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January 1, 1963
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~Ieaaa 20017/28: ItIA-RDe78-o3527A(d00 P0006 j0 6Wi DEPARTMENT OF STATE -..._......... - ......... ................... _.__-..........~_...... .._.... I A-1@0 BASIC I'@R:EIGN SFAVICE OFFICES t COURSE MAY/JULY 1963 (56th) A-100 CLASS PIf GRAFHIC SUP IES S nULEN, Garrett H. - Course Cop.e?inator 1#. February 8, 1915 - Milwaukeos Wisconsin _w:ucation: U. of Minnesota; IS Econ. Zoology, 1939 Toxr4s A & M C. ,, MS U. of Michigan, Gra, .u.at ,, Work Experience: U.S. Forest Sezvicv 1;33-35 and 1939-403 Asst. Pry^fess ao, Texas A & M College, 19 .1-) 2 and. 7 U.S. Army: 1942-47; inclu4e1 teaching and training at staff levtl and ovoi seas duty; Lt. Col.. Foreign Service Exper'i-ence: Agricultural Economics, M014cow, 1943-5! South A`, Studios, U. of Pennsylvania, 1254-51 Fxecutiv ' r'ficer, Calcutta, IY51-54 Chief of Pilitical Section, Karachi, 1954-56 Officer in Charge Pakistuti-Afganistan Affairs, kept., l956--59 Aeputy Chief , of Missicbn, R.eyk j avik, 1959-62 Leical Residence: Itte 1, 2ex 713 A, Accckeek, MArylan4 Local Telephone: 283-2856 Marital Status: Married: Wife's NamA: Josephine; Children: Garrett N., 11; Michael H., 9; Martha J., 9. BARNARD, Rnbert J. - Reputy Coerd.inater' ~). January 9, 1917 - Nebraska Education: U. of Wisconsin, AA, MA: U. S. Army: 1941-46, 1st Lt., Avarseas; Foreign Service Experience: Resident Officer, Frankfort, 1950; Vice Consul Sec. IS, 1950; Resident Officer, Neu Ulm, 1?!50; Vice Consul, Calcutta, 1?52; Hindi Lang. Area Trng., FSI, 1955; Cornell University, 1955-56; Consul, Jomlvay, 1956-40; Int. Rel, Off. - Ineii 2esk, Dept., 1961-62; leputy Coordinator - A-7.60 Course, April 1963 Local Residence: ?08 Wolfe S+.rae-t, A~.exaudri R, Virginia Local Telephone: 549-5726 Marital Status: Married Wife's Name: Parothy; Children: 4 State Dept. gkpp~a$Mfk1 1lg1"idenip/ig$ YL4:NVM.0956 000300030006-4 Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03527A000300006-4 BERMAN, Edward Bruce - FSO-8 October 15, 1938 Detroit, Michigan Education: Central High School, Detroit, Michigan Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1956-62, BA, History, Anthro., Political Science University of Pittsbt*.rgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Political Science Toby: Graduate Student Assistant, University of ''ittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Penna.i962 Relocation Aide, City of Detroit Ho-using Commission, Detroit, Michigan, 1962 Graduate Assistant, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1962-61 Mail Dist. Clerk, U. S. Post Office, Detroit, Michigan, 1960-61 Counselor, Detroit Jewish Community Center Day Camp, Detroit, Michigan, 1960 Junior Clerk, Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Michigan, 1958-59 Page, Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Michigan, 1957-58. Legal Residence: Detroit, Michigan Marital Status: Single BEtRY, Paul G. - FSR-8 b. June 30, 1939 - Lewiston, Maine Education: ynit r High School,?.Unity, Maine Goverment University of Maine, 1957-61, BA, History, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 1061-63, History, Government, Economics Jobs: Reference Librarian, National War College, 1961-63 Campaign'A?sist,r~t, Coffin for Governor Committee, 1960 Congressional Intern, Congressman Coffin, 1960 Legal Residence: Troy, Maine Local Residence: 3822 Davis Pl..N.W., Washington, D. C. Local Telephone: 337-2959 Marital Status: Married Wifets Name: Mary Ellen Children: Stephanie Marie 11 c FI,STEFSEN, David P.N. - FSO-8 b. December 20, 1937 - Reno, Nevada Education.- Reno High School, Reno, Nevada Geology; MA, History; University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, 1955-63., BS, Education U. S. Army - 1959-60, Pvt.-2. U. S. Army Reserve, 1959-63 Jobs: Graduate. Assistant, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, 1961-63 Laborer, Sierra Pacific Power Co. 1954-60 (Summer) Dairy Worker, Old Home Milk Co., 1952-53 (Summer) Legal Residence: Reno, Nevada Marital Status: Single Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03527A000300030006-4 Approved For ReleW 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03527A00W030006-4 -3- COLLARD, Jared Jules - FSO-8 b. June 8, 1932 - Madison, Wisconsin Education: Robert E. Lee, Jacksonville, Florida Emory-at-Oxford, Oxford, Georgia, 1950-51 University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, BA, English Lit.,l951-55 U. s- Army - 1955-57, PFC 'ovate Department Facperietioet Code Clerk, Manila, 1958-60 Ge.-aeral Services Specialist, Tehran, 1960-62 Clerk, Retail Grocery Store, 1951-55 #f;gal Residence: Spokane, Washington Local Residence: 6827 Rod Top Road, Takoma Park 12, Maryland Marital Status: Married Wifels Name: Beverly Ann Children: Kimberly Ann 2, Susan Lynne, 8 mo. ENDORF, A. Edward - FSR-8 .April, 1938 - Chicago, Illinois Education: New Tries High School, Winnetka, Illinois Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, BA, German, English, 1956-61 Stanford University, English, 1958 University of Munich, Germany, German, 1960 Jobs: Teacher, Sweden S'.condary School, Agona Swedor, G'zana, 1961-63 Famulus, Evangelical Academy, Loccum/weinstorf, Germany, 1959-60 Legal Residence: Portola Valley, California Local Residence: 1682 Irving Street, N.W., Washington 10, D. C. Marital Status: Single EVANS, David Meredith - FSO-7 b. May 26, 1936 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education: Germantown Friends School, Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, AB, History, Literature,195Li.- 59 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MA, Government, 1959-,61 University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Government, 1959-60 U. S. Army - 1962, PFC Legal Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Local Residence: The Capitol East, 121 Twelfth Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. Marital Status: Single (State Department Experience: Escort Interpreter, 1961 Division of Language Services, 1962-63) FLEISCHER, Lowell H.- FSO-8 b. May 15, 1937 - Columbiana, Ohio Education: Salem Senior High School, Salem, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University, HA, Political Science, 1955-59 University of Connecticut, MA, PHD, Into Relations, 1959-63 Jobs: Graduate Assistant Lecturer, University of Connecticut, 1959-63 Summer work, The Salem News, Salem, Ohio Legal Residence: Salem, Ohio Marital Status: Single Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03527A000300030006-4 Approved For Release IM4/07/28: CIA-RDP7S4?3527A000300Q"bO6-4 FRECHETTE, Myles R. R. - FSO-7 b. April 25, 1936 - Santiago, Chile Education: Lord Byng High School, Vancouver B.C., Canada University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, BA, English-French, 1954-58 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, Russian, Pol.Science, 1960-63 Jcbs: Procedure Analyst, The Boeing Co., 1960-62 Self-employed, Tourism, 1959-60 Merchant Trainee, J. C. Penny Co., 1958-59 Student and Teacher Assistant, University of British Columbia,Canada, 1957-5< Legal Residence: Seattle, Washington :EI:vital Status: Married Wife's Name: Barbara Ann L ILT,IN, Robert F. - FS0-8 0., September 2, 1930 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education: Bishop Netunann HPgh School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chemistry,1948-5 St. Josephrs College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BS, Pol.Science,1951-r University of Cologne, Germany, German Language, 1957-58 Georgetrm-, University Law Center, Washington, D. C., Law, 1959-60 Goethe t'n__rersity, Frankfurt, Germany, German Language, 1962-Present State Department Experience: Diplomatic Courier, Frankfurt, 1960-62 Vice Consul, Frankfurt, 1962-63 Jobs: Salesman, Lever Bros. Co., 1959-60 Asst. to Ex. Secretary, American Federation TV & Radio Artists, 1958-59 Stock Broker, Bache & Co., Paris, France, 1958 English Teacher, Berlitz School, Cologne, Germany, 1957-58, 1954-55 U. S. Army - lst Lt. Legal Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Local Residence: Alban Towers Apt., 3700 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D. C. Local Telephone: FE-7-6400 Marital Status: Married Wife's Name: Patricia Children: John Anthony 3 mos. GINNOLD, Richard Edward - FSO-7 b. June 6, 1937 - Seattle, Washington Education: John Rogers High School, Spokane, Washington Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington, General, 1954-55 E.W.C.E., Cheney, Washington, Economics, 1957-58 Washington State University Extension, Spokane, Washington, General,195( Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, BA, MA, Economics, 1958-61 University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Economics, Soviet Studies, 1961-63 Jobs: Part-time Instructor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1962-63 Research Assoc., (Summer) Univ. of North Carolina, 1962 Teaching Assistant, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1960-61 Patrolman,, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1958-60 Grain Elevator Ng'., Aslin-Finch Seed Co., Spokane, Washington, 1960 Factory Laborer, kaiser Aluminum Corp., Mead,. Washington, 1956-58 Legal Residence: Spokane, Washington Local Rosi cea 2 04 b127 8 ? t -'KDgft7M%6kP30006-44 Mare R ~ e rn e: a n i en: A7~exander Roy 2 Wks. ? Approved For Relea p 2001/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03527A0003 .0030006-4 KRAUSE, Herbert Alan - FSO-8 b. November 26, 1937 - Sullivan, Missouri Education: Lyons Township High School, La Grange, Illinois University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, BA., History, 1955-59 Columbia University, New York, New York, MA, History, 1959-61 U. S. Marine Corps - 1962-Present, PFC Jobs: Editorial Assistant, Albert M. Morehead, 1962-63 Research Assistant, Russian Institute, Columbia University, 1962 fugal Residence: Brookfield, Illinois 1',r;cal Residence: 1426 21st Street, N.W., Washington 6, D. C. t,z)cal Telephone: HO-2-9662 Marital Status: Single LEWIS, Roscoe C., III - FSR-8 b. February 9, 1939 - Washington, D. C. Education: Groton High School, Groton, Massachusetts Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, BA, Political Science, 1956-61 U. S. Army National Guard, 1961-Present, Pvt. E-2 Jobs: News Reporter, Washington Post Co., Washington, D. C., 1961-63 Legal Residence: 2328 Ashmead Pl. N. W., Washington, D. C. Marital Status: Single McARTHUR, Shirl F. FS0-8 b. February 26, 1935 - St. George, Utah Education: Yakima Senior High School, Yakima, Washington State College of Washington, Pullman, Washington, BA, Pol. Science, 1953-57 U. S. Air Force - 1958-63, Captain Legal Residence: Yakima, Washington Local Residence: 771 N. Van Dorn, Alexandria, Virginia Local Telephone: 35)4-866 Marital Status: Married Wifets Name: Mary Anna Children: Brian 2 McLAUGHLIN, Joseph David - FSO-8 b. October 7, 1937 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Education: Immaculate High School, Leavenworth, Kansas Immaculate Conception Seminary, Conception, Missouri, AB, Philosophy, 1955-59 University of Louvain, Louvain, Belgium, Theology, 1959-61 Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., Pol. Science, 1962-Present Jobs: Draftsman, W. Lawrence Snail, Leavenworth, Kansas, (summer) 1957-59 Staff Photographer, Leavenworth Times, Leavenworth, Kansas, (summer)1952-55 State Department Experiences Watch Officer, Operations Center, 1962-63 Watch Team Clerk, 1962 Legal Residence: Leavenworth, Kansas Local Residence: 1711 35th Street, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. Local Telephone: 333-7917 Marital Status: Single Approved For Release 2001/07/28 : CIA-RDP78-03527A000300030006-4 Approved For Releas O1/07/28: CIA-RDP78-03527A00030@30006-4 MADDEN, James H. - FS0-8 b. March 28, 1935 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Education: Evans City High School, Evans City, Pennsylvania Long Beach State College, California, English, 1954-55 Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, Philosphy, History, 1957-58 Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, BA, Histtory, Pol. Science, 1958-62 U. S. Army - 1955-58, SP-3 Jobs: Guard, Pinkerton Detective Agency, 1963 Parking Attendant, Olympic Parking Service, 1958-62 Legal Recidence: Monterey Park, California Marital Status : Single Y NICK, Irwin - FSO-8 k