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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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Approved I=on~-- RR s? ,2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-O4,Qp7AO01000030004-4 t LKt~E'l dCx or D ,uk lc~ A - STORAGE, OF CLASSIFIED DOCU1 ENT (including secretarial notes, carbons and stencils). TOP SECRET AND SECRET DOCUMENTS will be stored in safes FII R ' T49-f or ? ralaa~of safe type file cabinets with not less than 3 way built in combination locks. CONFIDENTIAL DOCUIv1{NNTS, NOT REGISTERED may be stored in ordinary steel lock files equipped with vertical steel bars with combination type padlocks, if combination safes or safe type file cabinets are not available. RESTRICTED DOCUMENTS NOT REGISTERED? should be stored in ordinary steel lock file cabinets, but they may be kept in desks, cabinets or other storage places where they will be out of view. REGISTERED DOCU "1111TS, irrespective of classification, will be stored in combination safes or safe type file cabinets. ARMED GUARD. In certain unusual circumstances, or if, for operational reasons, it is not apply the foregoing storage requirements, arrangements may be made, subject to the approval of the Security Officer, CIG., to safeguard the documents under armed guard, when not in use. (Continued) Approved For Release 2001/03/02: C IA-RDP78r04007A0010000300044 Approved For Re4 se 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04 A001000030004-4 B - GENERAL The safekeeping of classified documents is of prime importance. The foregoing storage requirements, prescribed for the various security classifications, must be strictly adhered to. Documents classified above RESTRICTED will not be kept in locked desks or ue4PRa TE other substitutes, nor will they be left e at any time. Classified material will not be taken home. All work thereon must be performed in the office where it can be fully protected. Precuations should be taken tp prevent unuathorized persons from seeing classified documents while work is being performed on them, Approved For Release 2001/03/02 :. CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030004-4