Report for Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 1954

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December 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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July 7, 1954
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There is Forwarded herewith the f olloulu& matorlal which was quested b of the Office of the inspector uex ran. (1) Ori g .nal end ons copy of two flaw oh its on Applicant-type cases, Approved For Release' 2 cal report. QQC- REV DATE Tv?E [~l V DPI OR1C COMP' REV CUSS .r PAGES CR1Q CLASS __-- i UTHo HR 1C 2 JUST-. NEXT REV DP78-04007A000600050007-4 ase 20.0; ~.ppltoant.Type Cases Handled Approval Disspprav-al Closed bctore do pl6tion. TOTAL 5768 All applicant-type eftso Heizavatigttia of Ump .ayrebe -*to* It 1-0 ?...?.. -r.. r..ri?1538 A. Total 78 member roiac.itlgated to brim case current... 57 . Number r,inrsstigated to resolve doubtxr,4.w.... 7 M tuber sent to FBI mmd B.os 1C45O..... w.,.. 24 Other Actions 78 .05.. 0 A. lumbar of traxafers handled ?-.~ \.?4. k.. . ? -..?.-.... ? /.y../ C. I=bor of 00/0 o*sem 00 let9ds...-s...,...i.t-......0 243 classified *=U wt cases aoagpletod.#-#..-.?M.##?44. 2031 M WRDP78-O4OO7AOOO6OOOO0p.7-4 Approved ForRse 20 P78-O - A000600050007-4 lumbar of Cass Fuss Contataing 11sports of lnssf.tigatoa uivalent The following faotors an& considerations wary involved in Obtaining this statistics (a) only those cases in the "app1iOent-tom" category ware considered. ',b) only those cases hurdled in the period since I Aa6-wt 1947 very cohcidorud. able. A f fgvre for Au&uet 15ij? ran arrived et by c) A statistical ' report for Au& xst 1547 ie not tail:- averaging the figures for tip succesdin; months Est 397. (4) It is estimated that 10% of the 'fOloaid Bofors Comple- . tiomP cases contain reports in the category cont. ated. O er4 cases when handled by SS7 are not available, ) Some atatistice reports coining statioti cs on semi4w T tal approrale Au pat 1947 - June 1954. * ..... OW67 7~o val di s apprenra'ls in s pe riod...