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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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May 18, 1950
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25X1A9a 000 ORIG CdMP 0RIG CLASS JUST D- 2- i -_04007A500030041-9 REV DATE b -~ BY _ PAGES 'Z-- REV CLASS NEXT REV ! ~? " AUTN: HR 101 1850 As roqucsted, this mmtmrandum is to not forth the figures on which basin Appraisal Section estimates were arrived arrived at on the production per mn per month on applicant and employee cases and 77 oa.soaa, :den Aselped Fiscal Year 1948-1949 4 2/4 7/49 ,? 9/49 4 1/2 10/49..6/50 3 C.. Aosi ? ea ....~" 2608 moo 217 7/49.0//49 1050 Moo no 10/49..8/50 1692 Moo 188 Actually handled by PS5 17(227 out of 1608 were handled by SSD) *This figure is based only on a throe month fib,. C January through September figures would bog Avers' ion on the bast$ of Averame W9 'a - EE CASES In fiscal year 1948-1949 1.626 cases were received, Normal receipts began in October 19481 average for 9 months beginning in October was 169 per month? One maa was as igned. Prc uoticn per was 169 eases,, In fiscal year 19494950 $436 cases were received Average number of oases per month was 286, 1 1/4 a were assigned, for average of - 228 rases par mon per mm. There was, however, a oh -g r""W procedure in October 1949 which resulted ins (a Cases requiring appraisal in addition to sum arising and reporting; (b An increase of 10 WI, in sources to be aheokgds and o An increase of 2 in number of reports returned. (Those figures were obtained from a survey of 200 oases, 100 before and 100 after the change in prooodures* ) During the months of October, November " December 1049 there were handled by 1 1/4 men a total of 884 cases or 182 cases per month per man.. These cases,, however* Aid not come under the new procedures and consequently did not contain the wctrata 25% reports these pro edure s ~r od e3 Approved'For elelse 2001/08/15: CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030041-9 Approved For Rase 2001/08/15: CIA-RDP78-04007A(500030041-9