Office of Collection and Dissemination, Revision of Table of Organization

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December 9, 2016
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March 26, 1998
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March 17, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-03568A00060016002 1" ?1/J' SECRET, Security InformatT ' P 11 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director (Administration) SUBJECT: Office of Collection and Dissemination, Revision of Table of Organization REFERENCES: (Attached as Tabs) Tab 1 w Memorandum dated 26 January 1953 from the Assistant Director, Collection and Dissemination requesting OCD T/O change. Tab 2 ? Memorandum dated 16 February 1953 from the Chief, Organization and Methods Service. Tab 3 - Memorandum dated 10 February 1953 from the Comptroller. 1. Tab 1 is a memorandum from the Assistant Director, Collec- tion and Dissemination, requesting a realignment of the present OCD T/0 to meet shifting work loads. Major changes proposed include: a.. Strengthening of several library components where the work load has increased beyond present staff capacity. b. Reorganization of the CIA Library Publications Procure- ment Section, involving transfer of 0 positions to the Section to meet the heavy work load-and realignment of functions and supervisory channels. c. Creation of the International Conferences Branch in the Liaison Division. The creation of this Branch has been approved by the DD/I as a central point within CIA for coordinating information on international trade fairs and international sci- entific and technical conferences. The above changes are to be made within the T/0 strength currently authorized by elimination of positions listed in Tab 1A and do not involve increase in total positions or ceiling. 2, Tab 2 is a memorandum from the O&M Service concurring in the basic request of OCD for a revision of the existing T/O. The 0&M Service, hvsr does not recommend the breakdown of the Publications ProAprement-3ee4ton to the unit level, stating that such a breakdown SECRET, -Urity InformalfM Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-03568A000600160023-3 SECRET Approved For ReleaeW2002/05/gjcu, n oDm~at 03568A0006~160023-3 would make the Section too rigid and would prevent shifting of incumbents between various positions in the Section to provide additional training and experience. 3. Tab 3 is a memorandum from the Comptroller dated 10 February 1953 concurring in the proposed T/0 change and stating that the change would entail an increase of salary payments in OCD of $10,775 during the Fiscal Year 1954, and that the proposed changes can be financed within the presently approved budget for OCD, 4. The T/0 change proposal is considered well documented and the classifications requested by OCD appear justified, with two exceptions: (1) Secretary (Stenography) proposed as GS-7 and reduced to GS-6 by this office; and (2) Library Assistant proposed as GS-5 and reduced to GS-L.. OCD has concurred in these changes. 5. Based on considerations stated above, it is recommended that the OCD proposal, as modified by the two grade changes cited in para- graph four, be approved. As i an Director (Personnel) 3 Attachments As stated Action by Approving Authority T/0 & Ceiling Approved ( "' Exceptions, if any Asst. Deputy Director (Administration) Approved For Release 2002/A1R&--RDP78-03568A000600160023-3 `'surety lnfor t