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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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lam '. 11-C proved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140010-8 ?.1.~- Security ;tufatvrstioa OL"D 88RVICE SQAAU 33 Dse b r 3952 25X1A9a Y. T ltal a IM vs ors .~.rw. ^n. ra w 'I. The Secretary reported on the nuwber of COD personnel entered in various types of training since 16 NOvezber, and on the status of those participating in external training programs or rotation assignments. See Tabs A, B, aaA C her*vith. A]PLICATIONB m UMM a. The Board reviewed applications for tba T ftmg nt Course at Endicott!. low York and forwarded them to the Assistant Director recommending epyavvat. b. Applications for the Air Weapons Course at iaxr rll Fields ALabom very also considered by the B*oxd. The Chairman emphasized the interest that OM has in this course, and suggested that these and future *pplfcattons should be placed on a ate arranged according to priority. C. The Board s a request for 3eaguag training during duty hours fog an tMividusaa, whose future CIA status is uncertain. IIY. REI~URSA'T FOR. ERNAL TRAINING The Board was informed by the Chairman that in the future, in accordance with a forthcoming memorandum from the Office of Training, reimbursement for external training will not be considered unless the request for training was submitted for approval prior to the c ncement of the course e The Chairman noted that the OT'R memorandum ves not Intended to discourage individuals who have enough interest or initiative to take courses of instruction at their own time and expense. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140010-8 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140010-8 CO IFIDELTIAL Security Information XV. ROTATIOL, 25X1 A9a a. Winquired as to the possibility of rotating OCD per nne o the Department of Commerce. The Chairman directed Liaison Division to fo]aav up this inquiry. 25X1 A9a b. mentioned a possible rot&tion from CIA Library to 9MVI Of a refea+ence librarian familiar with indexing problems to set up a cross reference index system to all require_ 25X1A9a tives issued or received by CIA. - and 25X1A9a wc111 take this request under advi nt. V. LR' g, .1 1'TJt c r R pr OP LDHC INR'R ,I4ENCE SE,RVICT. The Chairman directed the Division Chiefs to submit the naves of those persons in their divisions who had an aggregate of ten or mare years of intelligence service as of g December 1952. The list viii be forv+ded to the CIA Career Service Board In accorda,nre with their Honor Awards Program. VI. T RINYN4 COCDRSL R tHST 25X1A9a expresw intex?est in entering OCD personnel in a tra cc se on Photo Intelligence given by the Department of Agriculture. A fO23AWvup viii be made by the Training Officer/OCD to determine whether CIA rands could be used for this course. 25X1A9a Secretary 0CD Career Service Hoard C6 'IDIMMAL Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140010-8