Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Responsibilities for Polygraph Training for Central Intelligence Agency

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December 9, 2016
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February 17, 1998
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October 1, 1955
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-Director of Trail FROM Security Officer, CIA a. The Office of Training will be responsible for general administration of Lie training pro)nrarn, ncluding preparation and dissemination of course announcements, processing of applications and final registration of accepted trairiees. Furthermore, t re Office! of Training will supply training g-uidannce, training aids and other support as needed, including: the use of training areas and equipment to the extent available to that Office and suitable for polygraph training. ce The Inspection and Security Gific- will bed responsible for the control and presentation of all technical aspects of polygraph training. StIJbCT Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Resr_onsibiliti es for 25X1A13c 25X1A13c I I and upon his suitability for entrance =r.fter training into, the Agency's polygraph activities. Ttiis includes t, e privilege of terminating toe training of ability of any applicant for polygraph training- any trainee determined to be unsuitable for tree work. ' """P I:ygrap i Training for Central Intelligence Agency 1. In order to establish respcnsi_bliti es for polygraph 25X1A9a training in CIA, a conference was held on 23 July, attended by 25X1A9a Deputy Director of Training (Spec_i al), II 5X1A9a Office of Training, and and of Inspection an security 077ce. 25X1A9a~ 2. The above parties agreed to the f'c;llowirc' division of responsibilities between the two Offices: e. 1&-10 will make final determination on the suit- hoc RIVT~'____ SRC r 1.S ?LQ#00MP6QQQ8Qar12 0LJ - 25X1A13c f. I& O WI-11 ox'arci_uc; f, ri.j,riL to s