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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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July 14, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140036-0 LOGIBTICS t XCB STAFF xMTw 14 July 1953 Wom 25X1A9a 1. Items from the Administrative Staff Meeting, AD/A The folloz a ng items from the A-genda< o the A i nistr+ative 8t~rf Meeting held the pre- vious day were presented by air. Garrison: a. Mr. Wolf will be in his office as an Assistant to the DCI on Tuesdays,# Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Re will be available to assist us in any problems which we may have to bring to his attention. b. B i et: A letter from dlr. Dodge to Mr. Dulles was read which stated that the 1955 budget is to .be les than the 1954; that the 1954 budget is to be reviewed and will be less than the 1953 budget. (1) Pelt Present policy is to go ahead and con- continue to bring employees on duty then when and, if the freeze to bold the Agency to the 30 June 1953 ceiling is authorized, a 90 da r period will be allotted in which to transfer enloyees overseas and to take other action to bring the T/O to the 30 June totta. 8E Approved For Release 2001/03/30 CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140036-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 :DP78-03985A000400140036-0 (2) Personnel problems: The importance of putting personnel problems in writing was again stressed by Mr. Garrison. C. S cet Moves are to take place as plaDned and it was 25X1A9a suggested that be contacted regarding this space. d. Part-time employees: This item was mentioned but nothing de ?'t is was decided. 25X1A9a '25X1 A9a e. Overtimt The Logistics. Office uses more overtime per ---employee than am other office In the Agency. Use of over. will have to be out and it was suggested that a possible solution would be to change the working hours of some of the Logistics Office so that a certain percentage in critical. areas would be reporting for duty later thus working latex. kk f. Orientations: The Ope ions reel that orienta- tions., such as the one given to are well worth the time spent. g. Basic IntAlli nce and Administrative 8 ort Course: This should be conpleted an WWred today. It yes mentioned that -wiIl visit on Thursday. 25X1A6a h. Bills inCongress: There are a number of Bill befog Congress vbieh myi effect purchases by this Office. The General Counsel's office is our contact for guidance on these Bills. Mrs Garrison specifically mentioned the Potter Resolution, stating that it contains one sentence which "lets us off the bookw. 25X1 C 3. Survey of Administrative Posititions in DI)!? area: The DD/P and DA/A have comae to an agreement to have a survey, made in the DD/P area of all administrative positions. Logistics Office will receive a list of these positions and will then deter .ne if there are too many or too fow 4. !nWloyees on Unvouchered Funds: The DD/P has recommended that employees unvbuchered funds be_ under his jurisdiction. It was felt that he was not aware of the fact that this Office has sixteen employees on unvouchered funds. U 5. Career Board: The Career Board will no longer pass on appoint- ments but the Board can establish standards for appointment. This Board will continue to pass on promotion of employees on duty. Approved For Release 2001/03/30/CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140036-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140036-0 MUST 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A9a An eVloyee enroute from purchased a sailboat and has requested that the Agency pay 9or shipping it to the States. Operations has also taken the attitude that the Agency should pay for this and the matter boa been turned over to the General Counsel for decision. felt that the use of appropriation symbols was necessary Vh0U requestiDE trennsportetion services from the Armed Services. It was brought out that St 8-53 should take core of this problem. However, a Staff Sudy is being prepared by - to mare fully state the problem. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78-03985A000400140036-0 25X1A9a