Taking or Giving of Unofficial Study Courses by persons Employed by or Assigned to CIA

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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October 4, 1949
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Approved For. Releas I A78-04007A000500020025-8 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Washington, D. C. 25X1A ADIiINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION 4 October 1949 to. SUBJECT: Taking or Giving of Unofficial Study Courses by Persons Employed by or Assigned to CIA 1. Pending revision of CIA Security Regulations, authority for approval of applications for the taking or giving of unofficial courses of study submitted by persons employed by or assigned to CIA is delegated as indicated below: a. To the Chief, Inspection and Security Staff, when the application covers courses having a bearing on intelligence activities, e0g., international politics, economics, languages, etc, or courses to be taken or given in the smaller tutoring type school. b. To Assistant Directors and Staff Chiefs concerned when the application covers courses other than those indicated in paragraph "a" above when in their opinion no security implications are involved. The application and a copy of the letter of approval will be forward.eed to the Inspection and Security Staff. 2. The Inspection and Security Staff will be consulted in those ases where a question crises regarding security implications. 3. Any provisions of the CIA Security Regulations, dated 15 ugust 1947, in conflict with this Instruction are rescinded. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: Captain, USN I MM Executive DISTRIBUTION; All CIA Emplo Drees Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020025-8