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Approved For Release?.2:001/031$': CIA-RDP78-03362AQp2000050001-1 CONFIDENTIAL SUBJECT: Collection - Sources and Methods COURSE: INTELLIGENCE PRINCIPLES AND METHODS METHOD OF PRESENTATION: Lecture and Discussion Hours: l Instructor; To discuss the collection agencies of the Intelligence Community; the allocation of the collection responsibilities; the guidance of the collection effort; and the nature of the source material reported. SUBJECTS WITH WHICH COORDINATION IS REQUIRED: Information Reporting Requirements Gaps in Intelligence Production Dissemination REFERENCES: I. Reporting Guides and Collection Instructions Department of State Foreign Service Manual (CONFIDENTIAL) Nav Naval Intelligence collection instructions (NICI) (SECRET) Naval Intelligence Requirements - Periodic Summary (NIRPS) (SECRET) Naval Intelligence Requirements Memoranda (NIRM) (UNCLASSIFIED) Basic Air Intelligence Requirements (SECRET) Intelligence Collection Instructions (SECRET) Air Interrogation Guide (CONFIDENTIAL) AEM Department of the Army Intelligence Plan - Annex A. Collection Plan (SECRET) Army Intelligence Collection Instructions - Special Regulations No. 380-305-5 (CONFIDENTIAL) A Guide to the Collection_of Technical Intelligence - Pamphlet No. 30-26 (UNCLASSIFIED) Intelligence File Index (CONFIDENTIAL) Approved For Release 2 Document No. -Z ----------------------------- No Change In Class. ^ ^ Declassified Class. Changed to: TS S V V view Date: ! ~?4ff02.000050001-1 ) Date: ! ' By:~ ~- 25X1A Approved For Release,.2001/03t3O IA-RDP78-0336 2000050001-1 CIA II. Intelligence Publications Indexes CIA CIA/OSI, Index of Scientific Intelligence Digests (SEC/US Off. Only) CIA/ONE, Index National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) and Special Estimates (SE) (SECRET) Superceded by: NIE Code Designations (SECRET) CIA/OCD, Intelligence Publications Index (CONFIDENTIAL) CIA/ORR, Status of Projects - Office of Research and Reports (SECRET) Department of State Psychological Intelligence Digest Index (SEC/US Off. Only) Index Current Foreign Relations (SECRET) (A Department of State policy report) Bi-Weekly Report of Intelligence Research Completed (SECRET) Index Current Economic Developments (SECRET) (A Department of State policy report) External Research Reports Lists (UNCLASSIFIED) Intelligence Report Index to International Communism: Developments Outside the European Soviet Orbit (SECRET) Miscellaneous ONI Review Index (CONFIDENTIAL) Department of the Army, AC/S - G-2, Intelligence Index (SECRET) EIC, Economic Intelligence Survey - 1954 Semi-Annual Report of Internal Economic Research Reports on the Soviet Bloc (SEC/US Off. Only) Public Affairs Information Service (Weekly Bulletin) Industrial Arts Index International Index to Periodicals Readers Guide News magazines - Time, Life, U.S. News and World Report, etc. New York Times Index (only newspaper index) Guide to OCD: Reference Services & Facilities (CONFIDENTIAL) Abbreviations of Intelligence Interest (CONFIDENTIAL) Glossary of Intelligence Terminology (SECRET) Approved For Release 2001/03/30: CIA-RDP78-03362AO02000050001-1 Approved For Release..2001/03/30 "C A-RDP78-03362AQ,p2000050001-1 -3- OUTLINE I. Collection is the exploitation and reporting of information from which intelligence is produced. . A. Two types of collection: Field Collection and Headquarters Collection. II. The Collection Agencies A. The Foreign Service of the Department of State. 1. The Foreign Service is responsible for overt collection and coordination of reporting of political, economic, sociological and basic scientific and technical information. 2. The Armed Services Attaches collect and report information in accordance with the requirements of their services. B. The Overseas Commands. 1. Combat forces, occupation forces and missions collect and report information obtained from prisoners of war, escapees and refugees, and by observation including aerial reconnaissance. 1. CIA is responsible for collection and reporting of information and materiel by the clandestine services, the domestic collection STATS P E C of forei intelligence and other collection services of common concern and coordination of the National Intelligence D. Non-Governmental Agencies. Survey. 1. The press services 2. Specialized and technical journals III. The Guidance of Collection A. The principal means of guiding the collection of information is by: 1. Formal trai ning in: a. b. c. d. The Str The Nav The For CIA-cla ategic Intelligence School al Intelligence School eign Service Institute ndestine services 2. Basic guide s; reporting guides and collection instructions issued by t he Intelligence agencies. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 CIA-RDP78-03362A002000050001-1. 0- C Approved For Release..2001/03/30 -RDP78-03362AflJ 2000050001-1 -4- Special requirements of analysts and researchers 25X1A IV. Transmission of Intelligence Information A. The problem concerns accuracy, brevity, completeness, speed and security. B. The means used are radio, cable, pouch and courier. C. The transmission of materiel is determined by its bulk, weight and the priority of its importance. Sources of the Information Required by Analysts A. Much material is available in the Intelligence Community and is obtainable through OCD or research. B. Periodic reports, cables, despatches and periodicals, government and other, come regularly to analysts on the basis of need. C. Gaps in information are filled by special requirements served on collection agencies through established liaison channels. D. Research aids are published by various offices and commercial publishers. 1. These include gldssaries, Readers' Guides and Indexes. E. Gazateer information and maps are obtainable from the Map Library (D/GL). Approved For Release 2001/03M4 CIA-RDP78-03362AO02000050001-1