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December 12, 2016
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May 24, 2002
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Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDA0400 000400020005-1 THIRD AGENCY DI,SSE YiI~thI tON El Cis Requirements L ti 3y do. 15 Projects e?nDrancta L. 21 1. Requirements Study No. 15 assigned the problem to determine the appropriate basis for third agency dissemination by GIG. Projects Memorandum No. 21 ampli- fied this problem to also consider whether existing directives give CIG authority to disseminate current intelligence, which includes 00 and OSO reports. 2. The presidential directive of 22 January 19146 is very specific in assigning to the GIG the responsibility to accomplish the correlation and evaluation of intelligence relating to the national security, and the appropriate dissemina- tion within the Government of the resulting strategic and national policy intel- ligence. The directive further provides that such intelligence received by the intelligence agencies of the SWAN Departments as may be designated by the NIA shall be freely available to GIG for correlation, evaluation or dissemination. It also states, however, that the existing intelligence agencies of the SWAN Departments shall continue to collect, evaluate, correlate and disseminate departmental intelligence. 3. NIA Directive No. 1, adopted by the NIA on 8 February 19146, states that the CIG will furnish strategic and national policy intelligence to the President and the SWAN Departments, and, as appropriate, to the SAFNCC, the JCS, and other governmental departments and agencies having strategic and policy functions related to the national security, and provides that the GIG will utilize all available intelligence in roducin strategic and national policy intelligence. In order for CIG to perform its authorized mission, the directive states that there will be made available to GIG all necessary facil- ities, intelligence and information in the possession of the SWAN Departments, and that conversely, all facilities of the GIG and all intelligence pre red by it will be made available to the SWAN Secretaries, and through arrangements agreed to between the DCI and the IAB members, subject to any authorized re- strictions, to the S4AN Departments. 14. These two basic directives reveal very clearly that the mission of CIG is to develop and prepare national intelligence and to disseminate such national intelligence to appropriate Government departments and agencies. There is no allusion whatsoever to GIG disseminating current or staff intelligence, nor is such dissemination an implied or logical complement to its responsibility to disseminate national intelligence. Furthermore, the Presidential directive Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000400020005-1 Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP7t-0400TA000400020005-1 expressly says that the existing intelligence agencies shall continue to collect, evaluate, correlate and disseminate departmental intelligence. 5. A proposed NIA directive (IAB No. 1), captioned "Coordination of Intel- ligence Production", now under consideration by the Intelligence Advisory Board, divides the field of intelligence into four sections, viz: basic, current, staff and national. Basic intelligence is defined as encyclopedic information of permanent or static nature, and national intelligence is de- fined as strategic and national policy intelligence. CIG is responsible for the dissemination of these two types. Current intelligence is defined as spot information which has not been evaluated or interpreted, and staff intel- ligence as that information prepared by and of interest to a particular depart- ment. The proposed directive provides that dissemination of current intelligence shall be based on interagency agreement, and that staff intelligence of one agency shall be available to other IAB agencies. Each department's current and staff intelligence would seem to be included in the phrase "departmental intelligence" used in the Presidential directive. 6. From the above discussion, it -spears that insofar as material produced by the IAB member agencies is concerned, CIG does not have authority to dis- seminate it to third agencies, whether IAB or otherwise. CIG is entitled to receive all types of intelligence from all agr.cies to use in preparing basic and national intelligence, and is specifically authorized to disseminate only the resulting intelligence after evaluation and interpretation. 7. With respect to current intelligence produced by CIG, dissemination to IAB member agencies appears to be warranted. While, as pointed out above, the primary mission of CIG is the production and dissemination of national intelligence and any collection of information it makes is directed to that end, there does not seem to be any objection to its disseminating immediately to IAB members only, as a secondary matter, such current intelligence as it produces which is of interest to the particular agency. This position is supported by the spirit of NIA Directive No. 7, which, while dealing primarily with coordination of collection activities by IAB members, has the following statement, "There shall be free and unrestricted interdepartmental flow of intelligence information and intelligence to meet the recognized secondary need of each department for intelligence usually prepared or obtained by other departments". CONCLUSION 8. chile CIG may disseminate its own intelligence, either current or national, to member TAB agencies, it is not at present authorized to disseminate current or staff intelligence received from another agency to a third agency. However, a vehicle to accomplish such third agency dissemination if it is desired is available in the provisions of the proposed paper, IA B No. 1, mentioned above. This paper specifies that dissemination of current intelligence be covered by an interagency agreement, and at the time such agreement is prepared CIG can Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000400020005-1 Approved FoTelease 2002/06/26: CIA-RDP- 04007000400020005-1 present its position and have the matter of third agency dissemination specifically subjected to a firm agreement. Such agreement can also include consideration of procedures to be followed in dissemination of staff intel- ligence prepared by the several agencies. RECOM&NDATION 9. That if and when IAB No. 1 is adopted as an NIA directive, CIG attempt to have the interagency agreement therein provided for authori`e third agency dissemination by CIG, if as a matter of policy, CIG determines that it should and can assume such responsibility as one of its proper functions. /s/ STAT Colonel 177SC (AC) Chief, Requirements Branch Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000400020005-1