Accomplishments of the Security Division during Fiscal Year 1954 and Objectives for Fiscal Year 1955

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December 9, 2016
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February 26, 1998
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August 31, 1954
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For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RD 8- 40~07A000600050017-3 rAO G 31 1954# Director of Security 4 Objective, fa .the Sec.xr3.ty Division Year a. The C .ef, Security Division was .i c+inte C rej enteti on a special ad hi of interested joverment aged eat proa of co d i curz the mat t * of the cam-its has a Atted ep;ve 4'ie f o r a safe Zile i to prevent a means of :o efttr7 to vwi. manufacturers for Ana Bien o bids. 25X1 C . In this ach 'i uodif .c tions was ion, arrangememts he future they must 0 '.t entry,. 2AQrWh%q, -'4 jj~mn 00060007-3 ~ o19 Approved For RelVse ANN," 04/02f, `DtA R)P78 4007A000600050017-3 lw' e. A program was initiated whereby posters designed iMP"ve the security ce sciousriess of es .o yees are being pos, throuaoext the agency. At the present time a poster desi,e_l-t to protect against loose talk and another poster calling attention to the securing of safe files have been posted. Other security posters are being prepared end will be posted after a reasonable length of time, in order to better i press a plo es ter inatir; low t with their obligation to protect classified a now secrecy oath was prepared and now has been initiated to move the offices of t MI __ - .cinistration l.aildi* to South udinr. 'hie , =ove , with s 1. cr tary plans, will p vide tter t r and personal protection to the DCI, h. Array is were made w General Services A aini trans" 7FS; to the M1 to appoint not more than t wt _: have V ,per? of erreztt This rthorit. been delegated to the Chief# Physical 5ecuritt rte, action is bein taken to establish a pxs gra for the indoctrination and training of those employees to be appointed. :~on c, other thing, this stU entail publication of a manual contain" in t i t1jt and a delineation of authority, designir of a distinctive badge and special training in firearms and arrest procedures. i. TheyAppendix I times in order to include time to tike by tx e &tton e r, ani atione cited fran The polygraph sere ,i,n, prom continued rin , ` ear and employees in 031, OUR, 0C1),) P and 00 not previo, Kett were aflord+ed polygraph interviews. u 1ss iori In cc pliance, 'with reeraos tai for such info r- i.on.. f` action ta6n by this Agency pursuant 25X1A Approved For Release001/04/t-C1-FDP78-04007A000600050017-3 Approved For ReIIs - . 1%Q 0 , 2 `C ; DF 8-04007A000600050017-3 25X1A n, physical c ari %- s?. y was conducted of ? n area 25X1A 0. In v c-r of the psibilf.ty of classified information bein, diced. to forei[z nationals under the provisions of an tt~cet-Atlye Order entitled, "1 in Ca ifiec 6ec' r t r Info a io a Avail to Yorei m I .tiot ," .?rsn + is were Mcale to roatinlr confuct naz-w checks at Mete. -7D1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A . r. In order to rudntain a current check of all limited s ho ers, a record system. :gas established in the r11. sica3?. Security Branch. This record contains the tee, ;rer, building 11,t&tion,, date of entry, kldinv ente I, time nor ahaaCs. Appm Ia exc ,t for the certification nl other air,-. -~ _---u.. +w r..? VM i.:iwi#'4s S4 ~>.S.YC= .S i.iY$al,. It t?, his s coa fished by tho issuance of an Appendix II to the Personal ?istorr statement wl:.:.i.c?h I$ similar to- the q. &cti xn taken to require the- s es o: a plic . to Sig. a curt "ication to the effect that Ui are not or have not been members o?, contributed to, i; n :ngly reoeivec literature fro,, or attended r ectinCs of organitj ation In addition, the following physical securi surveys 25X1A Approved For Re1C h1 A%02 E 1 Ob 8 04DQ7A000600050017-3 25X1 C v. In oar to expedite the filli i, of request fre 25X1A procedures Here effected whereby on the receipt of such requests requisitions are prepared and a,4.)proved by the 3ecuri ,y Office and then hand- 'I the ogi ics f.fice. iox erly the requisitions re prepared by the Area flivisi.on concerned and then forty arde3l the Security Office for approval. rr. Irocedures were establisYaed for ?umishinj fr or i contained in security ffice riles in hose cases wzo a by 1-11 of their files reveals a reference to 3ecarit,~ Offic files: In such cases where the requ stcr is e outside ac R3 calls the I: ? the tty O?xics and the individual # s file is reviewed and an, necessary action is taken prior to the imm.ividua1's rem. 25X1A for contact clearances for the Contact. Diviaton, _, , -.smother sate; or :eau estah1iehe#i in certain yes of di.sapprovK,, In these cases the C=ontact Division is advise that, prior to makin- contact on an unclassified basis, they should ,?iscu Asa the a with either the Chief:', or Deputy Chie,L.$ SID., in order to deter . e whether such contact would be i:i the beat interest of the : en, asp, the result of a survey which revealed that over a period of four Saturda r morning only 1o5 visitors were processed for entra ce to CIA ldtn s, all receptionist desks} except in the Administration uildl ,, were cloy e i on 6aturd - e ni.n, and arrangements were made for the guards, to process Approved For Release 2001/04/02 CIA-RUP78-04007A000600050017-3 4i' Approved For Release 2001/94/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 visitors during; hose times. This action resulte of approximately `,.OO dear month. ap. An the result of an overchar a by SA for. ;_:ttarel service, a system .as eeatablishesd whereby the gaard captain is required to suh ti.t a thdly report of the hours crkeeti at each ;'nerd pvt. `These reports are then ;wed by the Physical urity Branch to maintain a bo ee :in;W, system a check on pills eu araitted by r ASA for , u rd service. Such bills are ordinari'y certified to by the Guard Servicea Office. for security reasons this A ;ency o a d U I.sco ..tunas To etll-aer idt the Chief, lns; etion It was aid, instead, a provi vide in the procure adequate c:- i ; one from traecinL the safe 25X1A the whereby a r ;, rese familiarization of the : yt r Ah in the Course cod-heted by the Office of Traininzf the couar at,. Proeedarea or clearance of ap j~llca a and WI were altered to th#- extent necessary to the i csnt is suitable for clearance for insofar the; forelLn connections aspect ct, 'MFR c*nc rr , prior to the issu pn of a clearance notice by the curity Office to the ?crsor .el Director, VLs :e csdure 1 t brine applicants on duty who can be cleared for A scy eqplgjment but cannot be cleared for 5 ecia n 1lizence bec se of certain torei n relatives or connection 1ch they have. 25X1A av. , r ut s a -j affected a , th t c Five of the General ;- vice ! dminutration :ire "S'4cu i t y ,; at 3 on ia? " for all char force ; t `-' 1 AM I oth r 3` JA fa1t y?eet v n ,. acce .s to CIA ut din ^'o r-t n - norirworkcing :lours sate forwarded to V -,is . c c fir th.: nec sar?^y invest,-I:. ation a d clearer be in thy, .4 : nature of t k present 'I.. 46, - U h was :mil were reczlled and mere replace-1, All c } act credentials issued during Approved For Release 2001/04/02 :>CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 hl , Approved For Release "7A000600050017-3 aa. a eenent was vac `: 'II ,-l th officials o.,` the Public Ser? is es whereby, except for a few iri ta:ices, this Agency was exempted fr ar. a is i t change of ward shift by rtbli.c ltulldln, services ?r . >-b-l2 shifts to )-`.1 shift,,, If t .is proposed change had been wade, it oul. have r in a cost of eL roxii ate1y 4:'25,000 a y ar in overti, e l) tell as a decrease in the security of is 111 en ;y. f 3'C?rid t,r ';as acca;,ani1 subject of Additional arran at ,^.'_1eG F;,M, Onts rc: :Piade 1V ,,-) this y 11i i the securii )ffico Is no security files of the Vr site to be ployed thereby a r= res ted to review al those cases subject of the lnvesti~;ati.>ra for the ?? i to rouse is to be cleared by this AMency ft-)r jase in other than eployee csi>sc3ty. 1 . In co iiance win !roce urez for s.< i ations sec: rity Council inforr tion established the Natio: ail Security Council at the direction of t e ? re - ent, internal procedures were established in coordination with CIA Top ,at Control )fficer for the control of such in f o- at.ion in Inddi Lion, a nnotice setting'ort.r these intto;r. F.1. a ~ys}~yy,~ oyy~ys y pocedues. was p eai ed for distribu3,.ion, 25X1A r- Aye: ents were made with the Jf f ic- - T raIninL so that all regtests for training i[2 ca4estirit :tc, ivitlo i er ioyecs not aasi nc d to Ute /r are now 'orKarded to the security cif fice for app 25X1A v out arch=zU' _ 'x i ce, tentative of that of-lice was tcu In ctti nr s a ---anuai of ~ -ia d Intr .ctiow bd, Action was taken to issue United badges Vc authorized Chevape.ake ar i i oto +tac Telephone employees after limited security checks. ?F ,.. ~,.,,.. *.. Approved For Release 20 4' 1 `CIA-l t5 78-d4b07A000600050017-3 ;es of th 3 cur .'i The purer e such individuals with t :~e function and palic Division and to establish a more personal the interviews afford an opportune ty to det.r-ine the and a .bitions of the incdividuil In order to better careers in the Sea arity Division within the limits available positions and Agency policies. bf. Action was taken -oheretq e1p .Oy es do ;: rtian for overseas FM ansi ent who have been polygraphed within the past three years will not be rer ly&raphcd, u ese? because of special cit ta,,tes it is decried advisable. In the past the criteria for repo y raphinr such employees was one year. bg. In order to establish firmer secu.. consultants, arrangements were taaee whereby the Per,,;ormel Office will take stops to insure that; all consultants arc ashin ton for security briefin . In aidition, the ersonnel Office of :y renewals ~0-JJ" conss'alta the accm.~i y {y { ( ryy~ j ^~y~,/~ @ t} in r. s 8y~ contracts ticien^3p L tine to pet a security reappraisal of to case. The security debrieA in s in the field ;kd3,1 be arr for by the Security -Office when appropriate. h representatives reby i.n the future they will ui.4d n . .b In the n of all CIA ir ~}p y ` .4 ~n z dsi . i x. list all goverritnent huiidi.n aca ordi: ad give the Oxard post telephone abeers in the build. s, included CI-AA. buildinLs and could be taken be or by the guards. was added outside the entrance to the LE. post is in addition ady inside bJ.. It g gram was establishe to review the sec rrity ales of employees for reinvestigation of those eases where the initial investigation does not meet current investi ativ in consider{ too old. bkc. In compliance with a request of a technical. 25X1 A cturity inspection was conducted of certain sensitive offices he National Security Council, bl. As a part of the over-all procr to duce security violations, stickers outlining the cc ; c jsrocedhira for closing, locking t c skin . safe files being laced an all it en Approved For Release 2d . RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 Approved For Releas~ 040Q7A000600050017-3 Infor ,on conce ,ng the pnait sys for security Vii. in CIA waa made a . e t re reser tati a of the on-ritr Offices of the Dc t of State , ; erations A n stration, who requested such into-m ticn eronne. to an att action zr o ea. p er b, sic nature well t tire,- iita wio n i, that these carde .U ecru ,ndi br ?. thor. Of the 25X1A 25X1 C ::lean to establish a st of kermIties in t-14080 i.ko iXesec riy! classified material unk ec . tamer he isconc 1tion t>l t L IC. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 CIA-RDR78.44007A000600050017-3 DP78-04 7A000600050017-3 25X1A that person wiU be i&, b 2 as to b e 25X1 C 25X1 C oyes of , ac ,g5Oste,j %i `ti3 )t ,i ate '" and Vilflat ""OC 'it ; ffi, r on frm the ,)tor ar.a. In adlitions the bulIdini be identified oode. ' iso i ' n'U cti 0: z~'o"i' n ; CIA hii1lin 25X1A Approved For Release 04007A000600050017-3 Approved For Release OFI%O4/ 25X1A 25X1A is gao : ? ? ~" C r . Ct d on Initiated to t natit: of the action to be taken 25X1A in addition, the notices wi. r to avoid the p iI ai . t be turns of when ?.ur-t have been } of and in t? 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2Y017 000600050017-3 Approved For Releas 001104tQ2 ti`D1A-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 25X1 C A m':e oraa dd to the As > to nt ;. i ctor 0 prepared requ ost. prr wu that of transfer of rso ? b e: n. le ALmncy an to or between wer stati* ll f rardeto the security a tice in of "ici ti so as to cause the lawt embarrwmen't or inconver to the lWee case of akin y di rov {. f the transfer. 25X1 C ci. The Logistics Office has advised that, July lac, the contract for safe repairs formerly he. ,tens Company, 'Ad been awarded to the a osier Safe Comfy rich was the low bidder in a recent irzttation to Aid on this *ontract. This action is the result of a previous request this office to open the safe repair contract to bids in an at t to reduce the cost of such repairs. 0j. During the fiscal year 1954, 5,768 cases requiring clearance for access to Top p sed. Of t se, 3,715 were approved,: 271 were and 1,73 were closed after inveati. atton was, initi prior to a fin determination bein aie, ck. There were also processed , cases of t to be used for irate .i ence exploitation and for ; w under cLwsified contracts, on, cases of 1,930 amply en ~ .. 1: s as a result of re sts for special t s of cc sr..ty clearances. Also, a total of 3S429 requests Cor seenr transfers f iradi vide 1s between major cm Vox or Were p sed. ca. Other g*mmnent ago ctr initiates 21,339 reque for CIA record checks, and, in connection With U , 1, 7 1 iecu ity Office files were reviewed, Approved For Release 20 7A000600050017-3 25X1A Approved For Release 20P-/0414Z. -CI DP &P4007A000600050017-3 cn. A total of 6, 531 persons prior to resiin or ent*rix ; on a of absence or upon departing, for or ai enta,. 25X9 cp. Reviews were publication information ror additi n, an we? Agency clip.n in the files. Cq. 'wring the for 14y-alty Board or to 'raph Aged as a re breaks down as awn 2 4 weekly and 4 monthly ceived fro r,,-, inclusion 30 June 1954. li.0 1 on duty or cleared ubj on, were separated from the rolls of l irec"- purity Office action. This ointees to civilian T. 1 25X1 A A detailed analyyi4 of thes fi.s zres roil rtlnerrt security ecurity orrice. in Approved For Release 2001/04/02 C1A RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 Approved For Relea??''ri ''gin ~ ~. :rie_Qno 0 7A000600050017-3 of work accomplished by ,:., the fiscal year 19,54 are as Security violations invsti Physical seen Major : security inspections . . . . 4 0 ? W ? # . ? 4 U i W 21 tion consultants ? ? . 4 25,31 ? . ? . * ., 2,0088 4 .. . ? . ? . . . . ? . 7,,940 ? ? * . * ? R i . * 93,21? wn Else o i ? .- ? . R M +R . ? il' ? . . '+^ #q use of firearm 25X1A Classi Safety o determine Justification for s ci al talen, ,ur .ty Officer inspections. uildir ? ? . ?' . . 1, 229 ?.*? 793. ations And areas . ? . * 4 4 , 1Lt areas, etc? ? . ? . . . ? 11 70 security Officers . i ......?.....?* !0)22 d waste destroyed . . . rvs and inspections . (1,974 perso _ . - - 1. J. . Ct pounds Approved For Release 2001/04702-: CIA RDP78-04007A000600050017-3 ?4 i' - 04007A000600050017-3 Approved For Rel YTI 25X1A 2. Ob ye: 1955 the Security Division, a whole, the ss c degree of security thorn n hn ss and orded dam, the fiscal ye 1 be placed upon improving the security o advanced seoxrity procedures as will be devej-0 echt1QZIaal advances in the field of security as 25X9 25X9 will be received hick ,parer with an avorae oi ei 70 cases per month for the cast year, The Ci tics O: 'five reports that their r :quir ents of this Division will be approximately 25per cent over t` e last year in both Top 3 cret and Secret catezoriec. ASS has also advised that there will be an increase of ,,PrWinatel per cent in the roquestz for both t Top Secret clearances in their contact and contract c, DDurin this fiscal year,, it is also anticipated that the prawn for reinvestigation of older cases will be considerably expanded, in addition,, it is anticipated that added emphasis vill be placed upon both old .-? new cases from the Counter Intelligence standpoint, d. The activity of the Personnel Security Branch with rega to interviews and clearance requests for Top Secret Control Officer, cryptographic clearances clearances, one and other types of spial clearances will depend to a large extent upon the activities of the Agency. it is expected, iowever, that they will remain approximately the s as for fiscal year 195h. a, ?=lth regard to the functions of the ersonnel Security Branch in servicing : the various requests of other offices oa` the ;en and other Federal agencies, it is expected that they will e,:==per .te those 11, f . .,,,. rw _1 4. Approved For Release CtA-RDP78-f4007A000600050017-3 -l?- be available by the next budget year,. In view of the present Agen policy of stabilization, it is anticipated that the work level of this Division for the fiscal year 1955 will closely parallel that of the past year, b, Inquiries to other offices of the Agency indicate that approxi.tely per month will be made for `Lop Secret clearances for c .ploy a entering on chitty, consultants and military I assigned to the A .ency,. Other inquiries reveal that e -ular contact cases per month will be received as eared tonaverace of approximately eases per rmonth during the past fiscal year. In addition, approxi ely &" cases 25X9 25X9 Approved For Release 20 z 4 07A000600050017-3 ity Branch darinj;; the fiscal year 15 } of the p ast fiscal year with contimze emphasis ir% placed on Improvin; the physic&l securil 1 -1 and procci ros of the ncy. In certain activities, as the safe maintenance programs ph.,, ical security a .rvreys, Pied waste : i posaal, n technical security., it to expected t there will be a substantial increase in voluae. In aat-'ition, safekeepin w re be placed upon procurement of 70-le secure In rega to the A tcy Safety zrogra data 9%, it is expected- that by addition Agency safety 1'Y." OCr will be farther proZran in effec h. The accMi plis is o durin the fiscal year 1955 will clos oordination, active. resew h e . gain z insiht a into 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A cal year th greater phis b Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600050017-3