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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 1, 1953
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.Approved for Release 2001/03/30 : 96-RDP78-03985A000401'84 R1? J 9V Securit{fInformation V !il MINiFI'FS OF STAFF MF1 TIW3 ADUINISTRATIVF STAFF CHIFFS 7 December 1953 DISTRIMITION Aotia Deputy Director (Administration) GeSc_jral Counsel Director of Security Auditor-in~Chjef Personnel Director CMmptrolIrr thief, Lop'istics Office Chief, Oemeral Srrvicea Office Chief, Orpari,ation and Methods S rvice Chief, Medical Stuff Director of Training Assistant Director for Communications Chief of Administration, Dn/P Special Assistant (Admiristrntion), nD/I Chief, Project-Administrative Plannirp Staff Special Assistant to the nn/A (2220 ' Street) CRT-T Security Cformation Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140032-4~ Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140032-4 SECRET Security Information I+ tNUTES OF STAFF MEETING ADIINISTRATIVE STAFF CHIEFS 7 December 1953 25X1A9a 1. reviewed the status of the work of his staff. July 195 a total of 48 administrative plans have been completed. The Staff has from 40 to 50 plans pending for current projects. In addition, numerous projects which have been functioning for relatively tang periods of time are still operating without benefit of formal administrative plans. The size of the Staff is too small for it to keep abreast of the ymrk load. In sow in- stances case officers are able to prepare drafts of plans; such assistance from case officers is mainly possible in connection with plans for the older projects where the job involves primarily the confirmation of existing administrative arrangements. Colonel White said he was fully in accord with the policy of the Staff to give priority to new plans over those which pertain to the older, going projects, but he considered it essential to work out some solution to take care. of old projects and eliminate the backlog. If necessary, he said he would approve the detail of personnel from other offices to aid the Staff overcome its backlog. He requested that representatives of offices which participate in drawing up a plan be authorized to commit their offices, and that only offices having direct Interests should be asked to participate. 2. Colonel White discussed the policy announced by the Director for main- taining staffs on duty during the Saturdays following Christmas and Few Year's Day. As an intelligence agency, the CIA must continue to function and to respond to any tasks it may be called upon to handle. The size of the staffs to be on duty on these days may be reduced from the usual Saturday arrangement to what- ever extent is still consistent with the principle stated above. In summary, the personnel to be on duty on these days may be somewhat less than the normal Saturday staff, but the coverage of functions should be substantially wider than is provided by present Sunday duty plans. 3. Colonel White called attention to the need for Office Heads to be available for call on Saturdays, or certainly to provide for such arrangements as will ensure that necessary action can be taken by their offices, as require- ments for such action may develop. A duty officer remains in the Office of the DD/A on Sstur; days for as long as the DCI or DDCI are at their offices. Duty officers of DD/A offices should clear with the Office of the DD/A before leav- ing on Saturdays to make reasonably sure that they will not be called upon for assistance after they have left. 4. Colonel White stated that the Director wants to call upon Agency offices in accordance with a plan to set aside one afternoon each week for this purpose. DD/A offices should be ready to receive the Director promptly after notification CRET Approved For Release 2 E O\Ob R98-03985A000400140032-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140032-4 SECPJ T Security Information that they are on the schedule for such a visit. If it is felt that his visit should be tined so that he can see a particular activity or operation, the A-DD/A should be notified. 5. Colonel White and. Mr. Houston discussed budgetary developments. The Bureau of the Budget is recommending a budget for CIA for FY55 which corresponds to allotments made for FY5b. _/ 6. Colonel White said that he hoped that all offices in the DD/A area would cooperate with the Inspector general in the exercise of his functions. The availability of the Inspector Genera). to hear the probleat of employees does not in any way relieve individual supervisors of their normal responsibili- ties for doing whatever is within their mews to eliminate factors causing em- ployee dissatisfaction. Office heads were requested to take steps to correct those supervisors who are inclined to refer their employees to the Inspector General without themselves attempting to adjust their employees' problems. This is not to be construed, however, as discouraging referrals to the Inspector General where an employee specifically fishes to by-pass his supervisor. 7. The continuing need to improve the quality of regulatory material was stressed by Colonel White. Specifically, offices originating regulations should avoid the use of language which is understood only by the subject matter special- ists. Since regulatory issuances exist to guide people who are not familiar with the subjects covered, it is clear that it must be easily understood. Addi- tionally, 'there is wide opportunity to do better editorial work on Agency regu- lations. 8. Colonel White announced that the Motor Pool would be transferred from the General Services Office to the Logistics Office, effective 14 December 1953. On a gradual basis, cars now assigned to Individual Agency of 'ices will be trans- ferred to the pool. 9. Colonel White expressed the hope that there would be applications from within DD/1t offices of personnel for attendan ae at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration course in Business Mianagement. The course is of three months' duration,, beginning February 1954. to. Recent difficulties encountered because of the failure to notify an applicant that no appointment could be offered, despite the fact that no appro- priate vacancies existed, weras discussed by Colonel White. The problems eriaing in this case demonstrated the need for supervisors to refrain from making any commitments with applicants concerning reporting for duty and related matters. These subjects are to be handled exclusively by the Personnel Office. 11. Colonel White said that lair. Houston would be Acting Deputy Director (Administration) during his absence from 14 December 1953 through 2 January 195. SE Security Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140032-4