Agency Manpower Study

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December 9, 2016
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February 17, 1998
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November 23, 1955
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Approved Folikelease 20 2/05/01 : CIA P78-0400n000600080013-4 14/L4k:44"k r 23 November 1955 The Deputy Director (!inpport) Comesittes 013 Manpower gene; !:'anpowor 3 1, A sumo; or t.1?42$ z)r.r.vm, recurih been 72'ado purnaant to the instruction:1 contained in the neaorenthee, eagle subjects. dated 17 Noverker, 7r.forrtatik:n res,lonstvr! to the four corlatt-ns propounded in tiph roranthezt foLloes each ii6k0stiln ropoatod .Grender, C71111,,ST If the nireotor in required to affect a ten percent redwItiim in ourrent menpomera at mpecifto itetioni would thre Vireo 7.*Yuto, Dirc,otcrro Ulm to effect thia reduction in U191r &rem?" 2. The undoreigned cannot iniscod reisith recomond action for Vr, eliranatin or. aro! of the yesontial functions or the Grace or Security 1.1sta1 hereunder* ohich 'mold inevfetatly rocult in o3ri.n c tho security Of the Ageincy? Vim is purtioliler1y true seti.zn it is pointed out that oven at this tine' a1.1 of the mpircd runctt,ta (ouch as re- investigatione referred to below) are not being currently pf3rforaed? The resens ror this position aro given below in detail. 5X1C4a DO REV DATE _)7. till BY 64)61 9 q 01110 COMP TYPE 0/ -, ?RIG CLASS 5 PAGES V CUSS .__C.-___ JUST /-.2eg-- NEXT REV 10-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/04-:-GIA-RDP-74-94007A04306000801313-4. Approved For e e 2002/05/0 : CI ARDR7804007 A 1Ths 10080013-4 btaft sesubersitip of the Agency ill Imre -the ettoot or increasing the 6 - work load per /AN 'without redualtg the exigin et the work load. - It. nte selaorandue of 17 Nowenber associates the indicated 10% - redaction in manpower to the order of importance of the functions per? ronted. In this communion, consideration should be given to the manors for the perforuance of the functiorus. rhe Office of Leourity functions are based on requirements or autboriastions of acts of 4%0:agrees* Lzeoutive irders of the President, Nationva ,":J'ecurity 4.-osuicil Intelligence Directives* or e'residential Directives* sone or which Sirc listed helots 25X1A13c Law2,1 (,,r?21a) places responsibilitor for protectin it?11igence woos and methods; 11_0 .......1L....2as....)11st 'Law ress places responsibility Zr protecting, .,.ntoiiigence sources and rethons; px.ovides for czar:, a leo aliens for intelligence purpoisol; withoUt rei,ard to isrsdo. uration Iavao; Executive Order places responsibility for establishing andrs-1-74.7tirar-r: ei octave proonse to insure the omploynent and retention of persons consistent with the interests or national security; ITtltoovitive Lvior va5ca places responsibility for enforcing eiarda ---,scedurci- :or the classification and protection or sensitive riaterial; Presidential ;4erorarchns dated 13la..-ch 1948 places responsi.- contri protection of personnel security files; ?residential Vesterarshin dated 3.1 October 19S4 directs the in0 1.4'rZt?aOrk OW,pgraset3; - place*, responsibility to prpont unauthorised dis- closule c ritten or oral intonation conitertaig 5. The question or what functions are of lesser isportanue than others in the c-ti`lee f ',Jecurity is one diStioult it not also:A ityceeible to doterrine* Thn functions listed below in answer to ,T.buestion Paw in the above refol-chood notoraisheo of 17 ikivcrefocr are prostrated in numerical order, but cannot be consideriid strictly as a listing' of awir relativo order of priority or istc)OrtAllatis or azaopla, no distinction can bo riede between - the relative isportanoe of the first six or elzht functions* 41 of which e:. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4 Approved F lease 2062/05/01 : C Af.), 0600080013-4 are vital, nor between the next six or seven, all of which are tecessary to provide an effective security program. Omelarlei it cannot be said that the last several listed /tees are of greater or less Importance on thceselvese AS a ratter of fact, the last listed function is per - forted pursuant to Presidential Oirective dated 11 October 1954. The oniesien of ay ere or the functirns listed below is eqeivslent to emitting a, link in the chain of security' 6. Another point to be cenoidered Vefore reviewing the functions. listed below it thateany of them are inter-related, yet are performed by different peruonnel, und on* function Without the other would be value- less. .cor exaeplo, e pereonnel investigation withoet an appraisal serves no purpose; likewise, en appraival is not poseitle without an investieation. On the other handl LiOP4 Of tho runctions listed telew in nonecontieuous order are perforeed by the eame eeplayeee, and thus, the elimlnation of one ouch function would not eliminate the persomeel performing it if the other itnction is to be retained, For example, the next to the last listed funetion le performed by porsonnel who else are responzibie for item (14). :Am/larly, item (is) is perforeed by personnel who also perform item (10). J. follorefee ia WOQnsaidated liseine or the fuectione or ttic Offiee at %ecarity, stated in broad categoriet. 25X1A13c Apptove or IeIeas? 25X1A13c Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4 Approved For e se 2002/05/ ei p?..,:,_ - DP78-0400 r 00080013-4 44416444rmi. r, , 31,"1ati3 "b? Are anr ori.seitlortal urdts roe performing in whole or in part arr.( furotion or activity which? is being 7,:mirrfirtloo "hy anothsr oorrponent t!?,ie c,-Arroy or by tretency7 If to, smile; the rettettr.a, or portions thervof, bo perfvrred entirely by the ot.,aar . npor)ent or other Covenwrent egency?" 5. The an.sirtfr to this qatestion rzust be 'Awes se.agorietally in the rscative. iLST1kt 'c. to any organi.sational units nowt have work requirements 1,eyos4 present manpower capability If so* what eeddi? tional.manpownr is required? 9. Tess, the Orrice of Socurit.y has nIquiresents beyond the capabilipee ties or the 1r,17;rsod "erscnnel coliins of 3t July 1955. As a natter or facts25X9A2 the cont.inuin-; work load hes perrAtted %re to reduce only to an our - 25X9A2 efforts to etetrkly with the iiposed ceiliig. of r--1 .T.,:f3 rind support case recce:fin of this Lfrice tor riccul Yclar 15% rensct a suhstarteia irw.mase in requests for clearaneeS durt-M ielzera Yes? 1955 over the proce31;.'ne, fiscal :mar as follows: laeitranCe requests 17.5 It-crease priort nnd Zreci1imialry rerioests 45.6% increase .1?14/ increased case loaei is cle,a.rly reflected by a. afamparisorr of Casee mcutvert durin;;: two, twelve month periods: Tear Lading ?0 Capter-her 1954. 101635 vp,sue liectt,O.vori Cvert 41 'Tear 4rreitstri 30 1.1.411* II/925 Pe, Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4 Approved For DP78-0400 25X1A13c Li* 1hit3 increased work load owrtad the cspabilitias of our clerical staff to the point whore it is unable to process eIeszence requests on a current Iasi*. Cr:. 10 November, them 'sat? a backlog of over 1,000 peent; cases, cmparcd to the ordinary backlog of one to two hundred ease*. 25X1A13c 15. Looking; at the physical securit; side of the picture also reve4l15X1A6a% a continually inovoasin4 work .oad. ithin the past. year, wo have 4oArluired space in four additional bui1ding/3s building. 'No floors of the now Izatotzto 3uildtn, ar?eim; acquirtd and is understood that cqrntd?r..tAon le tveine? given the acquisition of four tloo44..4 thtI Ilattdimetar/ increaser intbuiVin: spans, particular sttparatkd nt u, osi4 zi dircet increase in VW der.i.nd tar physiell. sseuriti ttrvico., 4 a corrcaondini; increased responsibilitr. in rAreical sert,riti rattors, AB security rurveys, violation itnreatigstions, safety ci)ntrolso rr!tss rtcei,timiste? safe mietersinceip ciassificd waste collection, disposal ani issuance awe control of tulle-1m badgos? Another increasing Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4 work load which is not readily reflected in statistics in being imvosed en the technical Security functien, due both to an increasiag nuster of builcinee and an increasing awareness within We *Laney of the possibilities of technical penetration. The technical security tanction has increased - about 315.,i in the past year. The number or special investigation* on asses such in lost doeements, thefts, ptisiihle compromises, ioproper tranamissieees etc., have increased by 65 cases over the pest year. ?TV:111,d. Assumine thet present eanpeser allocationa permit the accavliehreent of essential tasks, *est f;eeirable tasks have been ceferrmd or eliminated from present prwrses due to current ceilines?* 16. th the facts in mind or increased backlogs presented in re- ere.mse to question Per an a welifieetien to the assumption that present allocatioes permit the eccompliehment er essential taeks, it must e seid_ that in eddition to the inabilit7. of keepine security investieetions on * relatively current banis, there are other desirable tasks whiehlmehave heap '...nahle to undertake becuuee.of insufficient manpower., Principal among these is the periodic re-investigation of pereonnel. Even though this function ie a vital recot in the program of insuring that the re- tention in employmont of personnel is clearly consistent with the interests of thc national soc,;.:rity, and as sodi In an impliee regpArecent of kescutive C:Tder 10450 and will be; requirevent of WI= regulations, a provoan of routine periodic inveetigatiena or all pereennel has never been within the capatilities of this talcs because of manpower llmitationa. .it should also Le:noted in this connection that the Doolittle and tlark eammitteee both made firm moommendatieris that periodic re-investigation of personnel: should be instituted. 17. On the physical-security sides wo have teen unahlevdee to lack of pervonnel, to maintain as vuoh li,ieon as would be desirable with other agencies in the vatter of curront developments in technical cecerity equipment 'and techniques. We have not been able to Peke Obreical securifq eurveye ef Wmestio facilities of the Agency on a periodicbeets. es a eattor ef t,there are veleta facilities' - -- . ' - I ehich'ie ' as yet been able to mirvoy. It is \ext.-m.0k dcairablo that auch be reLds on a yearly basis. Another'desizals tam( uhich We halm betn tle to eeecmelieh is the netablighnet of,Iff4 records of all uafe crirttt,nt and otlior pertinent inforption concerning soVen.. e 25X1A6a. . . O6/C71:agg (11-23-55) Distr: Orig t42 -Adse 1 - MIS Misc. File Chrono Approved For Release 2002/05/01: CIA-RDP78-04007A000600080013-4