Classified Contracts

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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October 20, 1949
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Approved For'Release.2001/08/0 Chief, Poraot l 8oourit r Br=h' Chiof, 8oourity Division 10 Ootabotr 1949 Thero are ottaahod hereto roports of toourity inspooticma by this Tndpootion Division of firms presently holding CIA classified oontraota. ' P1ea.ro6 txoto 'that each report oontaino a list of reportedly oloared perconna1 and porson l kxo have not boon oloared bu'b who arc oinployod on thlo contrao% 1a oonfornity 11th the inatruotiona of thin data# pleaoa have the following ao0ompiitdzods (a) Chook t;ho filea to detormino that thoac poraonc liatod as oloarcd have aotually boon oloarod and confirm in writing to the Inapootion 13ivicion on the bait of each oontraob that thooo pooplo have boon oloarod. (b) Adviaca 3hspootion Dividioan that we are expecting receipt of Portion of Coourit?y Qwatio2u iro fora on the peraono listed in each ooLrao-b who have no-b boon prolvioua:4y cleared. (ct) > btab1ieh for each firm a control sheet, giving till, perbinont data as to the aoourity et tua of each oontraot. 25X1A9a DOG DATE S E BY .py-~! 9 on 01 um p TYPE C3 `L L`rIG CLASS G E S ~ M Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020032-0