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December 9, 2016
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March 26, 1998
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March 31, 1953
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OFFICE OR STAFF OFFICE C REQUEST 6ATE APPROVAL DATE CONTROL NO. on aC J 25 Q[ I Page of Pages DEL I TIONS NET CHANGE ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION AND POSITION TITLE SERIES & GRADE POSITION NO. ORGANIZATION AND POSITION TITLE SERIES A GRADE POSITION NO. NEW BR. & DIV. TOTALS CODE (Machine Records LIBRARY DIVISION ANALYSIS BRANCH LIBRARY DI'ISIOI`: DCCIThtE1 ' _ RAJ H ^ 25X9A2 DEFEIJSE SECTION DISTRIBUTION SECT IOIT Intel Clerk-Typ GS-3ol-L 619,02. Info Control Clerk GS-301-4 655.07 Info Control Clerk OS3ol-4 655.08 BOOK BRANCH Info Control Clerk GS-3 Ol- 655,09 EDITORIAL SECTION (Place on T/O after lot # 655.0 ) Library Asst. GS-l4'll~ 4.20.02. Library Asst. GS-14'11-L 4'20.03 Request of 00 No change in Total or eiling NEW OFFICE TOTALS APPR OVAL OFFICE TOTAL 25 1A9a rec d.. Please make changes on office new machine printed T/0 page(s) is OPPICE CEILING j Chief, Class, ;Wage Div, TITLE FORM NO. 30-25 SECURITY- SEP 1952 AUTHOR ZAT ON APR 1 1913 (4-39) Approved For Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03568A000600160021-5 Approved For Release 2J0O/081~ -RDP78-O3568AOA96OO16OO21-5 SECURITY INFORMATION lgdi B! ?3: Classiticati E uest for T/O Char 08-4 cleric Poo rsis and Book Branches of the Document Branch reclassified Wormation, Control positions are; Q9.02 t - Intel C k. Typist - GS-4, Analysis 420.02 - Library Assistant - 08.4, Book Branch 420.03 - Library Assistant - 08.4, Book Branch of the Document Branch bas r$e ch t the tre th must be W *4o Thi 25X1A9a an only be supplied, by the transfer A to this Office, ' grades as with series now established Assistant Chief, Administrative 8- --- SECRET SECURITY INFORMATION ILLEGIB r Release 2000/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03568AO00600160021-5 25X1A9a