Security Letter

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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August 4, 1949
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Approved Fir Rel s 2001/08/08: CIA-RDP78-0407A000 0020010-4 25X1A Pcz ormel 1fficer Chief of tf ?tion w3d S ctu'lty eerar"L.ty Litter he ~'~xx-,s +~ect yraur n' 'i.ce a::t~r t y. ?. A1t-101t,1h the Latter t o vzao1 ifted, th now em-lwjv" shnfu-c, be a=.:v sed th~.t it s fir offlei*l use naly and har1i a 3 aceor 3+,i'k1y. fqr fi to in h i 1. n rannnt,1. i9Vl4srv. A / u-,)3.y of he for L t `,e rt v.111 ?in1oyee ashdu1d r tarn the letter lmmedta# &:,y after t ' y haw, a mar? it, ST- 'f-20 ! rttir r4ir yrsu ' aser rr wont a with . -cy t , W13-1 ,ka as - tm , t a *)PY ;*V t! attach$ad senile 1* tter, 4d4ressed. and dat d, 4e gtvera to oaeh nor sxsloyen s -;, i d~'. ') s n :*ra all act 1a v ~iut ' to n e, nve~rt or s 1Y.-unvert pc.,s ttc? :. ell"zyed In overt- carroty may retain the letter. clarity Inr e tri.nattrin cl.aRe wbt c the emp2oyy: n w4,11 attend or moire !d uo ttons w'Uch the ,a toy a rosy has wncerning trig security - ttere scaissed In the letter should 1 .it,rr, d to t, s in.Aruotor -it t'fq c e- tibtribution. 1 cc Col. rdwards 1 cc 1 cc ,o 1 cc Chrono. - SCS lalc-rie1 r .~ ". y, Approved For Release 2001/08/08 CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020010-4