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September 11, 2000
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January 1, 1956
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VV - - -- VV - - VPPPr, VV Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 n ` a - l.ofYlm un~S~ Oper&rions 1qsq - 195 ILLEGIB klL Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-0393OA00010003 059-3 SE and '`Flok o e-30-0c)00 S tu ay- ',~e'~ og3o-.x700 ^~ 4 1050-1;00 D cc" i on 1300-`1100 S udy Da `ect:_G':L 1z;,00-.L6Co 1%~?1 {; vion+ (3a-10 1600-:1700 ~::.~ ' ant fo ZO'~.~ T 'stag'? 12 jaiia rv l0O-d12OO 13OO.-1? 0883 -- 7CO S v1 '1"1 .i L! ~_ F: es :i2 vZ? srt ~ ns Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 14o . 16 January 0830.O90O 090`-12(Y1300,-1500 1500-1700 1 uesc t3r2 17 Vanua 0830--09o0 0900-1030 1030-1200 1,300--1400 1400-1700 Wednesday 18 Januar 0830-0900 0900-1030 1030-1200 3300-1700 Thursday. 19 J ir 0f30--12b0 2.400-1600 1600--1700 Sri y . 20 Januaa 0830-09CO 0900-1030 10301200 1300-1400 1400-1500 1500-1600 1600-1700 Third Week Study Propaganda Student Oral Preaen anon:: Critique of Problems Penetration Study Propganda: Case : iIst-)ry I Propagan a 3 Ca3e Hist ary II Study Political Action Study Politi a? Action: Ca.t;- History Opt ?a t one against OP = ants 0pe at~.ama1 FLanning: Problem Operational Plarzt~rg p Pt ablezi Operation sa}~Thru Liaison Study Liaison: Case F istory I LLaisonz Case E1stor7 lI Interviews Penal Discussion Student Coim::snts Final Course Adnin_ s irr.t3 ou Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA00010003Q059-3 S-,E..C-R-E.-T AMrl.CONMU 1 ST OPERATIONS COURSE No,, 4 10-28 October 1955 First Wee s 10 October 0830-0900 0900-1000 10001100 1100-1300 1400-1530 1530-1700 Registration Introduction The International Communism Division Initial Questionnaire Concept ani Objectives of Anti_CP Operations CP Vulnerabilities I: Parties in Power Wednesdr9 12 October 0830-0900 Study 0900-1200 C P Military Activities (Inside the Armed Forces; Paramilitary Orp-,anizations) 1300-1500 CP Military Activities: Case History 1500-1700 GP Activities Among Peasant Po ulat ons hs 29jobeZ 0830-0900 Study 0900-1200 Penetration Into Communist Parties: Principles 1300-1500 Penetr'a1i n: Gage -H--story I 1500-1700 Penetration: Case History II Friday. 14 October 195 0830..-0900 Study 0900-1030 Penetration: Case History III 1030-12.00 Penetration: Case History IV 1300-1700 Student Preparations for Presentations S-E-C,_R..E_T Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03930A00010003(059-3 S_E.r,R,_E_T S coryd Week Mond 17 qSft _obeX 08300900 Study 0900-1200 Defection from Communist Parties: Princinlee 1300..1500 Defection: Case History I 1500-1700 Defection: Case History II Tu ed v, 18 Oc 0830-0900 0900.1200 1300-1700 Study Communist Personnel and Psychology Student Presentations: I Wednesday 19 Octo :? 0330-0900 0900-1200 1300-1700 Study Ideological Factors in Anti-.CP Operations Problem E: Penetration (Beginning) T 9 20 October 19 03301200 Problem E: Penetration (End) 1300-1700 Student Presentations: II Fr 9 21 22 122 0830-0900 Study 0900-1200 Propaganda Against Communist Parties 1300-1500 Propaganda: Case History I 1500-1700 Propaganda: Case History Il S~R_E_T s o s e~ m Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 ? Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03930A0001000359-3 S-E-C_R-E..T T hird W" Mond 1, -4 October 195 0530-09GO Study 0900....1200 Political Action Against Communist Parties 1300-1700 Student Presentations: III t Tues , 2 D&jobe 083o.-o900 study 0900-1200 Use of Foreign Government Agencies in Anti-CP Operations: 1300-1700 Problem F: Operational Planning (Beginning) Wed ea ,AOc 0830-1700 Problem F: Operational Planning (Fnd) Thursday. 27 Oct 1955 0830-0900 Study 0900-1200 Use of ForeiF-n Government Agencies in Anti-CP Operations: II 1300-1500 Liaison: Case History I 1500-1700 Liaison: Case History III ri, 28 Ogtoker 0830-0900 Study 0900-1300 Final. Interviews and Student Comments 1400-1600 Critique of Problems and .Conclusions 1600-1700 Final Course Administration Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 ANrI CO MIMT OPERA'1`IOM COURSE Flo. 18 July n 5 August 1955 F&St Week MV-WI -1-8 &41 3-955 0830-0900 Registration 0900-1000 Introduction 1000:400 The International Cmmnism Division. 11-00=2200 Initial Questionnaire 1304.1500 Conoopt and Objectives of Anti P Operations 1500-1700 CP Vulnerabilities Is Parties in Pour T- eed va 29 July 0830-0900 Study Period 0900=.1200 CP Vulnerabilities 11: Pftics In 1300-1.500 C`P Vulnerabilities III, Parties in Oppoaiuior 1500-3700 Illegal Distribution of Students Assign n`iz 0830--0900 Study Period 09OO-1030 GP Activities amng Per: san. Popri? utioTns 10301200 xple;itation of Communist, Par vies by Soviot 1300-1530 Intelligence Services CP Military Activities (In-side the Armed 1530-1700 Forces; Paramilitary Organizatiora) CP Military Actlvitios: Cuss History I'2-i s av.-21 JU 1955 0830-0900 Study Period 09C-01200 Penetration into Coiucunist P..rties amd 1300-1500 Organizati.oria: Principles Penetrations C.-:,e History 1 1500-1700 Penetration: Case History II F Ya~ Pte. ul-V 19fi1-, 0830x.0900 Study Period 0900-1030 Ponetration: Case History III 1030--1200 Penetrations Case History IV 1300-1700 Students Preparations for. Pressntat: ore Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03930A000100030059-3 3 sand 2~u1 0830.0900 o900? O 1300x.,1500 1500 -17(* Study Period Defection from C m znis : P miens P;c iacip1G Defeetiont Case History I Defeations Cane Histo" II r~88~ ~~~.Lf~ t 0830-0900 Study Perm 0900-1200 Communist Personnel and Psycnolaga 1300O170O Students" Presentations % I 0830 r O9OO S-"%,udy Period 0900=1200 Ideological Fauto_s in A t3.- :P OpoxiEL3_01-13 1300-1700 Problem E; Petetratia4. ?ittrdy 28Ju ? ~5 0830-MO Problem k - sPe tra+.tior- 1500-x-700 Students': Presentatio!= 0,830-0900 Study PerF d 0 00aA200 Propaganda Against Communist Fnr'Urs +3001500 Propugand Against a CF2 C;sae H3st r ~X 1500O17OO Propaganda Again t a. CP Case History II S- G-- T>I-F ,T Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA0001000300 9-3 ma nsl~ - vvst X92 0830...0900 0900-2200 1300-'1500 1500-1'x00 0S3M900 0900-12A0 130Cm1700 Wedae$dem. ~tv4iB~. 3955 08301,200 :L300 x1700 0830,0900 01240 1300..i500 1500--2^f00 0830.0900 0900.E 1.300-1430 14,1600 al700 Third Week Study Period Political Action Against Corzunist Parties Political Action against a CPg Cass Critique of Problem E Study Period Use of Foreign Government Agencies in Anti = Gommuni5 v Operations R I Pr*blcm F g Operational Plftnning Problem Pa Operational Planning Students" Freeentationar III Stud Period IIse of Foreign Goverment Agencies in Anti-Commmist Operations s II ii.aison R Case History I F.iai.son.g Case History 11 Study Period Student e;9 Pres?nt .bons, IV Students I Co=Rents Critique of Problem F Final Copse A-dminiatraLjOa -13 As Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 -.E A -CC n IST oP .pn o W. 2 25 April ? 13 MgV 1955 Alml Y.14 Std' Period 030U' 2W Comet' and Objectives of An- --CP Operational Targets I.- the Party ' lc Line 15001700 D1-1tri butiOn of StudentdAs si nts ~r~d~ead~, 2;- =.I-= 0830-0900 Study Period 'Operational T to a t, ~ ~oz-rrua~iat Fartles in Op oaitioa aad in i~.vr, Overt and C1 dmstir. ~gOOi 5o}~+,o Party Aotivit ,er, 23 Operat1ona1 Targets nit An ng Peaaant ~t s$ A' g3 ties 2500-1700 t? Paperat2voal Targets 1V? lycr RKplaitation of Co mi 'J V.' i .~atell.iger o Ser7iceu '~ 7rgo O83 0 Stud Period 9Wm1200 PbrAtra"tion into C*M unjat. Parti ' 0 1 es and 'zwAzatjorwzu z,iples pri 3 0-1500 1Oi7OO Per trationa :rase ri1a r3~ I Penetration? Hst:ory .iI 0830-09)O 2 Stud period 3o OO Defeeti 1300 ona Pr 1naiplea - 7 500-1700 Pensetrationt Casa Rieto r ill . Penetrations Case Histor IV y Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA0001000300 S F-{,~~-E??I' hsjm= No" 1i3~iAJil{!s ~ ~ = O9 -L- St Per8On2e3. and Psychology Problem As Defection ?Bdaa~~ a 0830-31200 15O0 151700 Problem As Defeetion Defections Case History Est Personnels Cases WOtinea Aun Merv =2 0830.=0900 0900-1200 1300=1700 nxrm- 5 19g~ 0830-0900 0900-2200 1300-1700 ~~~n 6 ~~ 1.955 0830=1200 1300=1700 Study Period Ideological Factors in Anti-aP Operations Studentsa Presentatioa (1) Stn Period Propaganda t Commrdst Parties ProblAm SY gical Warfare Operations Against a Cost Party Problem B Psyohologioa j 'Warfare operation StudentsO Presentations- (Ix Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 n=d EW-k ? = 2- 1= 0830-0900 Study Period 09-1200 Pol.i,.tloal Action against Cost Partiem 1300-1700 Studentsv Presentation (III) 1 ` u e ad air 10 1 A I 5 0830-0900 Study Period 09(X)`1200 Use of Foreign Governir nt Agencies in /.rata=> Ca Qoeration:r (1) 1300-1700 Problem Da Target Ara3,Vsiu* and OOnratiora 1 Planning against a Gox mmi st ?art r, aches 1 ? ~ 1225 0830-1700 Problez Dt Target Ar ysis and Opera t .ona_l Planning against a m n:i st Party Thursday-, 12 M 083U-09W St~zd Period 0900-2200 Use of Foreign Goverment Agencies in Aria -, Comm lat Orations (IT ) 130 -1500 Liaison with Foretgr? `Gave Iije it 1gerlci es; Case H~ story I. 1500c 1700 Liaison %it.h Foreign Gover it r:t Ager ciesa Case History fl 0, 3G-C9M Stix y Period 0;?0G-1030 Studentd' Pre senta oz z: (TV ) Student "' Cent i~17 Crit q :3411 ." 1 c e X 11 ( m ca ~. Svc ~ .c ~. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 04 PC ? V C C) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-03930A000100036059-3 S'-c " C ' J. -~~ O11-:~JFZ4T' yS To fl 1i .z "?.ixs: - ` with the &woerVE#iCIIft aad ccarl ,`ct ? f cla 14.e tine' op r Lion a.2,ins'c "6h Party an'l it wxiitax- o ~ns r < , EulS1'ES Toni Swcrc t Clea- mcxi OpVratIOCH +,70Vr t-., chi or fit--l3 World o f-.m or c: et .~ t rte o- led e Ot? ttw 10 .a-1 20 d.. +.1. .tL' ~VL!!^G:'C: Q.i 1. .! t'b Qv ^_~ ! G~~ 1.3.X11. -:. CQPtl3 :.Tr?Jcl- cl 1,%?~.CdJ_LAl_1I~. GiAtfe4 ~`.J7.2:A lS:t~ ~. .1.~G .~?'iC.L.i St LIi : ii r 'it .~:O.1U ~.L% r v ti''?~ ri! t 31:'-(- yC O f: ~'-j '1 -T crin-rw f~"~.~{'. E.E.-~.Ela3 t.. .`. i~..Zh ~~. Y.t _~._1' J. .~ e,~f_..~.:.}p. .. ~...F ..'i?. r~%_ H1.. :i~~~~''.F :f C. F.: i. ii em u ett ' C i'~a~? zi4i`e+7tL~LL.L po~Z-ii; tt: ':L :G' ~, :!? Apr.' 3T. i.'Ct~~ t~.G Yt~?.~_ C c i u rat Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP7 ANTI"COMMUNIST OPERANIONS CO1 SE #l 16 August - 3 Sept 54 3 weeks Course will be three weeks for PP and FI opera t ions personnel who will be running ops against Communists (all kinds; not only USA). Covers "how to operate against Communist operations", i.e., CIA operations against USSR or satellite communist countries. Prerequisites are Phases I, II and III and CPO or equivalent experience. CPO (to be renamed) is course-relating to Communist Operations they are ;-wining. Anti-CPO is course relating to operations against Communists, which we run. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 Approved For ReIase 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 30 July 1954 A RANDUH FOR: Staff and Divisicm I' eonoe3 r Ili)/P SUB BCT t An ti*-+Caummuniet Operat4.onn Course and Related Instrn Lion 3. A nvw apee1alised course providing 1nstzuction in clandestine oparations against Comte and Gomm t wx-ganizations will bagin on 1.6 Augmt 1954. This i-Co mist Orations Ccise (ACO) 'An be three wake in length MM will be conducted is Registration 25X1A will be in aceorr3anee with establishes procedures. TOP SECRET clesranee is required. 2. The course will deal with the planning, sups ion and condue;, of both FI and PP Opal-ations, A tez tine outl izi of the eotwee je attached. Enrollment will be restricted to person l of the Glemdest-Ims Services who are or will, be directly coueerned with anti,-Co wb ope2atione; either at Hoadquartsre or in the Field, 3. Prereguicites for this course are the Basic Training C flea (PPhases I. II, and III) and the Com i?st Party O ationa Course (CPO), equivalent famniarity with elandeetine operations and the basic facts Of Commnist theory, hivtory, taoties, and arg At$on. 4. The now ACO is the ?chird and most adearamd phase of instruction In the general field of Cc {,em. A student recei s his tamie introduo. tion to Cc ,vt theory and organization In the 90ammnr t Week" of Phase I, BTF. Fora detailed exposition of the Fi't's the a~i e cation, and operating rathc d of the World Cemmumist Nrav~nt n~.y then aka the course , the s~t~a~ Cush Cta here ofor? known as the Ccnmvml;st Party Operati~a C i ( ) . If he is gaa11fied by the nature of his operatioml gent, he may than take the ACO, 5. The relatively email amount of anti- - operational material which has previously been praionted in the CPO frm that course. The course will otherstsaa be unche d, ZnO aderi~:t,?d avoid confession' the CPO viii hereafter be known as tho se on d Co sffi (CwC) . In order to be admitted to the CWC, studonto must have taken the " C fat Veek" of Phase I, BTI or possess equivalent infor- mtion. Students who have already taken the CPO will find y little duplications of its material in the nest JCO and l not hesitate to tam the new eourse for that reason. S-C.?Ra.F'..T Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-0393OA000100030059-3 6. Thu CIS (forsez 1y CF-O) fl be tines =Aeelss - IwZM end c1a9a 3 aM Babodulad to begin on 16 fit, 27 S?p ber, and 8 3o mnber 3954. Dates for additlonl presentations of the AGO will be annoumeed after the deind for it beeames more Clear ly ?stablishsd. . &ttaebmant % mm m Director of T~Vmjnjng Approved ForR ease 2001/08/28 3930A00010b03'6059-3 AW1-CST OPERATIONS COLMW ATTACHMENT I. CIA Operatiorl Objectives against the World Cammanist Movement A. FI Objectives B. PP Objectives II. The Communist Movement as an Operational Target A. Different types of Parties (in opposition and in powers, overt and clandestine, inmtare or highly developed, etc.) B. 'Guist perso l and psychology (types of motivation) C. Special cases of Coat activities (mass organizations, peasants, eolon1a3. countries, racial and etc minorities, armed forces) III. Intelligence Coverage of the Comic Movement A. Target analysis B. Coordination of overt and o]andestine i formation C. Collection techniques: ttional, geographic and biographic files, carding, etc. IV. Pbnetration of Comunist Parties and Mass (Front) Organisations (Against avert and clnndestino parties, in Co ist and in non, Communist countries) 25X1A V0 VI. Anti-Counist Political and Psychological War re A. Use of CC nist doctrines for operational purposes B. Fragmentation operations (use of dissident ideas and/cw personalities, Titoism, Trotekyiam, ote.) 9 8 C. Anti,.Commnnist propaganda (whiite, grey and black), including operations against the Cyst press and other r dia D. AntiP.Carzmnnist political action (diversion, isolation, provocation, deco tion, etc.) S. Antimpersonnel operations VII. Use of Groups in Anti-Communist gyrations (Pbl itical parties and other organisations, refugee groups, international organizations, fronts, notional groups) VIII. Cooperation with Foreign; Gents and their Agencies in Anti.. Communist Operations A. Security, police and judiciary agencies B. Propaganda agencies C. Military agencies IX. Use of Technical Surveillance Methods in Anti-Commmiat Operations S _F~F~?Es~