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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140012-6 LAM bth Neetirig, Thi :sd r, 3$ JamInry :1953,, goo ?0MQ I a e Comae Va Room,, Ad .n1, a tra? c n Builcang eaarn? ; 1 ter iaeid Vo:iz Chaixv n ()F TEE CIA c~ 'T CE BOARD i o1 ?t Amory,, .3 ?."D -"D/ ., alternate for ?,he DD/I Jarne . Andrau , ALL/CD s tat he y B rd 1 wj /T 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A e- a. 9e secretary Re `tom" '2 is Minutes Of .,;h"-) third meeting of the CIA Cara. ? SeL,-vice Board, h?,i~ld 19 IJ o ber 1952,. ~,, we) approved. , 12s Board raved the revision of Schec u..e A of io Comer ;rr ,.ce Program (CIA NoI,ic e- dated 19 furze 3$52), Tlie revision saint t Director for Ccr patio of a pe.,j anc;nt momber of toe Board" All Of the Viz or chains of co d ir. CIA are - thug r i;r eea rrted by x eri neimt, m a ; ^e a It also added to t o 11S of those r o ? ~ eligible to eer, as rotating !embers, the V ?e Chief j of the x or Eltaffs in the /P gga Wizatiora,v nmm y the l-"aief, FIj brae Chief.. p {; the CI i,ef$ 43 the ship 3 ar.d the Chia`,, jl d.'^, ataratioao The rij r1sior ao rem,ved Vwom the list t titers which.lad been abolished i, a o .e ff)/ and tFh~ API PC The Board agreed ` K v of the two ro?atlag a amts r > ec ri. a: any one t;" ry one ' 1d always be a ,)urinated by the DDVI . end one by the DD/Po :1~h rbo ch v. would become c R ective when approved k i the L vx, , '.?2 Board agr;ed in x coz nd to the X"1' that rp , l rrna ' Eertt$ ",;Mr, be ap anted ; a m Faber of the Board for the pe.:d 1a?uar,7 1953 t Oough 30 Judas 1953 ;lce M c- James X. Andrews., AD/CD w':.)se terra expired r 3 D 6T:b 3r 1952. t?c 1111 t saj a^ n rev1zi d the st .t as of ,,he +n}acaeee' National ecurl.i '?? a . for hick wA .e tftra o ders ver1rag 2'3ga.;.1.atiofl and a letter s_i egat3ca to the y: authc i.tW for i.' aMrd ?e rya on the desk of the as i:derat r ~rai.ting h;l.Y sag .t re The Final k;rp art of thi Work1mg or Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140012-6 225 C"V ope ?ations5 alterna?G fcr the DD/P R ,pg~~ 8g' . ! is, ESr,y y, Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140012-6 ~izf~ton HQIOX . ; a r ass dated 9 J&n nor 1953 , w Mved by the Board with `the ' 41104941, that tt 1o ;v , ty gi r ds program (Tab E) be i mplea rated std :~ .,..~ ~, ~..nw .~. ~ ~.._...~....._ ..., .err. - - - ?~ --- to the U31 * th the Board' B Taco nda on that it be spprvved, V , A &- v R~ The Board considered t? Interim VaTport of the Workimg Group an R y?arddau?r 1 ty dated 9 J n r 19530 This consisted of a proposaxd Rc, flat a n -to is semen ; the polio, evi.e r approved in principle by Era Boar,,), its 2nd s ting on 1.7 October, entitled "Policy Conc. A rr ti a?n; . 'a for Various Jas of oaddo Daty" n Stepan rich had led t tb ;,zr }posed R ige a t1 aow of the int bl factors c ncernim a &vati n vMr-k in Cam, in v ela the p 'ob ", of hazardous dutar pay ix, he L.< &d Services,, the Secretary of Defexn etcivilian Co a on F'11':aw.rdjijl Thity and the iiandi, ooeree New York between 25X1A9a a f . Rear Adndral Lewis L, S a e a ha i n of that Ccmrdesiou s;~re revr owed., ' U "a Bovr,1 agreed to &Wer^ tiryn an the Regulation untd2 its next meeting aid to 'n a uaa t the indiv1daal 4: p r SorvIce Boaare of the DD/P area to rt stud,f the entire woblew, s wall as the p opoaed Regu1 tion and to xake ? :Lea n t ears t the CIA Cartier Sardd .ce Bo d st its rags mecsti.nag,, 14 proposed C:3A Regu1atton "Basic Int eal14 O ance '1 L ~ " d d t t a n ;,y e a e 2 j Dscad 1952 , was awed in i.xncip1e by the Board with the follow Pa waph S ( 1 " all requests for e.? tdo shaai1 be `hwee 't to tha 1 1 ae 2=1 moo . of U14 Director of Trjdni i4a and t ca appli.a able the pax:vision., of c (1) (d) of this gcI] tion0 ? 4 d e' bry. Paare.9Papkr E (1) as " 6 rs 7 There +a a brit di:scwsion of the "Suma? y of Cares Servd.r e .i uflTs for the period 15' August to 1$ December 1952 , dated 9 Jfaia i with su ti r r s gg o i on a or a ?'. dtfi cations in the future. DO" !o po4 rt was wide of the statuh of the Con ndatc yr Lettr from the Jb to V=s CIA persoraiei, wbo bad sore d in 'erpport of U'S" innte .genic a " ten ; yxxs or mere A ra ved and final cc;p of the report is a tta heein 9- The meat . w dd. jouz n d at 16% to re on ne at the can of they MUD SIGNED 11W. ye Greta r 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001 //3# 4Ik-RDP78-03985A00040014a i6