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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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January 12, 1950
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Approved WN Release 2 VMRDP78-04 A000500030004-0 - ? rnNt~uuv~~~, - 12 January 190 4O C S ' I ? r,tT V `"10N iV~'w"ti~71JV1: TO lJ.~~.:J+.F, ?.'lC.. Jj 1J i.JU1_.L .V.: C?-11 .{ , SBCU1 TY DIVISIo CHIIEF, SE, CU :T'Y CON'- OL S 'i'.`,' CHIZIP , T'E81''A_`Ri.Cif BR?t 1CT" Cl:?l.+.JF' S.. lJ CU.-" ~LV J~?_..Ll L1u C U10.112-111, an appraisal. Of all- scw~ ^ ov.rt cases & 2. 1 now wish to effect the nr 'se in this Cn ~' 1. T/0 of 1&:SS as revised on 29 Septexbsr `949 e s a 11shod the Special Security Division to handle se n i-covert and covert personnel security Y^u'l ter for C o .side i Y'O"r thc,U e uirf'..:ents of 1 C' . au'i o -these revised .ablcs ??rorc lr~e tired end tice:;aent1 r approved a_t that so far as possible -al -and R '] .i-Lo ',1 a J ts.y`T '.'~'~! 1al C T proced.1c~ -hods would be followed in both overt and covert ,e~. so u~el socuri" ' w ' _~ it has Deer to effect the t~a4nsiyior in phases topn vent in erruptao.7 L'2 the heavy .,-oae of investigations being cu ~+~y hand= d by I&SS? J files and record section was formed and s _. tr4.La:,.. in 1113 S eYii.i^ C Ovv u I-P,i. Linr. and :Lade ': 0 system. It has no ,r been operationally pooled in the Icy3S lie and ?cord 1 Section for greater ei^ZG.~.4a~V z...~. files envy, thou, ~ i Vi:.u.wt : v'i":ti-cover'` i~''TT `. :.r.1-Ci C..L, y l..+~,L ~.a. .Lv liu separately. :Ln Appraisal Sect'0=1 -ciao and Tis now fully organized and. A ZPTIST " TI 0157- I&SS 3 J/f a. hief Special Security Div' s- n and (h ?e:c^ S 1 o a e h ., o ov,.L detaJls . Chief , Special Security uivis~o , z '? " ediateiy reorgan.i zo the u~ Oar; methods of his office . ac r. h_ ~h~.. ~sec3_T/0 inao t es c ; Y c~ !5e cvrity Branch and the Resea~?ch R ... ~_. .r~.l.ch are conc,r e:ied. In directive, and due to the sensitiveness of covert cases, I desire to specify t e ~' il ~~ ? _._ _ ~- _. _.~~...~ - a _ S ca e curi r . Brand will receive and handle all requests for covert investigations b. Chief, Special Security Division, w 1.1 form an formal o orations arrow consistdan of h eclf, Qh: ef, Special -e n y -; ~e c z~ ,fir k and Chie research Bra who under his ds cect .on irl,ls: cons dcr the various,of erational, personnel,,, and investigative aspects of each t cover case 1 ` o. I desire ;,hat Vne Chas, ~esearch Brand, in addition to his ~+ other duties, be considered: t~ e de 7LTtyy to Chief Species' Secu-rit-T Division, to function for him iY1 _}~^ ., ?2i~sc nr ra an ?H - a?. L-----. : " ~breas+- o, _procdues in v~G- L ?nd cover V caves . The Research Branch is char ;cd solely with conduct of i--- vests ations and o*erational suncorva GOC - ----- REV DATE fYPE 6810 C@1JP ----- UPI 8EV tUS$ PAVES Og10 CLASS AUZH. HR 10.2 ~ -- JUST -=-P~RUrOoved V - CIA-RDP78 Approved 4pRelease 2001/0805 ,CIA-RDP28 Q4 000500030004-0 jUI4 ivL-i mentioned in paragraph b aboveAbe directed to conserving the capa- bilities of the Researc,7 Branch, and to close coordi e-. ion in handling semi-cover':; and covert cases, through the various stages d. I desire that particular efforts of the operational row-) of prod I Covert cases. dill. covert cac will be appraised and . ~tmmarizc EEG1B y the Appraisal Section of Special Security Brancil in si: i..Lar intending to use subject. 'criteria and the orcr. tional requirements of the clandestine bra: f. All covert cases rat- -rued frog Research Branch fll be filed and recoraea by a special control or ile desks under she Chief SDecial Securi Branch, Such files, records, etc. are open only to the members of the operaticilal. group unless othlervrise designated by Chief, MSS. (2) No selected appraisers be designated to covert &ases , but such cases to be equally divided and each par : - cular case worked on by only one appraiser. gene or security infor::ation derived from various type invest! ga uions h. All disap rov r ecormended . -Eagp-rovals, borderline or ~j every respect, and in particular to e: cl n~e of incidental counter-intelli- Chief , Security Division,, and Chief, Special Security Dvisioon. ~~ s' po:~ltsd out above, covert cases ;must be clo el_y compartmentalized Dill, beyond these bounds there must be Foote.. c ~mal coo oration hetvreen the two divisions in that some of these neasures night be: covert cases and ' "rtcu_~wrl in L~ i?-r_~_.C of true I s?gu~~rr pug ~_.~ w1 in oL ~1w;ss . ~ es g. Special security measures will be effected i handling of _ doubtful cases v,,111 be brought to Chief, T&SS, for final decision. ILLEGIB (3) Other measures devised by Chief, Special Sec=ity Division, which can be practically adopted to insure the least knowledge to the fewest persons on a ayytF basis . i. The Chief, Special Security Division, will make sure that reference index irf oration that does not disclose the identity of a covert Arson i.s properly abstracted and suroi,iitted to Reference Index, with :Ln sensitive cases, reference only to the case number pf covert case-0 ~?-- _ __ 3? T desire the continued closest coordination and cooperation bet,,-eon Approved F~Wkelease 2001/08/15 CIA-RDP78-040000500030004-0 L*i I expect to issue at an early date a detailed functional state- ment of the functions assigned respectively to Security Division, Special Security Division, and Security Control Staff. CIA-RDP78-0`4097A000500030004-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030004-0 Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030004-0 Approved Felease 2001/08/15:; CIA-RDP78-04000500030004-0 In the planning, it was agreed that agent strength should 5X9 be increased, but that in order to avoid a drastic upward increase in~0 certain contractual services should be effected siraul- taneously to carry a 'portion of the work load. particularly as it applied to open type investigations. In December 1950, the investigative function of irspeetion and security office known as Research Branch, later known as Special Security Division, included approximately .agents who were handling covert cases. During that month thy corlpleted 144 assiSrurtnts or an average of approximately per man. It should be noted that due to the nature of t"e covert assignments which in some instances necessarily "tied up" investigators for days without showing obvious production, t a figure of case load per man is somewhat deceptive and almost i 25X 25X6 impossible' to estimate accurately. 14owever, throughout the succeeding months the average per man was consistent with the e 25X1A above. 25X1A During March 1950, aproxir,ately 350 cases were completed with an agent strength of utilization of contractual services of individuals andorganizationso Plans continued with the view of absorbing the approximate 200 to 250 cases per month formerly handled by 7j3I, plus carrying the covert case load. It was agreed that ~ents would be recyuired, inaddition to Approved'For Release 2001/08/15 CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030004-0 Approved elease 2001/08/15 CIA-RDP78-04000500030004-0 Estimated demands on the investigative activity revealed that 900 to 1200 cases would be required, of which aF),-)roxi:uateiy 50 percent would cover, type. Arrangements were iade to place certain assir nrments; and approxi,?:ately 10 to 15 individuals were placed under contract (other than Government employees who completed certain as:ssi rxaent~, The ilec'r_anical interrogation method vas also e: pa nded to prov~c_ a aid and'effect a curtailed investigative p ;rod ar to "help carry the 'Load. The case load continued to increase and in September 1951 a total Of 7,72 field cases were completed, plus 941 naiae checks. The investigative expenditure for this nn::onth was calculated to be about :; 99, 000. By the end of that month more in the field. By the agents V,,ert: operating in the field; 888 cases were co:iplete(!(apaoroximdtely 50 percent covert); and the cost was estimated at ,120,000. At the end of December 1951, the agent stren ti was built up to .oward the goal of 25X9 authorized agent strength. 'Very effective i provements were completed in SS) since its approximate year of operation. Headquarters records and control wev established throughout and approximately E ,were thoroughly trained for their specific assignments in SSD and other CIA pcissibllities; the Operations Approved FOr Release 2001/08/15; CIA-RDP78-04007A000500 0 Q4-0 e:iMrI F . iU 25X1A under contract to handle certain open ass1viTie ICI t3; 25X1"A ' organizations were n:otiated with and a>sisted in I 25X9 1 Approved %ppelease 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-0407 -000500030004-0 Staff of Heaciquartcrs "3 a vas voti:ir or ariLCd to f eet dcs~.b.~Gr + NL d : groups of personnel to i-,--nCle 'war:iouz3 types c)-;' covert cases' a Special Referral Gro iii Zti'as r. t i ::t%d to hand-: - S' and largely intern l inve$ L Z. U ve p o a; s j and th E n ire Uroan L0 tion_al structure was :L,' 10rovca to stippyy ti t? f- part cularly as app? c; i 0 open :vl :al a c tiv.t S o I 25X1A 25X1A