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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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March 31, 1953
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eiA-RDP78-03985A000400140027 0 3ecur, fr Information Mxm s OF S`ri p A ?' I nX G A -I MAVEV SLA. of &'S 31 March 1953 DtRT ON Deputy Director (Administration) Assistant Deputy Director (A xzistration) Assistant Director Personw1) Pert 3s cel Director Director of Security far: rn al Counsel Cc-x,,,t'o A&.sd:Ltor-1Yi- jef Chief 0-21, ieg, Genera Sexvices Chief., t rgmimbion and Methods Se ico 1e f, Medical Staff i.rectoz' of 'alai Cll i1e`~' of Admimist tionx DRIP S.pce:tat Assista 1t (Ain thistvation), DD/X Cie ;, A i stv'ati ve S'k i'., o 'ice of Coimuuuicati ons Chief,, Project Administ ebi e }1a ix S Ste f Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140027-0 J 5 2 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140027-0 SEMI Security Information MM US OF STAFF" ML` 'ING AI 'I.TNXS'1 ATIVE STAFF MU FS 31 March 1953 3 . Colonel White commented on the current status of the program to strength- en the Agency Regulations system. Be stated that, although mu l progress had ,1readye been made, some of the administrative offices had not contributed their share of new or revised regulatory materials . Since the Agency is looking to the Deputy Director (Administration) organization collectively to furnish leadership in this area., each office has the obligation to give this project the attention 25X1 A9a that is needed. is available for guidance and help in getting e program started and functioning within the administrative offices o In this 25X1 A connection Colonel White referred, to the issuance of -.which replaces 25X1 A fOrraer He pointed out that the Inspection and. Security office is redesi.ted the "Security office" and the office heed is named, "Director of Security." The Procurement and Supply office is designated as the "Logistics office" aM is headed by the "Chief of Logistics." 2. Colonel White stated that the Director and the Comptroller will confer with the Director of the Budget on i April 1953. He expected that these dis- cussions wau d provide some answers to questions regarding the Agency?s budg- etary allotment Q 3. Colonel White observed that the Agency woulA soon obtain a substantial amount of additional space. During April, Currie Hall and Building = should 25X1 A6a be made available, and., subsequently., Barton xU wid the reminder of Alcott Hall. He pointed out that allocation of space to Agency offices will be based an the principle of accomplishing 1mum physical consolidation of the Deputy .,rector (Plans) units in the I, 3, K, and L Buildings area and to concentrate the Deputy Director (Intelligence) units in the area occupied by M and Q Build- . 1gs and adjacent locations. The Deputy Director (Administration) offices will have to be dispersed to areas where beat service can be provided without i acrificiantr organization i integrity and efficiency. It was stated that the Chief, Genera Services, would confer with all offices involved in any moves in order to develop detailed plans. 4. Colonel White observed that too many papers containing grammatical errors., m1sapel.led words, erasures, and otherwise lacking ?at :presentation were being released from the administrative. offices for referral to the Director of Centrel Intelligence md to offices outside of the Deputy Director (Admin- istration) area. He asked office heeds to take appropriate steps to eliminate these problems. 5. Incidents of embxrassment to the Agency in connection with relation- ships with other Federal agencies were mentioned to illustrate the need for Jjraproved staff work. Colonel White noted that it is ini erative that a pro- au Security ormation- 952 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140027-0 Approved For Release 2061/03130 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140027-0 25X1A9a 25X1A9a SBET Security Information posal submitted for decision be correct as to facts presented and that any conclusions drawn must reflect the best possible analysis of the problem by all offices participating and concurring in the study. Necessary coordination is occasionally neglected prior to forwarding staff papers to the Deputy Direc- tor (Administration) for decision. In some cases Deputy Director (Administration) offices have failed to obtain concurrences required from other Deputy Director (Administration) offices. The Comptroller and the General Counsel, in partic- ular, need to be consulted in a large number of cases. 6. Plans developed by the General Services Office to give program guid- ance for conducting expanded records msnegement activities were explained by . He a cessed the hope that each office head would designate an office Records Management Officer to give continuing assistance and technical supervision to the records disposition problem in the office to which he is assigned. To obtain the caliber of personnel needed for this task, be recom- mended setting up the position at the grade OS-il level.. At least until the program is fully established, the assignment should be of a fulltime nature for each Records Management Officer. outlined a forthcoming training program designed to orient .and instruct a s 2~ement Officers and other interested persons in the elements of this activity. The training program will get under way on 14 April and will continue over a seven- to eight week period. Lectures of one to one and one-half hours' duration viii be scheduled twice weekly. The initial presentation will feature experts in the field, including Mr. Emmett Leahy, vho headed the Hoover Commission task force on. records management. Mr. Wolf aurrixed the discussion with a full endorsement of plans to stimulate increased records management work. He expressed confidence that costs of administering the program would be many times saved through simpli- fication of operations and throe reduced personnel and space requirements resulting from the systematic disposition of Agency records. S Security juformation Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140027-0