Notification to Contractors of Employees Clearances

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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June 5, 1950
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Approved~Fbr f +slea Chief, Inspection' Division,' WS Acting Chief, Security. Divi'siorijt' I&SJ Notification to Contractoro' bf , &o l ooe C)earancoo References Memorandum from Chief,,, Inspection Divieionj' to Chief, Security Division dated 2 ?may ,195O., subject as above. .. ~: It is riot believed th t c~ontrnetors~ should. be furz fished with . pre,-contract security islet; ou for the : puxpoce of discussing ;1< classified contracts. If such were ' adopted `aa the practice, then this Agency would be the recipient of many roquostu from private contractors for such. cloaranaee. Of these 6ontraot;ors, porhape only.,;- a few would be actually the recipients of a contract from ? this Agnncay. G ' 'hex's can be no security,object .on to contractors d, sausaing . ny y with CIA the products' and eorvicea' of their ooanpaniaa., If there is any :quotation of security, cloarantie ' in connection with such die- cuspions, then it, is believed that D/SS8 ; ohcrtal.d be informad that ;? as a general principle there arO no rontrictions on our procurement people roceiving information from any 'compaxW which offers i.t. Concerni the question of what ,ta reply to'cont%raratara who have submitted Pei sonnol 'Seeurtty 4ua:aationnaitee and with Whc6 it; is 'not Intended a contract will bo'placed, it 3.a: beli evsd they oon> j, tractor shouild elmply be told it?is the policy of. this Agency to confine its interest try`. those :individuals only who rd! I aetu ly r have. knowledge of a ' cl assif ied .'bontraot. tiY :Sdith respect to the divulgence roi' c1aus 'led contract iriforma.-` tLon. to reprosentativas of private contractors before the *, actual. contract is placed,: the procurement people. should use as a guide the security clearances which are nor furnished tc PSP/s56 through ., f the Inspection Division. If ouch clearances are.,on file in the Procun~mont. and Supply Div .lion,. then it in permissible' for our ., iprocuroment people to disclose classified information as, necessary ' in connection with preliminary negotiations respecting a contra6t. DEIC IV- DATE By ORIG COMP TYPE ..,~. _ , " G3l6 CLASS- PAdiES ____ L~ R E ''JUST' )= -NEXT-'REY ):n~L 1 RUTH HR 10.2 . 78=04'0,97 140065000364 T ,tr 1950 F`" 1 A~1P 1I AL Z` N .I+~~x[.An +di Yk.r Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000500030043-7 '''25X1 A9a