Interim Report on Management Staff Survey of the Security Office

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December 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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April 10, 1954
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STANDA [FORM NO. roved For eI 2001/04/? : -CIA-RDP78 0 0600050010-0 Ojflice Memorandum This survey is being undertaken to review the organization and staffing of the Security Office. The interim report represents the first phase of the Survey, an analysis of the overall organizational pattern. ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CONFIDENTIAL FROM : Chief, Management Staff SUBJECT: Interim Report on i?lanagement Staff Survey of the Security Office a. The Security Office has as its mission the preparation and execution of Director of Security AA.gency's security program, including the following major functions? (1) Security policies, procedures, research and counter-intelligence. (2) Physical security. (3) Security determination as to personnel for employment, assignment or association. with the Agency and for certain activities pertaining to alien program. (4) Operational support for Agency projects and special inquiry- service for the Agency. (5) Security investigations. (6) Security inspection. b. The present organization as shown by the chart and the iden- 25X1 A tification of staffs and divisions do not, in major operating eleents, c.t arly indicate. the functions performed. a. ` hu --x-eE;en l organization consists of four staffs and threw divisions. "'he najur operating elements of the office are the Security _._Aisicn and the Special a ecurity Division. i enerc'-, `Lt is intended that the SD handle overt and semi-covert cases and }thK i; SSP have the covert cases. The objective of this division of la.:ur Is, that all covert cases be handled separately and apart from overt and semi-covert cases;. In actual accomplishment this is not attained at Approved Fo OOC IZ REV 0ATE`3)- I- Y I By 'O (o J ( 4 ORIG COMP P TT RW7L"4K7 JUST NEXT REV c RUTH: HR 70.2 25X1A the Division level since investigative activities are under the jurisdiction of the SSD and therefore, with respect to personnel, all cases flow through the SSD. The separation of covert cases from other cases is attained at the Section level in S3D, there being in that Divi- sion an Open Section handling overt and semi-covert cases and Covert Security Clearance and Operational Clearance Desks (or sections) handling covert cases. With respect to records, there is a clear separation, each division maintaining its own records. There is one other area where all. cases are handled and this is the Interrogation Research Branch (poly- graph) of Sr,. Obviously, some aspects of all personnel cases are handled both in SD and in SSD. c. Certain procedures are necessarily duplicated in SD and SSD. These axe: (1) the review of requests for clearance and establishment of require- ments essential to evaluating the case and (2) appraisal of the results of the investig;a.tion. In SD requirement and appraisal are accomplished by the Requirements Section and the Appraisal Section and in SSD both phases are accomplished by the Covert Security Clearance Desk for covert personnel and by the Operational Clearance Desk for Contract Agents, ;Field Agents and miscellaneous personnel to be used operationally abroad. The need for limiting knowledge of covert personnel to the minimum num- ber of people justifies what might be regarded as duplication of pro- cedures and it is probable that the workload justifies the existence of similar procedures in these Sections. d? The above discussion of SD and SSD has largely related to personnel clear- ances and investigations and these represent the principal functions of the Divisions. In addition, there is found in SD a major activity in the Physical Security Branch, a Records Section, and a hesearch Section which maintains indices of organizations and persons known or suspected of affiliation or association with organizations suspected of Communist leanings. The SSD has, in addition to its investigative work and. personnel clearances (covert), a Project ,esk which handles clearances on a project basis and Agency Projects th ich involve not only clearances but related operational security support, and an Operational Support and Special Inouiry Desk which handles Agency Projects not re- quiring personnel clearances. There is also a Correspondent Desx but this is actually a. part of the investigative operation. Accordingly, there are in these two Divisions all or parts of four major functions of the Office, namely, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Operational Support and Security Investigations. e. The Inspection Division has responsibility for security inspections of 25X1A all foreign Agency installations, non-,gency training facili- ties, and. contracts. These functions, which represent the major func- tions of the Division are those usually designated as Staff activity. In addition, under the general heading of "Operational SupportH, this Approved For Release 2001/04/02':VIA-R 050010-0 25X1A` Approved For I a4e001/4/ : CIA-RDP78-0447A000600050010-0 0 Division has responsibility for furnishing security guidance and coor- dinating foreign Security officers (those assigned to opera- ting elements of the Agency and not on the T/0 of the SO), monitoring visitors and assignments of foreign nationals within Agency buildings, monitoring training courses, and for reviewing and approving domestic shipments of explosives. f. The Security Research Staff is responsible for two major activities, One is Counter-Intelligence and the other is Technical itesea.rch. The research activity is largely related to measures, methods, and ecuiprrent for use as aids in the practice of counter measures. Therefore, the two activities have as a common objective the prevention of Agency penetra- tion by foreign intelligence organizations. It receives and analyzes information from other elements of SO which might be indicative of pos- sibl: penetration or an attempt to penetrate. ,ach Staff and Division of SC has a responsibility for informing the Security riesearch Staff of matters, occurrences, or developments having Counter-Intelligence im- plications. The Counter-Intelligence effort is in the nature of a con- tinuing research project. 25X1A h. The Security Control Staff has as the bulk of its work the security as- pects of outside activities of Agency employees such as speeches, written material, travel abroad and other outside employee a.ct:ivitie . The Staff proirult;ate collection and dissemination policies enc. renders in- terpretations, opinions and decisions with respect to the,-;e policies. It also handles the security aspects of official information releases, liaison with other Agencies in connection with Agency projects in such Agencies, reviews for security classified materiel proposed for dis- semination to foreign ?,overrLments, and serves as security consultant to Agency operating personnel in connection with inter-departmental exploi- tation, research, and joint efforts. The work of the Security Control Staff with respect to employee activities is not considered to be in the nature of staff activity since it is neither advisory to the Director of Security nor is it in support of the Security Office operating elements. Policy matters now handled by this Staff are such as might well be handled from the office of the Lire:ctor of Security i. The Administration and Training Staff has those responsibilities usual to such a staff and requires no discussion except to acknowledge the fact that its training responsibility is considerably greater than many other similar elements where the training worn: is principally that of liaison with the Office of Training. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : A-1401 pprovedFor le 2001/04/ 2 IA-RDP78 Q0 LM00600050010-0 CONFIDENTIAL a. The basic functions of the Security Office mission are (1) Personnel Security , (2) Physical Security, (3) Operational Support and (14 Security lnvesti atioriss. It is recognized that Operational Support and Security Investipations are closely- related and possibly should be combined and considered as one major function. Staff functions in support of these Security Office operating functions would be Research, Administration and Training, and Inspection. The advantages of using, these basic functions as an organizational pat- tern are, more clearly defined areas of responsibility, direct control by the i it eetor of Security of each major function (for example, Physical Security), elimination of direct reporting to the Director of Security of those functions such aL employee activities aspects of Security Control which are actually parts of major functions (Opera- tional S apport in the case of Personnel Security in the case of Security Control), and designation of organizational elements by na3a, s indica..t_tve of the responsibilities assigned to them. Names such as Security Division and Special Security Division are obviously without meaning unless explained. 25X1A 25X1A Accordingly, it is concluded that the above listed advantages could be gained by adopting an organizational pattern based on the major func- tions as outlined above. b. i.s brought out in the discussion, the segregation of covert handling is a.ccoe.mlished at the branch and section level in the present organization. For Personnel Security rei.tters covert segregation Vould be maintained at the same levels and. would be controlled through the same number of echelons as at present. it is therefore concluded that the security of covert personnel and operational support will be adequately maintained in an organization based on the major functions of the SC mission. c. It is concluded that the survey should continue with a view to establish- ing an organizational pattern along the general lines discussed above and as illustrated in the attached functional chart. retailed study of pro- cedures, working relationships, and the nature and extent of operational support is required before firm proposals can be made with respect to combining all personnel clearance work in one Division and determining whether operational support should be a separate Division or combined with Investigations to form a Security Support Division", (It should be noted that the attached chart is primarily- intended as a functional chart and therefore the Executive Officer is not included as a separate block but should be considered as included in the block for the Director of Security.) Approved For Release 2001/04/02 CIA-RDF @( w _( 0 k0010-0 ,Qp}proved For'el 20011 2-:CIA-RDP7$"e -000600050010-0 5. t?co:T.Tlc~iv>: Specific recommendations are not being made at this point of the survey. The purpose of this interim report is primarily to show the type of or- ganization indicated by analysis of major functions. It is suggested that the conclusions reached be considered with a view to accepting them as the basis for the succeeding phases of the survey. 25X1A a Approved For Release 2001/0416,: CIA- DP - 050010-0 OAL 39