Proposed Revisions of the Security Regulations, CIG

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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May 2, 1947
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Approved E444 001/03/02- CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030003-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030003-5 Approved For Rase 2001/03/02 : CIA-RD.P78-0 07A001000030003-5 Memorandum . UNITED STATES GOVEINMENT 4- ations e ci D_.rec r, p "R33 u. Chief, Security Branch, O DATE: 2 may 1947 Executive for P & k Asst. Executive Director FROM . Chief, Security Division, CIG SUBJECT: Proposed Revisions of the Security Regulations, CIG The attached revisions to our present Security Regulations are submitted for your consideration and approval: 1. Safekeeping of Documents (attached), dealing with the storage and safeguarding, of classified documents, would replace its equivalent in the existing Security Regulations (Sub-Section d1B", pages 2 and 3),, and would be effective at once. 2. Security of Buildings and Installations (attached), dealing with identification credentials, visitors, etc., would replace its equivalent in the existing Security Regulations (Sections 13 and 14, pages 12 to 14), and would become effective as soon as corrected passes can be issued.. The present Red Bordered Badge (old SSU badge) would cease to be valid on and after that date. 2 attachments listed above concur do not concur) _. t branch OCD f Asst. Director, Special Operations `//`~~?? `~''c`~A~ `" J , e curly , Chx e concise (do-not-oo r) si;na.7u -re Executive for P & A Asst. Bbcecutive Director `concur do not ooncur) + signature"e~ concur do not concur) 1signature Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78r04007A00100003000315