of this'group of doctors-assassins were di- rected by the imperialist warmongers. The criminals had sold themselves to the American and British'secret services and worked in their pay. Most of the members of the villainous gang--Professors Vovsi, B. Kogan, Feldman, Grinstein, Etinger and others--were connected with the "Joint," an international Jewish bourgeois-nationalist organization founded by the American secret service, supposedly for the assistance of Jews in other countries. In reality, this organization, under the Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362AO01600090007-6 Approved For Releas*%01/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03362A00160MR0007-6 direction bf he Aerie secret service, conducts wide-scale: espionage, terrorist and other subversive activities in a number of countries, in- cluding the Soviet Union. One of the arrested men, Vovsi, admitted during the interrogation, that he had received a directive from the "Joint" Zionist organization in the United States "to exterminate lead- ing cadres of the U.S.S.R." ether members of the terrorist group (Vino- gradov, M. Kogan) Yegorov) proved to be British secret service agents of long standing. The "Joint" (Joint Distribution Committee) was founded in the United States at the time of the first world war. Its announced purpose was to arrange for the rendering cf assistance by American Jews to their co- religionists in foreign countries. But philanthropy was, an,' .is, c.-Ily a camouflage for the espionage and sabotage activities of this Zionist organization created by the American secret service. After the second world war "Joint" developed str.nu:)us activities along these lines in the People's Democracies. Its cr i:r..dna: actions in these countries are directed by its European Dividon, beaded by American intelligence agent Schwartz. It was discovered, for knrotance, that Jewish beurgeois nationalists associated with "Joint" were engaging in espionage in the Hungarian People's Republic. In December 191+9,; I. Jakobson, dir- ector of the "Joint" organization in Hungary, was expelled from the coun- try for spying- and -subversive activities. In the Soviet Union, the activities of the "Joint" were proscribed. However,, as is clear from the announcement of the arrest of the group of wreckers belonging to the medical, profession, the agents of this espion- age and sabotage organization continued to carry on its activities in deep secrecy, and carefully masked., The nefarious crimes committed by the medical saboteurs on the orders bf the Zionist espionage ergenizati.en, "Joint," bring out very clearly the real nature of the "charity" and "aid" with which the American war- mongers cover up their villainous deeds. Press reports dhow that the pro- gressive-minded public in all countries brand with shame the criminal actions of the Zionist hirelings +f American imperialism. At the same time, the public is asking what is Zionism and its organizations, and what :role are they playing in the plans of the war- mongers? ., 2 - Approved For Release 2001/07/28 CIA-RDP78-03362A001600090007-6 Approved For Release 2001/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03362AO016OO0 9OOO7-6 Zionism is,a.reactiotmry bourgeois-nationalist movement. It arose in Jewish bourgeois circles in' Austria,, Germsnyy Russia and other countries in the 1880's . , In furtherance Of the selfish interests of the Jewish big .,bourgeoisie, its,chief aim was to.divert the Jewish labouring masses from the blase struggle, from participation in the revolutionary movement, and to `concentrate their attention on emigration to Palestine. Lenin pointed out that "the idea of. Jewish 'nationhood' is of a manifestly reactionary character, not only with its consistent exponents (the Zionists), but also with those who try to reconcile it with the ideas of Secial-Democracy (the Bundists)." Originating at a time when the Jewish masses were the of anti- semitic persecution and, repression, Zionism, extended to broad sections of the pet-10y 1 ourgeoisie--tradeartisans;. hanalL:-aftsaen--and to-'the backward elemen;:s of the Jewish proletariat. Before the first world war some of the Zionir3 t l~-.adcrs openly oriented themselves on German irr,erialiarx and maintained contact with the government of W lhelm TI. T:ne..excc~?tive b( dy of the Zionist move.toorr, the Aktionskomitee; had its; ,headquartP in Cc;logne,, and later in Berlin. When the war broke out, the Zionist leaders officially-preached a policy of "neutrality." At the same time they did. not discourage the Zionist-organisations in the various. countries from para:ing their "patriot- ism," inasmuch as the Jewish-big bourgeoisie were making fortunes out of military, contracts and pr-fiteering- 'The interests of the "united nation" were relegated to. the background. In Poland, the.Zionist and Bundist.bourgeois-nationalist.organizations col- labyrated'ith the German invader. The Russian Zionists proclaimed their loyalty to tsarism. The tactics of , these ,"moneybag patriots" were sympa- thetically welcomed by the ruling circles o' the belligerent countries. However, the "international" character of the Zionist activities did not altogether suit the British inmerialists. Anxious to seize Palestine in Lrder to safeguard British interests in the Middle East, they decided' 'ter utilize the Zionist leaders for this purpose.,:,; luring. them with the prom- ise to establish a Jewish State in Palestine. The Zionist leaders were quite willing to harness themselves to the chariCt' of British irierialism, the more so as they had become its hired agents even before the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Weizmann, prominent Zionist leader and head of the international Zionist organization, had been living -`in ngland aiin?O 1915 axedp as a professor of chemistry, was doing military work for the' British government- Another Zionist leader-,: Jabotin- sky, orgahized Jewish legions which fought o'n the side of the Entente in the war. -3- Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362AO01600090007-6 Approved For Releas O1/07/28: CIA-RDP78-O3362AOO16O09%0007-6 Their common class interests. made the Zionist chiefs and the trittsh imperialists allies in their struggle against the labouring masses, and against the national-liberation movement in the Middle East. The imper- ialists encouraged the Zionists'..colcnialist aspirations in Palestine be- cause they counted on using them to coz.solidate their own rule in that country. At the San Remo Conference in 1920, Britain received a mandate for the administration of Palestine. This added greatly to the importance !of its Zionist agents. The British iriner!.a ists assisted the promotion of Zioa. m. In par- ticular, they es .a lisp-i close contact with the Zionist' ele.oents among the Russian whiteguard emigris. All the Russian Zion:Ltt leaders who fled the country after the October. Revolution--iRuthenberg (a personal friend and else collaborator of Kerensky), Neidich, Margolin, Jaffe, etc.--entered the service of the Foreign Office and the Intelligence Service,.. In pursuance of Article 4 of the Palestine mandete,p Britain set.iap:, the so-called Jewi ^h Agency, whose functions were entruKed. to the Zionist organization, heated by Weizm nn. The supreme executive organ of interna- tional Zionism was thus vested with various functions, inclu0.ing police functions. Zionists were also appointed to posts in the British colonial administration. The Zionists took advantage of this.to launch a ruthless campaign for the extermination of the Arab population of Palestine. Zionist armed detach- ments evicted Arab peasants from their land and drove them into the desert. Arab workers were dismissed from the factories. By 1935, over one third of Palestine's most fertile land was in the hands of Zionist organizations and individual Jewish capitalists. The Zionists started a furious land speculation boom. For the exploitation of the territory they had seized, they founded two big colonial trusts--the Jewish National Fund and the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association. Big Jewish capitalists, behind whom stood the British monopolies, acquired important concessions for the exploitation of minerals, the build- ing of power stations, etc. Jewish Zionist capital became the major social buttress of British imperialism in Palestine. The Zionist movement is a widely ramified organization extending to many countries. The organization embraces numerous groups, religious and "cultural" associations and "philanthropic" societies operating in many different countries. Among their number are the United Jewish Appeal, an interna- Approved For Release 2001/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03362AO01600090007-6 Approved For Release 2001/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03362A0016QU90007-6 tional organization which collects funds 'for Israel from wish capitalists, the Jewish Joint Distribution Cominitt6e ( "Joint") 0 etc . For some considerable time the maj'britir of the Zionist leaders acted as agents of British imperialism. Many;bf- them, Abba Eban and Reuven Shiloah, fcr, instance, "werked in the pay of the Intelligence Service. Down to the end of the 'twenties London was the chief Zionist centre. But' they e, wss. e grdmzp of American' Zionists, among them big Wall. Street magnates; v:o did not find this situation to their interest. The American monopolies wanted. to brine Zionium under their political control W d turn it into their.own'agency, and they used as their chief instrument for.this the: influence and financial power of the big Jewish capitalists of the United.. State s . . Wall Street undoubtedly had a hand in the decision of the international Zionist congress in Zurich in July 1929 to enlist the participation of American capitalists in tie`- Jewish Agency. Thus ,began the process of drawing Zionism into the orbit of American influence. Nathan Straus) the- New York millionaire, contributed such large , sums .to the Monists 'that one of the Zionist colonies; in Palestine gas ..named "?Nathania' after him. Big contributions to Jewish 'rei,igious organizations were made by John D. Rockefeller Jr. A group,c' American eeiiit i:.ts - armed t Tal.est -ne-Enonomic Corporation which concentrated in .its - hand, American investments in rQestiine industry and commerce . An active sponsor of the corporation was the New York trankii house cf, .Lehman.. One - of .its partners was Aarolri S'zold, whose brother, Robert Szold,. was the head of the Amurican`Zionist organization. ' BenJamin Cohen,, State ~epaxtment.adviser, became' director' of the Palestine Economic ' Corporation. The struggle within the Zionist organization between the British and America factions continued after the second world war, but the key pos- itione began to pass into the hands of the Zionist hirelings of the dollar. The leading figures in the Israeli government--Ben-Gurion, Sharett,. Shia loah(organiz:er, of the Israeli intelligence service)'and other Zionist leaders--carry out the instructions of the State Department. Their close political ties with the American imperialists find expression in the sup- port:they render Washington's aggressive policy in the international arena. Present-day. Zionism has been placed in the service of American &ci. and of imperialist preparation for the launching of another war. organizations are n f ~ rIAip i. cc li ideas, w1ii?h are easily.. n~ac.i ed and go hand hand with is nat Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362A001600090007-6 Approved For Releas01/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362A0016060007-6 The Zionists render unflagging assistance by their actions to the American imperialist wax:mongers. This explains Zionism's anti-Soviet orientation. The Zionist leaders are malignantly hostile to the Soviet Union and the camp of peace cuid.4 democracy generally. Eba ., the Israeli representative in the United Nations, helps the Anglo-American bloc to defeat Soviet proposals aimed at bromoting international peace and se- curity. The Zionist leaders, who govern the state of Israel, conduct a campaign of slander. against the Soviet Union and its policy of pro- moting peace and friendship among nations. In supporting the American imperialists' .policy of launching another world'war aimed at establishing U.S. world supremacy, the Zionists are in fact supporting everything; that goes with it, in particular, the revival of nazism axed the implantation of blood~hirsty fascist regimes imbued with the spirit of race hatred, including anti-semitism. By sup- porting this policy and assisting its implementation, the Zionists ex- pose themselves as enemies not only of peace and democracy, but also of the labouring sections of the Jewish people. The Zionist leaders, having sold themselves to American imperialism, have placed their organizations and associations at the dispo,sal'of the American secret service. This was clearly brought out, at the recent trial of Slansky and his gang of conspirators in Prague. Ornstein, Zion- ist and American spy, stated at the trial that in 19+7 Truman,, Acheson and Morgenthau (then Secretary of the Treasury) had a secret conference' with the Zionist leaders Ben-Gurion and Sharett in Washington, where the'so called "Morgenthau-Acheson plan" was adopted, defining the conditions'dh which the United States would render support and assistance to-Israel. A sequei.to this plan was the wide-scale utilization of the Zionist or- ganizations by the American secret service. All these "cultural," "phil- anthropic" and other societies have been turned into centres of espionage and sabotage activities against the countries of the democratic camp, and of the supply of agents for this ,purpose. For this criminal work, too, the Zionists have placed at the disposal of the American secret service the members of their organization working in the diplomatic service. It was revealed at the trial of the Slansky gang, for instance, that Avrie'l {'CPberall, and Kubovy, former ]Israeli Ministers in Prague, worked in close contact with the spies and saboteurs, gave them instructions, protected`. them from discovery, etc. ' The, sordid and nefarious activities of the Zionist espionage and sabotage organizations have now been brought into still greater promi- .nence with the uncovering by the Soviet security authorities of the terrorist group of physicians connected with the "Joint," whose purpose was to annihilate. active leading figures in the Soviet Union. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362A001600090007-6 Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362AO016UP90007-6 The exposure of this gang of doctors-assassins is a blow at the Zionist chiefs and their masters, the Anei'ican warmongers. These Zionist agents have been caught and will be crushed. The instigators of these .murderers will not escape retribution either. The peoples who are fighting for peace expose and put a stop to- the activities of all and sundry hirelings of aggressive American im. perialism, including the activities in the countries of the democratic camp of its "Fifth Colwyn," of which the Jewish bourgeois nationalists are a component part. Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03362AO01600090007-6