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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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January 11, 1950
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Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030003-1 AREA C' COUNTRY($) 0RGANIZATION(S" GEN E RAL FUNCTION(S) SPECIFIC FUNCTION(S) DOC DATE 1) C 9 I AL CLASS u H H OPC CY Security 11 Jan. DDP 1 -Coordination O.r Functions IDENTIFICATION OF DOCUMENT Memo from SEC - Ref: Optimum 25X1A9 Security Plan for OPC. re ce: Optimum ecur~. y Plan for OPC ABSTRACT NOTATION REFERENCES Explains junctions of OPC's two separate security offices (the Security officer under the Executive Officer, and the Operational Security Officer under the Chief of Operations/OPC [COP))and makes recommendation for the future. DOCUMENT LOCATION HS/CSG 1146 S'Et R'E (when Filled in) Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030003-1 SOURCE DOCUMENT INDEX SJKRET Approved Enja Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-0A000500030003-1 -r; .1) :110 -~, ,:SIC -..'1Le:s3 1try Flan 4:, t :sir 1a At 4 cra1 e3 c Sir' ., i. ,.':.~.~ { i.. < 4 . ",: c w +~. 1 `~- a? of utivi, O's~cer~ c Q r.,^ lit t1Utirmoo: i x ~~~~ M1 Y,? A.~'.A.~/ 41) ~~iJi t.1or,al C3 s:! choc)%sg G~ u~ Y 3 _-do by ,v sa ~ f k7thcr s(y6c' y rc quacty ' officer ~,az:.'a~' Cvk ::1)V #ti lo #o:~ :cur t..y ,ct~ cf all by C371C? ' =.a CCC? h!tu :+a .1 b;1ctt= i Y:I'cif.`t C4 a~.'.S'j L,? .-,%4.'':'~:. r`.G~'L'1 F.iI+'~i L;:r.?.a-.ifCPtC.b1Y3 v cur ~a to c1c c-.r.c ::tioOn :ee 3 Ir ii:~ of CLao hc1 (,!p u.riV? :1fico U e Y.7 vo~`i'u'11.6.Za.~r \.Jw J. ~;.w?.!i Is p "?' oii a /J 1. Nn , o1 V 1 '~?Ar V-va C:1) uct 1"T" r,~ ` :If; tc, o as `~ of fit""ico 1 1)1 ,:.Ct on ;~ a direct ~_. _L ,r. 1.;tl::Lic3u :;t SvCUi ty 1 N ~ LSt.S. f~+J ., to a'fit: ~'., f'ices l,,azd b ccd or V~1 J iv wJ, ! a14. Z Lw.d V l.aaw rS}} p ' t i Aa c , tr (.i4.i.,xca and SVR.y~V ~.,1 ja4 1 ..:% 1 {l.1) 4++ 01, 1)12+4 s I