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Approved For J .,Box ;FOLD l I (IOTA 25X1A 25X1A9a FILE #15 03921 A000200150001-9 OFFICE OF TRAINING LJJ NUMBER 25 l= o 3 121/9 NO. - DOCS HEREIN APRIL 1957 COURSES, ACTIVITIES, AND PROGRAMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Area Training Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Area Training - Long-Term Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Americans Abroad - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13 Special Lecture Series: In the Major Languages of the World . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Regional Survey - Free Europe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Noontime Movie Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . 19 Area Analysts Program-Near East . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 SAIS Summer Session and Conference: Tensions in the Middle East . . . . . . . . . 25 OTR Catalog course listing sheets: Shorthand Theory Review B-13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Introductory Shorthand Dictation B-14 (Inactive) Intermediate Shorthand Dictation B-15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Advanced Shorthand Dictation B-16 Reading Improvement 1-7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Intelligence Research (Maps) 1-12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Russian Familiarization (Non-OTR Conducted Training) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Intensive Reading Courses: Polish; Romanian; Russian (Non-OTR Conducted Training) . . . . 34 Intensive Italian Grammar and Reading (Non-OTR Conducted Training) . . . . . . . . . 36 ARTICLES Historical Intelligence Collection, by Walter L. Pforzheimer, Special Assistant to the DD/I . . 38 Language Development Program, by Chairman, Committee on Language Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Approved Approved For Release 2001/07/16639pC( lA~6Tl~~ V OTR CATALOG CHANCES - PLEASE INK-IN THESE CORRECTIONS NOW ADINIS=T FORE 0 ORDOn page i, paragraph 1., delete the last two words "and evaluations". These evaluations now have been trans- ferred to the Assessment and Evalua- tion Staff/TR, extension 2155. INTELLIGENCE TRAINING. On page ii, paragraph 3., change 'T4 copies)" to " (2 copies)". INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM AND THE USSR TRAINING. On page iii, chanee "(4 copies )11 to "(2 copies)". ADMINISTRATIVE PR DURES, c ours e code B-4. On the course listing sheet, under PREREQUISITES, strike "Pretest". OTE RA, TIO__ SUPPORT, course code B-5. On the course listing sheet, under PREREQUIS ITES , add "Pretest". READING ANALYSIS PROGRAM, course code I-10. Canoe this course list- ing sheet. It now is inactive. /OTR CATALOG CHANGE - READING SKILLS ANALYSIS TESTS REPLACE THE READIN`_ANALYSIS PROGRAM The Reading Anaysis Proggram. course I-10, no longer is active; please cancel the course listing in your office copy of the GTR Catalog. Superseding that 5-hour analysis program, the Reading Improvement Branch now offers the 2-hour reading skills analysis which you read about in the NENS section of the February B.,ul_ tin. With the supervisor's permission, any employee may arrange to take this 2-hour analysis by telephoning the Reading Improvement Branch, extension 8210. The tests are those given for diagnosis and analysis of reading skills at the beginning of Re n ImQroovement, course I-7. On the basis of scores on the tests, the reading instructors will make recom- mendations as to whether or not you would profit from the Reading, Im- p rov -men ? course. They will also suggest other steps you may take to improve your reading skills. Particular Agency units desiring a more detailed analysis for groups of employees with specific reading re- quirements may request this service by calling extension 8210. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-FIDP78-039 1P W I A L Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RZ$;_03921A000200150001-9 'y0 SCIECT PUBLIGLTIONS AVAILABIE TO IOU CLERICAL SKITS QUALIFICATION TESTS SCHEDULED FCR APRIL AND MAY Clerical Skills Qualification Tests in shorthand and typewriting, administered to on-the-job employees who must meet Agency standards, will be given during April and May on Mondays, in Room 2300, Alcott Hall, second floor, Wing C, as follows : 15 April 29 April 20 May (Typewriting: 1315 Shorthand: 1400) Supervisors who wish to have employees tested should get in touch with their Personnel Placement Offi- cers . The officers will arrange .for test registration. Usually, employees who do not meet the Agency clerical skills standards in these tests. should be enrolled in the Clerical Refresher ?Co -N4 listed in your office copy of the O1 R C og as courses B-12 to B-19. Copies of the following OTR bib-. liography are available and may bit requested through your Training (X'fl.- c er, or by calling the Chief, OT:Et Library, extension 3096: P ycholosical W e s L ad I, List, 8 pages, CIA INTERNAL USE ONEF, February 1957. Other OTR Library publications a.? vailable upon request are: OR Bookshelf, TR RM 0-8, 8 pages,, 9CRET II tNAL USE ONLY, March 1957. List of Serial Title le s in OTR, TR R1U 0?-9, 32 pages, SECRET/ IA INTERNAL UEE ONLY, April 1957, The Isgstructos+ Gulde to Current References, TR RM 0-3, SE i. INTERNAL USE ONLI, is published every two weeks by the 02R Library. Sample copies may be obtained by calling eu- t9nsion 3096. Surplus copies of these non-kgenc;r publications may be requested from the Chief, OTR. Library, extension 3096: CIC School, Confid,-25X1 A e:ntial, 7 January 1952. CIC School, Confid, 25X1 A e:ntial, 5 September 1952. The Inteieenoe Process,The Contev~ or Intelligence, and Organisation lit Intell enee - a 3-part digest of Strategio Intelligence by Shermeam Kent. Unclassified. dbook of the Soviet and Satellite Andes Part 2 - The Satellite Aze- mies. DA PAM 30-5, Confidential, May 1954. 111-.040 r e**eeee 2 Approved For Release 2001/07/16: CIA-RDP78-03921A00020Q150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 0392 MINK % NEW POLISH CONVERSATION SEMINAR SCHEDULED TO BEGIN APRIL 25 Agency employees with a knowledge of basic polish are invited to reg- ister for admission too the new Polish Conversation Seminar. Beginning Anril 25, and continuing through August 15, this Seminar, like those in other languages, will meet each Thursday for two hours (1200 to 1400) in Room 2605 Quarters Eye. The leader will be an educated native of Poland, with an intimate knowledge of the land's language, culture, and problems. The 2-hour period each week will be devoted to informal dis- cussion d' everyday topics and current events. A small amount cf preparation will be required for each meeting. Persons interested in joining the Seminar are requested to contact their Training Officer, who will arrange 25X1A9a for an interview with extension 2381. LANGUAGE STUDY PROGRESSES Current enrollment in internal lan- guage training courses is approxi- mately 200; enrollment in self-study programs is approximately 150. The Language Laboratory, 2132 We Building, was utilized by 121 students during the past month, for a total of 1508 hours, in the study of 17 dif- ferent languages. MR Qualifications Review Panels recently met to consider people for the following programs: Full Time Spanish language, 2 Full-Time French language, 3 Pull-Time Polish language, 2 Area Specialists Program (USSR), 1 Area Analysis Program (Near East),11 'NATIONALISM AND CCKMUNISM IN THE ARAB WORLD'-- FIRST CURRENT PROBLEMS SUB VET The first Current Problems Survey to be offerred by the Language and Area School/TR,a seminar on 'Nation- alism and Communism in the Arab World', is scheduled 17 to 21 June. This course, which is being organized by ext. 4437, wil25X1 A9a be conducted by recognized scholars and experts on the Middle East. The objective is to provide middle and senior grade personnel an opportunity to explore the area's problems with men who best know the profound changes taking place is this restless area. Tentatively scheduled to be given full-time during the week of June 17- 21, the course may be re-scheduled to run each afternoon during two succes- sive weeks (beginning June 17), if students prefer. Language Proficiency examinations were taken by 9 people from various Agency components. The languages were: Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, French, German, Italian, Korean, Persian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, and Spanish. --A Additional information will be given in the May issue of the Bulleti Meantime, your inquires, and opinions concerning scheduling,wil.l be welcom.. ed by the Principal Instructor, Mr. 25X1A9a NN -~ CON fTf A Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16: CIA- o T EAST AS TA SEMINAR AND LECTURES Re.-Scheduled - Auditors Welcome The RUQnal Survey - East%..Wa, which now is in progress? was announced in your March Bulletin on pages 18 and 2. Please correct the Cours 'ebjdule, on page 19, as follows: 22 April: Seminar - East Asia in the World Today 24 April: Lecture: Japan Today, I 26 April: Lecture: Japan Today, II Auditors are welcome at these ses- s ions . NEXT IN L:LIGENCE PRODUCTS E:HIBIT SCHEDULED 11 APRIL, THURSDAY Members of the Agency are invited to attend the next Intelizeiice p;r2- ducts Exhit, scheduled to be shown in the Auditorium, Recreation and Service Building, on Thursday, 1.1 April, between 0930 and 3200 hours. Succeeding exhibits are scheduled for 9 May and 6 June. Designed primarily as an integral part of Intelligence Orientation, course B-3 in your office copy of the OTR Catalog, the exhibit has been found to be of great interest and significance to members of the Agency. The exhibit is unique.. In that it presents in one room a com- prehensive view of the greater part of the intelligence activities of CIA. FOR MFORMTION AND SERVICE CALL "R/1 ." , EXT. 4005 The Office of Training is now in the process of centralizing services designed to advise and counsel Agency personnel on training pro- blems and to serve as a contact point and clearing house within the Agency for information on training2 opportunities. This change should be of dual benefit to OT1 and to the components served by OTR. For the former, the separate Schools cat., direct more of their primary effort to instructing Agency employees ir. 0Th internal programs; but more sig n9:f icantly for the latter, training service in connection with internal. and external programs or courses cart be provided more promptly and effi- .. ?` - ciently, To organize these services,, has been designs eX1A9 . a as eg s rar within Training (R/TR) and the Office of 1A9a designated as Deputy. Training Officers and employees are encouraged to forward inf orma.- tion to the Registrar on externa:L training programs and courses or on other item such as prof essional society meetings, exhibits and con- ferences that have come to their personal attention and which might be of incidental or informal train.. ing interest to others. These items of information will then be promptly disseminated with other training material received by the Registrar. Inquiries about training and for.. mal requests for internal or exter.. nal training may be directed to the. Registrar at 1102 Alcott, on eaten. Sion 4005. 4 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A00(0 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R-E-T LAS/TR DEVELOPS TESTS IN OVER 40 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES The Testing and Research Staff of the Language and Area School now is in a position to give examinations in 47 languages. The examinations in German and Spanish are in the standard format which eventually will be applied to examinations in all languages. Other objective examinations, not yet in standard format, are availa- ble for French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian. Translation examinations are available for Albanian, Arabic, Armenian (Eastern), Bengali, Bulga- rian, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japa- nese, Korean, Lettish, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay (Jawi), Mongolian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Serbo- Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yiddish. 5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S`-ER -C-R-E-T AREA TRAINING PROGRAM 25X1A 25X1A The first full year of cooperation of the Agency's Area Training ..Program has encouraged decisions as to which courses should be scheduled at regular intervals. Such courses now number over 20, most of which are to be found in the 12-month schedule below. A limited number of additional courses will be considered upon a demonstration of actual need. Suggestions or problems may be taken up with Chief.. 25X1A9a Nestern Staff, and Co-ordinator, Area Training Program, Language and Area School, extension 443T. Program sessions of unusual interest in the past 12 months have featured the following non Agency area specialists: Dr. Dale Stewart, Curator of Physical Anthropology, Smithsonian Inst. Dr o Louis Morton, Historian, Historical Section, Army Dr, Kenneth Landon, Operations Coordination Board State eanor 'Dulles, Specialist on Berlin, Office of German Affairs, Dr. Fritz Kraemer, Deputy Chief of the Public Affairs Division, Office of Chief of Staff, Army Mfr. Robert C. Creel Officer in Charge of German Political Affairs, State Colonel Samuel axis,, Head Politico-Military Division, OCNO Mr. Norman Burns, Deputy Director, Near East Africa. Division, ICA Six types of offerings are now included in this program in order to meet widely differing needs: The Basic Country Survex, running 60 to 70 hours, six to seven hours a week for ten weeks, provides considerable depth and breadth of information on a single important country, or grouping of small countries. Historical and current aspects of social and political organization, economic trends, culture, popular ideologies and attitudes, and international relations are examined in the light of the Agency mission. The Regional Survey,, generally requiring an equal number of class hours, emphasizes major intelligence ;probllms of a world region. It is intended for those who already have considerable academic training or job experience concerning the region. S-E--C-R-E-T 16 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 u-E-C-R-E-T ?rhe Integrated Area-Language course, which is the only full-time offering, running 10 to 12weeks, provides intensive intermediate or advanced language training using appropriate area materials in the language as the chief vehicle of instruction. Such materials are generally concerned with the principal country where the language is spoken (i.e., the USSR, Japan, or Germany), but may also encompass neighboring areas of strategic importance, Emphasis is on developing a competence to report and discuss in the foreign language the characteristics and problems of the area. Students attend certain lectures held in simultaneous offerings of the appropriate basic Country Survey or Regional Survey and later discuss with the speakers concerned certain aspects of these lectures in the foreign language. The Lecture Series is a program for presenting 10 or 12 weekly lectures on strategically important aspects of a world region. These series are concerned with regions which either hold outstanding current interest for the intelligence profession or are not covered by the periodic survey courses. The lectures by top specialists on the subjects concerned are followed by ample question periods. The Current Problems Survey is a seminar designed to sharpen appreciation, by intermediate and senior level personnel, of the area-related elements involved in selected intelligence problems focussing on a given foreign country or region. Emphasis is on developing competence to discuss these problems both orally and in written papers, with some freedom permitted to select topics of direct interest in the student's particular work assignment. The Americans Abroad courses, running approximately 15 hours, are indoctrination o a practical nature on a country or region for those expecting to go there for the first time in the near future. Employees and their dependents are prepared for a smooth personal adjustment to living and working in the area. Emphasis is on personal problems in respect to "processing out", security, law, and health, and attention is focused, as well, on significant features of the particular country of destination, such as geography, history, strategic importance to the U.S., social customs, attitudes, and sensitivities. 7 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R--E-T AREA TRAINING - LONG-TERM SCHEDULE April 1957 through March 1958 The following schedule of AREA (INTERNAL) COURSES amends and extends the schedule given in your OTR CATALCO OF COURSES, Long-term Schedules (fold-outs) section. Courses UTSe a?' end during the next 12 months, according to present plans are listed. Applications for enrollment should be submitted in accordance with. the statement of "Language and Area Train- ing (Internal) - Enrollment, Procedures" in the Administrative Foreword section of the Catalog: Regional Survey Free Europe 23 Apr. - 2 July 1957 Principal Instructors Tues., Thurs. 0900 - 1230 25X1A9a 25X1 A Americans Abroad 8 - 12 Jul 1957 W y 25X1A9a ncipa1 Instructors wily 0900 - 1200 Americans Abroad Western Europe 15 - 19 July 1957 25X1A9a Principal Instructors Daily 0900 - 1200 25X1 A Americans Abroad t 0 S 1 4 O 5 ep. - . c 3 7 9 ncipal. Instructor: Daily 25X1A9a 0900 - 1200 Western Euro-oa Principal Instructor s 7 - 11 Oct. 1957 Daily 25X1A9 1330 - 1630 a Integrated Area- Germany, 14 Oct. - 20 Dec. 1957 Language (advanced) Prinnci:ial Instructors: Daily (in German) 25X1A9a Full Time Basic Jountry Survey Germany Principal Instructors 15 Oct - 19 Dec. 1957 Tues., Thurs. 0900 - 1230 25X1A9a 25X1 A A i a s Ab d 1 J 1 2 58 mer c n roa Principal Instructor : an. 7 - 3 9 Daily 25X1A9a 0900 - 1200 S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIeRDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R-E-T Western Europe 10 - iL Feb. 1958 Inc paalInstructor: Daily 25X1A9a 1330 - 1630 Regional Survey Free Europe 11March-15May1958 Principal Instructor: Tues., Thurs. 25X1A9a 0900 - 1230 MICE EAST AND AFRICA Middle East and North Africa 13 - 17 May 1957 Principal Instructor: Daily 25X1A9a 1330 - 1630 Current Problems Sbrvve Nationalism and Communism 17-- 21 June 195? y in the Arab World Daily Principal Instructor: Full Time 25X1A9a Middle East and North Africa - 9 - 13 Sep. 1957 Principal Instructor Daily 25X1A9a 0900 - 1200 Basic Country Survey Fertile Crescent (Lebanon, 9 Oct. - 13 Dec. 1957 Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel) Wed., Fri. Principal Instructor: 0900 - 1230 25X1A9 a Integrated Area-Language Greece or Turkey 4 Nov. - 31 Jan. 1958 Daily (Hours to be arranged) Americans Abroad Middle East and North Africa 13 - 17 Jan. 1958 Principal Instructor Daily 0900 - 1230 25X1A9a Regional Survey National Interest of the U.S. 5 Feb. - 11 Apr. 1958 Inthe Middle East Wed., Fri. Principal InstrucEor: 0900 - 1230 25X1A9a Regional Survey Africa South of the Sahara 11 Man- 15May1958 Tues., Thurs. 0900 - 1200 S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : c A-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 6-E-C-R-E-T la.tin America's Strategic 4 Oct - 20 Dec. 1957 Im orianceto the U. =. Friday FAR EAST Principal Instructor: To be announced 11130 - 1630 25X1A Americans Abroad 20 - 24 May 1957 Princ:.pallris tructor : Daily To be announced 1400 - 1630 25X1 A Americans Abroad 17 - 21 June 1957 Principal Instructor: .Daily 25X1A9 1400 - 1630 a Basic Country Survey China 8 Jul - 13 Sep 1957 (Possibly integrated) Principal Instructor: Mon., lived., Fri. To be announced 1000 - 1200 Current Problems Survey Politi.ca1 aVItems of Asia Principal Instructors: 22 Jul - 30 Aug 1957 Mon., Wed., Fri. 25X1A9a 1000 - 1200 Southeast Asia Principal Instructor: 26 - 30 Aug 1957 Daily 25X1A9a 1400 - 1630 25X Americans Abroad Princi pal Instructor : 16 - 20 Sep. 1957 Daily 25X1A9a 1400 - 1630 Integrated language/Area 16 Sep - 13 Dec. 1957 (:in Russian) Principal :Instructor : Mon., died., Fri. 25X1A9a 0845 - 1045 Basic Country Survey Phi? s Principal 'Instructor: To be announced 7 Oct. - 15 Nov. 1957' Mon., Wed., Fri. 1000 - 1200 Regional Survey 25X1A9a Economic Factors in Asia Principal :Instructor: 8 Oct. - 14 Nov. 1957 Tues., Thurs. 1400 - 1600 10, Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R-E-T Regional Survey East Asia 21 Oct. - 29 Nov. 1957 Pr` pal Instructor: Mon., Wed., Fri. 25X1A9a 14oo - 1600 25X1 A Americans Abroad qwl Instructors 17 - 21 Feb. 1958 Daily 25X1A9a 1400 - 1630 Regional Survey Southeast Asia 18 Feb. - 24 Apr. 1958 ?nc nstructor: Tues., Thurs. 25X1A9a Integrated Language/Area U.S.S.R. 1400 - 1700 58 Principal Instructors 3 Mar. - 30 May 19 25X1A9a Mon., Wed., Fri. 0845 - 1045 Integrated Language/Area Japan 'Prtneipal Instructors 10 Mar. - 9 May 1958 Daily 25X1A9 1400 - 1630 a Note 1: An integrated language/area program on Central Asia is being planned for the fall of 1957 to begin with a language course in Uzbek. Watch the u18 letin for further announcement. Note 2s It is hoped that arrangement can be made to offer two courses, one on the Mowcow-Pei in Axis in the fall of 1957 and one on the Soviet Bloc in early 1956, Watch the Bulletin for further announcement. S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : Ci1A-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : Clg- F D 8R3 21A000200150001-9 25X1A AMERICANS ABROAD 20 MAY TO 24 MAY St, regional-type Americans abroad course 25X1 A will be given daily from 1400 to 1630 hours in Room 2524 Quarters Eye Building. All personnel, including their adult dependents expecting to go for the first time to this area Within the next year are encouraged to attend. Applications for registration of employees must be submitted to the Registrar by 6 May. Requests for admission of dependents should be submitted by Training Officers through the Office of Security to the Chief, Language and.Area School. Further information may be obtained 25X1A9a by calling Extension 33414. -S-.E -C-R-E-T I Z-13 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C--R-E-T SPECIAL LECTURE SERIES IN THE MAJOR LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD 25X1A 10 OCTOBER TO 1 MAY 1957 All CIA personnel interested in improving their language proficiency and area knowledge are invited to attend a series of foreign language lectures (see Lecture Schedule below) presented Wednesdays at 1,230 hurs, in room 1-82, Quarters Eye. Information regarding the series may be obtained by callir to arrange with your supervisor for authorization prior to attendance at any one of the lectures. Recognizing the need for increased knowledge in the language and area fields, the office ofTraining is offering this series of lectures to be given in the major languages of the world by CIA personnel. Topics of particular interest, both to analysts and personnel in operations, have been selected. The purpose is twofold: To advance your knowledge of foreign languages; to increase your insight into the understanding of foreign peoples - their patterns of thought and behavior. A special feature of the program is the amount of attention devoted to the theme "Understanding and Dealing With Foreign Peoples." Individual lecturers will speak on how to understand and deal with the Russians, the Japanese, the Latin Americans, etc. In this way, much of the "know-how" gained by our personnel through years of experience will be transmitted to you. As a result, it is hoped that in your contacts with the different nationalities, both here and abroad, you will be able to establish more effective rapport and attaiLn better results. Summaries of the lectures, in English, will be provided in the "Understanding and Dealing With Foreign People" talks, and also in a few other instances. The lecture in Arabic, due to the very limited number of Agency personnel able to understand this language, will be given in English with a brief summary following in Arabic. S-E-Cwt-E-T 14 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-]E-C R-E-T 25X1A6d 3 April Italian rrTher C ises of the Italian Communist Farty," Edward MM 25X1A6d 10 April. Russian "Economic Defense Problems of the Free World Today," ORR. 17 April 24 April 29 April 15 May Spanish French German German "Orientation To Social Customs and Behavior P e wt in the Spanish-Speaking World," 5X1 A6d OTR "Psychological Factors in Intelligence Work and Training," (Summary in English), 1A6d OTR "Impressions of a World Wide Tour," X1A6d "Why West Germans Defect to East Germany," A6d ORR S-E--C; R-E-T I5 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R-E-T 25X1A9a REGIONAL SURVEY FREE EUROPE 23 APRIL TO 2 JULY This course is concerned with all the countries of Europe west of the Iron Curtain. Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0900 to 1230 hours in Room 2132 I Building. Applications for registration must be submitted to the Registrar on or before 9 April. An interview with the principal instructor, extension 44372 is required of all applicants. Emphasis will be placed upon Western Europe's national and international problems which have strategic implications for the security of the United States. The course is designed for personnel whose assignments are concerned with Western Europe as a whole or with any part thereof. Others may be admitted on the basis of a demonstrated minimum preparedness and need. All students will be expected to devote an hour a day, on the average, to outside reading, and to show a reasonable grasp of the main lines of the course in a final examination. COURSE SCHEDULE ORIENTATION Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Introduction: Course rationale, objectives, 23 April 1030 - 1115 activities Ke ote address: Europe and the United States 25X1A c/4~~E ) 1120 - 1230 Films: "Along the Railway Tracks of Europe"; Thursday 0900 - 1000 "Wings to Europe" (color) Survey of strategic problems 25 April 1015 - 1115 Films: "The Story of MDAP"; "Recovery of Europe 1115 - 1230 through ECA"; "Power for All" (color) Survey of strategic problems (concluded) Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Map study - locational orientation 30 April 1030 - 1115 Color slides of 10 countries 1115 - 1230 Geography: economic and strategic HISTORY Thursday 0900 - 1015 A framework 2 May 1030 - 1130 Film: "Europe - A Human Adventure" 1130 - 1230 A framework (concluded) S-E-C-R-E-T 16 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R.-E-T Tuesday 0900 - 101.5 Roots of Contemporary problems - Medieval times 7 May 1030 - 1115 Films: "The Rise of Nations in Europe"; Colonial Expansion of European Nations " 1115 - 1230 Roots of Contemporary problems - Early modern i,imes, to 1800 Thursday 0900 - 1015 Background of 'World Wars I and II, 1800 - 19110 9 May 1030 T 1145 ]Impact of World War II 11115 - 1315* Films "True Glory" (survey of background of the war) Tuesday 0900 - 1015 F:mergepce of contemporary ideologies 1t May 1030 - 1130 Film: "Here Is Germany" (record of militarism) 1130 - 120 Open NATIONAL STRATEGIC PROBLEMS Thursday 0900 - 1015 United Kingdom 16 May 1030 - 1100 Film: "Introducing the U.K." (NATO Series) 1100 - 1130 Discussion 1130 - 1230 United Kingdom (concluded) 1230 - 1250* Film: "This Is Great Britain" Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Germany. 21 May 1030 - 1100 Film: "Introducing Germany" (NATO Series) 1100 - 1130 Discussion 1130 - 1230 Germany (concluded) Thursday 0900 - 1015 France 23 May 1030 - 1130 Films: "Introducing France" (NATO Series) ":France Is a Garden" (color) 1130 - 1230 France (concluded) Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Italy 28 May 1030 - 1100 Film: ".Introducing Italy" (NATO Series) 1100 - 1130 D:Jscussion 1130 - 1230 Italy (concluded) 1230 - 1250* Film: "Wings to Vikingland" Tuesday 0900 - 1000 Scandinavian countries (panel) 4 June 1020 - 1120 Benelux countries (panel) 1130 - 1230 Austria and Switzerland (panel) 1230 - 1255* F:L1m: "Wings to Austria" * Film showings extending past 1230 hours are on a voluntary basis S-E-C--R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-ADP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : @gL&;1;1i?Z].ft3921A000200150001-9 Thursday 0900 - 1015 Iberian countries (panel) 6 June 1030 - 1120 Films: "Introducing Portugal"; "Introducing Turkey" (NATO Series) 1120 - 1230 Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia (panel) 1230 - 1215* Film: "Spain" REGIONAL STRATEGIC PROBLEMS Tuesday 0900 - 1015 International Tensions 11 June 1030 - 1120 Discussion 1120 - 1230 Economic Relationships Thursday 0900 - 1015 Integration: The Movement - record and outlook " 13 June 1030 - 1115 Films: "155 Million Strong"; "Will Europe Unite? 1120 - 1230 Integration: The Organizations - personnel and functions Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Atlantic Alliance: organization and functions - 18 June national official and popular attitudes 1030 - 1115 Discussion 1120 - 1230 Military contribution Thursday 0900 - 1000 Economic defense: Strategic controls 20 June 1015 - 1115 Discussion 1120 - 1230 Open Tuesday 0900 - 1015 Soviet strategy and Communist potential 25 June 1030 - 1115 Discussion 1120 - 1230 Open SUMMARY Thursday 0900 - 1015 Situation Summary and Outlook 27 June 1030 - 1110 Film: "Flight into Time" (color) 1115 - 1230 U.S. Policy toward Western Europe Tuesday 2 July 0900 - 1200 Final examination * Film showings extending past 1230 hours are on a voluntary basis 18 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : GIJ,F pf7J-$3921A000200150001-9 N00T7r IV!E MOVIE PROGRAM APRIL AND MAY You are invited to attend the various foreign language and English films to be shown in Room 1-82 Quarters Eye, at 1200 hours as scheduled below. Films of both entertainment and factual types are included. If you enjoy foreign films, desire to improve your lal:sguae proficiency, or seek additional "area" knowledge, you will find these programs interesting and beneficial. Occasion- ally if it is impossible to secure a scheduled film a substitution will be made. For further information, please call extension 2381. 25X1A9a You will, of course, wish to arrange with your supervisor for authorization to attend those films which require time in excess of your lunch hour. 8 April Soviet Asia Area films: "Birobidzhan" G6582, 16 min.(Silent); Monday "From the Aral Sea to the Caspian" E6253, 23 min.; "Soviet Buryat-Mongilia" D6292, 57 min. (In Russian). 9 April French film: "Nocturnal Frolics" D6174, 110 min. Tuesday (About a Music Hall Troupe) 10 April Russian Newsreels Wednesday 11 April Asia Area film: "William Faulkner's Impressions of Japan" Thursday J6240, 14 min.; "Japan Today" J6338, 14 min.; "The Chinese Peasant Goes to Market" J6702, 11. min.; "Tientsin-Gateway to North China" G6954, 11 Min.; "Mongolia and China" G7083, 32 min. 12 April Middle East Area films: "Flight into the Mediterranean" Friday (From Lisbon to Israel) 16422, 31. min.; "Tangier, Marrakech and the Foreign Legion" J,6738, 26 min.; "Tunisia, Libya, Egypt" J6162, 30 min.; "History of Saudi Arabia" 20 min. :L5 April Soviet Asia Area films: '''Soviet Kazakhstan" D6045, 45 min.; Monday "Soviet Tadzhikstan" E601:5, 52 min.; (In English) 16 April East Asia Area films: "Beauty Spots of Japan" C1018, 10 min.; Tuesday "Japan and Democracy" E6262, 17 min.; "Kyoto Story" G6661, 25 min. ; "China.-The Land and the Peoples" H1233, 12 min. ; "',That is China" B7367, 23 min. 1.7 April Russian film: "The Man With a Gun" (Film of action during Wednesday Bolshevik Revolution) 7.8 April German Newsreels Thursday S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 il ,,RIRP.8r03921A000200150001-9 19 April Czech film: "Crisis--The Nazi Way" H0107, 72 min. Friday (Describes evolution of Czechoslovakia up to Munich) 22 April Soviet Asia Area films: "Soviet Azerbaidzhan" D6044, 17 min.; I'onday "Soviet Uzbekistan" D6320, 52 min. (In English) 23 April East Asia Area films: "Rural life in Japan" J6632, 17 min.; "~ Tuesday "Pilgrimage to Mt. Fuji" J6630, 21 min.; "Festivals in Japan" J0760, 22 min.; "Tibet" J1382, 45 min. 24 April Russian Newsreels Wednesday 25 April West European Area films: "Wings to Europe" A3015, 30 min.; Thursday "Along the Railway Tracks of Europe" H1176, 10 min.; "The Story of Recovery" B7598, 11 min. 26 April Soviet Asia area films: "Peoples of the Soviet Union" B6097, Friday 1952 version; "Soviet Taiga'"; "The Caucasus" H6748, 22 min.; "In the Heart of Soviet Asia" G7292, 22 min. 2Q April German film: "The Ruler" B1339, 105 min. Monday (Emil Jannings film about Steel Magnate; Dutch French subtitles) 30 April West European Area films : "The Story of MDIP"" G7006, 222min. ; Tuesday "Power for All" E0584, 20 min.; "Our Adventure to Europe" J6311, 34 min.(Student Group visits Western Europe). 1 May Russian film: "The Sea Hunter" H6559, 78 min. Wednesday (Russians fight Germans in Submarine War in World War II) 2 May French film: "Savoy Hotel 217" D6242, 72 min. Thursday (Mystery film) 3 May West European Area films: "Europe-Humaine Adventure" H6930, Friday 65 min. (In English or French) 6 May West European Area films: "The Rise of Nations in Europe" Monday J6010, 12 min.; "Colonial Expansion of European Nations"" J6008, 13 min.; "France and its People" J0912, 13 min. 7 May Cantonese film: "God of Creation" 37 min. Tuesday (0i the Natural Sciences): Alternate film in Manderin will be shown if necessary) 8 May Russian Newsreels Wednesday S-E-C R-E-T 20 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIg.~8-21A000200150001-9 9 May Polish film: "Ulica Graniczna" 110 min. Thursday (Prize winner at Venice film festival; on Warsaw Ghetto uprising) 10 May English Documentary: "True Glory" A0093, 90 min. Friday (A Survey of Back:grouV, leading to World War II) 13 May West European Area films: "Here is Germany" A9050, 60 min. Monday (Record of Militarism); "Germany, Key to Europe" 0945, 20 min. 14 May German film: "Soviet Whalers" 58 min. Tuesday 15 May Russian film: "The Immortal Garrison" Wednesday (Prizewinning Epic of Defense of Brest Garrison in World War II) S-E-?G R-E-T 21-23 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921AO60200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/g6i_$A R 78-03921 A000200150001-9 AREA ANALYSTS PROGRAM -- NEAR EAST 1 JULY TO 25X1 C 1957 Summer SeminaESEEMEL- 27 SEPTEMBER 25X1 C Applications for the 1957 Summer Seminar are due in the Office of Training by 15 March. 25X1 C The program is intended only for Headquarters analysts and intel- ligence officers of the middle grades whose duty assignments are directly related to the Near East. Persons who do not fall within this scope normally will not be considered for this program. Prerequisites are: Top Secret clearance; One year of Agency ser- vice; Bachelor's degree, or equivalent; Competence to perform graduate study; GS-7 to GS-12, and at least one year of duty at CIA Headquarters directly involving major use of substantive materials on the Near East; Certification by OTR Qualifications Review Panel on 28 March. Applications should be submitted on CIA Form No. 136, Request for Training at Non-CIA _Faeility. Along with this request for training, ap- plicants must submit transcripts of academic records above high school and a statement of past academic training and professional experience concerned with the Near East. Applicants must also take:or have taken, the Professional Employees Testing Battery (PETB) prior to 1 March. This test may be arranged for by calling Extension8322. ,b-E-C-R-E-T 24 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C--R--E-T SAIS SUMMER SESSION TE?SIONS IN 24 JUNE TO AND CONFERENCE THEE DDLE.EAST 29 AUGUST The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) announces that its 1957 graduate summer session, 24,, June - 23 August, and con- ference, 26-29 August, will concern TENSIONS IN THEM D Specific simmer session course offerings are as follows: PROBLEMS OF NATIONALISM AND SOVEREIG 25X1A AMER:[CAN POLICY IN THE MIDDLE EAST 25X1A COMMUNISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST 25X1A ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF THE MI])DLE EAST Robert Sethia:n, Department of Commerce SOCIAL CHANGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST 25X1 A Applications for summer session courses are due in the Office of Training by 1 April and include attendance at the four-day conference. Applications for conference only are due by 15 July. Applications for courses (including conference) or conference only should be submitted on CIA Form No. 136, Request for Training It Non- CIA Facility. The conference is to- invitation only. Agency employees desiring invitations may obtain these only through the Office of Train- ing. only Persons requesting a full-time program (2 courses for credit and 1 course audit) must submit transcripts of academic records above high school along with their training request, in order to be certified by the OTR Qualifications Review Panel on 25 April. S-:F,C-R-:&-T 25 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 CIA OF-039 1ALO00200150001 1957) B-13 TITLE Shorthand Theory Review OBJECTIVES Intensive Review of entire Gregg shorthand system Dictation speed of 60 words a minute or faster ?'RER,QUISIT'S Secret clearance Basic knowledge of Gregg shorthand theory Pretest ENROLL 'NT 5 to 20 Dt fl'0.N Four weeks - 1-k hours a day (30 hours) LOCATION Headquarters B-14 TITLE Introductory Shorthand Dictation (Inactive as of 3 August 1956) Approved For Release 2001/dWI-%IA200150001-9 26 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 B-15 SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY (April 1957) OBJr,CTIVFS Review of Gregg shorthand theory and concentrated study of a diversified vocabulary Dictation speed of 70 words a ,minute or faster Review of Agency correspondence formats PREREQUISITES Secret clearance Pretest or achievement of objectives in preceding class (Dictation speed of 60 words as minute) ENROLLMENT 5 to 20 PIIRATION' Four weeks - 1+ hours a day (25 hours) LOCATION Headquarters B-16 OBJECTIVF',S Review of Gregg ;shorthand theory and stenogranhic practice in Agency te:rm.inology Dictation speed of 80 words a minute or faster Review of Agency correspondence formats PREREQUISITES Secret clearance 7,NRdLT.T4ENP 5 to 20 DURATION Four weeks -- l- - hours a day (25i hours) LOCATION Headquarters Pretest or achievement of objectives in proceding class (Dictation speed of 70 words a minute) SECRET/CIA .017- CIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CR47RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 200Affly fCC A- %V020015~ JRJA 1957) TITLE Reading Improvement OBJECTIVES Increase reading efficiency, by improving comprehension and speed in scanning, informational reading and study reading P RERWQUISITE Scores on a group of pre-training tests must indicate scope for improvement Course objectives must be applicable to job performance a ENROLT_MNT DURATION 36 hours: five 1 -hour sessions ner week for seven weeks, plus terminal interview 0 LOCATION Headquarters Adults who are average or better than average readers can increase their reading efficiency, and they can retain the higher skill level indefinitely. The intelligence officer can improve his speed, understanding, concen- tration and memory in reading, by overcoming specialized reading habits. The course develops a variety of reading techniques, and the ability to adapt technique suitably to reading problems of varying complexity and length. F'ach student spends approximately 75% of his time in the course per- forming instructional exercises in study reading, information reading and scanning techniques, He reads Foreign Service Despatches, CS reports, nolitical articles, and 00 reports for diverse practical nurnoses, and at different rates. The remaining 25% of course time is devoted to lectures, group discussions, and individual consultation with the instructor. The instructor and student analyze a profile of the student's reading skills at the beginning of the course. The individual's class work and assignments emphasize those skills which he particularly needs to develop. SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIAP78-03921A000200150001-9 r_ W Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 1-12 S-E-C-R-E-T This is a new Intelligence School course listing. Please cut out this listing and place it in your office copy of the OTR Catalog as course number 1-12. TITLE Intelligence Research (Maps) OBJECTIVES An appreciation of the significance of geographic factors in intelligence analysis; an introduction to map research methodology; and, development, through practice, of the skills required to derive a maximum of information from US and foreign maps. PREREQUISITES Secret clearance ENROLLMENT 10 to 15 ? DURATION Three mornings a week for three weeks (27 hours) ? LOCATION Headquarters Intelligence Research (Maps)_ is designed to: ? Relate geography to intelligence analysis. Examine the various types of geography and the influence of geographic environment upon human activities. Illustrate the importance of geographic factors bearing on the intelligence problem by specific examples. Identify and classify on a functional basis the types of maps of value to the intelligence officer and demonstrate their preparation for use as briefing aids. Impart a general understanding of the problem of map projection, but emphasize the advantages and limitations of those projections most likely to be en- countered by the Intelligence Officer in the course of his work. Teach the simple skills required in order to derive a maximum of information from maps. 'Rroaden the range of the map user through familiarity with maps produced by various U.S. Agencies; and, with the principal military to- pographic, commercial, and non-military map series published in foreign countries. 'Teach the mathematical formulas needed to convert foreign geographic coordinates based on the metric system; and, adjust geo- graphic references based on prime meridians other than that passing through ? Greenwich. Familiarize the students with map reference materials available for geographic research; and, the comprehensive map support services offered by components of CIA and other government departments. Test by means of a Class Problem the various skills taught throughout the course. S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP'O-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/ CA,, 'd2pa ~Mla08[g?015000]&/yDD, April 1957) TITLE Russian Familiarization OBJECTIVE Orientation to the Russian Language PREREQUISITES Provisionally cleared persons may register ENROLLMENT 5 to 15 DURATION 3 weeks: 2 one hour lectures per week LOCATION FM 25X1A6d The course is designed primarily for clerical and secretarial personnel whose work requires minimal familiarity with the Russian language. The lectures discuss the Cyrillic alphabet; translitera- tion; pronunciation; punctuation, capitalization, syllabification; geographical and personal names; basic features of grammar; numbers, dates, time; geography of the USSR: party and government organiza- tion; important personalities; use of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books. For information, contact the Training Officer, O0/FDD, ext. 3016 SECRET'/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDS 8-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY (00/FDD, April 1957) TITIE Intensive Reading Courses: Polish, Romanian; Russian OBJECTIVE To develop high-level reading ability as rapidly as possible PREREQUISITES Previous knowledge of an inflected foreign language, and an understanding of the terminology of grammar B.A. degree, or equivalent Achievement of a score on the Foreign Language aptitude test in the highest or second highest category on the rating scale. ENROLLMENT 3 to 10 DURATION 10 to 14 weeks: Full time LOCATION FDD 25X1A6d The sole direct aim of each course is to teach the student to read materials of the type and level he will find in operations. Hence no attempt is made to teach conversation or composition. The student ac- quires a thorough recognitional knowledge of grammar and a very large passive vocabulary. The course consists of 60 excerpts from current publications, in- volving all levels of difficulty and on a variety of subjects, with vocabularies and grammatical notes. The rate of instruction is as rapid as the ability of the students will permit. The FDD examination is given at the end of the course. For information, contact the Training Officet, 00/FDD, ext. 3016. SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RD03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 ? CIA-RDP78-03921A00020015 00 SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY 00 I), April 1957) TITLE Intensive Italian Grammar and Reading OBJECTIVE Ability to read Italian newspaper articles FRER:},UISITES Previous knowledge of a Romance language Achievement of a score on the Foreign Language aptitude test in the highest or second highest category on the rating scale ENROLLM:-,'NT 3 to 12 DURATION 17 weeks: 3 hours of instruction, plus 3 hours of study in the operations area, supplemented by additional study on the student's own time LOCATION FAD The course consists of approximately 7 weeks' study of Russo's "Elementary Italian Grammar," followed by 10 weeks of reading and translating as selected Italian newspaper articles of current opera- tional value. The FDD examination is given at the end of the course. For information, contact The Training Officer, OO/FDD, ext. 3016 25X1A6d SECRET/CIA OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDW-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 5 E-C-R E-T HISTORICAL INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION (by Walter L. Pforzheimer, Special Assistant to the DD/I) A little over a year ago, the Director of Central Intelligence expressed a desire that CIA should develop the best intelligence library in the world, to cover the subject of intelligence in its broadest meaning, in all languages and on all countries. As a result, the Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC) was established under the DD/I, headed by a Special Assistant to the DD/I. At the present time, HIC consists largely of books on the subject of intelligence; to a lesser extent, magazine articles in the field are also being included, but, as time goes on, more and more of the periodical litera- ture will be brought into the Collection. Some classified material on subjects of interest to the Collection, particularly in the form of manuals, is also being added, although the full. extent of the inclusion of classified material has not yet been determined. The books on the subject of intelligence which were in the CIA Library have been brought together in HIC, and a vigorous purchasing policy has been adopted. At the present time, the Collection is apvroaching 4,000 volumes in size. HIC is located in 1348 M Building (ext. 2970), and all are welcome to come in, browse, and borrow the books. It should be emphasized that HIC is a collection on the sub ect of intel- ligence and not on the product of intelligence. Its scope includes such things as military, strategic, and national intelligence, as well as espionage, counter espionage, unconventional warfare in all of its aspects--including guerrillas, resistance movements, partisans, special forces, escape and evasion, subversion, clandestine press--and such other subjects as economic and psychological warfare, prisoners of war, cryptography, loyalty and security, and various elements of intelligence trade craft. As far as we can determine, nowhere else in the world is there a collection of similar size and scope. What are the purposes which lie behind the Director's establishment of the Historical Intelligence Collection? In the first place, there is the question of precedents. No matter what the profession, one can always build upon the experiences of the past. For instance, there are still only three basic ways to escape from a prisoner of war camp--over the wall, under the wall, or through the wall. The rest is a matter of careful organization and individual ingenuity. The many books on this subject in HIC show much concerning the ingenuity of those who escaped. Such things as the documented hoax, so skillfully narrated in The Man Who Never Ws.s, are only further refinements of similar operations in World War I and before. HIC also has some interesting early books on the sub- stantive side of intelligence. 38 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-E-C-R--E-T In addition to the precedents which can be gleaned from this Collection, it was established in part to study the traditions of the intelligence pro- fession--a profession which ranks with the oldest in the world. Its traditions should be as real to us as are the traditions of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corns to the members of those services. In America the tradition goes back to the Revolution, for certainly no commander was ever more conscious of intelligence or relied on it more heavily than General Washington. His awareness of it was summed t.p in a letter he wrote to one of his officers: "The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent and need not be further urged--All that remains for me to add is, that you keep the whole matter as secret as possible, . . ,'1 In addition to the precedents which can be culled from this Collection and the traditions which it represents, HIC will serve as a training tool. If the facts, somewhat beclouded in history, regarding the capture of Major Andre and Nathan Hale can be relied on, one can only reach the conclusion that if either of them had stopped to think for even a minute or second, neither of them would have been caught, and the literature of intelligence would have been the poorer. But their momentary lapses are as timely for training purposes today as similar aberrations in World War II or thereafter. As time goes on, it is hoped that its very completeness will commend HIC to the training of intelligence personnel. To be sure, new scientific advances refine many aspects of intelligence, but no profession--whether it be law, or medicine, or science, ,or intelligence--can afford to overlook the basic lessons of the past and the foundations on which the profession is built. Nor does HIC relegate itself only to antiquity--the past is only yesterday, and tomorrow's books are already on order. 39 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RD 78_i3T21A000200150001-9 LANGUAGE 1EVELOPNENT PROGRAM 25X1 A9a (by Chairman, Committee on Language Development) 25X1 A 1A "Language Development Program," dated 4 February 1957, is a personal message from the Director of Central Intelligence to every employee of the Agency. This Notice announces the establishment of the Language Development Program and urges each of you to participate in it. The Notice further invites your attention to Regulation which pre- scribes the policies and responsibilities for the direct on an administra- tion of the program and sets forth the conditions governing your participa- tion in it. a 25X1 A In addition to those mentioned above there are two noti ou will need to read before you can enter the Program. Notice 1A "Schedule o f Awards a n d Instructions," establishes the amour s o awards for the various types and levels of proficiency and tells you how to enter the Program. Notice "Classification of Languages for Award Pur- poses," designates those languages which are awardable now. In reviewing these documents you will note that: a. All language training authorized under the Program will be provided at Agency expense whether or not it is undertaken during duty hours or on off-duty time, or related or unrelated to the duty assign- ment of the individual concerned. b. If you believe you possess an awardable level of proficiency in one or more foreign language, all you need to do is to fill out Agency Form 444c, copies of which are now available in all Agency supply roomg in accordance with the instructions on it and send it to your Adminis- trative Officer. This action will establish you as a candidate for a Maintenance Award, payable 12 months from the date you complete the form, provided that you achieve satisfactory results on an official Agency proficiency test. Such tests will be scheduled just prior to the expiration of the initial 12-month period and annually thereafter. c. If you have no knowledge of a foreign language, or have less than an awardable level of proficiency in one, or if you wish to in- crease the level of proficiency you now possess, you may apply for language training on Agency Form #73, "Request for Internal Training." This action will establish you as a candidate for an achievement award upon satisfactory completion of your training. S-E-C-R E-T 40 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S-.E-C R- E-T 25X1A There are two reasons why those of you who are now proficient in a for- eign language at any one of the three awardable levels should complete and forward Agency Form 444c, Language Data Record., as soon as possible. First, the date you complete the form establishes the anniversary date of your annual maintenance award payment, as long as you remain eligible and quali- fied. Second, the data on the form is necessary for inclusion in the Language Qualifications Register. For those of you who intend to apply for training under the provisions of the program, the following information is provided for your guidance in making application: a. For the purposes of Regulation- language training will be considered. . yoluntarv trail whenever 5]$ or more of the time spent in class- room instruction and in required laboratory work is spent during off-duty hours, and Directed t ining whenever 51% or more. of the time spent in class- room instruction and. in required laboratory work is spent during duty hours. These definitions apply whether or not the individual is directed by his supervisor to take language training in: whole or in part during off- duty hours. Whenever the individual voluntarily chooses to study a lan- guage, not directed by his supervisor but is authorized duty hour time 1 for such study in excess of 51% of the total time required to learn the language, such training will be regarded as directed training. b. The Office of Training will. attempt to provide for hours instruction in the languages listed in Notice as rapidly as sufficient numbers of students indicate an interest in learning them, and provided that internal or external facilities are available during such times to offer the instruction. c. In applying for language training on a "directed basis" use the established procedures currently in effect. If you are not familiar with them consult your Training Officer. d. In applying for language training on a "voluntary basis" fill out Form h}73 in accordance with the following instructions: (1) Complete items 1 - 14, inclusive. (2) Omit items 15 and 16. Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : AJRDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/165I~F7q-03921 A000200150001-9 (3) In item 17 list only previous foreign language training and experience. Give name of language, dates of training, and type of course and experience, (e.g., two years high school; 12 semester hours, college; residence in a foreign country for 18 months, etc.) (4) Item 18 will be filled in by the instructor after your scheduled interview with him. (5) If the course you want is an existing scheduled course, list its title in item 19. (6) Under "Remarks," item 20, indicate that you are. applying for "voluntary training" and state your preference for before or after duty hours training. In addition, outline the type of train- ing you require in terms of your objective. (e.g., I am a begin- ning student and I wish to achieve the elementary level of comprehensive proficiency; I am at the (elementary) (intermediate) level of (specialized) (comprehensive) proficiency and I wish to achieve the ( ) level of ( ) proficiency, etc.) (7) If you are a beginning student, or,if you are an advanced student and have not had prior Agency sponsored language training, you will be required to take the language aptitude test. The re- sults you achieve on the test is one of the determining factors in the acceptance by the Director of Training of your enrollment as a language student. e. Agency sponsored off-duty hours courses are designed to provide five classroom hours of instruction and seven hours of required labora- tory work and study per week. Satisfactory completion of beginning courses will qualify the student at the elementary level of comprehen- sive proficiency in the language. Consequently, the duration of any beginning course will vary in accordance with the difficulty of the language concerned. Beginning courses in the easier languages will consist of four 16-week semesters. The duration of advanced courses 1A will vary dependent upon the level of proficiency the student possesses when he enters the course. The Committee on Language Development has been established under the provisions of Regulatioras advisory to the Director of Training to assist him in the administration of the Program. If you have any questions or recommendations for the improvement of the Program, these should be for- warded to the Committee through your Training Officer. For your informa- tion, the Committee is composed of the following members: 42 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 -E-C-ft-E-T 25X1A9a extension 3531, Chairman, representing the Direc- o Training 25X1A9a extension 2888, representing the Director of Per- sonne 25X1A9a , extension 22.28, representing the Deputy Director iLsupport) 25X1A9a extension 641, representing the Deputy Direc- ,or . n e . gene 25X1A9a extension 3951, representing the Deputy Director (,Plans The Office of Training Bu1g;tin will continue to keep you informed of new information concerning the Language Development Program; meantime, con- tact your Training Officer for 'f'urther information. 43 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S E-C-R E-T For information regarding courses ana registiraL,.Lou PFQUc t uU, L-R- your office copy of the OTR Catalog and your OTR Bulletin, and consult your Training Officer. To register in a course, secure the approval and sponsorship of your supervisor. OTR registration deadline and course dates follow. /please check with your Training Officer regard- 1n his special deadlines for applications7? COURSE TITLE Intelligence Orientation B-3 (R&S Auditorium) Administrative Drocedures B-4 25X1A6d (136 25X1A6d (See your OTR Catalog) B-5 (136 A PPLY BY 22 Apr DURATION 29 Apr - 24 May 20 May 27 May - 21 June 27 May 3 - 21 June *29 July-16 Aug (cancelled) 2 Sept *9 - 27 Sept 22 Apr 29 Apr-31 May *24 June-26 July (cancelled) 22 July 29 July-31 Aug *19 Aug - 20 Sept (cancelled) 23 Sept *30 Sept - 1 Nov Basic Supervision (GS 5-7) B-7 15 Apr Basic Supervision (GS 12-14) 29 Apr Basic Supervision (GS 9-11) 27 May (0830 - 1230 hours, daily 25X1A6d 155 ~ Basic Management (GS 12-14) B-8 Basic Management (GS 13-15) 6 May Basic Management (GS 11-13) 10 June (0830 - 1230 hours, daily 25X1A6d 155 ~ *22 Apr - 3 May 6 - 17 May 3 - 14 June *22 Apr - 3 May (cancelled) 13 - 24 May 17 - 28 June S E-C-R E-T 44 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S$-E-C-R-E-T COURSE TITLE BODE APPLY BY DURATION Clerical Refresher Program B-12 to 15 Apr 22 Apr - 17 May (2300 Alcott) B-19 22 May 27 May - 21 June Pre-testing for the Clerical Refresher Program, is scheduled for 18 April and 23 May in Room 23001 Wing C, Alcott Hall as follows: 0900-1000 Typing 1000-1100 Shorthand 1100-1200 E lish Usage Instructional Techniques 3-20 13 May (2 011 R&S) 17 June Effective Writing 3-21 Dependents' Briefing 3-23 (See your (117 Central Bldg) TrainilIc' Officer) Party Organization and C-2 20 May Operations (0830-:1230, daily, 2202 Alcott) Intelligence Techniques I-1 20 May (2027 I&S ) Conference Leadership 1-3 15 April (0830-:1130 hours, Monday, Wednesday 2025 MS) Writing Workshop 1-6 15 Apr (0900-1200 hours, let wk: Mon, Tues, Thurs last 2 wks: Tues, Tours 2026 FI&S ) Reading Improvement I.7 8 Apr (2402 Alcott) 8 May 12 June 00/C Refresher (Room 425, 1717 H St) I-11 3 June 20-24May 24 - 28 June *6 May-12 July (cancelled) 7 - 8 May 4 - 5 June 27 14%y-21 June 27 May-21 June 22 Apr - 29 May 22 Apr - 16 May *15 Apr - 8 May (was 15 Apr - 31 May) *15 May - 7 June 17 June - 2 Aug 10 - 19 June S-E-C-R,-E-T Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : A-2DP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 S E-C-RE-T COURSE TITLE CODE APPLY DURATION ("0" course titles are 0-1 16 Sept *30 Sept - 31 Jan listed only in OTR (was 3 Sept - Catalog 100-1) 20 Dee) 0-2 15 Apr 29 Apr - 7 June 0-4 8 Apr *15 Apr - 3 May (was 1 - 19 Apr) 6 May 17 June 13 - 31 May 24 June - 12 July *5 _23Aug (cancelled) 0-5 22 Apr 29 Apr - 10 May 0-6 22 Apr 29 Apr - 24 May 0-10 17 June 24 June - 12 July 0-15 6 May 13 - 31 May 0-17 15 Apr 29 Apr - 24 May 0-24 3 June 17 June - 5 July 0-25 13 May 24 June 20 May - 7 June 1 - 19 July 0-26 (See your Trainin Officer 13 May *PLEASE BE SURE TO MAKE THESE CHANGES ON THE TANG TERM SCE S (FOLD-OUT CHARTS) IN THE BACK OF YOUR OFFICE COPY OF THE OTR CATALOG S-E-C-R-E-T 46 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-0392WjQ08TIAL AREA TRAINING Applications for Area Training, Part-Time Language Training, and Integrated Area-Language Program Training must be submitted to the Registrar, Office of Training, at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the course,. 25X1A Registrar's Course Title Deadline Course Dates Regional Survey- Free Europe 9 April 23 Apr - 27 June Current Problems Survey: ona sm anunism 3 June 17 June - 21 June in the Arab World Americans Abroad: Middle East and North Africa 29 April 13 May - 17 May 6 May 20 May - 24 May INTENSIVE (FULL_TIME) LANGUAGE TRAINING Applications for Intensive (Full-Time) language courses should be submitted at least 6 weeks, and preferably 3 months, prior to the beginning dates of the courses. Qualifications of all applicants are considered by OTR Qualifications Review Panels prior to ap- proval for training. The following courses are listed in the same sequence shown on the Lc .g-Term Course Schedule contained in your OTR CATALOG. Basic Persian 13 May - 26 October Turkish 3 June - 8 March 1958 CONFIDENTIAL, Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Approved For Release 2001/07/166 C 3921A000200150001-9 CONFIDENTIAL FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TESTS The Foreign Language Proficiency Tests are for those persons who already have some knowledge of a given language, and are designed to test how well a person reads, writes, and speaks that language. Individuals applying for intermediate or advanced study of a language may be required by the Office of Training to take the proficiency test in that language in order to determine just what further train- ing will be most rewarding. The written part of the test (covering reading and writing) requires about 3 - 4 hours and is given in the morning. The oral part requires about 15 minutes for each person and is given in the afternoon. Individuals may elect, or be required, to take tests in reading, writing, or speaking, or any combination of these capabilities. All tests are administered on Thursdays, in Room 2623, Quarters Eye. Call extension 4640 or 3315, at least one week prior to the date of a test, to arrange an arpoi_ntment. G. Apr German 16 May Chinese (Mandarin). Dutch 11 Apr Norwegian Slovene 15 Apr Spanish 23 Ihy Arabic Korean 25 Apr Bengali Russian 6 Jun German Urdu 2 May French Hindi 1? Jun Jaoia.nese Slovak Persian C May Bulgarian 27 Jun Russian Danish Indonesian 48 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000200150001-9 MIMPORIONamm"