Dear Admiral Hillenkoetter:

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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November 22, 1949
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:.xcnnflve 1 gjstry Approved F elease 20"0144 A~RDP78=0400050002004X-4', 683 r;-F527 DOC (1) ADSC () AD/PC x(3) Central iecords P ,d, A;'7n CONFIUINFTIAL VIA LTAIS1NT V Roar Admiral Roscoe T. d-.illenkoetter Director Contra! Intelligence Agency 2430 3 Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. I hav:~ received and carefully noted your letter of r?ovembor 16, 1949, p1-,rtaining to liaison between CIA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dear Admiral :Till enYoet?ter c and the FBI. ..n y.ur et er will work to the advantage of both CIA I an appreciative of your efforts to improve liaison relation- ehipg between our organizations and I sincerely trust that tie changes you fin+ion~cT . 1 t Sincerely yours, =''s' ' .AL :3UREAT1 OF I'?V.:STIGAT. CON UNITM ST T, DcTARTYENT CF JUSTICE VIASl-INGTON, U. C. November 22, 1949 (signed) - J. ;dgar Hoover Approved For Release 2001,08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020047-4 OR!G CLASS - PAGES JUST NEXT REV AUMR Note: Orig. to "-l,ct3+iv~f CIA C /11 &SS CR-file cc recd 'ror! DCI & routed. by DCI to: Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020047-4 AREA'Oq COUNTRY{f1 ORGANIZATION(8) GENERAL FUNCTION (S) SPECIFIC FUNCTION(S) 00C DATE s CLASS HQ. FBI SUP Liaison (inter-agency) OSO CA Security .SS 1/ \ _Dpr 10ENTIFICATION OF DOCUMENT (exchange of -correspondence) 1) Letter DCI (RIM) to J. Edgar Hoover;, I p. 12) Letter Hoover to DCI '(RHH); 1 p. ABSTRACT NOTATION REFERENCES 1) DCI in order-to facilitate liaison between CIA and FBI con- fined liaison relationships to three channels: a) Chief /I&S for matters pertaining to security of personnel and installat- io ns of CIA & also investigations of Agency personnel, . b) OSO for all other matters 'except those operational needs of OPC, c) OPC for all matters relating to its operational support. DCI expresses how this centralization .will be to benefit of both. 2) Refers to previous letter with a similar expression 'of hope that the centralization will work to .advantage of both CIA & FBI. DOCUMENT LOCATION S/CSG - 400 \ v \ folder 3 ?~ Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500020047-4