Security Approvals of Transfers

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December 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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July 19, 1954
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7 li FORM` I ';"~pproFor Release 2001/06/09: CI P007A00060005,00~09-2 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CONFIDENTIAL DATE: 19 July 1954, FROM : Director of Security SUBJECT: Security Approvals of Transfers 10 Under the present procedures it is possible, and it frequently occurs, that an employee has been completely processed for overseas assignment and is ready to depart before we are advised. For us to deny the overseas travel at that late time is most embarrassing from the standpoint of this office, and occasionally causes considerable personal inconvenience to the proposed traveler, which inconvenience could have been avoided if this office had been brought into the picture at an earlier date. 2. Situations have also arisen whereby individuals have transferred from one office to another before we received notice of the com.tempiated action. To take security action in such instances presents a considerable problem. 3. It would be very much appreciated if current transfer procedures could be altered so as to give us as much advance notice as possible before transfers are effected. 4. If, in order to effect the above, it is deemed necessary to prepare an Agency regulation, it is pointed out that, from a policy standpoint, security concurrence must be obtained in the following instances: a. Transfers between offices under the DD/A, DD/I and between senior staffs and area divisions under the DD/P b. Transfers between major components c. Transfers between divisions in the Office of Operations e. Transfers to and between stations overseas 5. In connection with paragraph 4.c. above, it is felt that strong consideration should be given to avoid spelling out in a regulation for general publication that transfers between divisions in the Office of Operations must receive security concurrence. It is felt that to do so hr1 L Apoved For Re 2001.106/09 : J4-RDP78-04007A000600050009= COPY -:~~ Approved For Release 2006/09: 007A00060005QQ9-2 cera~enamn STATSPEC may have an adverse effect upon the morale of ~ and FDD personne:L, in particular, by being so prominently singled out. Consideration should be given to effecting separate arrangements between the necessary offices. Sheffield Edwards Approved For Release 2001/06/