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April 1, 1960
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Approved For.Release 2002/02/11: CIA-RDP78-0352 A00040 70032-8 Graduates of the Training Program keep asking the whereabouts of fellow alumni. This newsletter-to be published periodically-is planned to serve as a register of past participants. It is also intended as an extension of the course. In working with this program, we often turn up useful information, pertinent books, helpful charts, films, and ideas. This letter is to pass them on to the alumni. In turn, YOUR suggestions and submissions for future issues of FYI will be most welcome. AVAILABLE . . . 1. We have on hand copies of an excellent chart listing the purpose, the resources, and the nature of loans and of guaranties of "U. S. and International Agen- cies Engaged in Overseas Financing Operations." (Free on request.) 2. "The U. S. A. Answers" is being published by BCIU. Details about this handy reference volume, which contains answers to 2000 questions about the U. S., will be sent you shortly. 3. We can obtain for you copies of a brochure listing films available on loan through U. S. Information Service offices throughout the world. 4. You may request to be put on the mailing list of ECONOMIC WORLD by writing to the Committee for International Economic Growth, 1028 Con- necticut Avenue, N.W., Washington 6, D. C. (Free) 5. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., has just published "The U. S. Industrial Outlook for 1960" for 89 selected industries. Copies may be ordered direct at $1.50. THE TRAINING PROGRAM The Program is constantly being reviewed, tightened, and revised to make it more effective. Alumni and business recommendations having been given careful W. Capehart Harney (IV) Standard Oil of New Jersey, collects his books at the beginning of the course. Fr0m : IJC T 1 r in g x rc l In/ r'nalional Business,E e u/ 1 i^ iool f 7nr~ i ~ ~t~ a iaw ~ Third Session participants (L to R): William P. Thompson (American Machine & Foundry Co.), Morris C. Johnson (Gen- eral Milk Co.) and Edward W. Stewart (Johnson & Johnson International) discuss U. S. investments abroad with India's Commissioner General for Economic Affairs, Ambassador B. K. Nehru during one of the evening sessions. consideration, the six-week course has now been com- pressed into four weeks, beginning with the Fourth Session. This condensation has not cut down on cur- riculum content, and an extra hour of instruction has been scheduled each afternoon (except Saturday and Sunday). An option of two weeks of language to fol- low the four-week session is offered. The growing enrollment of domestically based execu- tives with an international operating function and of particularly promising employees of foreign nationality has required that the curriculum be tailored to meet more fully their needs as well. It has further caused a name change to Training Program for International Business Executives, since this tells better what the program is all about. An outgrowth of our Training Program at The Ameri- can University is the announcement by its School of International Service of a special 8-month course for business executive trainees. This intensive area-lan- guage course will begin September 19, 1960, and con- tinue until the last week of May 1961. It will offer: Middle East-Arabic; Far East-Japanese and Chi- nese; South East Asia-French; Latin America, Span- ish; Western Europe-German, French and Spanish. ALUMNI NEWS (Please let us know of promotions, moves, assign- ments, and other news items and interesting cases per- tinent to our program.) Robert McDole (II), Manager, Organization Devel- opment, RCA International, talked to the Fourth Ses- sion about success and failure cases in overseas assign- Approved Foelease 2002/02/11 Robert McCoun (1), Coordinator of Training and Development, Union Carbide International, accom- panied his V.P., B. T. Bourgoync, who talked at a Fourth Session dinner on specific cases of U. S. business abroad. Charles Henley (TI), Manager, Far Eastern Opera- tions, Woodward Governor Company, writes that he is to be in Tokyo for three years ... expects to open a small factory where diesel engine governors will be made. Morrie Johnson (TII), Assistant V.P., General Milk, is covering South Africa (3 weeks in March), Holland, Portugal, Brazil (2 weeks), Peru (I week in May), and Puerto Rico on a 31,000-mile flying trip. Jack Lambrichts (I), District Traffic Sales Manager, PAA, writes from Ghana that he wants to "welcome all overseas training program alumni to West Africa." Henry Morgan (I), Manager, Alloy and Semi- finished Steels, Republic Steel Corp., writes from Paris that he is on a tour of all western Europe and hopes to see Dan Piliero (I) and George Wolf (I) in Germany. Ed Witcomb (1), Assistant General Plant Superin- tendent, Chile Exploration Co., would welcome any alumni in Chuquicamata, Chile. George Wolf (I), Export Product Distributor, Gen- eral Motors Overseas Operations, writes enclosing a pertinent article from a German periodical, commenting on factors creating certain labor difficulties of a U. S. firm. The Honorable Paul G. Hoffman, Managing Director of the United Nations Special Fund, spoke to the Third Session par- ticipants at one of the evening programs about the application of technical assistance to projects in newly developing countries, the financing of such projects and their effect on business rela- tions. Shown in conversation before the program are (L to R): Ambassador Harold M. Randall (Director of the Training Pro- gram), Mr. Hoffman and Professor Edgar A. J. Johnson (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies). Dr. Hurst Anderson, President of The American University, with Dr. Harold M. Randall, Director of the Training Program, and the Honorable Clarence B. Randall, Special Assistant to President Eisenhower, during the last evening program of the Third Session. Fourth Session wives are shown studying one of the paintings in the American Section of the Corcoran Art Gallery in Wash- ington. (L to R) Mrs. Lowell Kilgore, Mrs. Ralph Peterson, Mrs. W. Capehart Harney, Mrs. Donald L. Byram, and Mrs. John Habberton. RECOMMENDED READING LATIN AMERICA Robert E. Scott, MEXICAN GOVERNMENT IN TRANSITION. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, Illinois, 1959. The author describes the Mexican Government and political system to show how it has evolved to meet new needs. Oscar Lewis, FIVE FAMILIES: MEXICAN CASE STUDIES IN THE CULTURE OF POVERTY. Basic Books, New York (59 Fourth Avenue), 1959. $5.50. 351 pp. An anthropologist gives a fascinating picture of one day in the life of five families of various cultural backgrounds and levels. Fourth Session-March 7 to April 1, 1960-Front row, left to right: Ralph A. Peterson (International General Electric), James T. MacLachlan (American Radiator & Standard), T. T. Shaun (Texaco Caribbean), Joseph Dobal (Owens-Corning Fiberglas), Ambassador Harold M. Randall, Director of the Program, Peter M. Watt (Texas Petroleum); second row: John F. Anderson (Chrysler Corporation), Byron Fitzgerald (Union Carbide International), Lowell Kilgore (U.S. Dept. of Com- merce ), Donald L. Byram (1st National City Bank of N. Y.), W. Capehart Harney (Standard Oil of N. J.), Otto Schaler, Deputy Director of the Program. Third Session-January 4 to February 12, 1960-(L to R) : Ambassador Harold M. Randall, Director of the Training Pro- gram, Tom Gaines (Texaco Inc.), Robert Beliveau (U.S.I.A.), L. H. Mulit (Caltex), William P. Thompson (American Ma- chine and Foundry Co.), Phillip S. Johnson (Kellogg Co.), John D. Johnson (Texaco Inc., Foreign Operations), Morris C. Johnson (General Milk Co.), Harold W. Jolly (Republic Steel Corp.), Arthur L. Hall (Godfrey L. Cabot), George R. Moore (Stauffer Chemical Co.), Edward W. Stewart (Johnson & Johnson International), Otto Schaler, Deputy Director, Train- ing Program, Clenard O. McLaughlin (McLaughlin Oil), Basil C. Wehrman (First National City Bank of New York). ALPHABETICAL REGISTER. These addresses are current per our files and the returns of a special questionnaire. Please notify us of changes. Note: Roman Numeral after name indicates which session participant attended. ALBRIGHT, R. E., (I)-Assistant Manager, Product Development Dept., California Texas Oil Co., 380 Madison Ave., N. Y. 17 ANDERSON, W. David, (I)-Public Relations Manager, Esso Standard Oil, S. A., Apartado 4087, Habana, Cuba ANDERSON, John F., (IV)-Presidente, Chrysler Argentina, S. A., Chrysler Corp., P.O. Box 1688, Detroit 31, Mich. ARTHUR, L. B., (1)-Manager, Foreign Sales Division, Texaco Inc., 135 East 42nd St., N. Y. 17 BELIVEAU, Robert L., (III)-Executive Officer, Foreign Service Reserve, U. S. Information Agency, 1776 Penna. Ave., Washington 25, D. C. BROWN, William L., (11)-Assistant Division Exploration Representative, California Exploration Co., 320 Market St., San Francisco, Calif. BYRAM, Donald L., (IV)-Manager of the Salvador, Brazil Branch, 1st National City Bank of New York, 55 Wall St., N. Y. 15 DOBAL, Joseph, (IV)-Technical Adviser, Government Services Group, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp., 806 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. DRAKE, Clifford, Jr., (I)-Manager, Texas Company (West Indies) Ltd., Apartado 4091, Habana, Cuba EDDS, John R., Jr., (I)-Assistant Manager, Overseas Division, 1st Na- tional City Bank of New York, Casilla de Correa 1396, Buenos Aires, Argentina FELDMAN, Sidney, (IV)-Foreign Projects Engineer, Merck Sharp & Dohme International, 100 Church St., N. Y. 7 FITZGERALD, Byron, (IV)-Division Sales Representative for Chemicals and Plastics, Union Carbide International, 30 East 42nd St., N. Y. 17 GAINES, Tom, (III)-Assistant Manager (Operations Manager), Texas Petroleum Company, Apartado Aereo 3622, Bogota, Colombia HALL, Arthur L., (111)-Managing Director, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., 125 High St., Boston, Mass. HAPPER, A. P., Jr., (11)-Area Assistant, Africa-Middle East, California Texas Oil Co., 380 Madison Ave., N. Y. 17 HARNEY, W. Capehart, (IV)-Assistant Managing Director, Italy, Stand- ard Oil of New Jersey, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. HENLEY, Charles G., (11)-Manager, Far Eastern Operations, Woodward Governor Co., 5001 N. 2nd St., Rockford, Ill. (Naka 6 Bldg. Marinouchi, Tokyo) IBANEZ, Bernard N., (11)-Administrative Trainee, American Machine & Foundry Co., International Group, 261 Madison Ave., N. Y. 16 ISENBURG, O. E., (11)-Managing Director, Iran, The B. F. Goodrich Co., 500 S. Main St., Akron, Ohio JOHNSON, John D., (III)-Manager, Bulk Sales, Foreign Operations Dept., Texaco Inc., 135 E. 42nd St., N. Y. 17 JOHNSON, Morris C., (III)-Assistant Vice President, General Milk Co., 5045 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. JOHNSON, Phillip S., (III)-General Manager, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Kel- logg Co. (International Division), Battle Creek, Mich. JOLLY, Harold W., (III)-Assistant to Vice President in Charge of Opera- tions, Republic Steel Corp., Republic Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio - ..,.... ...e I _..._n ,nn n:------ CL........,.1. ....,J a1.L.,.. rl:.,;.!..., 11 e LAMBRICHTS, Jack P., (1)-District Traffic/Sales Manager, Ghana & Nigeria, Pan American World Airways, Ghana House, P.O. Box 1119, Accra LINDEMANN, Allen L., (II)-Construction Manager, Surinam, Aluminum Co. of America, 1501 Alcoa Bldg., Pittsburgh 19, Pa. MANN, Michael W.,(II)-Assistant General Sales Mgr., Industries Kaiser Argentina, Kaiser Industries Corp., 1924 Broadway, Oakland 12, Calif. MacLACHLAN, James T. (IV)-Administrative Assistant to Director, For- eign Divisions, American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp., 40 W. 40th St., N. Y. 17 McCARVER, H. C., (II)-Assistant to the Manager, Texas Petroleum Co., Apartado 267, Caracas, Venezuela McCOUN, Robert D., (I)-Coordinator of Development Training, Union Carbide International Co., 30 E. 42nd St., N. Y. 17 McDOLE, R. C., (11)-Manager, Organization Development, Radio Corpo- ration of America, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. 20 McLAUGHLIN, Clenard 0., (III)-President, McLaughlin Oil Co., Dexter, Mich. MINOR, H. C., (1I)-Manager, Texaco Africa Ltd., Box 1782, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa MOORE, George R., (111)-Foreign Technical Representative, Stauffer Chemical Co., 380 Madison Ave., N. Y. MORGAN, Henry W., (I)-Manager, Alloy and Semi-Finished Steels, Re- public Steel Corp., 932 Chrysler Bldg., N. Y. 17 MULIT, Lloyd H., (I11)-Managing Director, Caltex Central Laboratories, Rotterdam, Holland PARTRIDGE, Wilson B., (I)-Staff, Land and Legal Representative, Cali- fornia Exploration Co., 320 Market St., San Francisco PETERSON, Ralph A., (IV)-Marketing Manager-Consumer Goods, In- ternational General Electric Co., 150 E. 42nd St., N. Y. PILIERO, D. J ., (1)-Manager, Currency Planning, California Texas Oil Corp., 380 Madison Ave., N. Y. 17 SCHMIDT, W. A., (1)-Executive, The Bahrain Petroleum Co. Ltd., Awali, Bahrain SHANN, T. T., (IV)-Manager, Texaco Caribbean Inc., Kingston, Jamaica STEPHAN, Harold R., (1)-Assistant Manager, Republic Steel Corp., International Projects Division, 928 Chrysler Bldg., N. Y. 17 STEWART, Edward W., (Ill)-Assistant Director, Engineering and Manu- facturing, Johnson & Johnson International, 501 George St., New Brunswick, N. J. SWANSON, Rudolph H., (I)-Manager, Industrial Relations, U. S. Rubber International, 1230 Ave. of the Americas, N. Y. 20 THOMPSON, William P., (III)-Executive Trainee, American Machine & Foundry Co., 261 Madison Ave., N. Y. WEHRMAN, Basil C., (III)-Assistant Cashier, Brazil, 1st National City Bank of New York, 55 Wall St., N. Y. WATT, Peter M., (IV)-District Superintendent, Texas Petroleum Co., Apartado Aereo 3622, Bogota, Colombia WITCOMB, Edward W., (I)-Assistant Plant Superintendent, Chile Ex- ploration Co., Chuquicamata, Chile WOLF, George W., Jr., (I)-Export Product Distributor, Germany, Gen- eral Motors Overseas Operations, 1775 Broadway, N. Y. sA/nlc 1..1... ,.t c..le. r..l.,.., ntl /l........\. Second Session-November 9 to December 18, 1959-First row (L to R): Robert C. McDole (RCA). Bernard M. Ibanez (American Machine and Foundry), H. C. Minor (Texaco Inc.), William L. Brown (California Exploration), Charles G. Henley (Woodward Governor), Harold M. Randall, Director of the (Right) Alumnus Robert D. McCoun (I) Union Carbide In- ternational Co., visits with Fourth Session participants. (Left) John Wolf, Caltex Oil Japan Ltd., and Byron Fitzgerald, Union Carbide International. MIDDLE EAST Sydney N. Fisher, THE MIDDLE EAST: A HISTORY, A. A. Knopf, New York. 1957. $ 6.75. A general history from ancient times, but with focus on the present-day states which have emerged from the Ottoman Empire. The reader is given a good impression of today's problems in the area. George Lenczowski, OIL AND STATE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York. 1960. $6.75. Discovery of oil in the Middle East and the growth of the industry. Its effects on the European and Middle Eastern economies. The pattern of conces- sion agreements and the relations of the companies to the host governments. Relations of companies with the local public and with the employees; the Pan- Arab Labor Movement. The Suez Crisis. Pipelines. First Session-September 14 to October 24, 1959-First Row (L to R): Rudolph H. Swanson (U. S. Rubber), David Ander- son (Standard Oil of N. J.), Ambassador Harold M. Randall (Director of the Program), D. J. Piliero (Caltex), John R. Edds, Jr. (National City Bank of New York). Second Row (I_ to R): Harold R. Stephan (Republic Steel), Henry W. Program. Second Row (L to R): A. P. Happer, Jr. (Caltex), O. E. Isenburg (B. F. Goodrich), H. C. McCarver (Texaco Inc.), Allen L. Lindemann (ALCOA), Michael W. Mann (Kaiser Industries). JAPAN Donald Keene, LIVING JAPAN, Doubleday & Co., Garden City, New York. 1959. $7.95. This book pictures the social and religious life, indeed, all aspects of Japanese life, in understand- able language. Mr. Keene is an outstanding scholar of Japanese literature; thus, he is able to describe these things with all their delicate nuances. Fosco Maraini, MEETING WITH JAPAN, Viking Press, Madison Avenue, New York. 1960. $8.30. This book is primarily a travelogue, giving the author's sensitive observations of life in Japan and the Japanese thinking behind the exterior images. Both books on Japan are fully illustrated. GENERAL * Franz M. Joseph, ed. AS OTHERS SEE US: THE UNITED STATES THROUGH FOREIGN EYES. Princeton Univer- sity. 1959. $6.00. Keen observers discuss foreign attitudes toward the U. S. A. A. Wilbert Zelomek, CHANGING AMERICA AT WORK AND PLAY, John Wiley & Sons, 440 Fourth Avenue, New York. 1959. $3.95. The author discusses: The mad rush to the suburbs. Is automated man the slave or the master of ma- chines? Does modern woman lose more in her family life than she gains in her career? Are we repeating the history of the 20s and rushing madly to a new depression? Morgan (Republic Steel), Edward W. Witcomb (Chile Explora- tion), L. B. Arthur (Texaco), Clifford Drake, Jr. (Texaco). Third Row (L to R): Robert D. McCoun (Union Carbide), R. E. Albright (Caltex), Wilson Partridge (Calif. Exploration), Jack P. Lambrichts (Pan American World Airways). Missing: George W. Wolf (General Motors).