Committee on Records

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December 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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May 28, 1954
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Chief,, Security Division Chief, Personnel Security Branch Committee on Records f'A -RDP78-040'_00600050004-7 28 Mpy 19,5!4 There is attached a report of the 20 May meeting of the Committee on Records. Most of these items will be handled or sotsd upon on the Branch level The Commmitteo has r.ooanendied that the Chief, Special Security Division and the Chief* Seourity Division discuss the problem referred to in item "'g" of paragraph 2 with a view toward eliminating what ape. peared to the Committee members to be unnecessary restrictions on the availability of information within the Security files. 25X1A9a Attaohment 81 - Rsv DATE f V I Z C _ - - ORj~ g r,ss _- ru QR+ COMP HR 10.2 GREG CLASS XT REVTH: NE JUST Approved For Release 2001/04/02 CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050004-7 C ON 9WORM Approved For Rel 2001 8-040000600050004 7 2# 'the 04 MO ti w WOOOVIM OOzw. at a esoo *a go 'O. Moo oaAbl d t Vision or the tiU* in use in t1 soU '&, d"Iddons oft MAU by the d os (a) cw" 94 tea iALU&I des tbi a0 t r tr ss '"t 14)w Ala 'e "twW of thu two fil? rC=u Gh*uld uc minus as try Est, At thus, tim* .k4 a tto a-p"4 that t wVp, i'1' tt b"A oor $ 0.0 sl rr""'ity fi veyo a ould ?o tsin 044 v bj ut F3esi - LtI and ,S ft, 1 +arc`. 'L}w. oor ti*e# rrsoo n4s the ? adoption of tug sb ge in prezsd tt * *Fr ##d th&t Old 00404 will t bt ohe:n U G is too tau cot 040 JaUL o -~laa~ tr ~:+ at mar sear, up +r+ thor jat 1 t catut Off' ta.W i =i' ;" ur.. ; o 4t et u#7 od t4 at U'$ tr, :oit r Broad, he ;r c d a ow,.,4s 211 ? Nw .t410 j tt t hhU14 t319' > ~ % 4 i otily, 631 40mitt" ug . ? t Wi 4 U1 Wc',4; e + c;7 t O=ro to ()# Abovo, %su:e3Z or, aot the:j t we, b 'Ou t; 41 3-or orsoa :: oz . s a. ; xu ayat p= oPusm4 is t.aa't t Je ko,b will bs r. arked as "'1oiu 4 era 'veeiuw i of ;Vsiu 2 0:r 9"t 0o #4o rre v w14 xv 8 tt dr> by t1 : e J,} ' c raxi~ ~: s . OJ G o p? r L c. n1 usu. ". iR I dlJ?Colre ,te batman ho tW tile sV ';V o u s M* point is ofG1?zwern CQi it w .S ri * vrttG4 fib thio t tar, uts,4 t )W4 Uwe 1a : uU!t O4b lid for u Oi rL4ts1u Ou *I. file 4"'. w&)LLF. E' 1 'ya oars~t;~t o &txeesi to rr.o'a&.r.r 1 to W . =rr