Meeting with Region III GSA Officials Regarding Polygraphing of GSA Guards and Char Force Maintenance Personnel

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November 11, 2016
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March 10, 1998
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September 21, 1960
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Approved For, Release 1999/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000700120007-5 QQAIF MQ61\1 1A11 t l September 1960 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD friteuaec"e 1ersoune SUBJECT: Meeting with e:g A.,_W_W ,_qff xais Regarding graphing of GSA Guards QUAr Force 25X1A9a l~ Mr. and I met with the Ua on III GSA officials with respect to polygraphing the above-nax e4 atelory e1 _ of GSA personn Mr. John Wadsworth Director, Public $uildan _= Region III GSA Mr. Henry Huntt Mr. Allen O'Brien Protection Branch, SUUdiugs Management Division Member, Protection Branch, 25X1A9a 2. Mr. -opened the meeting outlining the coverage to be given on the polygraph, such as Communist Party membership, sympathies, foreign intelligence connections and illegal admission of personnel. He added that he would not be interested in anything that did not have a security bearing on the employment of the individual. 3. Mr. Wadsworth, acting as spokesman for the Region III people, stated that from an organizational viewpoint they would have no objection to this polygr4p g; however, indicated that they were concerned about personnel who would fall in one of the two following categories: a. Those who refused to take the test and b. Those who did not "pass the test. " Approved For Release 1999/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000700120007-5 Approved For Relea s %0'8/ I - -04007A000700120007-5 Z 6 S xZCT: Meeting with Region III GSA Officials Regarding Polygraphing of GSA Guards and Char Force Maintenance Personnel 25X1A9a Mr.- and the writer hastened to explain that experience has shown in several thousand tests that only a small percentage refuse to take the testing and felt that this would not be a problem. Insofar as category "b" is concerned, Mr. stated that derogatory information would be passed on "Eyes Only" to the main Security Office of GSA and that in such cases that action was required, insofar as the individual is concerned., would be sufficiently serious as to leave no doubt that the individual must be removed from his assignment with CIA. 4. It should be noted that the concern of the GSA people seemed to be that the downgrading of the guards, particularly from GS-4 to GS-2 particularly when transferred from their CIA. assign- ments, was a very difficult problem for them. Mr. Wadsworth con- cluded stating that Mr. Huntt would be in touch with Mr. - office an soon as possible with a final decision In the whole matter. sure this would be the same situation in the partially completed CIA 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. In addition to the above information, Mr. Wadsworth passed on the following information regarding the employment of maintenance people in a partially completed government building, such as the new CIA building coxnesthe summer of 1961. He stated that his experience in New States which is a partially completed building, was that the Union insisted on maintenance being performed by their Union operatives until the building had been taken over completely by the government and unless their Union operatives perform said maintenance they would pull all the Union people off the job which would close down the continued construction of the new State building. Mr. Wadsworth stated he was ne summer of 1961. This would obviously be a serious 25X1A9a security situation and definite plans should be made with this in mind. 6.1 Mr. Wadsworth also stated that in discussions with Mr. and the builders, he has been assured the north end of the for occupancy by 15 July 1961 and that ''M" and s are scheduled to be torn down for the bridge approaches to R oane i land in the summer of 1961. Thus, obviously the planning forikhe g?1~rs~ be stepped up to meet the needs. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/08/27 : CIA-RDP78-04007A000700120007-5 s e+ - i i;7