Dear Mr. Mackey:

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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October 24, 1949
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Approved For~Release 2 40L07A0,00500020033-9 24OCTX43, Mr. A. R. ?ducker,, t)opu' y Co=iisuionor Irm-iC,ration and Naturalization Dtopartmont of Juatioc.. rinehix,4t';.on 25, X:. C. , Executivh 1 ^...,.,J o._7-', Dear Mr. ga,okcya Thoro hna boon recoivod your lottor, dated 6 Octobor 1 4x9, con-. oc .in prooodu; o to be foliowoa by tho Central IntolliCcnoo ." ;;,ancy oyi your Scrvli:o --*xi oonnootA,on 4r10, o'n1: "y of alicno into tho Uw itoc; ytnLua under Coot:~c~; C o;" the Conltxrl IIntolli~-;onao A oncy ,lot c,f" 19,x 9. V ,'o feel that the rope 1urc.w' outlixccd irk your lottor n~ecur- wtrrly rof loot our candor: tand1n of the rantto.z In all canon we proporo to keep your Sorvico fully ndviracd of the dovulopmonti in the cazo, o;;e 4i1t r with all information roqu. rod by you. S'Inoo entry under ouch circa xtetnco: will not normally be a rou?i;ino matter, we hope to woric very olosaly with your Service in handling arch npo, ifio once within the framuivork of the proooduroa net forth in your io tor. At this timo I tgko the opportunity to wclproaa xxy permono.l appreciation of the aplccndid cdoporation rondorod by you and mcrabara of Imni(;rr Lion and Naturallznti on Service. Sinoorolr yours, 25X1A9a 00: . Chief, IF;3 S subject (0GC) Chrono R. 2T. Ui.llr n oottor Roar Adntral, USN Director of Contral Intelligence. Approved For Release 2001/08/08 CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020033-9