Report to the NIA

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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June 17, 1947
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Approved For . i 001/03/02 : CIA-Rq 78-0400.7AO0.1000030025-1 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030025-1 25X1A6A pproved For ReIase 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04Q,p7A0010Q0Q3Q025-1 i,. $~..~h.5 ( Gil ' .. Si.f 9 t: ~'+Ad Y f~alrti 9w=~A~l4l /~~gY+ 'br'~'F~. 17 auno 1947 Q`'r :i .ew iii.;?ow'or:'e it~x:,o f gu d;.YN of 12 Juno 114+ ubje ' ai Kam b ec i Report to t :?+~ q.M'cr Y~Y, ?V FC T'/':~;~ ry;MF.. a I iy .e+~ 7?:T } yT "-av; ~+y ~, S S..aa~r AN~IU :c. s.r,o:,f m,. ,~tR is e a oarri iJ'rc Wench Lae 1 $df! ,".,, hnuee. with g aid o a `E2t .nt a ...s ...u of functions r outlined is the &:Y4a h, , na- c 22 November 1946. Its gw ._N a;' i n an a 'waac h Of it is }'i 5. .i( ga..x:., iz.'(.,"c that on co a lout July I ? oargbzs.H.r;. ,tio") A the .,.rx. ,K' .., t;Y' art no~,h o - e tel l w e}a`$:F under ' Fh d' 1947, 3. d' Y i,'.i~/.e v~fhe setyl.Y, M,0-, C.,-04?e.,z.R: ?e of 6. ir.,' eL 54 p v by We N Aa ('a) 'W:.._:.r r'Y.,.r, fb.4,a V--'s d ;, c ctl 6'> h. i 00,', wd t i 'n6 and, ;epab"'wfn s on of P !. a! k(7.C ev fff9 i ;; e dp ,Uvfttli:;'Y (`e/.irko L C la Sr~.C.'td li.,r a Yv f?y. * F .YY "+(.''a prior t^ P a t r d not t ~,i:-/,wrt. i... V,., Y. Jsa.b~' .A r..+ ..L.d'F, 5'+t ~4 LF.t.A G.b k.Y .'Lk..f b i:.Yi. d~ ~5/S. ~.a. of c4::: r~.~~,.3':.d by one ri.b*. the ~{-~A- A~ s)t 'M..wa Should at ,.'',. Y ?,J b f`:' "a tbte 1 ."/,..,4,ev'a It