Organizational Changes

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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June 18, 1947
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~rtir Approved Forie 01/03/02 : CIA-RDZ78-04007AO01000030028-8 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030028-8 Approved For R le a se 2001/03/02: CIA-RDP78-04, 7A001000 25X1A Office of the Director (i) The Position of Personal Assistant to the Director is established; (2) The functions of the General Counsel. and Legis- lative Liaison Officer are transferred from the Personnel and Administrative Branch to the Off ice of the Director, b. Office of the ';Executive Director (1) The position of Assistant Executive Director is abolished, (2) The position of Assistant to the Executive CENTRALINTELLIGENCE GROUP Washington, D. Co . I-) A ILLEGIB / 1, , r, SUBJECT. Organizational Changes 18 June 1947 1. The following changes in CIG organization and functions are announced, effective 1 July 1917: Director is established. (3) The position of Executive for Inspections and Security is established to provide overall inspection, audit and security (including security policy) service for CIGq The functions of the Securi Branch, OCD,. and the Security Division, P_ _ A_Branch, are transferred, with certain ercei Lions, to be stated separately, to the Executive for Inspections and Security. (l+) The Personnel and Administrative Branch is abolished, (5) The position of Executive for Administration and 1 ranagement is established to provide : (a) Management service formerly provided by ICAPS.. (b) Budget and fiscal service. (c) Personnel and medical service. (d) Supply, trarspor-~aton; telephone, real estate and utilities, reproduction. and general administrative service, Approved For Release 20.E CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030028-8`1 (1470) c. ICAPS The.functions of the Advisor for Management are trans- ferred to the Executive for Administration and Management. d. Office of Collection and Dissemination Approved For Rise 200:;CIA-RDP78-0f7A001000030028-8 The Security Branch is abolished and its functions trans- ferred to the Executive for Inspections and Security, e. O.if ico of Special 0 orations .-...-...w... .. ...ter. +...++-....--~.~.. (1) The Project Support Division is abolished. (2) Direct administrative support under the immediate supervision. of the Assistant Director for Special operations will be prov-Wed under separate instructions. (3) The functions of the Communications Division, P &'A Branch, are ta; ansf erred, to the Office of Special Operations, except -4.e_o-phone, central 'records and courier service. OSO will provide adequate communications security and support for all ofCIG, (L) 030 will provide such other overall administrative, support for (JIG as may be directed by the Director of Central Intelligence f. The establishment of an Office of Security is postponed dnY..Pawl'rTv.fEN`('16'!...::??4!%IKi1t:lYtiR yVp?y indefinitely. ~:,m.cs:;raazx~rrw,aw2? Detailed organization charts, functional statements and tables of organizatian,are being prepared and will be published separately, 3,, Personnel adjustments in connection with these changes will, be announced in personnel orders. )4 In those cases where reorganization and transfer of functions cannot be effected by 1 July, an additional transitional period will be authorized, Delays will be reported to the Executive for Admin- istration and Management in each case. FOR THE D;1ECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: 25X1A9a Deputy Executive for Personnql and.Administration ATTACHI: FNS : None DISTRI13UTION: A Approved For Release 200T 11 CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030028-8