Polygraph Operations

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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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July 30, 1957
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*OGC Has Reviewed* Approved For Release 2001/11/01 : CIA-RDP78-0 i0RAn7~UM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Polygraph , Operations 1. This memorandum contains a recommendation submitted approval. Such recon~-~er_'~~-~" i ^ubmitted for con is contained in paragraph 8. 2. Attached is the polygraph policy paper (attachment ~ } the DCI's signature to supers^v.e the remora ndu n signed t for Director on 16 July 1955 (attachment ov one B). 3. This brings the pol: of up to date with ' the inclusion r amplification of Section TWA. Section 2(c) has been chaeof an cover the new contract been P need to 4, We have included a Lso three ty?'es of Cases where experience and public relations ham d~cV ;. ~~< L Oe". 3 attachment B.) 4? 2e e fCjlldt~, Cd?IC~n '">?'_ot be tested' ?car (SeO cases and the 17 and 18 year old girls. r. ,,T train a suitably havalso stated that we are femptin to locat&K, qualified female examine,, 6. Section 3 Uh,,y, which in the no p' S SC paper v. the addition C ??F?a. --a r, s Cis i 0 5, has '1 GG..1 ie contract r eTCl2~.~C3 a nn rt t; S-~~?~yy L :,~"'."."',~) and ui z .r_.s1r?l+i ?s..,fi ,~ . ,,, :~ s botwosm overt and covert cases. 7. Section 4 attachment 1=: has been am 7 1 ~.:_'?E3C~. t S'E4CQ='C:iT.gc ~i7 "? to indicate ~, at r are for the mutual protection of the Poly raph examine' and the individu8.l as well as a means of a chock on the interview. 8. It is recommended that, the Ds~ 7*~ti. this affixing his ur ?., 1 ...~ ~-rra ~, h n~ ~ C,~ ~.tinc".t~i F! An ., , r.An%,w....., d. n .. u,Y -4" `Ppy 50 uzscuss this writ`.~ n 25X1A9a ~n . ou and ar~u~.~er ar~r n?~ , w EY 4ArE [4 tas~s tiY Uzu I1 Poo--M OARQ CRASS .emu PAGES - CLASS JUST 2 2 NEXT REV L t t1g , n. cif 4 ( J ' recontly defined in