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25X1A CPNVIIONTAL Appru ed or meiease pA1/013/A2_. -RDP78-039214666368090001-5 IN I tR %JUL. 11 L. OFFICE OF TRAINING JOB NO -, COX NC_3 FOLDEF NO. 3 TOTAL )43CS HEREIN _L , LET I .;.January DA QA/QC: 10/17/00. SY BULLETIN BOARD "Registration Dates and Courses for Self-Improvement Program" EXTERNAL PROGRAMS REGISTRAR'S REMINDERS DIRECTORIES CLANDESTINE SERVICES SECTION . ... Ci3:1; 1 Cala CMG GLASS _S._ PiZOI--S 4/1 JUST _ ILA -4-11374-980 - II i /1 .. L4iins 0 29 7 25 'Pin 3n, BEY CLASS 2?2__ tam. Hy 7010 ACM Ha 104 1 1 12 24 28 31 Approved For Releaseat1icitiblERNOMDFUSE3300101110300090001-5 CONFIDENTIAL A V 0 CONFIDENTIAL /Or Approved For Release 2001/03merMDP78-03921A000300090 1-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY REGISTRATION DATES AND COURSES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Because of the continued expression of interest in an off-duty academic studies program, a number of hitherto indefinite statements can now be replaced by some facts and reasonable conjectures. Here are some new developments. Arrangements are progressing for a general registration at the Headquarters Building on 29, 30, and 31 January 1962 looking toward the initiation of courses in the week beginning 12 February 1962, under the auspices of George Washington University's College of General Studies. In mid-January a Special Bulletin will be issued, including registration dates and details of matriculation. Costs of the GWU courses will be $20.00 a semester hour. Each course will carry three semester hours credit; and will be con- ducted one evening a week for fifteen weeks. Other than the $60. 00 per course, there will be no charge except for the purchase of books. Deferred payments for a course will be acceptable to the University on the basis of $20.00 at registration and $20. 00 at one month intervals. Sessions will be two hours, probably beginning at 6:00 p.m. or shortly thereafter. Generally, classes at the new building will be con- ducted in the 1D-Section, where a group of OTR classrooms will be located. For the first several weeks of after-hours academic classes, however, it may be necessary to use other locations in the new building. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 28K1/Rierttp7M31921A000300090.0101-5 January 1962 L E eage 1 rnmmrIchlTi ASONed :Fr& RePeaM2001/01110841419M-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY REGISTRATION DATES AND COURSES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (cont.) Most of the instructors will be Agency personnel. Some Agency employees who responded to an earlier invitation to instruct have already received forms from the Registrar, OTR, and have applied to the Uni- versity as prospective instructors. There are still opportunities for other qualified instructors to apply for consideration. It is reasonably certain that many of the following courses will be conducted: Political Science 9: Government of the United States Structure, powers, and operation of the Federal Government: Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court; elections, political parties, and pressure groups. Political Science 111: Introduction to Comparative Government Government and politics of the principal constitutional democracies of Western Europe: Great Britain and France. Political Science 171: International Politics Basic forces underlying the conduct of international relations and the formation of foreign policy; power politics, imperialism, collective security, and international cooperation. Business Administration 101: Introduction to Business The business decision-making process; decision areas, tools, and variables; business environment. Business Administration 131: Business Finance Basic principles involved in the financing of business enterprises. Business Administration 138: Investments Analysis of factors of investment credit with application to different types of investments, proper selection of investments for various classes of investors, regulation. Economics 1: Principles of Economics Survey of the major economic principles, institutions, and problems in contemporary life. CONFIDENTIAL paigaproved For Releam2B9,11=711hR8M-03921A000300 January .1.962 TIMS CONFIDENTIAL cON Approved For Release 2IRIEUripi921A000300090001-5 REGISTRATION DATES AND COURSES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (cont.) Accounting 1: Introductory Accounting Basic principles underlying accounting records, preparation of the work sheet and financial statements, accounting for single proprietorships and partnerships. Psychology 1: General Psychology The fundamental principles underlying hum-an behavior. History 71: The Development of the Civilization of the U. S. The political, social, economic, and cultural forces of the United States in their world setting from 1492 to 1865. Geography 51: Introduction to Geography A study of place attributes and characteristics, patterns and associations of physical and cultural earth features. English 1: English Composition Review of grammar, exercises in composition, readings. In addition to the above, other courses appearing in the College of General Studies 1961-62 Bulletin can be offered --if enrollments are sufficient -- in these fields of study: Accounting, Business and Public Administration, Economics, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, or Statistics. For enrollees at registration time, transcripts of prior credit will not be required by the University. Students may, if they desire and are qualified, take two courses, each on a different evening. Also, any course listed in the Bulletin of GWU's College of General Studies can be added to the registration list if an Office Head (or a Training Officer or Administrative Officer acting for him) can give reasonable assurance that there will be a minimum of ten students. In such cases the Registrar, OTR,should be notified promptly and he will then initiate arrangements for the course. Some employees in ORR are conducting an informal can- vass to determine if there are enough interested in a specific graduate- level economics course to warrant negotiations being initiated with American University. If interest is sufficient, details of these registration arrange- ments will be added to the mid-January Special Bulletin. The off-campus program is a self-improvement program. Any Agency employee may participate, but approval will not be given for sponsorshp at Agency expense unless the need for sponsorship can be fully justified by an Office Head. In such infrequent cases OTR will support Approved For Release 2001/03/0111111110440P7PPAFAQQa01411=5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Page 3 Approved For Release 2001/0-5MR:tiA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY REGISTRATION DATES AND COURSES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM ( cont.) on a reimbursement basis only. It is not planned to extend this oppor- tunity to non-CIA employees, except possibly to adult dependents. In the case of the latter, decision of the Office of Security is governing and any request for acceptance of dependents in this self-improvement pro- gram must be cleared through security channels. It is highly probable that subsequent Bulletins of George Washington University will include mention of the fact that the Agency is participating in GWU's off-campus program. Since many employees may subsequently wish to transfer credit for GWU off-campus courses to other local colleges or universities, this will tend to further identify these headquarters offerings as "CIA-courses" in the collegiate community. Therefore, employees who are interested in this program, yet who are prohibited from overt identification, should consult with appropriate cover and security offficials before registering. For candidates who might be affected, the Registrar, OTR, will be glad to furnish information on the extent to which Agency affiliation is disclosed in the University's registration forms. CHINA FAMILIARIZATION COURSE To meet the requests of Training Officers and other Agency per- sonnel, we are listing the dates of OTR's China Familiarization Course for the remainder of Fiscal Year 1962. No. 8 No. 9 No. 10 22 January - 26 January 19 March - 23 March 14 May - 18 May The China Familiarization Course is a one-week program of about forty hours. The time is divided between language familiarization, which includes use of the Wade-Giles system of recording Chinese syllables and the use of the "telecode" book of Chinese characters, and area familiariza- tion, which stresses the contemporary factors of the People's Republic of China, its party-governmental structure, economics, geography, and personalities. Training Officers are reminded that this course is conducted in the Washington Building Annex of Arlington Towers. Approved For Release 2001/0M2EMIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Approved For Release 2001/03/0F.Q1ADP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY VOLUNTARY LANGUAGE TRAINING PROGRAM The Fall-Winter Semester of the Voluntary Language Training Program (VLTP) began on 11 September 1961, with 209 students en- rolled in 29 classes. Languages of study are: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Compared with last semester, enrollment at the elementary level held steady in Chinese, German and Spanish, dropped somewhat in Italian and Russian, and increased markedly in elementary French. The semester began with six sections in French 101 (Elementary) with 52 students enrolled. The number of classes at the intermediate or 200 level again remained constant, with students enrolled in Chinese 204, French 201, German 202 and Spanish 201. Only two Seminars are being given this semester, in French and Spanish. Registrations are now being accepted for the Spring-Summer Semester, which will begin on 5 March 1962 and end on 27 July 1962. Training Officers and prospective students should note that the deadline for registrations is 9 February 1962. It is anticipated that most early morning and after hours classes will be held in the OTR classrooms at Langley. If enrollment warrants, however, a few classes may be held in the Washington Building Annex of Arlington Towers in order to accommodate students whose offices will not be moving to Langley. A Special Bulletin will announce these details prior to the beginning of the Spring-Summer Semester. The following courses will probably be offered next semester: Chinese 101, 102 and 103. French 101, 102, 201, 202 and Seminar. German 101, 102, 103 and 203. Italian 101, 102 and 201. Japanese 101. Russian 101 and 201. Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202 and Seminar. In addition, any course for which a minimum of five students is registered for a given language at a given level for which an instructor is available will be presented. Prospective students and Training Officers are reminded that: (a) Completion of the Foreign Language Aptitude Test (FLATB) is a requirement for all new students; Approved For Release 281ill/M) f021A0003000909pal -e55 January 1962 A 1.1\ITPLAL-t9E7.8 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03ADOMA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY (b) The Agency Proficiency Test in the language of study is required for entrance at the 200 and Seminar levels; (c) Training requests (Form 73) should be in the Registrar's Office by 9 February 1962. Questions concerning registration will be answered in the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR, extension 8272 or 8273. Inquiries on placement in all classes above the 101 level should be referred to the Language and Area School, extensions 2470 and 2873. COURSE FOR INSTRUCTORS OFFERED BY OFFICE OF TRAINING Training Officers may be interested in arranging an Instructor Training Course for individuals in their offices who have teaching responsi- bilities. The substance of OTR's course can be adapted to individual needs or to those of a group. A full course or a segment of the course can be given. Or, if a person needs some guidance or assistance in de- ciding on or using a particular technique in teaching, this too can be arranged. the Chief Instructor, handles all arrangements for the Instructor Training Course. His telephone extension is 8017. NON-OTR OFFICES INVITED TO USE BULLETIN All Agency offices are reminded that they are welcome to use the OTR Bulletin for announcements of courses, exhibits, special seminars and the like. The Bulletin is published on a bimonthly basis -- Regular and Clandestine Services editions -- and receives Agency-wide distribution. If you have material you wish included in a future issue or if you have questions on distribution, call of the Admissions and Infor- mation Branch/RS/TR, extension 8271. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/1ORCIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 6 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Approved For Release 2001/03/02s.101A-IRDP78-03921 A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY STUDIES IN INTELLIGENCE -- ANNUAL AWARD The $500 Studies in Intelligence Award for 1961 was won by the article "Intelligence for the Space Race" which appeared in the fall issue of the Studies. Co-authored by of the Space Technology Laboratory and of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, the essay evaluates space intelligence in perspective with other intelligence programs, lays a theoretical foundation for it, illustrates its methodology, and forecasts space missions of the future. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Although the Studies editors, as in 1960, did not exercise their option to divide the prize among the several best articles, the winner was pressed hard in their consideration by two other contributions of almost equal significance --"The Yo-Yo Story, " by OSI electronics analyst which in the winter issue 25X1A9a lucidly set forth a remarkable case history of analytic reconstruction, and in the spring issue, "Impunity of Agents in International Law, " 25X1A9a by.MMMof the General Counsel's Office, an original and penetrating analysis of legal considerations in a case like Francis Powers'. For 1962 the award has again been left unrestricted as to subject matter and is offered broadly for the most significant con- tribution to the literature of intelligence as defined in the masthead of the Studies. The fall issue is the last of the year. The manuscript deadline of 15 August is thus the latest date when contributions can be entered to compete for the 1962 award. OTR'S SCHEDULE OF COURSES FOR 1962 OTR's Schedule of Courses for 1962 was distributed this month to Training Officers in DDP, DDI and DDS. Two editions (Regular and Clandestine Services)were published. Extra copies are available in the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR, extension 8271. LOCATION OF OTR'S CLASSES OTR's classes in the first quarter of 1962, with the exception of language and area instruction, will be held in R&S, and Alcott Hall. Training Officers will be informed when classes are to be relocated in the Langley Headquarters Building. Ajuroveck pi Release 28pil/ USE ONLY uarY Page 7 25X1A6a 25X1A 25X1A9a 25X1A 25X1A F Approved For Releam2994,ffitt ?ROWIT4?-03921A000300090001-5 LOGISTICS SUPPORT COURSE TO BE GIVEN IN FEBRUARY The Logistics Support Course is scheduled to be given from 12 February through 23 March 1962. It is full-time for six weeks, and is divided into two phases of four weeks at headquarters and two weeks at The Office of Logistics gives the course and has organized it so that Phase I includes the subjects of supply, procurement, trans- portation, real estate, and printing services in the Agency. There are lectures and study materials which also deal with logistics plan- ing, Type II station accountability, and the headquarters and overseas responsibilities of a Logistics Officer. In the second or field phase, students participate in logistical field activity, including financial property accounting (FPA), stock control, M/R accounts, and field supply problems. This phase also covers logistical support to covert air and maritime operations and the field of ordnance supply. Class sessions are supplemented by films, seminars and a field-support problem. Agency employees usually take both phases. However, a person may take one phase only if there is sufficient reason for his doing so. For such approval and for further information on the course, call TO/OL, extension 2596. APPROVALS BY MEDICAL STAFF REQUIRED FOR FIELD TRAINING 25X1A9a Paragraph 2C (1) (g) of the Medical Staff's Regulation HR reads "special-training evaluations for certain types of field training shall be made to determine an individual's fitness to withstand the rigors of certain courses. They shall be made not earlier than one month nor later than 15 days before the opening date of the course". Training Officers are asked to comply with this requirement so that there will be no inconvenience, or embarrassment to any of their applicants for courses at or at other training sites. The Medical Staff has Agency Form No 259, "Request for Medical Evaluation" which is used to obtain approvals. (The block identified as "Special Training" is the one to be checked and immediately under it should appear the title and date of course of application. ) After the Medical Staff indicates its approval with stated reservations, or its disapproval on the form, a copy is sent to Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR, and another to the requesting office. The regulation also establishes a procedure for obtaining a waiver of the medical requirement. In the same HR "Deputy Directors and 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03023.CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 8 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 -25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03/02sMIAERIDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY APPROVALS BY MEDICAL STAFF (cont.) Operating Officials may request a waiver of medical requirements for Agency personnel or dependents by directing a memorandum through the Director of Personnel to the Chief, Medical Staff stating the type of duty involved, area, hardship conditions, particular qualifications of the individual, and other detailed information relative to the indi- vidual's proposed duties that is pertinent to the professional evaluation of the waiver request." EXPANSION OF CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN WRITING The Writing Workshop correspondence course is now offered at the intermediate and advanced levels as well as the basic. Students who have taken the Writing Workshop pretest may register for the correspondence course at the level at which they qualified in the test. Anyone eligible for the program may register for the basic level corres- pondence courses without taking the pretest. If the work done on the first unit of the course indicates that the student should be enrolled at the intermediate or advanced levels, the instructor will make the nec- essary adjustments in the level of the work given and in evaluation for credit. Registration for the correspondence courses will follow the standard procedures. TEMPORARY LANGUAGE LABORATORY NOW IN OPERATION AT LANGLEY The Language and Area School/TR has opened a temporary language lab at the Langley Headquarters Building in Room G-F-44. The lab is open at all times (Saturdays and Sundays included). Those persons who have not previously registered in one of the Agency's language labs are required to have a briefing on the use of the equip- ment in the lab. This can be arranged by calling or LAS, extension 3477. 25X1A9a Appicugl fcgrzRelease 2 5 891/94:Mknisep1A000300090201;9 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/02tMIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY BRIEFINGS FOR The Office of Training's security and administrative briefin is required of employees scheduled to take a course For courses, a member of the Admissions and Information Branch/RS/TR informs Training Officers directly of students who have to be briefed and at this time she indicates the time and place. For those who are Training Officers -- or the individual himself -- should check with the Operations School on extension 3102 as to the need for a briefing (recency of a visit may exempt a person) and if one is required, he may make the necessary arrangements. TESTS SCHEDULED FOR SHORTHAND AND TYPING 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Skills Qualification Tests in shorthand and typing will be con- ducted by the Clerical Training Faculty/TR on 15 January, 5 February and 19 February. The tests are given in Room 508, 1016 16th Street, with typing starting at 1:15 and shorthand at 2:00. To register employees, supervisors or Personnel Officers should call Clerical Training on extension 2100. Results of the tests are forwarded to Personnel Officers by Clerical Training. RELOCATION OF REGISTRAR STAFF Members of OTR's Registrar Staff are now located in the 1300 Wing of Eye Building. The room numbers and telephone extensions of the offices are: Registrar 1306 4005 Deputy Registrar 1302 4005 Admissions and Information Branch 1310 4625, 8271, 8272 External Training Branch 1313 8908, 8909 The mailroom is 1304 Eye Building. Approved For Release 2001/ailli-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 10 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1A 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03/02MIARDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH (MAPS & PHOTO INTERPRETATION) COURSE Agency employees who are engaged in procuring and exploiting photography and maps for intelligence purposes are reminded that OTR's Intelligence School will conduct another Intelligence Research (Maps & Photo Interpretation) Course from 5 March through 30 March 1962. This is a part-time course in which classes meet every day from 9:00 to 12:00 a.m. Training Officers will be informed of the classroom. In the ?hoto inter?retation phase of the course, students learn use o oreign maps are a so exp To provide practical experience in intelligence photography and in the techniques of extracting information, from photos, students take an aerial photographic flight in a commercial airliner and are also given a tour of a nearby industrial facility. is the Chief Instructor and he may be reached on extension 4168 if additional information on this course is desired. Approved For Release 2001/03/02ff)p6PZ8-03.921A0003000900.01-5 January 1 96)Z CIA INTERN L USE Y rage 11 25X1A Approved For Release 200CI1/03/0/slEtFZWVA000300090001-5 A IN It &7a.ze eyA PROGRAMS In this section there are summaries of non-Agency courses and meetings considered of general interest to employees. Publication in the Bulletin does not constitute Agency sponsorship of these or any other programs but under certain conditions sponsorship may be granted. Applications in such cases are submitted on Form 136, "Request for External Training", to the Chief, External Training Branch/RS/OTR. Employees who take an external course which is not sponsored by the Agency apply in accordance with HR For supplementary information on selections in this section or if you have informationon other programs which maraiinterest to 25X1A9a our readers, call on 8271. Miss maintains a collection of catalogs, brochures, directories, and other publications of leading academic, commercial, and Government institutions. Approved For Release 2001/03/0211-8A24A000300090001n?ge 13 January 1962 IINTt 25X1A Approved For Relea.s,e 2%0E. bIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 INTERNALLIlA USE ONLY REGISTRATION DATES - SPRING SEMESTER - LOCAL SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES Dates for registering at local schools for the spring semester: American University 31 Jan - 3 Feb Catholic University Undergraduate Graduate 26 Jan - 30 Jan 31 Jan- 3 Feb Department of Agriculture Graduate School 27 Jan - 3 Feb Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences New Students Other Students Schools of Foreign Service, Languages & Linguistics, and Business Administration New Students Other Students George Washington University Graduate School of Engineering Other Schools Howard University University of Maryland Montgomery Junior College School of Advanced International. Studies 24 Jan 25 Jan - 26 Jan 2 Feb at 6:30 p.m. 24 Jan - 26 Jan 30 Jan - 31 Jan 1 Feb - 3 Feb 31 Jan- 1 Feb 5 Feb - 9 Feb 31 Jan- 1 Feb 5 Feb - 6 Feb Southeastern University Trimester II New Freshmen 13 Dec - 27 Dec Upperclassmen 26 Dec - 2 Jan Trimester III New Freshmen 9 Apr - 20 Apr Upperclassmen 23 Apr - 27 Apr University of Virginia, N. Va. Center Beginning Mid-Jan Approved For Release 200VDel02TCIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 14 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Approved For Release 2001/031D21XIIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY RAILROAD MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE -- AMERICAN UNIVERSITY The theme for American University's 16th Annual Railroad Management Institute will be "Railroads of Tomorrow." The Institute will be held from 8 through 18 January 1962 in Room 10, Collier Hall, 1901 "F" Street, N. W. Senior and junior management personnel may enroll, and enrollment will be limited to forty. This year's institute is essentially a seminar on the railroad crisis. It will: Summarize recent inventories of conditions found by the rail industry. Bring together and analyze the most pertinent suggestions for improvement. Examine what can and should be done by government, labor, shipping public and by the railroads themselves. Other transportation institutes scheduled for 1962 by American University are: 14th Industrial Transportation and Traffic Management, 5 - 16 March 1962 2nd Motor Transportation Management, 12 - 16 February 1962 15th Ocean Shipping Management, 2 - 6 April 1962 -- One-half session 9 - 13 April 1962 -- One-half session (Enrollment may be for one of both sessions) 16th Air Transport Management, 5 - 16 November 1962 Approved For Release 2001/83432E'CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 16 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/0310%EqM0P78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY THE ECONOMICS OF NATIONAL SECURITY - INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE OF THE ARMED FORCES The Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D. C., has a graduate-level correspondence course in "The Economics of National Security." It is available, free of charge, to civilians who hold executive or professional positions (GS-11 or above) with the Federal Government. A college education or its equivalent is highly desirable. Applicants who do not meet these standards but have compensating education and experience will be considered on their indi- vidual merits. The College, operating under the direction of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, conducts these courses in the economic and industrial aspects of national security under all conditions, and in the context of both national and world affairs. The course is based on the 10-month resident course conducted by the College for senior military officers and key civilian personnel to en- hance their preparation for important command, staff, and policymaking positions in the national and international security structure. It consists of 22 bound volumes organized into five integrated units of study: Back- ground Information, Resources and Facilities, Processes in the Economics of National Security, Foreign Aspects of National Security, and Problems of National Security. The entire course is usually completed in about a year. Certificates are issued to those who satisfactorily complete the full course. Military Reservists not on extended active duty may earn a total of 48 credit points. To obtain application blanks or further information on the program, call on extension 8271. SECRET Alairipv7.5 efittc2Release 2g9ileMin itgilABEFRThia,V1 A0003 0009000*i 17 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03f02RICIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION -- WASHINGTON, D. C. CHAPTER The Washington, D. C. Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration has announced its program for 1961-62. All activities will develop the theme, "Public Administration in a Decade of Development. " Monthly Luncheon Meetings. ASPA holds its regular monthly luncheon meeting on the third Wednesday of each month (except December) from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. at the Presidential Arms, 1320 "G" Street, N. W. Mr. James Webb, Director of NASA, was the speaker at the September meeting. Subsequent luncheons will feature other distinguished speakers on subjects of major professional interest such as Foreign Policy, Administrative Problems of Major Operating Agencies, A Congressional View of the Administration, the Urban Crisis, Training Public Administrators in a Decade of Development, and the Transition in Retrospect. Members and non-members are invited to attend these meetings. Round Tables and Study Groups. A number of round tables and study groups have been formed to serve the diverse professional interests of Administrators in the Greater Washington Area. The round tables generate an exchange of knowledge, attitudes, and experience. The study groups provide a medium for bringing together small groups of know- ledgeable persons to attack a problem mutual interest. Some of the groups are: Financial Management International Management Program Planning and Evaluation Research and Development Management Human Resources Executive Development Problems of the Junior Career Service R/TR, is the Agency's membership represent- ative for ASPA. If anyone wishes to affiliate with the organization, he may call Mr. To make reservations for the monthly luncheon meetings, call on extension 8271 by noon on the preceding Monday. Approved For Release 2001/6P02-01A-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 18 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Approved For Release 2001/03/0ZECIEUROP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM A new program for Latin American Studies is being conducted by the Office of Education under the National Defense Education Act. The program will include language and area centers for the improvement of instruction in Spanish, Portuguese, and related studies; graduate and postdoctoral fellowships for students undertaking advanced training in a Latin American language; special institutes to be conducted in Latin American countries by U. S. institutions for elementary and secondary school teachers of Spanish and Portuguese; and a series of studies and research projects on Latin American languages. The program will be under the general direction of Dr. Kenneth W. Mildenberger, Chief of the Language Development Program of the Office of Education; but Dr. Fred P. Ellison, Who is on leave as associate pro- fessor of Romance languages at the University of Texas, will have immediate responsibility for the program. The assistant head is Mrs. Andrea Sendon McHenry, who is on leave as supervisor of foreign languages in the Houston Independent School District. CONFERENCES FOR CORPORATION EXECUTIVES -- SAIS Dates of two Conferences for Corporation Executives, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, have been changed. The conference on "Recent Developments in Latin America" will be held on 24 - 25 January 1962 and the one on the "Business Outlook in South and Southeast Asia", will be on 16 - 17 May 1962. Note: (The 1961-62 schedule of Conferences for Corporation Executives was announced in the August Bulletin.) Applications to attend these conferences must be in the office of C/External Training Branch/RS/TR at least two weeks before the date of each conference. Approved For Release 2001/03/02AtbP/8-103921A00030009009?lale 19 January 1962 CIA INTERNA tat, ONL x Approved For Release 2001/03102ReK-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES Institute of Radio Engineers, International Convention and Show, 26-29 March 1962, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and the New York Coliseum, New York City. International Association of Personnel Women, Cleveland, Ohio, 3-5 May 1962. (Agnes Milhoan, 648 State Capitol Annex, Denver, Colorado.) American Society of Training Directors, Annual Conference, Dallas, Texas, May 1962. (G. Bliss, 2020 University Ave., Madison 5, Wis.) American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, Washington, D. C. 12-14 March 1962. (W. S. Dix, 430 Woodward Bldg., Washington 5, D. C.) International Radio Consultative Committee, Study Group IV (Space Systems), Washington, D. C. , 12-23 March 1962. (Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland) World Meteorological Organization, Commission for Synoptic Meteorology, Washington, D. C., 26 March - 20 April 1962. (41, ay. Giuseppe Motta, Geneva, Switzerland) International Mineralogical Association, General Meeting, Washington, D. C., 17-20 April 1962. (Dr. D. Jerome Fisher, Pres. of the Assn., Dept. of Geology, University of Chicago, Chicago 37, Ill.) Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, Annual Con- ference, Boston, 7-11 May 1962. (Edward S. Cobb, Exec. Secy., Box 1609, Main Post Office, Washington, D. C.) International Science Writers Seminar, Seattle, 9-12 May 1962. (International Press Institute, Munstergasse 9, Zurich 1, Switzerland) International Scientific Radio Union, U. S. A. National Committee, Institute of Radio Engineers, Spring Meeting, Washington, D. C. May 1962. (Dr. Millett G. Morgan, Sec. of U. S. A. Nat. Committee, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H.) Approved For Release 2001/0/611MIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 20 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Approved For Release 21pAtOnIntiVytF05019y21A000300090001-5 MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES (cont.) Aerospace Medical Association, Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, N. J., 9-12 April 1962. (Dr. W. J. Kennard, Wash. Nat. Airport, Washington) Symposium on use of Artificial Satellites for Geodetic Purposes, Washington, D. C., May 1962. (Int. Assn. of Geodesy, 18, rue Auber, Paris 9e, France) Nuclear Congress, New York City, 4-7 June 1962. (Engineers Joint Council, 29 W. 39th St., New York 18, N. Y.) International Congress on Spectroscopy, College Park, Maryland, 18-22 June 1962. (Bourdon F. Scribner, Nat. Bureau of Standards, Washington 25, D. C.) International Union for Health Education of the Public, Con- ference, Philadelphia, 30 June - 7 July 1962. (Lucien Viborel, Secy. General of the Union, 3, rue Violler, Geneva, Switzerland) International Congress of Medical Laboratory Technologists, Washington, D. C., June 1962. (Miss Elizabeth Pletscher, Universitats-Frauenklinik, Zurich 6, Switzerland) PROGRAM FOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT -- HARVARD The second of Harvard's two 1962 programs for Management Development will be held from 27 August - 14 December 1962. Nominations should be sent through Deputy Directors to the Registrar/OTR no later than Monday, 2 April 1962. The program consists of: General Management -- the study of production and marketing from an inter-functional point of view. Human Behavior in Organizations -- an understanding of be- havioral science concepts and the practice of human relations skills. Approved Elar Release 9.9:1/03./Ry:CCIWRDP78-03921A000300090001-5 January lyoz r NAL USE ONLY Page 21 Approved For Release 2001/637MMIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY PROGRAM FOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT -- HARVARD (cont.) Finance -- planning and controlling the use of funds to achieve an organization's objectives. Quantitative Analysis -- the intelligent and effective use of figures in business. Issues in Business -- review of some of the major external problems facing businessmen today. RECORDS MANAGEMENT COURSES -- NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS SERVICE The Office of Records Management, National Archives and Records Service, has announced its seminar and workshop schedule for January through April 1962. The scheduled programs are: Forms Analysis Source Data Automation Records Management Seminar 5-16 March 9-20 April 5-9 February 19-23 March 23-27 April 8-17 January 12-21 February 12-21 March 16-25 April A description of these courses was included in the October 1961 issue of the Bulletin (page 21) and the Interagency Training Programs, Fall 1961, issued by the U. S. Civil Service Commission. Approved For Release 2001/031021MA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 22 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 Approved For Release 2001/03/0F6PAEgDP78-03921 A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION PUBLICATIONS These AMA publications have been received by the Registrar's Office and are available on loan in room 1310 Eye Building (extension 8271). Advances in EDP and Information Systems includes articles on: Data Communications Information Retrieval and Data Acquisition Video Display of Data with Electronic Computers Total Systems: A Definition and a Case History Information Systems for Marketing Management Management Information Systems in Focus The Personnel Job in the 1960's includes articles on: Employee Attitudes and Productivity: Industry's Role in Meeting National Goals Personnel Procedures in a Space-Age Enterprise Implications of Our Changing Workforce for Wage and Salary Administration: White Collar and Blue Compensating Technical and Professional Personnel: The Problems and Some Possible Solutions The Organization, the Man, and His Compensation Self-anlaysis: Bench Mark for Development Plans and Progress in Personnel Research: Executive Performance and Decision Making Management and Man: The Challenge of Changing Times Ativigypfl FRT2Release 289A1/94EWAREM,221A000300090pol;523 Approved For Release 2001/61002tFCIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY SECONDARY SCHOOL ADMISSIONS TESTS TO BE GIVEN According to an announcement in the September 1961 issue of Lovejoy's Guidance Digest, Secondary School Admissions Tests (S. A. A. T.) will be administered on 10 February 1962 and 7 April 1962. They will be given at more than 300 centers in this country and abroad, including: D. C. -- Holton-Arms School, National Cathedral School for Girls Maryland -- Bullis Preparatory School, Charlotte Hall, George- town Preparatory School, Longfellow School for Boys, McDon.ogh, Oldfields, St. James. Virginia -- Episcopal High School, Fairfax Hall, Hill School, Rock Hill Academy, St. Margaret's, Stuart Hall, Virginia Episcopal, Woodberry Forest. Names of centers in other states may be obtained by calling extension 8271. These tests are prerequisites for admission to certain secondary schools and are designed to select students for grades seven through twelve. The content covers general school ability and reading. No copies of pre- vious tests are available for inspection. Results of tests are usually available one month following the testing date. The fee for these tests is $6. 50 which covers reports to as many as six schools. MILITARY RESERVIST ACTIVITIES Since active duty training opportunities for Fiscal Year 1962 were announced in the August Bulletin, and there are no significant changes in the schedules at this time, we are not including the regular Military Reservist Activities Section in this issue. The Mobilization and Reserve Branch/MMPD should be contacted for additional information on programs for reservists. The extension is 8128. Approved For Release 2001/053WI:EdIA-RDP78-03921A0003009222.211;51962 Page L4 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2R91/9/pggfett7i021A000300090001-5 idectvc:0 REM! NDERS Dates of OTR courses for the first four months of 1962 are listed. Applications are sent to the Registrar through Training Officers who will notify the applicant of acceptance in a course. Close of registration is the Wednesday before the class begins. COURSES Administrative Procedures (Full-time 120 hrs) 136, (Indicate Phase Anti- Communist Operations (Part-time 80 hrs) 0830 - 1230 2103 Alcoa Budget and Finance Procedures (Full-time 80 hrs) 132, CIA Review (Part-time 2 hrs) (Form 73 is not required. Register with TO) Clerical Refresher Program (Part-time 20 to 30 hrs) 508, 1016 16th Street DATES OF COURSES 2 Jan - 19 Jan 12 Mar - 30 Mar 2 Apr - 27 Apr 8 Jan - 19 Jan 26 Feb - 9 Mar 9 Jan, 13 Feb, 13 Mar 8 Jan - 2 Feb 12 Feb - 9 Mar 19 Mar- 13 Apr Pre-test for Shorthand on the Thursday before beginning date of course. Hours for test: 0930 - 1100 ARRiroxed far2Release 2ggypipt:ffii jytgpm#21A00030009otipal-p 25 Approved For Release 2001/0/61T-41A-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY COURSES Communist Party Organization & Operations (Part-time 80 hrs) 0830 - 1230 2103 Alcott Conference Techniques (Part-time 24 hrs) Mon, Wed 0930 - 1130 2027 R&S Dependents Briefing (Part-time 6 hrs) 117 Central Effective Speaking (Part-time 24 hrs) Mon, Wed 0930 - 1130 2027 R&S Intelligence Orientation 25X1A (Full-time 120 hrs) (indicate Phase) 153, 25X1A Intelligence Research - Maps & Photo - Interpretation (Part-time 50 hrs) M.-W-F 0900 - 1200 2027 R&S DATES OF COURSES 5 Mar - 30 Mar 29 Jan - 7 Mar (For OTR) - 23 Apr - 4 Jun 9 Jan - 10 Jan 6 Feb - 7 Feb 6 Mar - 7 Mar 3 Apr- 4 Apr 12 Mar - 18 Apr 15 Jan- 2 Feb 19 Mar - 6 Apr 5 Mar - 6 Apr Intelligence Review 9 Apr - 20 Apr Full-time 80 hrs) Management (Part-time 40 hrs) 0830 - 1230 155, GS- 11 - 13 GS-14 and above 5 Feb - 16 Feb 2 Apr - 13 Apr 8 Jan- 19 Ja.n Approved For Release 2001/01VOICIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 26 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/02s.E1AEMP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY COURSES Operations Support (Full-time 200 hrs) 136, Supervision (Part-time 40 hrs) 0830 - 1230 155, GS 5-9 GS 11 - 12 Writing Workshop (Part-time 28 hrs) 0900-1230 T- Th Basic Intermediate Pretest for Interm and Adv Writing Workshops will be given: 22 Jan (1330 hrs, 1331 R&S) USSR - Basic Country Survey (Full-time 80 hrs) 2241 R&S LANGUAGE COURSES DATES OF COURSES 22 Jan - 23 Feb 2 Apr - 4 May 22 Jan - 2 Feb 19 Mar - 30 Mar 23 Apr - 4 May 6 Feb - 1 Mar 13 Mar - 5 Apr 23 Apr - 4 May For dates of language courses, please refer to OTR's Schedule of Courses for 1962. Approved For Release 2R 1/0T 3/0Millini021A0003000900111-5 January 1962 M Page 27 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/NAMCIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY OPERATIONS COURSES CODE 402 (Full-time) 240 hrs 407 (Part-time) 60 hrs 409 (Full-time) 80 hrs 416 (Full-time) 160 hrs 417 (Full-time) 120 hrs 418 (Part-time) 4 1/2 hrs (Afternoon) 420 (Full & Part-time) 80 hrs 425 (Full-time) 160 hrs 427 (Part-time) 40 hrs (Afternoon) 428 (Full-time) 80 hrs 429 (Part-time) 60 hrs 436 (Full-time) 160 hrs DATES OF COURSES 12 Mar - 20 Apr 22 Jan - 9 Feb 26 Mar - 13 Apr 5 Feb - 16 Feb 14 May - 1 Jun 8 Jan - 26 Jan 22 Feb - 16 Mar Scheduled on Request 26 Feb - 16 Mar 16 Apr - 4 May 8 Jan - 2 Feb 9 Apr - 4 May 5 Feb - 16 Feb 30 Apr - 11 May 29 Jan - 9 Feb 26 Mar - 6 Apr 19 Feb - 9 Mar 9 Apr - 4 May 442 (Full-time) 80 hrs 26 Feb - 9 Mar The underlined codes designate courses which are conducted Registration for these closes two weeks before the starting date; for others it is one week (with exception of 436, which requires four weeks). Approved For Release 2001MAIIFCIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 28 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 ? 25X1A 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/Q2DINA9RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY CLANDESTINE SERVICES SECTION REPORTS TRAINING FOR THE CLANDESTINE SERVICES Information Reports Familiarization The Information Reports Familiarization Course (IRF) is helpful to operations officers and to intelligence and administrative assistants assigned to small field stations. In the course students learn how to prepare the basic 'CS information report and the intelligence cable in final form. With only about one-fifth of the time devoted to necessary reading and briefing, the course is primarily a workshop, concentrating on the organization, the writing, and the composition of the two basic forms used in reporting. IRF is offered by the Operations School at headquarters. A part- time course, running afternoons for two weeks, it is scheduled about four times a year. Tutorial instruction must be approved by the Chief, Opera- tions School/TR. The next course will begin on 5 February 1962. Information Reporting, Reports gz Requirements Course The primary purpose of the Information Reporting, Reports and Requirements (IRRR) Course is to give direction and practice in the collection of intelligence information and in the preparation of the finished information report. The finished report takes two forms -- the basic Clandestine Services (CS) report and its modification in the form of an intelligence cable. Instruction has been developed for the field operations officer, the field intelligence (reports) officer, the field intelligence assistant, and the headquarters intelligence (reports) officer. The field operations officer should benefit from the portion of instruction devoted to the use of official forms in the simultaneous production of a finished field report and a semi-finished headquarters report. He also receives the same kind of instructio.n in the preparation of an intelligence cable which is finished to the point of being ready for dissemination without text changes and with only minor modifications in the heading. The course also includes theory and practice in appropriate organization of substance and its concise, simple, and accurate expression and points out to the operations officer what can be done to improve the reports product by development of himself and his agent as reporters. Guidance from his desk officers is also in- dicated -- guidance through requirements, evaluation, and desk appraisal. Finally, the instruction provides practice in the application of operational reporting to the appraisal of the information report. Approved For Release 2001/03/0ZCIAER'DP78-03921A000300090001-5 January 1962 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 33 5X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/03gRkgA-RDF'78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY REPORTS TRAINING FOR THE CLANDESTINE SERVICES (cont.) The intelligence (reports) officer can also find much of value in the course. In this case, however, the emphasis is on the product and how it can be improved. To this end the reports officer is given an ex- planation of the thinking behind the format of the basic CS report and the intelligence cable and the thinking regarding sound organization and clear expression. Better than half the time in the course is given over to practice in the application of the basic principles involved. To aid the officer in improving the product, instruction is given in the possibilities of quick appraisal as opposed to time-consuming analytical evaluation. With little or no delay in the collector's learning what strengths and weaknesses he has shown from report to report, there is a chance for improvement. Further, the intelligence officer has an opportunity to learn how he can funnel headquarters guidance by way of requirements, evaluation, and desk appraisal through the operations officer to the collector. These same course values exist, too, for an intelligence assistant who is being assigned to a field station, especially to a small station. Intelligence (reports) officers at headquarters are brought up to date in procedures covering the rapid dissemination of information reports, proper preparation of headquarters reports, and adequate field guidance. Field stations must be kept up to date in official procedures and requirements, and support must be given to the on-the-job training of information collectors in the field. IRRR is conducted by the Operations School at headquarters about six times a year and normally runs full time for three weeks. The next course is scheduled to begin on 8 January 1962. Under emergency circum- stances, arrangements can be made for students to receive tutorial in- struction. Such arrangements, however, must have the approval of Chief, Operations School! TR. NOTE: For further information on either of the above courses, contact Chief Instructor, extension 2778. Approved For Release 2001/0MMEWA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 34 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1C15a Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2cyAlghliC4E-fi.s1:i'TMA921A000300090001-5 OPERATIONS COURSES 25X1A Registration for courses conducted closes two weeks before the starting date; for others it is one wee except for Clan. Scientific & Tech. Ops, which requires four weeks. COURSES DATES OF COURSES Audio Surveillance Management 29 Jan - 16 Feb (Full-time 120 hrs) 14 May - 1 Jun Cable Refresher Scheduled on Request (Part-time 4 1/2 hrs -- afternoon) Four one-hour lectures to illustrate how soundly organized and effectively phrased cables, as well as consideration for teach- nical communication matters, can save time and reduce cable traffic. Clandestine Scientific & Technical Operations (Full-time 160 hrs) 1 9 Apr - 4 May SECRET ApeVangyFK6IpleaSe 2Q0a0144q,,ilitc41.kIPPB7b943j9121A00030009000itIA 39 NFIP .01\131-1AL Approved For Release_2001! 9Y-0,294 A 0 00090001-5 CAA INTERNAL USERON OPERATIONS COURSES (cont.) 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A DATES COURSE OF COURSES Clandestine Services Liaison Operations 19 Feb - 9 Mar (Part-time 67 hrs) 0830 - 1300 no, For CS officers supporting liaison operations and DDS officers assigned to work in direct support of CS liaison operations. Development, establishment, and maintenance of liaison opera- tions are covered. Clandestine Services Review 5 Feb - 16 Feb (Full-time 80 hrs) 153, For officers returning from field assignments or nominated for senior service schools. The current organization, responsibil- ities, and functions of the Clandestine Services and of the offices of the DDI and DDS are reviewed. Coverage is given to current governmental policy-making, implementing, and coordinating mechanisms in the counterintelligence, covert action, and col- lection fields. CI Familiarization (Full-time 80 hrs) 118, CI Operations (Total 80 hrs) 1st week: Full-time 2nd & 3rd weeks: Part-time (0830 - 1230) 118, Covers the Agency's mission and position within the U. S. counterintelligence communit , in addition to tart et int r t 29 Jan - 9 Feb 26 Mar - 6 Apr 26 Feb - 16 Mar 16 Apr - 4 May Approved For Release 2001MfergeTA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Page 40 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY January 1962 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001103fi02, ULA INTERNAL, USE8E)01a9,Y1A000300090001-5 OPERATIONS COURSES (cont.) COURSES Covert Action Operations (Part-time 60 hrs) 26 Mar - 13 Aar DATES OF COURSES 22 Jan - 9 Feb Information Reports Familiarization 5 Feb - 16 Feb (Part-time 40 hrs) 30 Apr - 11 May 118, For intelligence and administrative assistants who are being considered for assignment as jr. reports officers or who have field assignments involving final CS-type and cable information reports. The official format of each type of information report is studied, and students prepare cables and CS-type reports during laboratory practice. Information Reporting, Reports and Requirements 8 Jan - 26 Jan (Full-time 120 hrs) 26 Feb - 16 Mar 110, 2 Apr - 20 Apr For Clandestine Services personnel whose responsibilities are directly associated with reporting of intelligence and operations information. Practical exercises cover the entire cycle of re- porting--general requirements, collection of information, operations reports, writing raw information reports and put- ting the reports into finished form. Angtx94;1 FROelease 2:9&1I 7c9AJ21N A VA?3?CM9C)Ara',i;541 CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 20011W511441A-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY OPERATIONS COURSES (cont.) Operations Familiarization 12 Mar - 20 Apr Full-time 240 lire) For Clandestine Services personnel and non-CS officers whose reepon.sibilities in support of operations require familiarization with case officer functions. Course gives students a basic un- derstanding of the fundamentals of clandestine operations and a familiarization with basic techniques and methods of operations. Approved For Release 2001/MM-EleN7M3921A000300M9a1.3,51962 Page 42 CIA INTE AL roNFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 NOTES Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 NOTES Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-03921A000300090001-5 Approved For Releasedr% CONFIDENTIAL s8E 3NNO300090001-5 --weepopir CONFIDENTIAL' Approved For ReleasCrattoitoreRmixERainE-commf00300090001-5