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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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Approved For Rejoase 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04 07A001000030005-3 13. SECURITY OF BUILDINGS AND INSTALLATIONS 1. ADMITTANCE OF f1,14PLOYEES AND CTHFR GOVERINTP NT PERSONNEL A. All such Persons entering, remaining in, or leaving GIG buildings during regular work hours will be required to display authorized identification cre- dentials, as set forth below: 1. P'ER.SONS REGULARLY EMPLOYED By. OR PEU MIANENTLY ASSIGNED TO GIG will bo furaished with numbered, rectangular photographic badges, as follows: GR,E2,N.BORDB sZD' B.F~?)GE adnitti g bearer to all CIG buildiz Vs. YELLOW BORDER' D BADGE admitting bearer to all GIG buildings with the exception of Administra- tion and Quo Building. A holder of a yellow bordered badge may enter either of these two buildings without a visitor pass, by having the Receptionist confirm his appointment with the CIG stuff member whore ho'wishes to see. The Receptionist will thereupon instruct the Guard to admit the Employee who, upon leaving the building will merely be required to display his identification badge. CIG COURI1,'I"RS AND MESSENGERS will be issued GREEN BORD.__ ERED, BADGE0 with the word "COURIER" stamped on the margin of the photograph in the badge. They Will hus a(vc ,~ ape s tQ _EL1 CIG buildings. Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030006-3 Approved For Ruse 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04 7A001000030005-3 .5lG~+~ C J~ =ti 660MV04~u* T* tsVs RESTRICTED AREA _ _"r`i LUOG . SOUTE~ - BUILDING . The Guard stationed at that post will bea~ f-Urali.shed by of 9 t ~ r r'::~.,r ~,~ y c r, o P+r::1Z 3 3 O r W' 7/ A r2 ?--.ec.Lrity...O iLca; #IG;?vr tn- 1 s -oE_tla~ ramp 3r] 1`t f~ ~S ,fir?. jIPPff t../Fpr ftarfs c fWA 7/MA ?a-nt --?the--comes 3ondi-n, Tai dg'c;-~itxmb~ r (Oraa1 -?y loW WILL 6F Dtk11k',o $~a~~txer~7d) - - df 11.. aers n atzthar iced to sitter -th :-t pFcl, rt ~~T'f~p SS~eaN o la"/ d /FF) N~9L C pTt ,+, AI o-ttiers--w -1 be l ni- e d--ra-dm te:na unes. --~ ~erriusv~._~..sd by #,~atc:f-C}hxefti P 2. D ?PLOTT EU OF CERTAIN OT iER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES T'APOIUR.TLY ASSIGT1TTED TO CTG Or',.who,,^in the discharge of their official duties, are required to have fre- quent access to GIG offices, will be furnished, subject to the approval of the GIG Security Officer, with num- bored limited photographic passes, rectangular in shape, bearing; issuance dates, expiration dates, names of persons to whom issued and signature of the GIG Security Officer, as follows; RED BORDE ED LIMIT'_!,"D BALGE admittii ; bearer to .,s or areas specifically described those GIG building thereon during the period for which it is issued, unless previously revoked. 3. PUBLIC BETILDING` ADMINISTRATION TM&INTENNANCM EMPLO EES will. be admitted upon displaying proper P.B.A. identi- fication badges isoued by that a ency. Special work- men will be admitted only by prior arrangement .;with- the Security Division. Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04007A0010000300053 Approved For RehWse 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04Q A001000030005-3 Except in an emergency, the only maintenance workers to be permitted to enter GIG buildings during non- work hours shall be the members of the char force. No exceptions will be made 'without the approval of prv~ss0M P ?-19 the Security Qf--fice... All such persons will sign a special log at the guard desk upon entering, and leaving the building after hours. Staff members of GIG are warnedc to exercise caution with respect to conversation and exposed classified material when carpenters, electricians, Telephone Company employees, char people or other maintenance workers are present in their offices. v Rooms -a 'c~s~ - not be left unoccupied at such times unless classified material has been securely locked in suitable containers. Any attempt by such per- sans to overhear conversations or to read classified material should be reported to the Security Officer at once. 4. FORGOTTEN IDENTIFICATION CMEDENTIALS. Employees and holders of limited passes who forget their identification credentials will apply to the Recep- tionist for Visitor Passes in order to gain admittance to their offices. ' Before issuing such a pass the Receptic.)nist will request that the applicant be identified by his superior or other responsible GIG Approved For Release 2001/03/02: CIA-RDP78-04007A001-000030005-3 Approved For Re se 2001403/02: CIA-RDP78-04Q%7A00100003.0005-3 staff member. Thp pass will be conspicuously marked "FORGOTTEN BADGE," and no escort will be. required to accompany the applicant in or out of the building. 5. AD,IITTANCE TO BUILDING'S' AFTER HOURS. Employees and holders of limited passes who enter CIG buildings after 7:00 P.M. on Mondays through Fridays, or on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, will sign the Guard register upon entering and leaving buildings, in addition to displaying their identification creden- tials. 2. ADMITTANCE OF VISITORS. Casual or social visitors will not be permitted to enter CIG buildings, and staff members will not request ex- ceptions to this rule. Visitors, as hereinafter referred to, shall be construed to mean persons on official business. All visitors shall be directed to the receptionist, and thereafter admitted to the building only if accompanied by CIG escorts and upon presentation of duly executed visitor passes. A visitor pass will. not be issued unless authorized by the CIG staff member concerned with 'the interview. If. available, the Receptionist will serve as the es- cort, accompanying the visitor to the office of the inter- viewer. If not available at the time, the Receptionist will request the interviewer to assign one of his office staff to escort the visitor. When the interviews has been completed the CIG staff member may call the Receptionist to escort the visitor from the buildig,,, or he may call upon" an office em- Approved For Release 2001/03/027: Cl"A-R`)P'78-04007A001O000030005-3 Approved For ReAiase -0 7A001000030005-3 ployee for that. purpose if the Receptionist is unable to leave her post. Visitors will not be permitted to wander throng-;h building unescorted. The interviewer will sign his name on the Visitor pass in the space provided for that purpose in Section 2 of the pass. The visitor pass shall be surrendered to the Recep- tionist as the visitor leaves the building, or to the building Guard If the Receptionist has left for the day. The Guard shall turn all collected visitor passes over to the Receptionist on the following morning. A person desiring to visit CIG offices during non- working hours, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, will be required to execute a special visitor admittance form furnished by the Guard after the latter has con- firmed the appointment with the CIG staff member. The CIG staff member will sign the form, assuming responsi- bility for the visitor, and will escort the visitor from the Guard desk. Upon completion of the interview, the staff member will escort the visitor from the bui.ld- ing, at which time the visitor pass will be surrendered to the Guard. The visitor, upon entering and leaving the building, will sign the Guard register. Ap'pr'oved For Release2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04'007A001000030-005-3 I4 Approved For Reuse 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-0497A001000030005-3 Visitor entrances shall be confined to one for 4. each building, with the exception of Que Building. Itit Willa/ TH 'el= S//,fc'- B" rloo F_~i7R /CE5 To/t .V/5J7oR u$f. RE CEPTIOPTIS'T STAFF. The Receptionist staff of GIG will be responsible for the courteous reception of visitors; discreetly determining the nature of the visits; arranging of interviews; issuance of visitor pasties upon confirmation of appointments with the appropriate GIG staff members; issuance of visitor passes to employees who have forgotten their identification cre- dentials; the furnishing of escorts for visitors to and from the interviewers' offices; the maintenance of visitor logs in which are recorded visitors' names and addresses, names and room numbers of persons visited, and the general purposes of the visits;and the preparation of reports related to the Receptionist operation. GUARDS. Building Guards furnished by the Public Buildings Ad- ministration will admit into CIG buildings only those persons with proper identification credentials authorized for the respective buildings, and visitors to whom visitor passes have been issued and who are accompanied by escorts. Em- ployees and holders of limited passes who have forgotten their badges, and to whom visitor passes marked "FORGOTTEN BADGE" have been issued, will be admitted without benefit of escorts. d M VIx w f . Approved For Release 2001/03/02 :,CIA RDP78-04007A001000030.005-3 Approved For Rai 0% A^ A DP78-07A001000030005-3 ized persons will be admitted thereto by the Guards. Persons not regularly assigned to "RESTRICTED AREAS" will not be permitted to enter such areas during regular work hours unless permission is granted by the staff Chief. holidays. Security violations detected by the Guards during their patrols will be reported to the Security Office. The Guards perform these functions under the orders and instructions of the Security Office, and all members of CIG are expected to cooperate with the Guards in the performance of their duties. KEYS TO OFFICES. Keys to offices will be kept at the Guard desks by the building Guards. Normally, offices will not be locked after duty hours. Staff Chiefs may cause to be locked any rooms they deem necessary for security reasons, upon prior arrange- ment with the Security Officer, GIG. Such rooms will be considered "RESTRICTED AREAS" and only specifically author- The Guards will patrol the offices after hours for the purpose of checking safes and windows, inspecting tops of desks and other equipment for exposed classified material, and maintain after hour Guard registers of visitors and employees who enter CIG buildings after hours or on Saturdays, Sundays and 'a MU I Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04007A001'000030005-3